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December 2010

Not Dreaming of a White Christmas
After all that snow a couple of weeks back, we’re hoping that the last few days of term are snow free. While we seem to have gotten away with it so far, it’s still very cold so please make sure to wrap your kids up well coming to school. Unfortunately, we have some sad news to end 2010. Ciara, the 2nd and 3rd class teacher will be leaving us after the holidays as she is returning home. Personally, I am really sad to see Ciara go as she has been a brilliant teacher and colleague. I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing her the very best in her future and hope that she will not be a stranger to our school. We’ll really miss you, Ciara. The parents in our school have been busy fundraising for the school. Despite the weather, we’ve had some great events – an 80s table quiz (which raised €350), Christmas cards (€300) and a cake sale (€260). We’re also having our bumper Christmas raffle on Thursday so be sure to come along from 10:30am. A big thanks to all the parents for all their support. I hope you enjoy the rest of our December newsletter. I wish you all a wonderful winter break and look forward to welcoming you back on January 10th.

Quick News
Our school was shortlisted for the Eircom Junior Spider Awards – a web design competition. Unfortunately we were not successful in our category having lost out to St. Flannan’s NS in Ennis, Co. Clare. Six children went to the event and had a great time. A number of policies are being looked at in the school. The first is an exceptional closure policy. We will also be looking into a number of administrative policies over the coming weeks. All policies in the school are accessible on our school web site. 20 laptops and a new projector have arrived in the school. These came as part of government funding for technology this year. We are also updating our videoconferencing facilities to allow better interaction with other schools. The staff was trained up in the Stay Safe programme, which we hope to launch in 2011. Parents and Board of Management will be trained up in early 2011. One of our YouTube videos has gone a bit viral! Kane and Billy’s Fire Drill animation is getting a lot of attention around the country. Well done guys! Snow Jokes! (from Sophie) What two letters of the alphabet do snowmen prefer ? light in Science. We used I.C. !

Seeing the Light

2nd and 3rd class were investigating torches to make shadows. Shadows happen when something What’s an ig ? blocks the light. We had fun learning how to make them bigger and smaller. We also learned about the words transparent (see through) and opaque (not see through) and used our torches again to test items out.

Samantha’s Class During an icy day at school, the paths were covered in snow and we were all recovering from our couple of days off playing in the snow. To brighten up our classroom we decided to put up our Christmas tree.

create the snowflakes. For anyone who wants to create some snowflakes at home here’s the link 7.shtml.

of value. We had fun sticking them to the board with blue tack. The children drew the coins on the board. They also wrote the value of each coin. Afterwards, we played a game using fake coins.

Claire’s Class We learned that some birds fly away to hot countries for the winter - lucky birds! We mixed blue and green to represent the cold on one half of the page and we mixed red, orange and yellow to represent warmth on the other half. We also hung out a bird feeder for the poor birds who stay behind. If you can, please feed the birds during this cold snap!

Michael’s Class Don’t worry, there’s no more snow falling outside! Some of the children got to create snowflakes out of paper today. The children used cutting and paper folding techniques to

Ciara’s Class We learned all about the festival of Hanukkah. Hanukkah is the Jewish festival of lights. The festival lasts for 8 days in memory of the Miracle of Light. To celebrate Hannukkah, Jewish people often have parties with singing, dancing, presentgiving and lots of treats to eat, including Latkes. Latkes are little potato cakes made from grated potatoes, onion and egg. We made some latkes of our own in class. They were so tasty and smelled great…all the staff wanted a taste but they disappeared too quickly! If you would like to make Latkes at home here is the link:: http://www.mahalo.c om/how-to-makepotato-latkes

Five children have been learning tin whistle after school with Michael for the past 7 weeks! All the children have been practising really hard, especially during the snow days.

The gardening club and Aisling have an innovative idea for adding lasting colour to our garden. We plan to make a mosaic out of old tiles and broken delph. We were very impressed by the work of the famous mosaics of Brett Campbell. We hope you like the video toohttp://www.youtu v=27gMB-Ioir0 If you have any old broken tiles or delph (plates, cups, bowls), please drop them into us.

As promised, here are some photos of the finished clay pots and relief tiles from Eimear’s Class! We had great fun designing and painting them! This week we made Christmas Bells to hang on our Christmas Trees.

Aisling and the 3rd Class Maths put some coins in order

Some children from Junior Infants have been painting pictures of what they like best about Christmas. What do you like best about Christmas? Maybe you could draw or paint a picture of your favourite thing about Christmas and send it to our Facebook page.

Fourth class were busy over the last 2 days creating a poster to raise awareness of the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recyle) for Christmas. The children came up with the idea of creating Santa’s Recycling List. Here are a few things the children thought we could recycle during Christmas – wrapping paper, present boxes, sweet wrappers, batteries.!

Dates for your Diary: December 23rd: From 10:45am – Carol Singing and Christmas Raffle. School closes at 12pm January 10th: School reopens for a full day January 29th: Staff Meeting – School closes 12pm

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