TwitterShip/BloggerShip/LikeShip can it Equal Thought Leadership?

I’ve been working with Joshua our Director of Social Marketing and found out we have started making waves in the Social Marketing space. As a company we have been working hard to evangelize Influence Marketing and establish ourselves as one of the thought leaders in this space. So I figured this week I would do a little introspection work and analyze how I feel we are doing on the main prongs of our Social activities and rate them: Corporate Blog: B+ Likes: I like the content we are posting, I like the frequency, I like the variety, I like the depth the posts offer. Dislikes: Number of Exec’s posting- I’d love to see more of our team contributing. I’d love to see us vet out the “ How It Works” section. It’s currently hidden. I’d love to see us respond sooner to comments. I’d like us to publish our editorial calendar for each week in advance, I’d like us to add guest bloggers. Corporate FanPage: C+ Likes: I like we have a fanpage, I like we have fans, I like we know how to feed our blogs into our FP, I like the fact we are starting to post company photo’s, I like the fact we have at least started on discussion, I like the fact we getting impressions, I like the fact we are getting comments. Dislikes: No original content for our FaceBook followers, no “real” active discussions, to few fans, very few shares, no guest interviews, zero contributions by SocialMatica employees outside of the auto content feeds, no offers for our followers. Corporate Twitter Account: C Likes: I love the fact we have an account, I love the fact we have followers, I love the fact our retweet rates are so high for a new account, I love the fact we have our blog tied into our twitter account, I love the fact we receive so many direct messages, I love the fact we create our own unique twitter headlines. Dislikes: I wish we were quoted more on twitter, I wish the higher profile pundits would reach out to us for connections, I wish we had 100K followers in marketing. I wish we had more SocialMatica employee tweets on our services and customer success stories, I wish we had guest tweeters, I wish we had a customer support twitter account, I wish we were listed more. Other Social Activities: B I love our article writing, social bookmarking, commenting and SERP mention results. Bottom-line Overall Grade: B I am have happy with were we are but would love see us strive for getting all of our digital and social efforts to an “A” level. I think this would go a long way towards establishing our firm as a leader in Digital and Social Marketing. The way to wield influence is to have relevance and power. This is done via having a voice on-line and being in the conversation. We are making good strides in this direction.

As I started this blog I mentioned twittership., bloggership and Likeship (facebook) as three potential areas to spread our thought leadership. We have a very detailed plan we are executing from and the results are starting to yield. I’ll keep you all apprised of our efforts and tactic’s. We’d love your feedback on how you think we are doing as well. Please post a comment on how you would rate our efforts. Se you on-line. Jim @jimweldonjr