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Company Profile

“We Deliver What you Desire”


 Company Overview
 Vision & Mission
 How Different are we?
 Our Services & Major Clients
 Our Organization Chart
 Our Workforce
 Our Equipments
 Health, Safety & Quality Policies
 Ongoing Projects
 Completed Projects
 Rewards
 Testimonials
 Construction Pictures
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Company Overview

Abdulla Faleh Al – Dossary and Partner Co. is a Saudi based professionally managed
group established in 1980 by President Mr. Nasser Al Dossary and CEO Mr. Mohammed
Ameerullah Khan and is into the business of Construction Activities, broadly in the areas of
Engineering and Maintenance covering Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire and
Safety Engineering as applicable to the myriads of Refineries and Petro-chemical plants
situated primarily in Yanbu, Jeddah, Rabigh and Dhammam. Innovation, Creativity, Planning
and Effective Operations Management constitutes the essence of Al-Dossary‟s Construction

The die hard duo comprising of our dynamic and vibrant President Mr. Nasser Al Dossary,
along with our Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mohammed Ameerullah Khan, have now together
embarked upon a common objective to make it to the top in the construction industry within
the Middle East by daring to tread unchartered locations with business potential to the brime,
as well as provide job opportunities directly and indirectly to all the needy people.

To be the most highly acclaimed, successful Construction Business
House in the Middle East. Building upon our founding philosophy to
develop and adapt our quality, engineering and safety standards to
respond to the changing complexity of projects, in a humane and
resilient ambience, delivering Total Client Satisfaction on all counts, to
earn the Most Preferred Business Partner Status.

To provide unique Engineering and Maintenance Services, adopting
high quality technology, with emphasis on safety for Men, Materials
&Machinery; building Trust and Confidence through committed
deliverables, giving high value for Time and Money, for its Esteemed
Satisfied Clients as well as becoming a highly organised, most favoured
professionally oriented organisation to work in.
How different are we?

AL – DOSSARY an enterprising entrepreneur cum technocrat

Mr. Mohammed Ameerullah Khan, a Civil Engineer by profession
and a visionary, whose vision to provide high quality Engineering
and Maintenance Services, as his contribution to the development of
infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, the land of immense opportunities; as
well as to provide a source of secure employment for the Asian
origins. Today, three score years later, these ideals have started
gaining recognition both from the Construction Industry & from the
growing number of contended & satisfied permanent employees,
now over 1500+ strong, in the various multi-faceted disciplines of the Company, skilled
personnel, some of whom have been certified by Aramco in their various technical disciplines. The
Company has an ambitious target of providing permanent employment to 10,000 people by 2020.
It has plans to spread its wings to other neighbouring Middle East Countries in the not too distant
future. the concept offering value based services with a humane touch in its entirety.

• AL – DOSSARY is today based in Yanbu and has over 30 years of experience with professional
satisfaction, having executed some very high value and difficult projects for Aramco, with ease,
dexterity and expertise gained over the years. We possess expertise, primarily in the areas of
Mechanical, Civil, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering, satisfying stringent contractual
requirements at very competitive rates, giving value for money. We can undertake execution of
high value projects against stringent quality control, inspection and we are comfortable in
executing any type of complex projects.

• AL – DOSSARY has by its painstaking efforts, come closer to being regarded as a major Service
Provider to Aramco, Marafiq, Sabic and other leading Oil Refineries and Petrochemical
establishments and has literally become a common name amongst all Client establishments in
Yanbu, Jeddah, Rabigh and Dammam. We have also acquired the distinction of making the
„Impossible – Possible‟ by our quick response and effective site control management to deal with a
lot many time bound emergency crisis situations arising at Client‟s establishments. The
innumerable testimonials, laurels and accolades received from actual end users in our Client‟s
establishment, support our belief. It is by no means a small measure to manage and interact, with
innumerable business associates at various levels, in a short time period and to meet such
challenges, appropriate infrastructure in respect of Men, Materials and Machinery has been created
and upgraded on a continual basis at Yanbu Al – Sinaiyah to cater to such sudden business
Our Services
 Mechanical Works
•Fabrication & Erection pipe work
•Fabrication & Erection of structural steel
•Storage Tank & Silos
•Heat Exchangers
•Utility Fire Water System
 Civil Works
•Infrastructure Facilities
•Industrial Building  Sand Blasting & Painting Works
•Road Construction  Inspection & Testing Works
•Heavy Equipment Foundation  Manpower Supply Service
•Commercial and Residential Building  Equipment Supply Service
 Electrical & Instrumentation Works  Material Supply Procurement
•Cathodic Protection System
•HV/MV/LV Substation Maintenance
•Main/Distribution Panel Board with automation
•Instrumentation & Control Systems.
Maintenance Services
•Plant Maintenance & Operation Services
•Plant Turnaround & Shutdown Maintenance
•Short & Long Term Plant Maintenance for all Disciplines
•Refurbish & Repair of Large Storage Tanks & Heat Exchangers

Our Major Clients

• Saudi Aramco
• Royal Commission Yanbu
• National Petrochemicals Ltd
• Petrocon Pvt Ltd
• Arab Tank Terminal Ltd (Attl)
• Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery (Samref)
• Yanbu National Petrochemical Company (Yansab)
• Marafiq
• Sabic
• Technip SA Ltd
• Petro Rabigh Refinery Co Ltd
• Fluor Arabia SA Ltd
• Shaw Stone and Webster SA Co LTD
• Cristal Global Yanbu
• Carlo Gavazzi and other leading organizations
• Ibn Rushd
• Snamprogetti (SA) Ltd.
• Saipem (SA) Ltd
• Schnieder Electric and other Leading EPC Companies.
Our Organization Chart
AL - Dossary adheres to strict quality management standards in order to achieve Total Client
Satisfaction and at the same time, complies with relevant regulations, while ensuring that quality
encompasses all aspects of work in offices, sites, workshops and facilities. Stringent standards of
quality are continuously pursued by AL - Dossary, making sure that all staff members and
subcontractors maintain the same, in order to ensure that mutual objectives are fully met or
exceeded and continuously improved. Where appropriate, specific quality objectives have been
established and performance against these objectives will be constantly monitored.

AL - Dossary offers a complete range of Construction Services. It features design concepts,

construction operations and management of many of the most prestigious and technically
advanced piping and building projects. With a long experience and know-how in the field,
AL - Dossary brings creative solutions to the contracting industry.
 “The on time delivery of structural steel fabricated by Al-Dossary has allowed for an un
interrupted performance of work, avoiding unnecessary delays. We wish to recognize the
management and co-ordination efforts shown by Al- Dossary in successfully completing the
project.” - Frank J Erichson, VP Project Director, Yanbu National Petrochemical Company.

 “We found AFD to be really efficient and timely in executing the assigned work. We are well
satisfied with their job and wish them all success.” Abdul Karim Al Ghamdi , Core
Maintenance Manager , Saudi Yanbu Petrochemical Co.

 “Al-Dossary establishment has once again ascertained their commitment and dedication
towards timely and successful completion of all jobs entrusted to them and thus proved to
be of invaluable assistance for achieving our goals especially in critical and time bound
activities.” Muqbel M Al- Harbi, Superintendent, Yanbu Refinery .

 “Your commitment and continuous support as well showed what a spirit of a good
teamwork can achieve.” Ahmed S Basalamah, Director, Rabigh Refinery Department.

 “The active involvement by your staff have prevented heavy loss of oil and further damage
to company property. The dedication of your employees prove to be a great sign for having
a good workmanship which indicate that they can be of any help and assistance at any
given time and occasion. We would like to put on record the remarkable contribution of
your staff during this emergency. Once again, thank you and it is a pleasure working with
your company “ M.M Al-Dossary, Supt Operations Control Division, Saudi Aramco East/West
Pipelines Department.

 “The timely completion of the project, maintaining the best standards of supervision
workmanship and safety needs special appreciation. We especially thank the General
Manager Mr M.A Khan, Project Manager and his team for their sincere efforts and had made
it possible in completing our project successfully and in time.” - Hameed Khan , Safety
Engineer, Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu.

 “AL-Dossary‟s efforts, innovative ideas and commitment to successfully complete the job in
time is commendable and has proved a Al- Dossarys dedication towards achieving our goals
in a safe manner as safety is Saudi Aramco‟s top priority. Al-Dossary Est has set an example
for other contractors to emulate and we at Saudi Aramco encourage and wish them all
success in continuing their good work at all times. “- Abdullah M Al-Sharief , Supt
Maintenance Division, Yanbu Refinery.
Our Workforce
Manpower is a critical resource of all projects. Our manpower is well trained in various industrial
projects and client work focused at all times.
Other Category

• Certified welder (6g, 3g, TIG)

• Welding inspector (aws certified)
• Painting inspector (bgas certified)
• Erection engineer
• Fabricator - pipe
• Fabricator – structural
• Steel erectors
• Pipe fitters
Engineers • Mill wright
• Hvac technician
• Civil Engineers • Riggers (Aramco/ TUV certified)
• Mechanical Engineers • H.e.operator ((Aramco/ TUV certified)
• Electrical Engineers • Light equipment operator (Aramco/ TUV certified
• Instrumentation Engineers • Adminitrative staff
• Planning Engineers • Material expeditor
• Estimator / Cost Engineers • Electrician (industrial)
• QA / QC Engineers • Instrumentation technician
• Metal man
• Mason
Inspectors and Supervisors • Tile fixer
• Mason block Tile & land plastering worker
• Civil supervisor • Carpenter shuttering
• Mechanical supervisor • Carpenter finishing
•Instrumentation supervisor • Steel fixer
• Painting supervisor • Abrasive blaster (certified)
• Electrical supervisor • Industrial painter (certified)
• Scaffold inspector (Aramco certified) • Scaffolder
• Scaffold supervisor (Aramco certified) • Painter – wall
•Quantity Surveyor • Hydroblaster
• H.duty driver
HSE • Lduty driver
• Plumber
• Shotcrete applicator
• Safety Engineer
• Hand diggers
• Safety Officers
• Time keeper
• HSE Manager
• Labourers – general
• Safety Supervisor
• Labourers – mechanical
• Labourers – civil
Our Equipments
Our professional staff with large fleet of vehicles/equipments support the projects to comply with
the stringent working standards and regulations for the most discerning customers.

• Crane - 50 ton (mobile) • Generator – 139/ 90/ 75/ 39/ 18/10 kva
• Crane – 70/50 ton • Air compressor – 850- 750/ 375/ 185 cfm
• Loader – 966 / 924 • Water tanker – 12000 litre
• Backhoe / loader - 428 • Vacuum tanker (Super Suckers)
• Skid loader • Fuel tanker - 12000litres
• Vibratory roller - 10 ton • Dump truck - 20m3
• Roller - 2 ton • Dump truck - 10m3
• Roller - 1 ton • Flat bed trailer - 20 ton
• Compactor (plate) • Pickup
• Compactor (rammer type) • Blasting machine - 200litres
• Forklift - 10 / 5 / 3 ton • Hydro jet. machine
• Concrete mixer - 1-1/2 bags • Airless spray paint machine - 56:1
• Cutter - concrete/asphalt • Road marking paint machine
• Jack hammer / chipping gun • Dewatering pump - 8" / pump - 4"
• Concrete vibrator • Grader - G12
• Grunting machine • Bulldozer
• Welding machine – 400/500 amps • Bundle Puller
• Oxy / Acetylene gas cutting set • Man lift 32 m
• Argon welding set • Telescope Fork lift 4 ton
Health and Safety Policy
 Al Dossary considers the occupational safety and health of its staff, as a prime imperative.
AFD strives to achieve the highest degrees of occupational safety and health standards in
order to eliminate any work-related accidents or illness.

 In addition to standard health and safety policies, a vital step in AFAD‟s planning and control
of each project, is to determine the job conditions at each site and the hazards that may
arise out of performed work, materials, or special site conditions and to set specific site
procedures for eliminating these hazards, such as the use of appropriate barriers and fencing
on-site or the enforced utilisation of appropriate protection equipment such as hard hats,
respirators, or safety glasses.

Quality Policy
 Al- Dossary is fully committed to achieving Total Customer Satisfaction by delivering
error-free Engineering & Maintenance Services on time at the right price. The processes and
controls implemented will guarantee first time right functioning. We will ensure that Services
offered to our Internal & External Customers in the Middle East Countries, will meet or
exceed their expectations. Quality, Continual Improvement and Customer Satisfaction are the
personal responsibility of each member of the Company, in our endeavour to become a Top
Class Organisation.

Compliance Policy
 Al Dossary adheres to strict quality management standards in order to achieve Clients‟ Total
Satisfaction and at the same time, complies with relevant regulations, while ensuring that
quality encompasses all aspects of work in offices, sites, workshops and facilities.

 Stringent standards of quality are continuously pursued by Al Dossary, making sure that all
staff members and subcontractors maintain the same, in order to ensure that mutual
objectives are fully met or exceeded, and continuously improved. Where appropriate, specific
quality objectives have been established, performance against these objectives will be
constantly monitored on a continual basis.
Ongoing Projects
SN Client Contract No Description Period Location Reference
Expansion of pneumatic conveying project.
Construction of 3 silos of 12 ton capacity. (Civil/ Mr. T.J. Rajesh Kumar,
Mechanical/ Electrical/Structural July 2010-Dec NATPET Project Manager,
1 NATPET 10/1687REV0 Instrumentation turnkey Project) Yanbu
2010 Tel:0534632476,

Samref to Arab Tank Terminal Product transfer

Facilities. Above/Under ground pipeline.
048- Mr. Mohd. Nayeem Ansari,
Arab Tank (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical & Instrumentation Jan 2010 - Dec
2 10871067002- Yanbu ATTL Terminal Manager,
Terminals Ltd. turnkey project). 2010

Rabigh Bulk Plant expansion Project.

Construction of 92 diameter diesel tank Mohammed Abbas
foundation pipe support/sleepers & loading Feb 2010 - Nov Regional Manager
3 Saudi Aramco CRC: AR9519 Rabigh
base & associated Civil works. 2011 Tel: 0504901327

Design/ Engineering, Procurement,

Construction, Testing and commissioning of New
Marafiq (Power Central Laboratory Building. Mr. Ayman Al Harbi,
Aug 2009 - Dec
4 & Water Utility 7200011400 (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical & Instrumentation Yanbu Project Manager.
Co) works).

Installation of New Force main line (1000mm /

Marafiq (Power GRP Pipe line) Between IW 11 & IW 13. Mr. Ayman Al Harbi,
5 & Water Utility 7200011300 Yanbu Project Manager.

Construction of Fire Walls and Drainage System

for Nine Electrical Substations at NGL Plant, Mr.Hasan Moakali,
Saudi Aramco- Oct 2009-Dec
6 6600023262 Yanbu. Yanbu Senior Project Engineer
Yanbu Gas Plant 2011
Tel: 3974828

Electromechanical & Finishing works for SAFA Mr Hussain Said,

garden housing at KAUST (King Abdulla Project Director,
May 2009 - Jul
7 Saudi Aramco 1740/2010 University Thuwal) Thuwal
Completed Projects
SN Client Contract No Description Period Location Reference

Saudi Aramco - Construction of Temporary Facilities at Saudi Mr. G. Feretti,

1 Snamprogetti J 33550 SA 1002 Aramco Yanbu Refinery for CCR Platformer & 2004 Yanbu Resident Manager
S.A.Ltd LSRN Isomerization Project Tel:043979341/42/43

Installation of Sulfur Analyzer house (Includes

Saudi Aramco - Mechanical Equipment Erection, Piping, Civil Mr. Musthafa Thoula,
2 3355002 2007 Yanbu
Crude Oil Terminal works, Electrical & Instrumentation works and Tel:04 397 7373

Civil works for replacement of switiching

Mr. Rolando Raganit,
Saudi Aramco devices at Rabigh Refinery. (Includes
3 Rabigh- Carlo CGA/L - CSR-AD Construction & Installation of concrete duct 2005 Rabigh
Manager, Tel:02
Gavazzi SA Co. Ltd banks, trenching and concrete foundations for
425 4597
electrical installations.
Civil works for Yanbu Gas Plant Expansion Mr. Raganeet,
Saudi Aramco - Carlo
4 CGA/L YGP/AD Project.(Includes Excavation, Duct banks, 2008 Yanbu Project Manager,
Gavazzi SA Co. Ltd
Asphalting at NGL). Tel: 0504696013

Civil works for Cogeneration project at Saudi

Mr. Steve Templeman,
Saudi Aramco - Aramco, NGL. (Includes extensive trenching,
5 6600007332 2004 Yanbu Project Director,
Nesma construction of concrete foundations and
associated earth work).
Mr. L.Panarelli,
Construction of RTU buildings and associated
Saudi Aramco - Project Manager
6 6600006307 facilities at Al-Wasta & Rabigh Refinery marine 2004 Rabigh
Saipem Tel: 03-807 0191
Mr Takahashi,
Luberef II - Chiyoda Civil works for Luberef II project inside Saudi
7 CPL-SCA-068 1998 Yanbu Project Manager,
Petrostar Ltd. Aramco Yanbu Refinery & NGL
Tel: 3962190

Supply, Fabrication & Installation of above Mr Kawakami,

Luberef II - Chiyoda
8 CPL-SCA-065 ground pipeline from Yanbu Refinery to 1998 Yanbu Project Director,
Petrostar Ltd.
LUBEREF II Project. (Includes pipe sleepers). Tel 3218564

Mr Ehsanullah,
Construction of Effluent holding tank. (Includes
9 IBN-RUSHD ISC - 99563 2001 Yanbu Project Engineer,
HDPE liner's & concrete works).
Construction of substation building numbers
Mr. Richi,
Saudi Aramco - 5,6,7 & 8 for replacement of unsafe switching
10 72891/BI-3783 2001 Yanbu Project Manager,
Saudi Arabian Kent devices project inside Saudi Aramco Crude Oil
Tel: 3211331
tank form & NGL.
Construction of Warehouse # WR 563 (Includes Mr. Mohd. Al Faraj,
11 Petro Rabigh 076-00-07 Structural/Civil & Fire Alarm & Fire Protection 2008 Rabigh Contact specialist,
System works) Tel: 02 4258850
Mr. Abdulla Al
Petro Rabigh - Construction of four Evaporation Ponds at
12 SFC # 077 2006 Rabigh Contracts Advisor,
Sumitomo SA Ltd. cooling tower.
Tel: 02 4250567 EXT
Completed Projects
SN Client Contract No Description Period Location Reference

Construction New Sanitary Treatment Plant :

Mr. Abdulla Al ghamdi,
Petro Rabigh - Construction, Testing & Commissioning of New
13 0056/00 UO1 2007 Rabigh Contracts Advisor,
Sumitomo SA Ltd. STP.(Includes all Civil, Mechanical, Electrical &
Tel: 02 4250567 EXT 158
Instrumentation works).

Residential and Non Residential Civil, Electro- Saleh Al-Shihab,

14 Saudi Aramco 6600023340 mechanical & Finishing Works at KAUST (King 2009 Thuwal Sr Project Manager,
Abdulla Science & Technology University) Tel: 0500174091

MFC - Town Center Building Finishing Works at KAUST Majid Al- Harid,
15 Saudi Aramco 2009 Thuwal
6510387050 (King Abdulla Science & Technology University). Sr. Project Manager

Mr. Anotnio A.Carino,

Marafiq (Power & Construction of RC-3 Warehouse . (Includes Fire
16 7200004000 2009 Yanbu Contracts specialist,
Water Utility Co) Alarm, Fire Fighting Works & Pump House)
Tel: 04 3966338

Mr. Naimuddin Amin,

Marafiq (Power &
17 MSY 100-232 Installation of new Sulphuric Acid Lines. 2004 Yanbu Cont Superintendent,
Water Utility Co)
Tel: 04-396-6256

Mr. Kamraj,
Marafiq - Yanbu Construction of Tank Ringwall Foundation for
18 75038 2009 Yanbu Project Manager,
Steel Company. Storage Tank, 72.60 Diameter.

Extension of DN 3400 mm GRP Pipe connection Mr. Cacciatore ENEL,

Marafiq - Enel
19 PGW 49B190 of GRP near catch basin, connection of 9m deep 2005-2006 Yanbu Site Manager,
concrete valve pit. Tel:04 325 4206

Construction of Concrete Chambers for

Mr. Mansoor Baig,
Installation of Ultrasonic Flow Meters(for
20 Marafiq - AYTB 4500001444 2004-2005 Yanbu Project Manager,
seawater line) at Saudi Aramco NGL, Samref and
Tel: 04-396-1347

Sabic - Yansab - Civil, Mechanical, Electrical works, Equipment & Mr. Umar Balubid,
21 SHAW Stone & 121106 SC013 Manpower Support for HDPE & BBTX projects 2006-2010 Yanbu Project Manager,
webster Arabia Ltd. YANSAB. Tel:3259941

Mr. Gordon Lewis,

Civil, Mechanical, Electrical works, Equipment &
Sabic- Yansab - Flour Contracts Manager,
22 F2IT-09-F202 Manpower Support for utilities & offsite project 2006-2009 Yanbu
Arabia Ltd.

Construction of Propane Line from Saudi

Mr. Gordon Lewis,
Aramco NGL to Yansab metering. Procurement,
Sabic- Yansab - Flour Contracts Manager,
23 A21T.00.F222 Construction, Testing & Commissioning of 2008-2009 Yanbu
Arabia Ltd.
Propane Gas Metering Skids inside NGL.
(Includes all Civil, Mechanical, E & I Works.
Completed Projects
SN Client Contract No Description Period Location Reference

Mr. Gordon Lewis,

Sabic- Yansab - Flour Supply and Fabrication of Structural Steel for
24 A2IT-1K-J003 2008 Yanbu Contracts Manager,
Arabia Ltd. pipe racks at Yansab Project.

Construction of Substation # 80/F7 @Port Area

Mr. Gordon Lewis,
Sabic- Yansab - Flour for Yansab. (Includes Civil works for substation
26 A2IT.00.F223 2008 Yanbu Contracts Manager,
Arabia Ltd. building & installation of cooling system &
erection of electric substation)

Mr. Gordon Lewis,

Sabic- Yansab - Flour Construction of Culvert at N/E crossing, Duct
27 A2IT.00.F237 2008 Yanbu Contracts Manager,
Arabia Ltd. banks & guard house inside YANSAB.

Mr. Mohd. Nayeem

Arab Tank Terminals Ansari, ATTL
28 048-1067 Installation of Piping for Chemical Tanks. 2005 Yanbu
Ltd. Terminal Manager,

Mr. Majid Bafaqeeb,

Arab Tank Terminals
29 1-2005 Mechanical / Piping Works 2004 Yanbu Project Engineer,
Tel:04-321 8756

Construction of Substation Buildings at Cristal Mr. Vincent

Cristal - Schneider
30 5005197 (Expansion Project) Civil / Electrical and 2005-2006 Yanbu Project Manager,
Mechanical work Tel: 04-321 2800

20Ton- chlorine Plant Expansion: Civil /

Structural / Mechanical jobs for CRISTAL 20
Cristal -
Ton Chlorine Plant Expansion, which includes Mr.Khalid Hamdullah,
The National
31 5320060071 Structural Steel Fabrication, Erection, 2005 Yanbu Sr. Vice President,
Titanium Dioxide
construction of various structural / concrete Tel:04 3212800
foundations, equipment erection and Piping
Civil/ Mechanical jobs for CRISTAL New Chlor
Cristal - Alkali Plant.The project is inclusive of
Mr.Khalid Hamdullah,
The National construction of various structural/ concrete
32 002-2006 2007 Yanbu Sr. Vice President,
Titanium Dioxide foundations, tank ring walls, pre-engineered
Tel:04 3212800
Co.Ltd steel buildings, earth works, fencing etc. with
AKIM - KIMYA Sanayi.

Undergroud Utilities New 500mm and 300mm

Cristal -
Diameter Bondstrand pipe line for process Mr.Khalid Hamdullah,
The National
33 5320060073 water and 150mm pipe line for potable water 2008 Yanbu Sr. Vice President,
Titanium Dioxide
line and new connection from RC Corridor to Tel:04 3212800
Yanbu Steel
Mr. Kamraj,
Company - Yanbu Construction of Tank Ring wall. (Includes Civil
34 2.19000.13581 2010 Yanbu Project Manager,
Cement Company works at Yanbu Cement Company
Construction Pictures
Construction Pictures
Abdulla Faleh Al Dossary & Partner Co
Yanbu (Corporate Office)

P.O. Box 438, Al-Sinaiyah, Yanbu, KSA.

Tel: +966 504390873/505363546, Fax: +966 4 3227909

Dammam (Registered Office)

CR:2050038389, P.O Box 11412, Dammam, KSA

Tel: +966 8464632, Fax: +966 8464623 Email:


Tel: +966 4232696/ 515126644/ 504395919, Fax: +966 4232696



Tel: +966 26343661/ 515127575, Fax: +966 26343661