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Coming soon...LexiLeaks.
December 19th, 2010 4:53 am ET

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Lexingto n's Triangle Park tree remo val hurts ho liday spirit

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The tax dilemma Open letter to Lexingto n Judge, Ho no rable Ernesto Sco rso ne Lexingto n detective lies to grand jury in case regarding po lice o fficer's death. 10 reaso ns why yo u sho uld vo te fo r a Special Olympian o n Tuesday This electio n day...Just Say No !

Whether you're a f an or f oe, it cannot be denied that WikiLeaks has changed the f ace of politics in a very short time. WikiLeaks became f amous f or publishing submissions of private, secret, and classif ied media f rom anonymous news sources and news leaks. LexiLeaks plans to expand this idea to the state and local level in Kentucky. WikiLeaks has been charged with conspiracy by the United States government f or exposing sensitive secrets or more importantly, embarassing secrets. However, others will praise the organization. Michael Moore recently even assisted in posted bond f or WikiLeaks director, Julian Assange. Wikipedia gives a list of their awards: T he organization won a number of awards, including T he Economist's New Media Award in 2008[10] and Amnesty International's UK Media Award in 2009.[11][12] In 2010, the New York City Daily News listed WikiLeaks f irst among websites "that could totally change the news", [13] and Julian Assange was named the Readers' Choice f or T IME's Person of the Year in 2010.[14] Supporters of Wikileaks in the media have commended it f or exposing state and corporate secrets, increasing transparency, supporting f reedom of the press, and enhancing democratic discourse while challenging powerf ul institutions.[15][16][17][18][19][20]

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Journalism was always meant to be a "Fourth Estate" or f ourth branch of our government. Famous investigative


5. Mark David Chapman up fo r paro le 6 . Syla by Sylvie Cachay

journalists of the past did a good job of keeping our politicians and public servants in check. Budgets, Hollywood, celebrity news, television, reality shows and a lack of interest by the American public have changed all of that. Edward R. Murrow warned of these days. WikiLeaks continues in the tradition of these f amous investigative journalists: Elija Lovejoy 1802-1837, Margaret Fuller 1810-1850, Mathew Brady 1823-1896, Samuel L. Clemens 1835-1910, Jacob Rus 1849-1914, H.L. Mencken 1880-1956, Walter Winchell 1897-1972, Ernie Pyle 1900-1945, Alice Dunnigan 1906-1983, Seymour Hersch, Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward, Anna Quindlen, Ben Bradlee and Katharine Graham just to name a f ew. Here is an excerpt f rom the book Unreliable Sources (a guide to detecting bias in news media) by Martin A. Lee & Norman Solomon p103 Headlines

Vie w more e ve nt s in Le xingt on

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Co ngress has vo ted to extend the Bush-era tax cuts into 20 12. Se e vo t e t allie s, m o re

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Grim Sle e pe r m urde r pho t o s re le ase d Man po st s de at h t hre at s and child po rn Cardbo ard cut -o ut s causing accide nt s Will Ske lt o n le ad po lice t o m issing bo ys?
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Norman Solomon p103 Does the press f unction as an independent Fourth Estate or as a f ourth branch of government? Are media adversaries of the State or its accomplice?T V's top journalists are part of the wealthy and inf luential elite, of ten socializing with people they're supposed to be scrutinizing. At an awards banquet f or the Radio & Television Correspondents Association during Reagan's second term, Kathleen Sullivan (at the time with ABC) was photographed on the arm of then-Def ense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, while CBS Face the Nation host Lesley Stahl greeted the Republican Party's national chairman Frank Fahrenkopf with a kiss. Vice President Bush serenaded the crowd with a speech and journalists got prizes ostensibly f or good reporting.David Broder of the Washington Post, of ten described as the dean of American political reporting, has won many awards in his day. Upon accepting a prize f or lif etime service to journalism at Washington's National Press Club in 1988, Broder stated: "I can't f or the lif e of me f athom why any journalists would want to become insiders, when it's so much f un being outsidersirreverent, inquisitive, incorrigibly independent outsiders, thumbing our nose at authority and going our own way." Applauding Broder's remarks was an audience of insiders, including James Baker, soon-to-be Secretary of State, who got a f lattering prof ile in Broder's column.T his kind of sycophantic behavior made investigative reporter I.F. Stone's blood boil. Izzy, as his f riends called him, was a real outsider. He had one cardinal rule: don't pal around with the f olks you write about, don't f raternize with people in power. T hat's what he always told young people who wanted to be reporters. But his was a voice in a journalistic

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Pleas, co me ho me fo r Christmas! Falsely accused? Blo g abo ut it and go straight to jail in Lexingto n. Free Pleas!

to jail in Lexingto n. Free Pleas!

wilderness. When he died in 1989, Stone was lauded by many high-prof ile journalists who never listened to his advice.

Open letter to Lexingto n Judge, Ho no rable Ernesto Sco rso ne Geraldo Rivera changes mind abo ut 9 /11 Truth after hearing new ads American justice in Black and White....No rth and So uth. Ano ther Clo se Enco unter o f the Judicial Kind (Updated)

A government 'of the people, by the people and f or the people' should be held accountable to the people. T he mainstream media is now controlled by our corporations, Washington and politicians. Your only protection f rom corruption now lies in the hands of organizations like WikiLeaks and independent news journalists. LexiLeaks, like WikiLeaks, welcomes private, secret and classif ied media f rom news sources and news leaks around the central Kentucky area. All inf ormation is welcome and will be double-checked f or accuracy and f acts. Conf identiality is assured and sources will be protected.

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Re ce nt ly in Washingt o n DC DC will sho wcase lo cal talent with 1st Annual DC Music Fest Ho ward, Blatche po ssible as Wizards ho st the Miami Heat Co ast Guard plans recreatio nal bo ating safety survey Back t o Washingt o n DC, DC change

LexiLeaks is preparing our website, http://www.LexiLeaks.org, and will have it f unctional soon. You may also visit us or 'f riend' us on Facebook and Twitter. Contact us with inf ormation at leaks@lexileaks.org. I will be preparing articles regarding any inf ormation that we receive f rom LexiLeaks and reporting them here. Copyright ©Christopher Hignite 2010 All Rights Reserved. Feel free to copy and promote this article on any site. Please provide a link to the original article. Christopher@wearechangeky.com

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