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Name: Arabella Segurola Date: 4-15-2020

Ocean’s Impact on Climate Activity Worksheet  

Instructions: While exploring the effects of climate change on glaciers in the Ocean's Impact on Climate
Activity, record your findings below. You will submit your completed activity worksheet.

Part One
Scientists have studied 37 glaciers since 1980 to collect data on their average mass. Use the
research you collected from the two articles and the diagrams below to help you answer
the following questions.

© 2015 - NOAA

1. What was the average yearly ice loss in 1980 versus 2010? 
In 1980, the yearly average of ice loss was -200.
In 2010, the yearly average was around -600.

2. What is the overall trend shown in this graph? 

The overall trend shown in the graph is that ice is consistently melting.

3. How does a melting glacier affect the ocean? 

A melting glacier affects the ocean by raising the water level of the ocean.
© 2015

4. Looking at the heat circulation in the ocean, what might happen to it if large amounts of
cold water are added in the Polar Regions as glaciers melt?
If large amounts of cold water are added in the Polar Regions as glaciers melt then the
warm water has a more difficult time flowing north.

5. Based on your response above, what effect could this have on the climate in your area?
Based on my response above, the effect that this could have on the climate in my area is
the water temperature would be majorly increasing.
Part Two
Complete the inquiry chart below by exploring each question in the top row. First, fill in what you
think about each question. Then use the lesson and reliable sources to research more about
each question. Next, fill in each box with evidence from your sources, and be sure to list the
source you used. Finally, pull the ideas together in a short summary on the bottom row.

Inquiry  How does solar How do the How does How does
Chart  radiation affect ocean currents climate change climate change
climate?  affect climate?  affect the affect the
ocean?  biodiversity of
What I think  Small changes Ocean currents Oceans are  Small changes
  can have big transport absorbing heat in temperatures
  effects on water so they from the has a large effect
  on ecosystems.
climate. regulate climate.
Source 1   Lesson 2.05  Lesson 2.05  Lesson 2.05  Lesson 2.05
Summary  The sun will Ocean currents When the Carbon dioxide
  influence our allow the heat climate starts is being
  climate. to be to get warmer, increased by
distributed, but the ocean human activity
a slight change starts to get which is bad
can cause a warmer as for the marine
major well. This leads ecosystems.
consequence. to higher sea

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