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“Corporate America is in fabulous shape,” the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase told a meeting of the Business Council. Non-financial firms have accumulated more cash “… than at any other time in the past half century. They are flush, in fighting-trim and … fabulous.” — Globe and Mail, Saturday October 15, 2010 What? Aren’t we living in a time of dire economic crisis — in Canada, as well as in the entire western capitalist world? Unemployment is stubbornly high, consumers are not spending, corporations are neither investing nor hiring. Where did big business get all this cash? In late 2008, we were told that we, citizens and taxpayers, had to bail out big business … and it was big business that was bailed out. Not the people who lost their jobs and houses, not the small businesses that went bankrupt, but the banks and the financial and mortgage companies that precipitated the latest crisis of capitalism. If we didn’t fund a huge stimulus spending, we were told, we’d be stuck with high unemployment, lack of consumer spending, corporations that would neither invest nor hire. Seems we only got what the massive spending was to avoid. The Canadian federal government spent our way into a $50 billion plus deficit. The deficits of provincial and municipal governments add billions to the total. And many Canadian and U.S. citizens followed our political leaders into this attempt to save an un-savable economic system. Seems the money has been transferred from the majority of citizens to the bank accounts of big business. Governments did for the corporations what the big corporations tried to do for themselves, but failed. Now, governments are warning that their spending has to stop. Deficits are getting so high as to threaten to bring whole countries down. We are being told that it is time to tighten belts. Government debt and deficit will bring on more economic crisis. This sounds so familiar. What can we expect when governments reduce their deficits? It will almost certainly be by cutting back on those things that are important to the citizens who supported the call to save those who were “too big to fail.” We can expect cuts to health, education, to spending for disabled people and the unemployed, nothing for adequate shelter — you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be bringing corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy back to fair levels, it won’t be ending the $1.5 billion subsidies paid to oil companies in Canada … More importantly, it won’t be forcing those big corporations who are sitting on mountains of cash to use it in socially responsible ways — investing in our communities, in the things we need, in good jobs. Instead, they will be allowed to sit on it until they devise some other derivative, sub-prime scheme on which to gamble our money. Then, the crisis cycle will start all over again. An in/famous social philosopher put it so clearly over 160 years ago: “The executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie.” His observation, made long ago, is still right on the money today. So were his prescriptions: we need to end our economic reliance on the whims and interests of those “too big to fail.” We at Fernwood Publishing think that there has to be another way. It is our goal to participate in forging a humane, fair and sustainable economic and social world. We do this through our publications. We invite you to join with us in developing the way forward. In closing, we pay tribute to one of Canada’s preminent scholars and activists. Patricia Monture passed away on Wednesday November 17. Trisha was a militant advocate for Aboriginal rights in Canada, and wrote leading insights on Indigenous theory, law and governance, and social and political inequality. She was an inspiration to all of us. She will be greatly missed. The Publishers at Fernwood

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Media Mediocrity — Waging War Against Science
How the Television Makes Us Stoopid!
Richard Zurawski
We have all, at some point, seen science in action on television. Whether it was a program about disasters or weather, nature or the universe, a science commentator, even a crime show depicting forensic evidence — we have all gleaned tidbits of scientific information while being entertained by our televisions. Or have we? From science channels and documentaries to fictional and children’s programming, television brings a myriad of scientific discoveries and theories into the homes of people around the world. But how accurately do these programs represent science? In Media Mediocrity, television producer and broadcaster Richard Zurawski argues that the science we learn on television is inaccurate, misleading and sometimes even dangerous. Dealing with issues such as tobacco consumption, global warming and intelligent design, Media Mediocrity examines how television producers’ pursuit of ratings and profit trump any desire to provide the audience with an accurate knowledge of science — and argues that there are real consequences for this lack of knowledge. Four out of five viewers gather the bulk of their scientific knowledge from television, making television an important intermediary between society and its understanding of science. If television gives us misleading — or blatantly false — scientific information, how can we hope to make informed decisions about scientific issues? Equally importantly, who is it that is feeding us this false science? And what do they gain from doing so? If you think your TV has made you an expert, then read this book — and think again. RICHARD ZURAWSKI is a meteorologist, documentary film producer, TV host, writer, university lecturerer, public speaker and media expert and personality. He is the author of Richard Zurawski’s Book of Maritime Weather and The Maritime Book of Climate Change. He lives in Halifax with his wife, Susan, and two border collies, Patch and Tasha. pb 9781552664001 $24.95 192pp Rights: World / April

CONTENTS: Prologue • Introduction: The War Against Science • The Television Cyclops: The One-Eyed Unblinking Monster • Science vs. Journalism: Into the Field of Battle • Television, the Mouthpiece of Vested Interests • The Great Battles in the War Against Science • TV News • Closing Thoughts and Recapping • Bibliography • Index


Good Places to Live
Jim Silver

Poverty and Public Housing in Canada
Public housing projects are stigmatized and stereotyped as bad places to live, as havens of poverty, illegal activity and violence. In many cities they are being bulldozed, ostensibly for these reasons but also because the land on which they are located has become so valuable. In Good Places to Live, Jim Silver argues that the problems with which it is so often associated are not inherent to public housing but are the result of structural inequalities and neoliberal government policies. This book urges readers to reconsider the fate of public housing, arguing that urban poverty — what Silver calls spatially concentrated racialized poverty — is not solved by razing public housing. On the contrary, public housing projects rebuilt from within, based on communities’ strengths and supported by meaningful public investment could create vibrant and healthy neighbourhoods while maintaining much-needed low-income housing. Considering four public housing projects, in Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax and Winnipeg, Silver contends that public housing projects can be good places to live — if the political will exists. JIM SILVER is a professor and director of Urban and Inner-city Studies at the University of Winnipeg.

pb 9781552664148 $19.95 160pp Rights: World / March

CONTENTS: Good Places to Live • Thinking About Poverty and Public Housing Problems • “It’s Prime Land, and Why Would They Leave That to Poor People?” Vancouver’s Little Mountain • “Because It’s Not About Creating New Housing!” Toronto’s Regent Park • “We’re Not Going Nowhere; They’re Gonna Have a Huge Fight” Uniacke Square in North End Halifax • “Rebuilding from Within” Winnipeg’s Lord Selkirk Park • Building Good Places to Live • References

Vanishing Schools, Threatened Communities
Paul W. Bennett

The Contested Schoolhouse in Maritime Canada
Traditional schoolhouses and neighbourhood schools are disappearing at an alarming rate, making way for ”big box” schools that serve multiple communities and adhere to the logic of modernization, centralization and uniformity. In Vanishing Schools, Threatened Communities, author Paul W. Bennett explores the phenomenon of school closures, focusing on Maritime Canada from 1850 until the present day. Here is a lively, stimulating book that examines the rise of common schooling from one-room schoolhouses that encouraged local democratic control through to the rise of “super-sized” schools governed by a vast bureaucracy that silences public participation. Though the public has not always remained silent, local ”save our schools” movements have not succeeded in halting the march of ”progress.“ Bennett sets out, in this colourful history of schools, to remind us of the principles that formed the basis of the public education system and urges us to return to these principles in order to better serve the needs of our children and our communities.

pb 9781552664018 $24.95 192pp Rights: World / May

PAUL W. BENNETT, Ed.D. (OISE/Toronto), is a Halifax author and an independent educational policy consultant. His previous books include The Grammar School: Striving for Excellence in a Public School World (2009), Canada: A North American Nation (1995), Years of Promise, 1896–1911 (1986) and Emerging Identities: Problems and Interpretations in Canadian History (1986), co-authored with Cornelius J. Jaenen.
CONTENTS: Foreword • Introduction • Schoolhouses and Communities — An Endangered Heritage • The Advent of the Modern Education State • Rural Schools: The One-Room Schoolhouse • Urban Schools: “Palaces” of Victorian Canada • Modernization: Surviving the Onslaught of Progress • Consolidation, Bureaucracy and the People • Retrenchment: Declining Enrolments and School Closures • System Under Stress: The School Savers and Their Mission • Epilogue: Restoring and Humanizing Public Education • References • Index


Broke but Unbroken
Augusta Dwyer

Grassroots Social Movements and Their Radical Solutions to Poverty
In Broke but Unbroken, journalist Augusta Dwyer takes us on an inspiring journey through the slums and villages of Brazil, Indonesia, India and Argentina as she meets with organizers from some of the most successful grassroots social movements struggling against poverty. These organizers are not representatives from NGOs or aid organizations based in developed nations but the poor themselves — people who know intimately the reality of struggling for land, food, housing and the right to control their own resources and means of production. It is these movements, built from the ground up by the very people affected by poverty, that have achieved the most successes in ameliorating the conditions of the poor and providing real solutions to global poverty. As we travel with Dwyer through rural and urban landscapes, too often devastated by the demands of development, we meet people who have risked their homes, families and even their lives to affect real change in the world. The stories they share so openly and warmly are not merely accounts of economic or political success but are stories of empowerment and hope that dramatically portray the potency of collective action. In the beautiful prose of an accomplished writer, this book introduces us to extraordinary grassroots movements — and encourages us to learn the lessons they offer about successfully challenging power and changing the world. AUGUSTA DWYER is an award-winning independent journalist and the author of Into the Amazon: Chico Mendes and the Struggle for the Rainforest and On the Line: Life on the U.S.-Mexico Border.
CONTENTS: Introduction • Part One: Brazil • A People’s Garden • A People’s Production • Part Two: Indonesia • A Walk in the Woods •Agriculture Is Life and Custom • Part Three: India • Value Change and Solidarity • Women Together • Part Four: Argentina • Si o Si • A New Dynamic • Conclusion • References • Index

pb 9781552664063 $19.95 144pp Rights: Canada / May


Stop Signs

Cars and Capitalism on the Road to Economic, Social and Ecological Decay
Yves Engler & Bianca Mugyenyi
In North America, human beings have become enthralled by the automobile: A quarter of our working lives are spent paying for them; communities fight each other for the right to build more of them; our cities have been torn down, remade and planned with their needs as the overriding concern; wars are fought to keep their fuel tanks filled; songs are written to praise them; cathedrals are built to worship them. In Stop Signs: Cars and Capitalism on the Road to Economic, Social and Ecological Decay, authors Yves Engler and Bianca Mugyenyi argue that the automobile’s ascendance is inextricably linked to capitalism and involved corporate malfeasance, political intrigue, backroom payoffs, media manipulation, racism, academic corruption, third world coups, secret armies, environmental destruction and war. When we challenge the domination of cars, we also challenge capitalism. An anti-car, road-trip story, Stop Signs is a unique must-read for all those who wish to escape the clutches of auto insanity.

pb 9781552663844 $19.95 252pp Rights: World / March

BIANCA MUGYENYI was born in Uganda in 1980 and came to Canada as a child. Mugyenyi spent parts of her youth in Swaziland, Kenya and England. She is coordinator of Concordia’s Gender Advocacy Centre and a former vice president of the Concordia Student Union. YVES ENGLER is a Montreal activist and author. His earlier books include Canada in Haiti: Waging War on the Poor Majority (with Anthony Fenton), The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy and Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid.
CONTENTS: Freedom from Cars or Freedom for Cars — Ft. Lauderdale • Driven Round the Bend — St. Louis • Vehicular Homicide — Chicago • Vroom, Vroom, Cough, Cough — El Paso • Cars Make You Fat — San Antonio • Good-bye, Downtown — Mobile • Billboards — Everywhere • Parking Is a Losing Game — Atlantic City • People Are Obstacles to Progress — Atlanta • Auto-Eroticism — Miami • The State Religion — Salt Lake City • Behind the Wheel It’s Me, Myself and I— Portland • Fueling the Fire — Baton Rouge • Driving Global Warming — New Orleans • An Insatiable Thirst for Land — Phoenix • Tankers,Transit and Terror — New York • Inefficiency Pays — Flagstaff • An Industry’s Power • If You Take on the Car, you Take on Its Friends • Self-Interest, Bullying and a Willingness to Break the Law • If You Can’t Find a Market, Create One • Control the Message • Teach Your Children Well • Senator, I’d Like to Take You for a Ride • Public Subsidies for Private Gain • Spinning the Keynesian Wheel • Conclusion — Capitalism and Cars Will Drive Us to Extinction • Bibliography

Behind the Rhetoric
Jennifer Poole

Mental Health Recovery in Ontario
Recovery has taken the mental health world by storm. In clinics, hospitals, community organizations and governments across North America and Europe, recovery rhetoric is everywhere. Its message of hope is catchy, its promise of wellness long overdue and its claims (somewhat) substantiated. But where did this new vision for mental health come from and what does it really mean for a system long unbalanced? Focusing on Ontario’s mental health communities, the book is the first to take a critical look at recovery’s talk and texts. Using Foucault’s analyses of discourse, it is also the first to go behind recovery’s rhetoric of hope and responsibility, re-theorizing mental health recovery in Canada. JENNIFER POOLE is an assistant professor in the School of Social Work at Ryerson University.
CONTENTS: Introduction • Research, Writing and Rhetoric on Recovery • Making the Familiar Strange: Turning to Foucault to Re-think Recovery • Sifting through the Results: Behind the Rhetoric of Hope • But Doesn’t Everyone Love Recovery? Disagreements and Debates • Back to Foucault: Re-theorizing Recovery • Conclusions • Bibliography

pb 9781552664179 $19.95 168pp Rights: World / April


Doing Anti-Oppressive Practice
Social Justice Social Work, 2nd Edition
Donna Baines, ed.
Doing Anti-Oppressive Practice introduces students to the emerging tradition, the historical and theoretical roots and the specific contexts of antioppressive social work practice. AOP understands the problems faced by clients as rooted in the socio-political structure of society rather than in the personal characteristics of the clients themselves, and argues that social change must be a key component of social work practice. Using practice vignettes, personal experience and case work examples to discuss a variety of issues, this updated edition adds a new chapter on the theoretical basis of AOP as well as several practice chapters dealing with issues of child protection, poverty and welfare rights, disability rights, working with unions and standardized assessment procedures. Praise for the first edition “This has been a helpful text for examining issues of gender and oppression through an intersectional lens. The book not only introduces ‘anti-oppressive practice’ as a current form of progressive social work, but also provides helpful illustrations on topics such as indigenous pathways to anti-oppressive practice, bridging the practice-activism divide, anti-oppressive practice in child welfare, and restructuring and everyday resistance. A range of Canadian authors describe strategies, highlight issues and raise practical dilemmas inherent in practicing social work from an anti-oppressive perspective.” — Lyn Ferguson, Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba “Now, more than ever, we need to commit ourselves to anti-oppressive, transformative social work practice. Baines’ edited collection helps us to do just this. Well conceptualised, organised and integrated, the book is set in Canada but has much wider application given the pernicious and wide reaching effects of neo-conservative and New Public Management regimes. No matter whether you are a student, frontline practitioner, policy maker or academic, it offers rich insights and inspiration.” — Heather Fraser, Social Work, Flinders University, South Australia “I have found student engagement with this book to be outstanding. Students express much appreciation for the book’s contributions to their learning, especially as it is grounded in very practical terms… (it resonates) with their work experiences and/or placements. Overall … a fine and important collection of writing.” — Gordon Pon, School of Social Work, Ryerson University DONNA BAINES is an associate professor of labour studies and social work at McMaster University.
CONTENTS: Introduction • An Overview of Anti-Oppressive Practice: Roots, Theory, Tensions (Donna Baines) • An Overview of Anti- Oppressive Practice: NeoLiberalism, Inequality and Change (Donna Baines) • Section 1 Types of Practice • Doing Anti-Oppressive Child Protection Casework (Gary Dumbrill) • Let Us Work Together: Welfare Rights and Anti-Oppressive Practice (Jeanne Fay) • Bridging the Practice-Activism Divide in Mainstream Social Work: Advocacy, Organizing and Social Movements (Donna Baines) • Reconceptualizing Feminist Therapy: Violence, Problem Drinking and Re-storying Women’s Lives (Catrina Brown) • Indigenous Pathways to Anti-Oppressive Practice (Bonnie Freeman) • Anti-Oppression Community Organizing: Lessons from Disability Rights Activism (Samantha Wehbi) • Evidence Based Practice and Anti-Oppressive Practice (Michelle Bates) • Research in Practice: The Community-based Research Practicum as Anti- Oppressive Social Work Education (Saara Greene and Lori Chambers) •Business as Usual: Doing Anti-Oppressive Organizational Change (Lisa Barnoff) • Section 2 Reflexivity • Occupied Spaces: Unmapping Standardized Assessments in Health and Social Service Organizations (Kristin Smith) • Crossing Boundaries to Radicalize Social Work Practice and Education (Notisha Massaquoi) • A Resettlement Story of Unsettlement: Transformative Practices of Taking it Personally (Martha Kuwee Kumsa) • Section 3 Resistance • Social Work Activism amidst Neoliberalism: A Big, Broad Tent of Activism (Meaghan Ross) • Unions: A Vehicle for Anti-Oppressive Resistance (Donna Baines) • Self-Care, Social Work and Social Justice (Norma Jean Profitt) • Afterword: Doing Anti-Oppressive Social Work: The Importance of Resistance, History and Strategy (Akua Benjamin) • References • Index

pb 9781552664100 pb $34.95 hb 9781552664285 hb $59.95 288pp Rights: World / March (short discount only)


Security, With Care
Elizabeth M. Elliott

Restorative Justice and Healthy Societies
“I learned that the problems were much deeper than a flawed criminal justice system, and that our work needed to begin in our relationships with each other and the natural world, and most importantly, with ourselves.” (from the preface) Restorative justice, as it exists in Canada and the U.S., has been co-opted and relegated to the sidelines of the dominant criminal justice system. In Security, With Care, Elizabeth M. Elliott argues that restorative justice cannot be actualized solely within the criminal justice system. If it isn’t who we are, says Elliott, then the policies will never be sustainable. Restorative justice must be more than a program within the current system — it must be a new paradigm for responding to harm and conflict. Facilitating this shift requires a rethinking of the assumptions around punishment and justice, placing emphasis instead on values and relationships. But if we can achieve this change, we have the potential to build a healthier, more ethical and more democratic society. ELIZABETH M. ELLIOTT is an associate professor and co-director of the Centre for Restorative Justice at the School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University.
CONTENTS: Preface • Introduction • The March of Folly • “If Punishment Worked, I’d be Saint Andrew” • Justice as a Human Problem • Restorative Justice: A Vision of the Good • Restorative Justice and the Retributive Legal Context • Values and Processes: “Being the Change” • The Geometry of Individuals and Relationships • Psychology of Restorative Justice: The Shame of Being Yourself • Psychology of Restorative Justice: Trauma and Healing • Restorative Justice as Community Development and Harm • Prevention • Conclusion • References • Index

pb 9781552664254 pb $34.95 hb 9781552664322 hb $59.95 256pp Rights: World / February (short discount only)

Activism that Works
Elizabeth Whitmore, Maureen G. Wilson & Avery Calhoun, eds.
How can we understand “success” in relation to social justice and environmental activism? How do activists themselves determine or define their effectiveness? Activism That Works shares the stories of eight diverse social justice movements, from Oxfam Canada, to the Calgary Raging Grannies, to the Youth Project of Halifax, as they contemplate their own successes. What we discover is that success is not measured only in large-scale social reform but is also found in moments of connection — in building relationships and raising awareness. Taking the lead from these stories, the authors contextualize and analyze success within social justice activism in Canada. Understanding their work as a contribution to the movements challenging the domination of free market ideology, the authors hope this book will offer a space for reflecting on the contributions and impacts of activist groups — and provide meaningful insights into what success means in the struggle against neoliberal capitalism. ELIZABETH (BESSA) WHITMORE is professor emerita at Carleton University’s School of Social Work. MAUREEN G. WILSON is a professor in the Faculty of Social Work and co-chair of the Consortium for Peace Studies at the University of Calgary. AVERY CALHOUN is an associate professor of social work at the University of Calgary. pb 9781552664117 $19.95 160pp Rights: World / March

CONTENTS: Foreword (Budd Hall) • Making a Difference (Elizabeth Whitmore, Maureen Wilson & Avery Calhoun) • Building Success in Social Activism (Maureen Wilson, Elizabeth Whitmore & Avery Calhoun) • Oxfam Canada: The Fair Trade in Coffee Campaign (Bill Hynd & Carol Miller) • The Disability Action Hall: Tell Stories, Take Action, Change Lives (Ryan Geake, Colleen Huston & members of the Hall) • Alberta College of Social Workers: Doing the Right Thing (Rod Adachi & Lori Sigurdson) • Calgary Raging Grannies: Affective and Effective (Sharon Montgomery) • The Pembina Institute: Alberta’s Oil Sands: Thinking Like Owners (Marlo Raynolds & Amy Taylor) • Youth Project: Heroes and Outlaws (Sheena Jamieson & Leighann Wichman) • Social Justice Committee: Success Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers (Derek MacCuish & Maria Rasouli) • The Storytellers’ Foundation: Learning for a Change (Anne Docherty) • What Does Success Mean to Social Activists? (Avery Calhoun, Maureen Wilson & Elizabeth Whitmore) • Sense Making: What Have We Learned (Elizabeth Whitmore, Maureen Wilson & Avery Calhoun) • Appendix 1: Songs from the Raging Grannies. Appendix 2: List of Resources: Frameworks, Guides and Complexity • References • Index


Gendered Intersections

An Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, 2nd Edition
C. Lesley Biggs, Susan Gingell & Pamela Downe, eds.
Following the structure of the successful first edition of Gendered Intersections, this second edition examines the intersections across and between gender, race, culture, class, ability, sexuality, age and geographical location from the diverse perspectives of academics, artists and activists. Using a variety of mediums — academic research, poetry, statistics, visual essays, fiction, emails and music — this collection offers a unique exploration of gender through issues such as Aboriginal self-governance, poverty, work, spirituality, globalization and community activism. This new edition brings a greater focus on politics, and gender and the law. It also includes access to a Gendered Intersections website, which contains several performances by poets and a Gendered Intersections Quiz, which highlights the historical and contemporary contributions of women and non-hegemonic men on Canadian Society. Praise for the first edition “Gendered Intersections’ diverse selections provide an excellent and encompassing overview in the field of Women’s and Gender Studies in Canada today. The thought-provoking readings encourage students to use a gendered perspective to engage in a critical analysis of current issues and topics. I find this an excellent text to get students thinking about the gendered world in which live.” — Wendee Kubik, Women’s Studies, University of Regina “The first edition of Gendered Intersections introduces Canadian readers to a global economy, and circuits of migration and culture through diverse feminist perspectives. The editors skillfully convey how human experiences that foreground sexuality, colonialism, race, disability and age are legitimate starting points for critical understandings of gender, an approach that is so necessary in undergraduate and college classrooms today. Both I and my students appreciate the accessible and critical manner in which the editors tackle everyday experiences of gender. — Jennifer Johnson, Women’s Studies, Laurentian University

“This book is based in … premises that guide teaching introductory gender and women’s studies courses and I expect it to be a very useful textbook. I … am confident that it sufficiently addresses directions, debates and discussions in gender and women’s studies … in particular … transnational perspectives, colonialism and indigenous issues and debates about gender and sexuality that are crucial … in classrooms across Canadian universities.” — Katherine Side, Women’s Studies, Memorial University C. LESLEY BIGGS is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Saskatchewan. SUSAN GINGELL is a professor in the Department of English at the University of Saskatchewan. PAMELA DOWNE is an associate professor and head of the Department of Archeology and Anthropology at the University of Saskatchewan.
CONTENTS: Section 1 Setting the Stage: What Does It Mean to Be a Woman and a Man? • Section 2 Forging Femininities and Masculinities Through Media and Material Cultures • Section 3 Sexualizing Women and Men • Section 4 Body and Soul • Section 5 Community, Families and Parenting • Section 6 Gendered Economies and Waged Workers • Section 7 The Law, Governance, Politics and Public Policy • Section 8 Changing the World: Activism for Equity • References

pb 9781552664131 pb $54.95 hb 9781552664292 hb $74.95 424pp Rights: World / May (short discount only)


About Canada explores key issues for Canadians. Accessibly written, affordable and in a distinctive format, these books provide basic — but critical and passionate — coverage of central aspects of our society.

About Canada: Health and Illness
Dennis Raphael
pb 9781552663752 pb $17.95 hb 9781552663882 hb $34.95 172pp 2010 This book argues that it is the social determinants of health, imposed on us by the “market,” that dictate the health of Canadians. Social determinants include such things as income and wealth, employment, quality of education, access to health and social services and ability to obtain food and housing. Dennis Raphael compellingly demonstrates that the health and longevity of Canadians could be greatly improved not by changes to lifestyle, but through simple changes to social policy.

About Canada: Animal Rights
John Sorenson pb 9781552663561 $17.95 192pp 2010 This book analyzes discourses used by animal-exploitation industries to defend their practices and suggests that a society that claims to protect animals while maintaining antiquated laws is suffering from “moral schizophrenia.”

About Canada: Health Care
Pat Armstrong & Hugh Armstrong pb 9781552662465 $17.95 160pp 2008 For more than 30 years, Canadians have enjoyed high quality health care based on need and not on ability to pay. This book explains how the Canadian system works and assesses reforms underway.

About Canada: Childcare
Martha Friendly & Susan Prentice pb 9781552662915 $17.95 150pp 2009 ”Students will get the ‘big picture’ of ECEC issues, politics and policy in Canada and learn what should be done to build a well-designed publicly funded universal system– there isn’t another book that does this.” — Rachel Langford, Ryerson University

• • • • • • •

Mass Media by Peter Steven – Fall 2011 LGBTT Rights by Peter Knegt – Fall 2011 Women’s Rights by Penni Mitchell – Spring 2012 Disability Rights by Deborah Stienstra – Spring 2012 Agriculture by Darrell McLaughlin – Fall 2012 Poverty by Gregg Olsen – Fall 2012 Colonialism by Joyce Green – Spring 2013


About Canada: Immigration
Nupur Gogia & Bonnie Slade
Many Canadians believe that immigrants steal jobs away from qualified Canadians, abuse the healthcare system and refuse to participate in Canadian culture. In About Canada: Immigration, Gogia and Slade challenge these myths with a thorough investigation of the realities of immigrating to Canada. Examining historical immigration policies, the authors note that these policies were always fundamentally racist, favouring whites, unless hard labourers were needed. Although current policies are no longer explicitly racist, they do continue to favour certain kinds of applicants. Many recent immigrants to Canada are highly trained and educated professionals, and yet few of them, contrary to the myth, find work in their area of expertise. Despite the fact that these experts could contribute significantly to Canadian society, deeply ingrained racism, suspicion and fear keep immigrants out of these jobs. On the other hand, Canada also requires construction workers, nannies and agricultural workers — but few immigrants who do this work qualify for citizenship. About Canada: Immigration argues that we need to move beyond the myths and build an immigration policy that meets the needs of Canadian society. NUPUR GOGIA received her PhD in sociology and equity studies in education at OISE, University of Toronto. BONNIE SLADE is a research fellow with the Institute of Education at the University of Stirling in Scotland.

pb 9781552664070 pb $17.95 hb 9781552664315 hb $34.95 144pp Rights: World / March

CONTENTS: Immigration: A Critical Analysis • The Evolution of Immigration Policy: Learning about the Past to Understand the Present • Immigration Policy and Practices: The Mechanics of Migration • Immigrants the and Labour Market: Devaluation, Frustration and Downward Mobility • The Reception Party: The Settlement Process for Immigrants • The Revolving Door: Temporary Workers in Canada • Under the Surface: Canada’s Hidden Labour Force • Coming to a Better Place?: Not Always a Happy Ending • References • Resources • Appendices

About Canada: Youth and Children
Bernard Schissel
Canada is a signatory on the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child, which guarantees the protection and care of children and youth. About Canada: Children and Youth examines each of the rights within the Canadian context — and finds Canada wanting. Schissel argues that although our expressed desire is to protect and care for our children, the reality is that young people, in Canada and around the world, often lack basic human rights. The lives of young people are steeped in abuse from the education and justice systems, exploitation by corporations, ill health and poverty. And while the hearts of Canadians go out to youth in distant countries suffering under oppressive circumstances, those same hearts often have little sympathy for the suffering of youth, particularly disadvantaged youth, within Canada. This book explores our contradictory views and argues that we must do more to ensure that the rights of the child are upheld. BERNARD SCHISSEL is a professor in and head of the Doctor of Social Sciences Program, Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences, Royal Roads University.
CONTENTS: The Rights of Children • Freedom from Want • Freedom from Ill Health • Freedom from Legal Discrimination • Freedom from Labour Discrimination • The Right to Learn • The Right to Protection from Corporate Aggression • Children, Youth, Rights and Social Inequality • References

pb 9781552664124 pb $17.95 hb 9781552664346 hb $34.95 144pp Rights: World / May


Canadian Labour in Crisis
Reinventing the Workers’ Movement
David Camfield
Does Canada have a working-class movement? Though many of us think of ourselves as middle class, most of us are, in fact, working class: we work for a wage. And though many of us are members of unions — the most significant organizations of the working-class movement in Canada — most people do not understand themselves to be part of this movement. Canadian Labour in Crisis asks why this is so. Through an analysis of the contemporary Canadian working-class movement and its historical development, David Camfield offers an explanation for its current state and argues that reform within the movement is not enough. From the structure of organizations to their activities and even the guiding ideology, Camfield contends that the movement needs a radical reinvention — and offers us a new way forward in reaching this goal. DAVID CAMFIELD is an associate professor in labour studies at the University of Manitoba.
CONTENTS: Introduction • Part One: The Working-Class Movement Today • Unions and the Workplace • Union Activity Beyond the Contract • Inside the Unions: Organizational Life • Other Working-Class Movement Organizations • Assessing the Contemporary Working-Class Movement • The Roots of Today’s Problems • Part Two: Looking Forward • Why Reinvent the Movement? • How to Reinvent the Movement? • Readings and Resources • Concepts • References • Index

pb 9781552664162 $19.95 160pp Rights: World / April

A Reader
Duane Rousselle & Süreyyya Evren, eds.
Post-anarchism has been of considerable importance in the discussions of radical intellectuals across the globe in the last decade. In its most popular form, it demonstrates a desire to blend the most promising aspects of traditional anarchist theory with developments in post-structuralist and post-modernist thought. Post-Anarchism: A Reader includes the most comprehensive collection of essays about this emergent body of thought, making it an essential and accessible resource for academics, intellectuals, activists and anarchists interested in radical philosophy. Many of the chapters have been formative to the development of a distinctly “post-anarchist” approach to politics, aesthetics and philosophy. Others respond to the so-called “post-anarchist turn” with caution and scepticism. The book also includes original contributions from several of today’s “post-anarchists,” inviting further debate and new ways of conceiving post-anarchism across a number of disciplines.

DUANE ROUSSELLE is a graduate student at Trent University. He is the founder and editor of the journal Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies and a librarian for the Anarchist Library project. He has published in the International Journal of Zizek Studies. SÜREYYYA EVREN writes on contemporary art, literature and radical politics. He has published several books in Turkish and several articles in English, German, French and Czech. He is the editor-inchief and founder of the post-anarchist magazine Siyahi.

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CONTENTS: Preface (Duane Rousselle) • Introduction (Süreyyya Evren) • Part 1: When Anarchism Met Post-structuralism • Post-structuralism and the Epistemological Basis of Anarchism (Andrew Koch) • Is Post-structuralist Political Theory Anarchist? (Todd May) • Post-anarchism and Radical Politics Today (Saul Newman) • Post-anarchism Anarchy (Hakim Bey) • Part 2: Post-anarchism Hits the Streets • Empowering Anarchy: Power, Hegemony, and Anarchist Strategy (Tadzio Mueller) • Hegemony, Affinity, and the Newest Social Movements at the End of the 00s (Richard J. F. Day) • The Constellation of Opposition (Jason Adams) • Acracy_Reloaded@post1968/1989: Reflections on Post-modern Revolutions (Antón Fernendez de Rota) • Part 3: Classical Anarchism Reloaded •Things to Do with Poststructuralism in a Life of Anarchy: Relocating the Outpost of Post-anarchism (Sandra Jeppesen) • Anarchy, Power and Post-structuralism (Allan Antliff) • Post-anarchism: A Partial Account (Benjamin Franks) • Part 4: Lines of Flight • Buffy the Post-anarchist Vampire Slayer (Lewis Call) • Sexuality as State-Form (Jamie Heckert) • When Theories Meet: Emma Goldman and ‘Post-anarchism’ (Hilton Bertalan) • Reconsidering Post-structuralism and Anarchism (Nathan Jun) • Imperfect Necessity and the Mechanical Continuation of Everyday Life: A Post-anarchist Politics of Technology (Michael Truscello) • References • Index


Private Affluence, Public Austerity
Economic Crisis and Democratic Malaise in Canada
Stephen McBride & Heather Whiteside
“The book is both timely and sorely needed. There is simply nothing like it. A brilliant and surprisingly clear analysis of the theory and practice of Canadian politics in the current conjuncture of capitalist development, the authors provide an exceptionally clear and most useful exposition of the forces at play, arising out of the propensity of capitalism towards crisis.” — Henry Veltmeyer, Saint Mary’s Examining Canadian political and economic developments of the twentyfirst century, Private Affluence, Public Austerity provides a systematic analysis of the dynamics of Canadian politics in the era of neoliberal globalization. Stephen McBride and Heather Whiteside conclude that, although the last three decades of neoliberal rule are characterized by recurrent crises, the system has proven to be resilient — even in the face of a severe recession. Canada’s “business as usual” approach to the recent financial crisis, an approach that fails to challenge the policies that are fundamental to the system and culpable for the crisis, is striking. Through policies aimed at the dismantling of the welfare state, privatization and the reduction of the state’s economic role — as well as an enthusiastic embrace of globalization and liberalized trade and investment regimes — the legacy of the Canadian political system is one of private affluence, public austerity and democratic decline. Private Affluence, Public Austerity asks us to consider the relationship between neoliberalism and crisis, and their role in democratic decline. What is the legacy of neoliberalism? It also asks the difficult questions: What is the future of neoliberalism? And what role will Canada play in charting the course of that future? This book offers an engaging and enlightening exploration of the theories of contemporary capitalism and reminds us that overcoming democratic malaise is a necessary first step on the path to change. STEPHEN MCBRIDE is a professor in the Department of Political Science and Canada Research Chair in public policy and globalization at McMaster University. HEATHER WHITESIDE is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at Simon Fraser University.

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CONTENTS: The Neoliberal Chickens Come Home to Roost • Theories of Capitalist Crisis • The Keynesian Welfare State • The Neoliberal State • A Tale of Three Crises • Canada’s Compounded Political Crisis • References • Index


Angry Nation
Turkey Since 1989
Kerem Öktem
Since Turkey was catapulted back onto the world stage in 1989 it has turned into a major power broker and has developed into one the largest economies in the world. The country has, however, failed to peacefully resolve its ethnic, religious and historical conflicts. Today, as the foundations of the ethno-nationalist Kemalist state are eroding rapidly, Turkey appears to be coming to terms with the many sources of its anger, if cautiously and slowly. At this historical turning point, Turkey Since 1989: Angry Nation charts the contemporary history of Turkey by looking at the country’s erratic transformation from a military dictatorship to a maturing, if still troubled, democracy. KEREM ÖKTEM is research fellow at the European studies Centre, St. Antony’s College, Oxford University and teaches the politics of the Middle East at the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago.
CONTENTS: Introduction: Happy Nation? • Nation-Builders • Kurds and Kemalists • The Rise of the ‘Islamic Calvinists’ • The Ghosts of History • Turkey as European Borderland? • Conclusion: For All the Anger • References • Index

pb 9781552664261 $24.95 176pp Rights: Canada / March Global History of the Present Series

Manufacturing Meltdown
Reshaping Steel Work
D. W. Livingstone, Dorothy E. Smith & Warren Smith
In the 1980s, following decades of booming business, the global steel industry went into a precipitous decline, which necessitated significant restructuring. Management demanded workers’ increased participation in evermore temporary and insecure labour. Engaging the workers at the flagship Stelco plant in Hamilton, the authors document new management strategies and the responses of unionized workforces to them. These investigations provide valuable insights into the dramatic changes occurring within the Canadian steel industry. “A gripping story of the upheaval in the lives of steelworkers, their families and communities as a result of industry restructuring.” — Peter Warrian, senior research fellow, Munk School for Global Affairs, University of Toronto ”Manufacturing Meltdown explains what has happened to our manufacturing, our jobs, our future and our country. This is something that needed telling and this book tells it very well.” — Bob Sutton, former recording secretary, United Steelworkers Local 1005 and editor of SteelShots

pb 9781552664025 $27.95 224pp Rights: World / February

D.W. LIVINGSTONE is Canada Research Chair in Lifelong Learning and Work and professor emeritus in the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. DOROTHY E. SMITH is professor emerita in the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies at OISE/UT and adjunct professor, Department of Sociology, University of Victoria. WARREN SMITH worked at Stelco (now U.S. Steel Canada) in Hamilton Ontario from 1967 until his recent retirement. He was president of USW local 1005 from 1997 to 2003.
CONTENTS: Introduction: Labour Displacement and the Enduring Significance of Steel Work • Melting the Core Steel Workforce, 1981–2003 • Storing and Transmitting Skills: The Expropriation of Working-Class Control • The Future of Steel Jobs. • References • Index


Bathtubs but No Water
A Tribute to the Mushuau Innu
Gerry Steele
“The Mushuau Innu, and indeed the people of Canada, would now be better off had the federal government in 1992 opted for an acceptable partnership with us to regain control of our lives.” — Chief Katie Rich In 1967, the Mushuau Innu — the Aboriginal people of Labrador — were resettled on Davis Inlet by the Canadian government. Originally a land-based people, this move to the coast created cultural, economic and spiritual upheaval, and Davis Inlet became synonymous with shocking substance abuse and suicide rates. In Bathtubs but No Water, Gerry Steele offers the reader a participant observer’s perspective on Davis Inlet. An employee of the federal government working with the Mushuau Innu since 1993, Steele explores their oral history of the resettlement process, substance abuse and deaths, and argues that these problems are a direct result of the government’s lack of respect for Aboriginal peoples. In 1992, the Innu tried to regain responsibility for their future, focusing on the traditions and strengths of their own community, but government bureaucracy would not support this partnership. Steele urges the government to engage in respectful partnerships with Aboriginal communities in order to achieve positive change.

pb 9781552664056 $14.95 96pp Rights: World / March

GERRY STEELE has worked with regional economic expansion in Ottawa, Alberta and Newfoundland, with Indian Affairs in Alberta and Ottawa, and as an advisor and negotiator on Aboriginal affairs at national, regional and provincial levels. He has worked with the Mushuau Innu in Labrador on behalf of Health Canada for more than fifteen years.
CONTENTS: Foreword by Katie Rich • Introduction • The People of the Barrens • The Three Pillars • Discovering a People • Government Errors: Innu Deterioration • Losing Control, Governments’ Responsibility • Getting Attention • Mushuau Innu Vision • Reaching Out • Healing the Children • Chief Katie Rich • Ottawa’s Mixed Agenda — Conflict of Interest? • The Innu in Control • Time Heals What Reason Cannot • Innu Wisdom Ignored • A Fading Dream • Ottawa’s Dilemma/Failure • A Growing Track Record • Let the Innu Lead • Going Forward, Overcoming Conceit • References

Brown Skins, White Masks
Hamid Dabashi
Brown Skins, White Masks provides a critical examination of the role that immigrant “comprador intellectuals” play in facilitating the global domination of American imperialism. In Black Skin, White Masks, Frantz Fanon explored the consequences of inferiority that colonized people felt, leading them to identify with the ideology of the colonial agency. Dabashi picks up where Fanon left off and extends Fanon’s insights as they apply to today’s world. Dabashi examines the ideology of cultural superiority and provides a passionate account of how these immigrant intellectuals continue to betray any notion of home or country in order to manufacture consent for imperial projects. An internationally renowned cultural critic and award-winning writer, HAMID DABASHI is the author of eighteen books and many articles. His books and articles have been translated into numerous languages and include Theology of Discontent (1993), Iran: A People Interrupted (2007) and Islamic Liberation Theology: Resisting the Empire (2008).
CONTENTS: Introduction • Brown Skin, White Masks • On Comprador Intellectuals • Literature and Empire • The House Muslim • State of War • White Man’s Burden • The Virtual Empire • Conclusion: Confusing the Color Line • References • Index

pb 9781552664247 $25.95 224pp Rights: Canada / March


Titles in the Fernwood Basics series typically deal with social, economic or political issues relevant to present-day Canada. Succinct and inexpensive, these books provide a concise overview of contemporary issues and are ideal for the general reader or for use as supplementary texts in university and college courses.

False Positive
Ross Sutherland

Private Profit in Canada’s Medical Laboratories
When your doctor takes a blood sample for analysis, where does it go? Does it find its way to your local, publically owned hospital? Does it take a longer journey to a private, for-profit lab in the next city? Chances are, you’ve never given it a lot of thought. In this daring exposé of the laboratory system, Sutherland investigates its historical and contemporary development in Canada and argues that the landscape has been heavily influenced by the private, for-profit companies — to the detriment of the public health care system. ROSS SUTHERLAND is a registered nurse and holds a master’s degree in political economy from Carleton University.
CONTENTS: Medical Laboratories and the Public-Private Debate • Medical Laboratory Services before Medicare: Securing a Strong Non-Profit Sector • The Rise of the For-Profits, 1968–1990 • Support for Non-Profit Delivery • For-Profits Consolidate Power, 1990–2010 • The Winners: LifeLabs/MDS, GDML and CML • Across Canada: Variations from Sea to Sea • Cost and Integration • Quality and Accessibility • Conclusions • References

pb 9781552664094 $17.95 128pp Rights: World / March

Deadly Fever
Racism, Disease and a Media Panic
Charles T. Adeyanju pb 9781552663417 $17.95 136pp 2010

Leaving the Streets
Stories of Canadian Youth

Missing Women, Missing News

Get That Freak
Homophobia and Transphobia in High Schools
& Brian Burtch pb 9781552663783 $17.95 128pp 2010

Jeff Karabanow, Alexa Carson & Philip Clement David Hugill illustrated by Katie pb 9781552663776 Crane $17.95 112pp 2010 pb 9781552663790 $17.95 128pp 2010

Covering Crisis in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Rebecca Haskell

Aski Awasis/ Children of the Earth
First Peoples Speaking on Adoption
Jeannine Carrière, ed. pb 9781552663400 $17.95 112pp 2010

Ontario Works – Islamophobia and Works for Whom? the Question of An Investigation of Muslim Identity
Workfare in Ontario The Politics of Julie Vaillancourt Difference and pb 9781552663516 Solidarity
$17.95 112pp 2010

Evelyn Leslie Hamdon pb 9781552663394 $17.95 112pp 2010

• • •

Women, Sexuality and Christianity by Sonya Sharma — Fall 2011 Disability, Politics and Theory by A.J. Withers — Fall 2011 The Gene Technocracy by Ashok Kumbamu & Mike Gismondi — Fall 2012


Sex and the Supreme Court
Obscenity and Indecency Law in Canada
Richard Jochelson & Kirsten Kramar
Canadian laws pertaining to pornography and bawdy houses were first developed during the Victorian era, when ”non-normative” sexualities were understood as a corruption of conservative morals and harmful to society as a whole. Tracing the socio-legal history of contemporary obscenity and indecency laws, Kramar and Jochelson contend that the law continues to function to protect society from harm. Today, rather than seeing harm to conservative values, the court sees harm to liberal political values. While reforms have been made, especially in light of feminist and queer challenges, Kramar and Jochelson use Foucault’s governmentality framework to show that the liberal harm strategy for governing obscenity and indecency continues to disguise power. RICHARD JOCHELSON is a professor of criminal justice at the University of Winnipeg. KIRSTEN KRAMAR is a professor of sociology at the University of Winnipeg.
CONTENTS: Introduction • From Hicklin to Butler (from hick to chic?) • From Here to Queer: Little Sisters • Keeping It Close to the Chest: Indecency and Community Standards in Mara and Tremblay • Taking a Swing at Harm: Labaye • The Future of Indecency and Obscenity • Conclusion • References

pb 9781552664155 $17.95 112pp Rights: World / May

Divorced Fathers
Edward Kruk

Children’s Needs and Parental Responsibilities
Once mainly breadwinners and disciplinarians, fathers are becoming increasingly involved and invested in their children’s lives. Edward Kruk examines how this changing role has affected fathers’ experiences of divorce and the loss of children that too often follows. This book offers a glimpse into the emotional loss that fathers suffer and their perspectives on what is best for their children in the divorce transition. Ultimately, Kruk argues, children benefit most from the love and support of both parents, and we need to ensure that fathers continue to play a meaningful parenting role after divorce. EDWARD KRUK is an associate professor of social work at University of British Columbia. He is the author of Mediation and Conflict Resolution in Social Work and Human Services (1997) and Divorce and Disengagement: Patterns of Fatherhood Within and Beyond Marriage (1993).
CONTENTS: Introduction • Child Absence and Father Absence: The Impact of Divorce on Fathers, Children and Families • Research Results: The Lived Experiences of Divorced Fathers • Research Results: Children’s Needs and Paternal and Social Institutional Responsibilities After Divorce • Shared Parental Responsibility: A New Framework for Child Custody Determination • Discussion and Concluding Remarks • Bibliography

pb 9781552664087 $17.95 128pp Rights: World / May


Roseway Publishing, an imprint of Fernwood Publishing, publishes literary work that is rooted in and relevant to struggles for social justice. We publish works of fiction, creative non-fiction, biographies and other literary writing that has a social justice theme.

A Legacy of Love
Marion Douglas Kerans, ed.

Remembering Muriel Duckworth, Her Later Years, 1996–2009
“What emerges from these stories is a picture of the power of love and of a woman who cared deeply about people, about peace and about equality. She never stopped working, thinking and strategizing about how to change the world.” — Halifax Chronicle Herald Muriel Duckworth passed away August 22, 2009 in her one hundred and first year. In the weeks that followed memorial services were held across Canada. This book brings together stories from Muriel’s family and close friends from the past dozen years of her life. It is a collection of heartfelt tales of Muriel’s ability to reach out to people, her humour, her deep affection for her family, her ongoing activism and enduring political feistiness, her views on education, religion, death, war and love.

Deep Roots
Kathleen K. Tudor pb 9781552663158 $19.95 192pp 2009 “Deep Roots is a picture of community, family and the struggle between the past and the future... Tudor helps the modern reader understand why the seemingly noble goal of creating a national park could be so traumatic to a small fishing community.” — Atlantic Books Today

pb 9781552663813 $14.95 112pp Rights: World / 2010

The Guy in the Green Truck
John St. Amand – A Biography
James N. McCrorie pb 9781552663240 $22.95 142pp 2009 “People like John St. Amand don’t exist anymore. Who would now turn his back on a good job that pays benefits to fight the good fight? Who would now put himself and his family in harm’s way to gird people less fortunate than himself — all for free, all for nothing? Not I. And , I reckon, not you. But St. Amand, who died of cancer at sixty-four in 2007, was nothing like me, and this fair tale of barely 140 pages does marvellous work to explain the difference.” — Atlantic Books Today

Pubs, Pulpits and Prairie Fires
Elroy Deimert pb 9781552663202 $24.95 264pp 2009 “...a documentary-film style narrative of 1935 On-to-Ottawa Trek participants speaking of solidarity, vision, success, setbacks, and oppression. Their voices are gripping. Deimert never loses sight who really makes history.” — Tom Wayman, University of Calgary

The Hundefräulein Papers
Kathy Mac pb 9781552663004 $14.95 104pp 2009 “Spacious, innovative, compassionate, hilarious and bloody literate.” — Lorri Neilsen Glenn, former Poet Laureate of Halifax

The People and Josh Wilson
John Reid Young adult fiction pb 9781552662748 $12.95 128pp 2008 Josh takes an action packed trip through an alternate history that inspires readers to question the past and rethink the present.


Drive-by Saviours
Chris Benjamin
Nominated for CBC’s 2011 Canada Reads Top 40 “Chris Benjamin masterfully, magically weaves together the seemingly disconnected worlds of Mark, a failed social-worker-turned-unhappy-grant-writer coming to the end of an even unhappier relationship, and Bumi, an Indonesian illegal immigrant on the run from his past and the OCD that dogs his present. Their chance encounter on a Toronto subway launches them on a complicated friendship that allows both men to finally confront the demons in their pasts and to find the hope in their futures. Drive-by Saviours is a fine first novel by a fine new writer.” — Stephen Kimber, author of Reparations “Drive-By Saviours is one of the finest first narratives to emerge from Atlantic Canada in recent memory. Well-balanced and masterfully crafted with a prose that is both poignant and poised, the work is certain to be considered for literary awards.” — Halifax Chronicle Herald “Benjamin does a superb job of weaving the two tales together in a way that belies legends of the “white man’s burden” to save the world. The lyrical unraveling of Bumi echoes Rohinton Mistry’s sweeping narrative power. Drive-by Saviours is confident proof that great Atlantic Canadian literature need not involve kilts or Cape Breton. — Atlantic Books Today pb 9781552663691 $19.95 350pp Rights: World / 2010

How the Cougar Came to Be Called the Ghost Cat
Michael James Isaac, illustrated by Dozay (Arlene) Christmas
This beautifully illustrated children’s book, written in both Mi’kmaw and English, is the tale of a young cougar who decides to make his home in a new forest. When he finds that all of the animals in the forest are afraid of him, he agrees to stop behaving like a cougar so that he can make friends. This story reflects the experiences of First Nations peoples’ assimilation into the Euro-Canadian school system, but speaks to everyone who is marginalized or at risk. “How the Cougar Came to Be Called the Ghost Cat is an engaging, fanciful story which is brought to life by Christmas’s beautiful illustrations. The theme is timeless and it speaks to children across cultural boundaries. They will all see themselves in Ajig as he struggles to find his place in the world.” — Halifax Chronicle Herald

Ages 7 – 10 pb 9781552663714 $12.95 32pp Rights: World / 2010


First Peoples Speaking on Adoption Jeannine Carrière, ed
pb 9781552663400 $17.95 112pp 2010 The Basics Series The adoption of Aboriginal children in Canada, historically “adopted out,” to non-Aboriginal families, has been contentious. Stories of these experiences, many occurring within the “sixties scoop,” are often painful journeys poignantly revealing that adoption is not a positive experience for most First Nations people. To remedy this history and decolonize adoption practice, the Yellowhead Tribal Services Agency in Alberta (YTSA) is the first agency to combine customary first people’s adoption practices with provincial adoption laws and regulations. Jeannine Carriere concludes the book with recommendations for policy and practice for First Nation and Aboriginal adoption in general.

500 Years of Indigenous Resistance
Gord Hill
pb 9781552663974 $10.95 72pp Canadian rights only 2010 This book is more than a history of European colonization of the Americas. In this slim volume, Gord Hill chronicles the resistance by Indigenous peoples, which limited and shaped the forms and extent of colonialism. This history encompasses North and South America, the development of nation-states and the resurgence of Indigenous resistance in the post-World War II era.

Seeking MinoPimatisiwin
pb 9781552660737 $18.95 128pp 2002

Aboriginal Oral Traditions
Theory, Practice, Ethics
Renate Eigenbrod & Renee Hulan, eds. pb 9781552662670 $24.95 176pp 2008 A study of Aboriginal oral traditions in contemporary Aboriginal communities.

An Aboriginal Approach to Helping Michael Hart
Historically, social work and psychology professions have pressured and coerced Aboriginal peoples to follow the euro-centric ways of society. Michael Hart discusses colonization from an Aboriginal perspective and social work’s role in colonial oppression. Using his own personal and professional experiences and that of other Aboriginal helpers, he outlines ways of adopting an Aboriginal approach to helping.

In Their Own Voices
Building Urban Aboriginal Communities
Jim Silver pb 9781552661918 $19.95 190pp 2006 An examination of the urban Aboriginal experience based on the voices of Aboriginal people.

Transforming Eurocentric Consciousness
Fyre Jean Graveline pb 9781895686302 $27.95 306pp 1998 An effort to interrupt current Aboriginal/ European power relations by evolving an alternative Aboriginal teaching model.

Out of the Depths
The Experiences of Mi’kmaw Children at the Indian Residential School at Shubenacadie, NS Extended edition
Isabelle Knockwood with Gillian Thomas pb 9781896496290 $18.95 176pp 2001 Roseway Publishing “Through sharing our past, we can begin to heal ourselves, our communities, our people as we look to a better tomorrow.” — Phil Fontaine, former National Chief of the AFN

We Were Not the Savages
Collision Between European and Native American Civilizations, 3rd Edition
Daniel N. Paul pb 9781552662090 $27.95 416pp 2006 This updated edition incorporates Daniel Paul’s ongoing research.

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A D I A N Blowback




A Canadian History of Agent Orange and the War at Home Chris Arsenault
pb 9781552662960 $15.95 122pp 2009 “Chris Arsenault’s tenacious reporting shows how Agent Orange and its toxic friends continue to poison people and ecosystems around the world—and frequently, in our own back yard. In telling this story, Arsenault has shown the diligence of a historian, the righteousness of a crusader, and best of all, the legwork of a private eye. It’s a humane and engaging combination.” — This Magazine

Great Multicultural North
A Canadian Primer for Hosers, Immigrants and Socialists Ernesto (Ernie) Raj Peshkov-Chow
pb 9781552663837 $12.95 168pp 2010 co-published with Red Publishing Canada is a funny place, with funny people and an even funnier system of government. The ability of Canadians to laugh at themselves is one reason this country could lead the planet past ethnic, political and economic divisions, according to author Ernesto (Ernie) Raj Peshkov-Chow. In Great Multicultural North: A Canadian Primer the self-described Mongrel-Canadian argues that our geography, form of government, mythology, history, sense of humour and mass immigration gives Canada the opportunity to develop the world’s first post-ethnic, democratic, internationalist nationalism.






Poverty, Regulation and Social Justice
Readings on the Criminalization of Poverty
Diane Crocker & Val Marie Johnson, eds. pb 9781552663479 $29.95 228pp 2010 (short discount only) Explores issues such as homelessness, social assistance and single mothers.

Leaving the Streets

Stories of Canadian Youth Jeff Karabanow, Alexa Carson & Philip Clement, illustrated by Katie Crane
pb 9781552663790 $17.95 128pp 2010 The Basics Series While much has been written about street engagement and street culture, little attention has been paid to how youth move away from the street. Giving prominence to the voices of the street youth themselves, Leaving the Streets explores the attempts of street youth to exit street life, examining the motivations and challenges, as well as the supports and barriers that aid and hurt the youth through this process. This book examines the services that are available, and those that should be available, to help street youth find housing, income and the strength needed to start a new life.

Criminalizing Race, Criminalizing Poverty
Welfare Fraud Enforcement in Canada
Wendy Chan & Kiran Mirchandani pb 9781552662502 $17.95 102pp 2007 The Basics Series Issues of gender, class, and race appear to intersect and lead to stigmatization and marginalization of certain groups of people.

Ruling Canada
Corporate Cohesion and Democracy
Jamie Brownlee pb 9781552661567 $19.95 168pp 2005 A critical examination of Canada’s richest and most powerful corporations and their political connections.

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C R I M I N O LO GY / L AW C R I M I N O LO GY / L AW Constructing Danger
Emotions and Mis/Representation of Crime in the News, 2nd Edition Chris McCormick

Mr. Big

Exposing Undercover Investigations in Canada Kouri T. Keenan & Joan Brockman
pb 9781552663769 $18.95 134pp 2010 “Mr. Big” is a sting operation designed to obtain a confession and other evidence from a suspect targeted by undercover police officers posing as members of the criminal underworld. In order to evaluate the legitimacy of this police practice, Keenan and Brockman surveyed over eighty cases of the use of the Mr. Big ruse by police in Canada and found that this technique is not as successful as it appears. The authors argue that the Mr. Big procedure encourages a police culture of violence and convictions rather than justice and does not serve the pursuit of justice.

pb 9781552663820 hb 9781552663875 pb $29.95 / hb $54.95 240pp 2010 (short discount only) Crime reporting is often thought to be simply an objective and factual description of an event. In Constructing Danger, Chris McCormick argues that crime is more than simply reported: it is constructed. And sometimes it is distorted, exaggerated and manipulated in order to create certain impressions of and opinions about the world. This book challenges readers to approach the news with a more critical eye and to recognize how misrepresentations lead to a distorted perception of the world.

The Politics of Restorative Justice
A Critical Introduction
Andrew Woolford pb 9781552663165 $19.95 176pp 2009

Manufacturing Guilt
Wrongful Convictions in Canada, 2nd Edition Dawn Anderson & Barry Anderson
pb 9781552662687 $19.95 176pp 2009

Winner of the Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title, 2010

When Justice is a Game
Unravelling Wrongful Convictions in Canada
MaDonna Maidment pb 9781552663226 $15.95 128pp 2009 The Basics Series An illustration how the desire to get a conviction often means false evidence and wrongful convictions.

Security and Insecurity After 9/11
Sandra Rollings-Magnusson, ed pb 9781552662892 $26.95 240pp 2009 An analysis of “terrorism” and the resultant effect on basic human rights and freedoms.

Manufacturing Guilt, 2nd Edition, updates the cases presented in the first edition and includes two new chapters: one concerning the case of James Driskell and another on the case of William Mullins-Johnson, which includes Dr. Charles Smith, whose role in forensic pathology evidence led to numerous wrongful convictions. Using Canadian cases of miscarriage of justice, the authors argue that understanding wrongful convictions and how to prevent them is incomplete outside the broader societal context in which they occur, particularly regarding racial and social inequality.

Marginality and Condemnation

An Introduction to Criminology, 2nd Edition
Carolyn Brooks & Bernard Schissel, eds. pb 9781552666427 $59.95 520pp 2008 (short discount only) A comprehensive and accessible introduction to critical criminology.

Locating Law
Race/ Class/Gender/Sexuality Connections, 2nd Edition
Elizabeth Comack, ed. pb 9781552662120 $26.95 336pp 2006 (short discount only) A collection of essays that illustrate the role of law in society.

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LOPMENT STUDIES DEVELOPMENT STUDIES The Critical Development Studies Handbook
Tools for Change Henry Veltmeyer, ed.
pb 9781552663806 hb 9781552663868 pb $39.95 / hb $74.95 320pp Canadian rights only 2010 This handbook is a guide to critical development studies — the study of international development from the standpoint of social change, a critical perspective. The handbook provides a set of tools for entering and understanding the nature and scope of the interdisciplinary field of development studies. It is organized as a set of forty-nine short course modules. Each module is written by a well-known research specialist in the area and identifies the six most critical questions or research themes. As well, each provides references to the most essential readings that explore these issues.

The Aid Triangle

Recognising the Human Dynamics of Dominance, Justice and Identity Malcolm MacLachlan, Stuart C. Carr & Eilish McAuliffe
pb 9781552663707 $24.95 215pp Canadian rights only 2010 The Aid Triangle focuses on the human dynamics of international aid, from impoverished farmers to aid workers, donor diplomats to multilateral bureaucrats, celebrities to activists, and to the unconcerned and uninvolved. This timely work illustrates how the aid system incorporates power relationships and therefore relationships of dominance. It explores how such dominance can be both a cause and a consequence of injustice and how the experience of injustice is both a challenge and a stimulus to personal, community and national identity — and argues that these identities underlie the human potential that international aid should seek to enrich.

Pregnancy, Childbirth and Disability Heather Kuttai
pb 9781552663424 $18.95 144pp Canadian rights only 2010

The Unabashedly Human Experience of Raising Kids with Disabilities Yantra Bertelli, Jennifer Silverman & Sarah Talbot, eds.
pb 9781552663981 $21.95 336pp 2010 In lives where there is a new diagnosis or drama every day, the stories in this collection provide parents of “special needs” kids with a welcome chuckle, a rock to stand on and a moment of reality held far enough from the heart to see clearly. Featuring works by “alternative” parents who have attempted to move away from mainstream thought — or remove its influence altogether — this anthology, taken as a whole, carefully considers the implications of parenting while raising children with disabilities. From professional writers to novice storytellers, including Robert Rummel-Hudson, Ayun Halliday and Kerry Cohen, this assortment of authentic, shared experiences from parents at the fringe of the fringes is a partial antidote to the stories that misrepresent, ridicule and objectify disabled kids and their parents.

Shortlisted for the Saskatchewan Book Award for Non Fiction
Much of the writing about the female bodily experience excludes the stories and experiences of women with disabilities. Established norms dictate that a mother’s body be “healthy” and “whole.” Because the body with disabilities is often seen for what it cannot do, taking on the role of mother can give the body a different value, status and worth. Heather Kuttai’s experiences as a woman with a disability experiencing pregnancy and childbirth offers insights and understanding into what is already known about women’s bodies. Kuttai hopes that her book will show everyone how they don’t have to be limited in life by the expectations of others. “Our greatest wealth is having choices. Terrible things happen. It’s not about pretending it doesn’t hurt,” she says. ”But we are able to re-script our history and see what can come of it.” — Prairie Books NOW

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E C O N O M I C S The Economics Anti-Textbook
A Critical Thinker’s Guide to Microeconomics Rod Hill & Tony Myatt



Global Slump
The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance David McNally

pb 9781552663608 $39.95 305pp Canadian rights only 2010 (short discount only) Mainstream textbooks present economics as an objective science free from value judgments. The Economics Anti-Textbook argues that this is a myth — one that is not only dangerously misleading but also bland and boring. Challenging the mainstream textbooks’ assumptions, arguments, models and evidence, this book puts the controversy and excitement back into economics to reveal a fascinating and a vibrant field of study — one which is more an “art of persuasion” than it is a science.

pb 9781552663967 $16.95 176pp Canadian rights only 2010 The Spectre Series Global Slump argues that the financial meltdown is the first systemic crisis of the neoliberal stage of capitalism and is responsible for ushering in a whole period of worldwide economic and political turbulence. Suggesting that the crisis is rooted in fundamental aspects of capitalism, McNally challenges the view that its source lies in financial deregulation. It offers an original account of the “financialization” of the world economy and explores the intricate connections between international financial markets and new forms of debt and dispossession.

Economic Democracy
The Working Class Alternative to Capitalism Allan Engler
pb 9781552663462 $15.95 112pp 2010 Economic Democracy is a fine introduction, written in clear but passionate language, to the failings of capitalism, and the elements of a better alternative. —Jim Stanford, www.progressive-economics.ca

In and Out of Crisis
The Global Financial Meltdown and Left Alternatives Greg Albo, Sam Gindin & Leo Panitch

pb 9781552663950 $14.95 144pp Canadian rights only 2010 The Spectre Series While many are wondering if another world is possible, few are mapping out avenues to a post-capitalist future. In this groundbreaking analysis of the meltdown, renowned political economists Albo, Gindin and Panitch locate the roots of the crisis in the inner logic of capitalism itself and illuminate how the era of neoliberal free markets has been undergirded by massive state intervention. The authors argue that it’s time to start thinking about transformative alternatives to capitalism — and how to build the collective capacity to get us there.

Economics for Everyone
A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism Jim Stanford

pb 9781552662724 $24.95 340pp Canadian rights only 2008 co-published with the CCPA “Stanford is that rare breed: the teacher who changed your life. He has written a book — both pragmatic and idealistic — with the power to change the world” —Naomi Klein, author of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

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The End of Capitalism or the End of the World? 2nd Edition Joel Kovel

The Global Fight for Climate Justice

pb 9781552662557 $29.95 346pp Canadian rights only 2007 The author speaks to a new environmental awareness and suggests a radical new way forward — a new kind of “ecosocialism.”

Anticapitalist Responses to Global Warming and Environmental Destruction Ian Angus, ed.
pb 9781552663448 $24.95 284pp Canadian rights only 2010 Authors from many walks of life make a compelling case that saving the world from climate catastrophe will require much more than tinkering with technology or taxes.

Reconnecting Food, Nature and Community Hannah Wittman, Annette Aurélie Desmarais & Nettie Wiebe, eds.
pb 9781552663745 hb 9781552663905 pb $24.95 / hb $49.95 224pp Canadian rights only 2010 This book argues that food sovereignty is the means to achieving a system that will provide for the food needs of all people while respecting the principles of environmental sustainability, local empowerment and agrarian citizenship. The UN-endorsed goal of food security is becoming increasingly distant, especially among marginalized populations in both the North and South. The authors describe the recent emergence and the parameters of an alternative system, food sovereignty, that puts the levers of food control in the hands of those who are both hungry and produce the world’s food — peasants and family farmers, not corporate executives.

Class Dynamics of Agrarian Change
Henry Bernstein
pb 9781552663493 $17.95 160pp Canadian rights only 2010 Agrarian Change and Peasant Studies Series Agrarian political economy investigates the social relations of production and reproduction, property and power in agrarian formations, and how they change. Using Marx’s theory of capitalism the book argues that class dynamics should be the starting point of any analysis of agrarian change. As an introduction to agrarian political economy, this book includes explanations and applications of its key concepts, a glossary of analytical terms, and a historical approach and framework for examining agrarian change in capitalism.

The Global Food Economy
The Battle for the Future of Farming
Anthony Weis pb 9781552662281 $29.95 224pp Canadian rights only 2007 Tony Weis galvanizes the search for a sustainable and humane system of food production and distribution.

Edible Action
Food Activism and Alternative Economics
Sally Miller pb 9781552662809 $22.95 192pp 2008 “Food is also an inspiration, catalyst, and ally for making social change.” — Socialist Studies: The Journal of the Society for Socialist Studies

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pb 9781552662588 $19.95 168pp 2008 “…a helpful contribution to a thankfully growing critical literature that recognises the gendering dynamic of prisons and their wider social implications in an insecure world. In the end, though, it was asking a lot of the 19 men she met to give more than a fleeting glimpse of ‘ the million things ‘ that make a man a man, what is snuffed out in prison and what survives.” — Rod Earle, The Open University British Journal of Criminology

Get That Freak

Masculinity, Violence and Prisoning Elizabeth Comack

Homophobia and Transphobia in High Schools Rebecca Haskell & Brian Burtch
pb 9781552663783 $17.95 126pp 2010 The Basics Series Bullying in high schools has garnered significant attention recently, but despite this, little has been said about homophobic and transphobic bullying. This book explores the experiences of bullying among youth who identify or are identified as queer. Through interviews with recent high school graduates in British Columbia, Haskell and Burtch share stories of physical, verbal and emotional harassment, and offer important insights into the negative outcomes that result from the experience of being bullied. The authors make recommendations for challenging homophobic and transphobic bullying in high schools and supporting students who experience this form of harassment.

Nova Scotia
A Pocket History
John Reid pb 9781552663257 $17.95 160pp 2009 “Nova Scotia: A Pocket History is an insightful book, which can be studied with profit by everyone, whatever the extent of their knowledge of Nova Scotian history.” — Halifax Chronicle Herald

Down But Not Out
Community and the Upper Streets in Halifax, 1890 – 1914
David Hood pb 9781552663486 $19.95 192pp 2010 Hood breathes life into Halifax’s sordid past — and reveals the humanity and complexity of the poor.

A Place to Call Home
Long-Term Care in Canada
Pat Armstrong, Madeline Boscoe, Barbara Clow, Karen Grant, Margaret Haworth-Brockman, Beth Jackson, Ann Pederson, Morgan Seeley & Jane Springer, eds. pb 9781552662939 $17.95 128pp 2009 The Basics Series A call to design long-term residential care that treats both workers and residents with dignity and respect.

Real Nurses and Others
Racism in Nursing
Tania Das Gupta pb 9781552662984 $17.95 128pp 2009 The Basics Series Fear, lack of support, management collaboration and co-worker harassment make it difficult for victims of racism to fight back.

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AT I O N A L ST U D I E S I N T E R N AT I O N A L ST U D I E S The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy
Yves Engler
pb 9781552663141 $24.95 288pp 2009 “We bear responsibility for what governments do in the world, primarily our own, but secondarily those we can influence, our allies in particular. Yves Engler’s penetrating inquiry yields a rich trove of valuable evidence about Canada’s role in the world, and poses a challenge to citizens who are willing to take their fundamental responsibilities seriously.” —Noam Chomsky

Canada and Israel
Building Apartheid Yves Engler
pb 9781552663554 $14.95 168pp 2010 co-published with Red Publishing “Engler goes refreshingly beyond the knee-jerk ‘Jewish lobby’ theories as to why Canada is so supportive and intransigent, and explores some interesting avenues: Canada’s historical willingness to accept the mistreatment of indigenous peoples; the desire to have a ‘western outpost’ in the Middle East; a belief in Israel rooted in a Christian literalist reading of the bible; the need to be aligned with an ‘Empire’ (whether British or American or Israeli) and all that it entails. “ —Leila Marshy, Rover Arts

The Throes of Democracy
Brazil since 1989
Bryan McCann pb 9781552662779 $22.95 192pp Canadian rights only 2008 Global History of the Present Series A fascinating introduction to one of the twenty-first century’s most significant countries.

Between Terror and Democracy
Algeria since 1989
James D. Le Sueur pb 9781552663585 $24.95 192pp Canadian rights only 2010 Global History of the Present Series A lively examination of how the fate of one country is entwined with much greater global issues.

If You’re In My Way, I’m Walking
The Assault on Working People since 1970
Thom Workman pb 9781552663264 $22.95 176pp 2009 ”If you’re committed to social justice, read this book.” — Abigail B. Bakan, Queen’s University

Histories of Labour

National and International Perspectives Joan Allen, Alan Campbell & John McIlroy
pb 9781552663592 $22.95 400pp Canadian rights only 2010 This book is a survey of the global trajectory of labour history, written by labour historians of international repute who are experts in the labour history of particular countries. The essays examine early labour history, the 1960s, the midtwentieth century, institutional contexts, links to the labour movement and conceptions of class, gender, ethnicity, culture, community and power. The authors analyze key debates, question dominant paradigms, acknowledge minority critiques and consider future directions.

Building a Better World
An Introduction to Trade Unionism in Canada, 2nd Edition
Errol Black & Jim Silver pb 9781552662601 $24.95 202pp 2008 Illustration of how values, objectives and activities of unions are shaped in the face of employer resistance and hostile governments.

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Racism, Disease and Media Panic Charles T. Adeyanju
pb 9781552663417 $17.95 132pp 2010 The Basics Series In 2001, a woman from the Congo was admitted to hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, with what was rumoured to be the deadly Ebola virus. Even though, it was equally quickly determined that she did not carry the virus, the rumour spread by the Canadian media. Through a content analysis of four major Canadian newspapers and interviews with journalists, medical practitioners and members of the Black community, Charles Adeyanju shows that it was the potent mixture of race, gender and immigration, not a real health problem, that lay at the heart of this public panic.

Missing Women, Missing News
Covering Crisis in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside David Hugill

pb 9781552663776 $17.95 112 pp 2010 The Basics Series Hugill examines newspaper coverage of the arrest and trial of Robert Pickton, the man charged with murdering twenty-six street-level sex workers from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. It demonstrates how news narratives obscured the complex matrix of social and political conditions that made it possible for so many women to simply “disappear” from a densely populated urban neighborhood without provoking an aggressive response by the state. This book argues that the coverage offers explanations that hold particular individuals and practices accountable but largely omit, conceal or erase the broader socio-political context that renders those practices possible.

POLITICAL ECONOMY POLITICAL ECONOMY Bankruptcies and Bailouts Beyond the Profits System

Julie Guard & Wayne Antony, eds.
pb 9781552663134 $18.95 168pp 2009 “This book is very readable by those of us without a degree in economics. I have never fully understood why the governments of the United States and Canada felt the way out of a near depression was to support those who obviously caused the whole mess. That seems like it only delays a replay of the whole scenario, there had to be a better way out. After reading this book, I am happy to find out that some people a lot smarter than me saw the same thing and explain what does need to happen to not only end the current crisis, but to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.” — 410 Media

Possibilities for a Post-Capitalist Era Harry Shutt
pb 9781552663592 $22.95 144pp Canadian rights only 2010 In Beyond the Profits System, Shutt offers a radically different analysis to the mainstream, establishment commentators who have struggled to come to terms with the crisis. Arguing that we need to move away from a system based on compulsive addiction to growth and obsession with the profit motive, towards a collectivist, more humane economic mode, the book provides not merely a comprehensive background to the flawed ideologies that precipitated the collapse, but also a radical, though realistic, way forward in light of the catastrophe.

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Ontario Works – Works for Whom?
An Investigation of Workfare in Ontario
Julie Vaillancourt pb 9781552663516 $17.95 112pp 2010 The Basics Series

The Political Economy of Public/Private Partnerships in Canada An investigation of the Ontario Works program and the problems it creates in the lives John Loxley with Salim Loxley
of people on social assistance. pb 9781552663387 $24.95 208pp 2010 “Loxley provides a tremendously valuable, detailed analysis of the nature of public private partnerships and identifies the seven most common types from service operations and maintenance contracts to various forms of design-build-operate schemes. The murky world of P3 economics and financing, as well as all of the potential risks, is rendered understandable. We are also treated to a comprehensive review of federal and provincial policies since the 1990s aimed at advancing such projects. Those seeking a serious analysis of P3 contracts and schemes will not be disappointed.” — Halifax Chronicle Herald

Public Service, Private Profits

Punched Drunk
Alcohol, Surveillance and the LCBO 1927–1975
Scott Thompson & Gary Genosko pb 9781552663196 $19.95 196pp 2009 An exposé of the stakes and consequences of the bureaucracy behind the administrative surveillance of alcohol consumption in Ontario.








Race and Well-Being
The Lives, Hopes and Activism of African Canadians
Carl James, Wanda Thomas Bernard, David Este, Akua Benjamin, Bethan Lloyd & Tana Turner pb 9781552663547 $22.95 160pp 2010 Experiences of racism, combined with other social and economic factors, affect the health and well-being of African Canadians.

Islamophobia and the Question of Muslim Identity
The Politics of Difference and Solidarity
Evelyn Leslie Hamdon pb 9781552663394 $17.95 112 pp 2010 The Basics Series The author demonstrates the diversity of Muslim identity — and challenges the stereotypical image that has permeated the West for centuries.

Fight Back
Workplace Justice for Immigrants
Aziz Choudry, Jill Hanley, Steve Jordan, Eric Shragge & Martha Stiegman pb 9781552662977 $15.95 128pp 2009 The Basics Series “An important snapshot on often untold stories faced by immigrant workers in our Montreal.” — The Hour

Black Canadians

History, Experience, Social Conditions, 2nd Edition
Joseph Mensah pb 9781552663455 $34.95 304pp 2010 “The book is extremely thorough and is quite impressive in its ability to work across a broad sweep of approaches and methodologies.” — Anthony Stewart, Dalhousie University

You Must Be A Basketball Player
Rethinking Integration in the University
Anthony Stewart pb 9781552662854 $17.95 128pp 2009 “Courageous and peerless, accessible and engaging, Stewart’s critique of the unseemly whiteness of the academy is a tour de force.” — Houston A. Baker, Jr., Vanderbilt University

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Indigenous Research Methods Shawn Wilson
pb 9781552662816 $18.95 144pp 2008 Indigenous researchers are knowledge seekers who work to progress Indigenous ways of being, knowing and doing in a modern and constantly evolving context. This book describes a research paradigm shared by Indigenous scholars in Canada and Australia, and demonstrates how this paradigm can be put into practice. Relationships don’t just shape Indigenous reality, they are our reality. Indigenous researchers develop relationships with ideas in order to achieve enlightenment in the ceremony that is Indigenous research. Indigenous research is the ceremony of maintaining accountability to these relationships. For researchers to be accountable to all our relations, we must make careful choices in our selection of topics, methods of data collection, forms of analysis and finally in the way we present information.

Globalization and the Power of Peasants Annette Aurélie Desmarais
pb 9781552662250 $26.95 248pp Canadian rights only 2007 Translated into seven languages. “Three-quarters of the world’s poor are subsistence farmers. A significant minority have forged one of the largest transnational activist networks of our time in order to ensure that peasants, indigenous, and other rural people are not erased from the global equation and instead to demand that their voices be taken into account. Annette Desmarais’s book is at once an authoritative and authentic treatment of this remarkable surge in peasant activism at the dawn of the 21st century.” —Ruth Reitan, Studies in Social Justice

RE:Imagining Change
How to Use Story-based Strategy to Win Campaigns, Build Movements, and Change the World Patrick Reinsborough & Doyle Canning

pb 9781552663936 $17.95 144pp Canadian rights only 2010 This book provides resources, theory, hands-on tools and illuminating case studies for the next generation of innovative change makers. This unique book explores how culture, media, memes and narrative intertwine with social change strategies, and offers practical methods to amplify progressive causes in the popular culture. Re:Imagining Change is a call to innovate our strategies for collectively addressing the escalating social and ecological crisis of the twenty-first century.

Mobilizations, Protests and Engagements
Canadian Perspectives on Social Movements
Marie Hammond-Callaghan & Matthew Hayday, eds. pb 9781552662632 $27.95 264pp 2008 This book addresses a multitude of questions in evaluating social movements.

Rebellion from the Grassroots to the Global
Alex Khasnabish pb 9781552663578 $24.95 232pp Canadian rights only 2010 Rebel Series “…a valuable contribution to an extensive and growing body of literature about the EZLN and the consequences of its rebellion.” — Latin American Review of Books

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Christopher Lind
pb 9781552663738 hb 9781552663899 pb $18.95 / hb $44.95 144pp 2010 Bringing together the work of historians, economists, social theorists and ethicists, Christopher Lind explores the rise of the capitalist market system and its global spread, and details how and why the economy became separated from ethics. Lind convincingly argues that although economics and ethics are understood to be separate at the level of ideas, in practice, economies are deeply embedded in society, social relationships and morality.

The Nature of Human Brain Work
An Introduction to Dialectics Joseph Dietzgen, with an afterword by Larry Gambone
pb 9781552663929 $19.95 144pp Canadian rights only 2010 Joseph Dietzgen was a pioneer of dialectical materialism and a fundamental influence on anarchist and socialist thought. He discovered that thinking is a process involving two opposing processes: generalization and specialization. All thought is therefore a dialectical process. Our knowledge is inherently limited however, which makes truth relative. The only absolute is existence itself; everything else is limited or relative. Thought and matter were no longer radically separated as in older forms of materialism. This book is vital for theorists today in that it lays the basis for a non-dogmatic, flexible, non-sectarian, yet principled socialist politics.

Capital and Its Discontents

Conversations with Radical Thinkers in a Time of Tumult Sasha Lilley, ed
pb 9781552663943 $21.95 320pp Canadian rights only 2010 The Spectre Series “In this fine set of interviews, an A-list of radical political economists demonstrate why their skills are indispensible to understanding today’s multiple economic and ecological crises.” — Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved and The Value of Nothing

A New Notion: Two Works by C.L.R. James

The Invading Socialist Society and Every Cook Can Govern C.L.R. James, with an introduction by Noel Ignatiev
pb 9781552663912 $17.95 160pp Canadian rights only 2010 In this volume, Noel Ignatiev, author of How the Irish Became White, provides an extensive introduction to James’ life and thought, before presenting two critical works that together illustrate the tremendous breadth and depth of James’s worldview. “The Invading Socialist Society,” for James the fundamental document of his political tendency, shows clearly the power of James’s political acumen and its relevance in today’s world. “Every Cook Can Govern” is a short and eminently readable piece counterpoising direct with representative democracy and getting to the heart of how we should relate to one another.

Global Capitalism in Crisis
Karl Marx & the Decay of the Profit System
Murray E.G. Smith pb 9781552663530 $24.95 172pp 2010 The crisis in global capitalism should be understood as both a composite crisis of overproduction, credit and finance, and a deep-seated systemic crisis.

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SOCIAL WORK SOCIAL WORK SOCIAL WORK S Walking this Path Together Wícihitowin
Aboriginal Social Work in Canada Raven Sinclair, Michael Anthony Hart & Gord Bruyere, eds.
pb 9781552663172 $34.95 256pp 2009 (short discount only) Wícihitowin is the first Canadian social work book written by First Nations, Inuit and Métis authors who are educators at schools of social work across Canada. The book begins by presenting foundational theoretical perspectives that develop an understanding of the history of colonization, theories of decolonization and Indigenist social work. The aim is to assist educators, researchers, students and practitioners to enhance effective and respectful approaches to social work with diverse populations. Traditional Indigenous knowledge that challenges and transforms the basis of social work with Indigenous and other peoples comprises a third section of the book.

Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Child Welfare Practice Susan Strega & Sohki Aski Esquao (Jeannine Carrière), eds.
pb 9781552662922 $34.95 312pp 2009 (short discount only) “This collection must be read by all of those wanting to reclaim child welfare practice from its present attention to paper work and management systems to an enterprise focused on social justice for children and families. Emerging and experienced scholars alike grapple with how social workers can change their thinking and acting through adopting antioppressive approaches to practice.” — Marilyn Callahan, retired professor of social work, University of Victoria

Glass Houses
Saving Feminist Anti-Violence Agencies from Self-Destruction
Rebekkah Adams pb 9781552662656 $17.95 128pp 2008 The Basics Series An examination of the thematic implosion and systemic dysfunction of feminist antiviolence agencies.

Becoming an Ally
Breaking the Cycle of Oppression in People, 2nd Edition Anne Bishop
pb 9781552660720 $24.95 192pp 2002 This new edition is expanded to encompass the last seven years of work, experiences and insight. This book looks specifically at addressing oppression in people. “After my second reading of Becoming an Ally, I see many more reprints of the well-argued, well-researched, nonpolemical but gentle and helpful book. Absorbing the topic is made that much easier by the comfortable and yet authoritative tone Ms. Bishop uses. The book makes a good friend. It listens and teaches, and it urges courage and trust.” — Ontario Association of Social Workers Newsletter

The Mean Girl Motive
Negotiating Power and Femininity
Nicole E.R. Landry pb 9781552662663 $17.95 110pp 2008 The Basics Series A candid glimpse into current “girl” culture.

With Child
Substance Use During Pregnancy, A Woman-Centred Approach
Susan C. Boyd & Lenora Marcellus, eds. pb 9781552662182 $17.95 136pp 2007 This book provides practitioners and researchers with valuable information about maternal drug use, best practices and policy.

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Socialist Register 2010

Socialist Register 2011

Morbid Symptoms: Health under Capitalism
Leo Panitch & Colin Leys, eds. pb 9781552663288 $29.95 288pp Canadian rights only These essays analyze the global health industry: the corporations that sell pharmaceuticals and insurance and push to expand the consumption of goods and services.

The Crisis This Time
pb 9781552663851 $29.95 296pp Canadian rights only

Leo Panitch, Greg Albo & Vivek Chibber, eds.
The challenge for socialist analysis is to reveal both the nature of the contradictions of capitalism in the neoliberal era of globalized finance, and their consequences in our time. Crises need to be understood as turning points that open up opportunities. Do they portend the end of neoliberalism? Can working classes impose their own template for types of economic and political renewal that can put back on the agenda the need to transcend capitalism itself? How to facilitate this is the sharpest challenge posed to socialists by the most severe global economic crisis since the 1930s.

Socialist Register 2009

Violence Today: Actually Existing Barbarism
Leo Panitch & Colin Leys, eds. pb 9781552662830 $29.95 300pp Canadian rights only Insight into contemporary violence — state violence, violence in inner cities and prisons, and on the violence committed almost everywhere by men against women.

Class, Power and Change in a Canadian Context, 4th Edition Joanne Naiman

Critical Thinking About Canadian Social Issues, 4th Edition Les Samuelson & Wayne Antony, eds
pb 9781552662243 $22.95 192pp 2007 (short discount only) How do we make sense of poverty, globalization, violence between men and women, youth politics, barriers to Aboriginal economic development, privatization of universities, and the like? These are just some of the questions taken up in Power and Resistance. The contributors to this book use a variety of analytical approaches. Yet, each shares a conviction that the social, economic and political issues confronting Canadians are shaped by the social inequalities that continue to plague us. At the same time, each author shows that, collectively and individually, Canadians resist these on-going inequalities in order to resolve our social troubles and create a more just society. This 4th edition adds chapters on youth politics, higher education, technology and work, and immigration.

pb 9781552662694 $49.95 382pp 2008 (short discount only) Offering a unique introduction to the analysis of contemporary Canadian society, this text focuses on both the roots of modern societies and the current political economy of Canada. Drawing on various sociological theories as well as anthropology, genetics, economics, history, philosophy, politics and social psychology, this accessible and integrated work helps undergraduate students make sense of our complex social world. “In my opinion, it’s the best introduction to sociology text I’ve seen, and I wouldn’t use any other.” —Avis Mysyk, Cape Breton University

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Gender and (In)justice in Neoliberal Times Gillian Balfour & Elizabeth Comack, eds.
pb 9781552661871 $36.95 382pp 2006 This book explores the narratives of women’s lives as “errant females,” sex trade workers, “gang” members and drug traffickers to map out the connections between the choices women make and the conditions of their lives. It considers the feminist strategies that have been used to address the conditions inside women’s prisons, to defend criminalized women’s human rights and to draw attention to the systemic abuses against poor and racialized women.

White Femininity
Race, Gender and Power Katerina Deliovsky
pb 9781552663523 $19.95 192pp 2010 This book contributes to the emerging field of white studies - an examination of the notion that whiteness is not an invisible category, but is itself a category of race. Looking at hegemonic white femininity in particular, the author examines the ways in which white women are coerced and compelled to demonstrate an allegiance to whiteness through their choice of intimate partners, sexual orientation, participation in racial inequality and complicity with white feminine beauty standards. This qualitative and theoretical research points to the fundamental role that white femininity plays in securing and reproducing whiteness as a location of white power and privilege.

In the Other Room
Entering the Culture of Motherhood
Fiona Nelson pb 9781552662908 $15.95 124pp 2009 This study reveals how essential, valuable and complex are mothers’ connections with other mothers, and yet also how wrought and ambivalent these relationships can be.

Victim No More
Women’s Resistance to Law, Culture and Power
Ellen Faulkner & Gayle MacDonald, eds. pb 9781552662953 $34.95 224pp 2009 (short discount only) This book challenges the idea that women are simply victims. It celebrates women’s resistance. It explores the moments beyond victimization. It argues that women do not stay crushed and broken, but move on, build and grow.

Sex Traffic
Prostitution, Crime and Exploitation
Paola Monzini pb 9781552661796 $19.95 208pp Canadian rights only 2005 This book examines the techniques of recruitment, methods of transportation and forms of exploitation abroad, and focuses on women’s own experiences of migration.

Making Space for Indigenous Feminism
Joyce Green, ed. pb 9781552662205 $36.95 254pp 2007 This book provides a powerful and original intellectual and political contribution demonstrating that feminism has much to offer Aboriginal women in their struggles against oppression.

The Global Women’s Movement
Peggy Antrobus 9781552661536 $19.95 224pp Canadian Rights only 2005 “Rich historical background, insightful personal reflection, and a keen analysis of the challenges that lie ahead for women’s global organizing. This is a must-read for all activists, policy makers and scholars who care about the future of equity and justice in the world.” — Charlotte Bunch, Rutgers University.

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