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“The Walking Dead” Season 1 Episode 5 and is Part 5 of 6 articles. The walkers had snuck up on the survivors in the dark. With many of their family and friends dead, the survivors must deal with the aftermath of the situation. After watching AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Episode four, I could hardly wait for the next episode. I needed to know how Andrea would deal with the death of her sister, Amy. It would have been her birthday, and Andrea had a present ready for her, even in the post-apocalyptic world. Now, we shall see how she copes with the situation. Season 1 episode 5 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” began with Rick attempting to communicate with Morgan, who he had met before traveling to Atlanta to find Lori and Carl. Prior to splitting up, Rick gave Morgan a police radio and told him to try him on a certain signal if he were to attempt to follow into the city. Rick spoke on the dead airways of the attack, what they had been doing at the camp, and where they were located if Morgan and Duane were to come looking for Rick and the others. When Rick returned to camp, he found everyone dealing with the attack. Daryl was making sure that all of the dead were actually dead Andrea was sitting with Amy’s body next to the RV. She leaned over her, stroking her hair, staring into her face. Amy had been attacked by a walker and had died as a result of her wounds. At any moment, she would rise from the dead, hungry for human flesh. The group tried to convince Andrea that Amy must be “taken care of” for the good of the group. She responded by pulling out a pistol and aiming it at Rick, right between his eyes. One twitch of Andrea’s finger and she would assure that Rick would not even know what it would be like to be a walker. Knowing this, Rick took a few steps back, showing that he understood she simply needed her time to grieve. This scene was very powerful. It showed that Andrea cared for her sister so much, and was so traumatized by her death, that she would risk her own safety in order to look into Amy’s face just one last time. For those of you readers who have also read the comic book, you can clearly see that Andrea manages to live for more of the series. However, the series has deviated from the comic book so far, why would they keep her in the series? This created a lot of tension for me, and I wondered if the writers of the series were willing to trade Andrea for another character, such as T-Dog or Daryl. Meanwhile, the survivors were disposing of the corpses that resulted from the attack. Walkers that were responsible for the attack were burned in a bonfire while victims of the attack were buried in the graves dug by Jim. Jim made his way over to another victim to remove their body when Jacqui, another survivor played by Jeryl Prescott, discovered that Jim had been bitten in the attack. Everyone knew that being bitten or otherwise wounded by a walker meant that they would suffer the fate of becoming a walker themselves, and therefore, the group had to make a decision for Jim. After much debate and protest, the survivors decided to put Jim into the RV and keep him as well as possible for as long as possible. The group decided to leave camp and try to make it to the Center for Disease Control in order to find a cure for Jim. The subplot of going to the Center for Disease Control in hopes of finding a cure was not in the original “The Walking Dead” comics. Rather, after Carl kills Shane in the comic (that’s right, Carl takes down Shane), volume one of the Trade Paperback ends and volume two begins. They just pack up and leave figuring the area is not safe anymore. In the comic, Jim had been bitten and had elected to be left at a tree not far off from camp before they left. They make no mention of Morgan or Daryl when they leave and they do not go to the CDC. However, I think the way the plot had changed in the show from

the comic was for the better. Shane was a great character, and seeing him die off so early would have meant we would miss out on such a great subplot that could be further developed. Also, at the Center for Disease control, there would be an opportunity to learn a little bit more about whatever is causing the dead to walk, giving the audience the feel like they have some real “scientific” data to explain what is happening in an otherwise unexplainable world. Also, I felt that the comic book did not give much explanation aside from “it’s not safe” for their leaving camp. I think the CDC explanation is a lot more plausible than nothing. One more thing I feel worth mentioning is that basically after the attack on camp and Shane’s death, the Trade Paperback version of the comic book switches from volume one to volume two, providing the gap for the writers to add in the subplot of the Center for Disease Control as a season ender, and possibly pick up with volume 2 of the Trade Paperback, “Miles Behind Us.” The one part of the episode that did create a whole lot of tension is when Shane and Rick are sweeping the forest for walkers, and Shane takes aim at Rick. This is the only scene foreshadowing the circumstances that led to Shane’s death in the comic. Before hitting the road, Rick left a piece of paper stuck to the window of Glenn’s stolen car (from episode 2) for Morgan to find if he had been listening all along on the radio. The paper explained their plans to make it to the CDC in order to find a cure to Jim. With everything in order, the group hit the road toward the CDC. On the way, the RV had some engine trouble, causing Dale to pull his rig over. Jim used the opportunity to be brought outside. Jim said that the ride was causing him unbearable pain and that he could not stand to ride any longer. He wished to be left up against the tree. The group hesitantly obliged and carried him to the side of the road, then up a grassy hill, and set Jim under a tree. After saying their goodbyes, the survivors head back into the RV and continue toward the CDC; their only hope for answers and survival. This scene seemed very similar to the scene of Jim’s death in the comic series. In the comics, Jim asked to be walked out and set up against a tree. He said that when he would turn into a walker, he wanted to be reunited with his family. In the first volume of “The Walking Dead” TPB, Jim did not even last to see the group off. Nor did he dig the holes prior to the attack by the walkers in the night. He explained that his family had been killed by walkers right before his eyes, and that the only reason he escaped the gruesome ordeal was due to the fact the walkers were so involved in eating his family. The comic series paint Jim as a sad, quiet man who keeps to himself and does not really associate with anyone else. However, I believe he is a great addition to the series. Who would want to watch a depressed, lethargic, quiet-natured man with a lot of pent up rage? In the end of the episode, the group makes it to the CDC. The first shot we see is of a lone scientist inside the Center for Disease Control who is recording a video and is admittedly talking to no one. Shortly after, Rick and the rest of the survivors show up at the locked, steel gates and impenetrable windows. Noticing a camera, Rick begins to explain the groups’ intentions and pleaded with the camera to open up the gates and let them inside. Seeing no response and no sign of life, the rest of the group begin to give up hope and try to get Rick to give up as well. Refusing to give up hope, Rick began screaming and pleading with the camera until suddenly, the gate opened. References

Title: Andrea grieving the death of Amy Description: Andrea grieving the death of her sister, Amy in AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Tags: Andrea, Amy, AMCs The Walking Dead

Title: Shane taking aim to kill Rick Description: Shane aiming at Rick in AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” This is the only scene where the scenario resulting in the death of Shane in the comic book is foreshadowed in the television series. Tags: Shane, Rick, AMCs The Walking Dead, Shane’s death

Title: The last we see of Jim Description: Jim being left at a tree to become one of the undead in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Tags: Jim, undead, AMCs The Walking Dead

Title: Survivors make it to the CDC Description: Rick Grimes and the other survivors are let in to the Center for Disease Control in AMC’s hit series, “The Walking Dead”

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