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Subject: Recruitment and Selection
Time: 3 Hrs
Marks: 100

PART-A (10X2 Marks = 20 marks)

1. Define the term recruitment.
2. Write any two differences between recruitment and selection.
3. List out the various recruitment needs for hiring an employee.
4. State any two purposes and importance of recruitment & selection.
5. What are the various sources of recruitment?
6. List out the various roles of HR manager in an organization.
7. Define job analysis.
8. Write short notes on job description.
9. Write any two differences between job specification and job context.
10. Define KSAO.

PART – B (Answer any five of seven) (5X4 marks = 20 marks)

1. Discuss in detail about the purpose and importance of recruitment and selection.
2. Write in detail about the various factors that affect recruitment in an organization.
3. What are the various sources of recruitment? Discuss in detail about it.
4. How the recruitment policy of an organization should be framed?
5. Write a detailed note on recent trends in recruitment.
6. What are all the various challenges faced by organization during the process of
7. Discuss in detail about the various methods of data collection involved in job

PART – C (Answer any five of seven) (5X8 marks = 40 marks)

1. Discuss in detail about Strategic Business Planning Process (SBPP).
2. Selection is a process that needs the involvement of both line manager and HR
specialists for maximum effectiveness? Why? What would be the consequences of the
selection process conducted by line managers without HR input – or vice versa?
3. Imagine you are a HR manager working in a MNC. What are the various HR policies
you would implement in order to avoid the predicament?
4. Discuss in detail about job analysis.
5. What are all the various ways to eradicate gender inequality and discrimination
prevailing while recruiting people?
6. Explain how various job portals like, works? Briefly explain
the process of enrolling yourself to these web portals?
7.”People are your most important asset”. Do you agree with this? How will you
substantiate your reason?
PART – D (Case study Analysis) (20 marks)

WoodCorp Inc.
WoodCorp Inc. specializes in the manufacture of wooden office furniture. Its main
clientele is situated in downtown Vancouver and its plant is located north of this city. The
furniture WoodCorp manufactures is very much in demand because of its original yet
understated design that is appropriate for the business world.

In operation for 35 years, the company employs approximately 150 people and has been
listed on the stock exchange for the past ten years. The CEO and you, the director of
human resources, have just put the finishing touches on a detailed succession plan for
WoodCorp employees, based on a three-year horizon. Within three years a number of
your key managers, many of whom have been working at WoodCorp since it was
founded, will be taking their well-deserved retirement. In recent years, few new
employees have been hired to ensure their succession.

Two major points emerge from the succession plan:

• The general controller plans to retire within the next year and no one in-house is
qualified to replace him. In addition to his specific financial skills, he has the company’s
financial history at his fingertips and is the CEO’s right-hand man. In fact, the CEO
consults him for every strategic decision he has to make. Since WoodCorp is a
public corporation, this position is crucial for it to continue its smooth operation.

• WoodCorp’s manufacturing director joined the company 30 years ago as an

administrative clerk. He gradually moved up through the positions of production clerk,
technician and supervisor and was eventually appointed manufacturing director. During
this time, he attended evening classes and completed a bachelor’s and a master’s
degree in administration. As manufacturing director, he is a member of the company’s
management team and the CEO has a lot of respect for this director’s opinion. Over the
years, his career path, performance and fair decisions have earned him considerable
credibility. He is also respected by his team because he knows the company inside and
out and is an excellent leader in the field. In fact, the employees recognize his expertise
and appreciate his recommendations because they know that he performed their jobs for
several years.

• The production plant recently hired a few young employees with good technical skills
who could be ready to take on this position within three years. Five of them have
expressed their interest and shown that they have the potential to handle this job.

In light of this information:

1. What steps should be taken to recruit the best candidate for the position of general
controller? (10 points)
2. Given that the five interested employees already possess the technical skills and
knowledge required for the position of manufacturing director, what criteria should be
used to select the best candidate for this position? (5 points)
3. (a) What steps should be taken to select the best manufacturing director from among
the plant’s five qualified employees? (5 points)
(b) Once you’ve made your choice, what will be the next steps in your action plan? (2