Journey of the Mind


Episode I: Welcome To The Journey Within
Chapter 1: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life A Life of Tensionless Thought 5 Owning an Internal Barometer 6 Chapter 2: B.O.A.T – Your Vessel For Going Within Tools Zafu & Zabuton Seiza Bench Thai Mat 8 9 10 11 12 12 13 14 15 17 17 20 23 24 25 25 26 28 28 29

Body Posture: Sitting Styles Full Lotus Half Lotus Seiza Position Burmese Cross-Legged Body Posture: Hand Seals Venus Lock Yin Yang Dhyana Hip Rest Knee Rest Hara Breathing Open Space Attention

Mental Hijacks and Mind Loops Develop the Force of Mindful Concentration

Journey of the Mind


Episode II: Cast Off — Your Journey Begins
Chapter 3: Principles of The Mind's Eye The Inner World Is Made Up Of Five 32 Your Mind As Theatre 33 Chapter 4: The Secret of Stillness Air Is Your Friend Stillness Brings Truth Breathe To Be Still One-Pointedness 35 35 36 37

Chapter 5: Cultivating Emotional Armour Delusion of The Mind The Chaotic vs. The Calm The Secret To The Calm Mind Cultivating Equanimity Deeper Truth 39 40 43 44 46

Chapter 6: Seeing Beyond The Obvious You Know More Than You Think A Right-Brained Approach Satori – Sudden Enlightenment Everything Happens For A Reason Insight Meditation Eyes of The Spirit Chapter 7: Combining Your Powers Clearing Negative Emotions Channeling Sexual Energy Access Inner Wisdom Centering Your Presence Restoring Energy 52 52 52 53 53 47 48 48 49 50 51

Chapter 8: Spirit and the Evolution of Soul Three Levels To Mankind Guarding One's Weakness “Building a Better Me” We Are All In This Together Advanced Training 54 55 56 57 57

Journey of the Mind


Episode I:
Welcome To The Journey Within
Hello traveller! Welcome aboard the journey into your mind’s eye. This guide offers you safe passage into your world within. Yes, we are in good spirits, and I am sure you are eager to begin your voyage. But before we cast off, a few boarding rules so you can reap the rewards of your travels: 1. Although I speak to you in this boisterous and gay manner, you understand that the material we are covering is of a deep and profound nature. 2. Sometimes, you can glean more by reading between and behind the lines. What is not said can often be more revealing than what is said. 3. Words have multiple meanings, so being able to grasp several interpretations of a sentence will give you the richest mental map to the treasure within. Now, raise the anchor and set sails! Let’s explore our destination.

Journey of the Mind


Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
“A Life of Tensionless Thought”
Take a look at the people in your life and the others around you, are they getting vertical frustration lines between their eyebrows or horizontal worry lines across their forehead? In some cultures, men believe that having these horizontal lines across their forehead makes them look wise. So they deliberately look upwards, squeezing the tension in their foreheads until it etches permanent lines. However, what they do not know is that those lines also indicate worry and tension-filled thought. Peaceful thinking is tensionless, and does not create these unnecessary lines. If you wish to exhibit the look of wisdom, your forehead and the area between your eyebrows should be clear of tension lines. The lines would still be there if you look up or furrow your brows, but they only appear spontaneously and then disappear. Does this mean you need Botox? No... it does mean you can learn to think without tension. With this ability, you can operate your mind with minimal friction, like a dolphin moving through the ocean — free and agile. Thought without tension is how your mind can be your best friend, giving you ingenious ideas that would not be formed in a mind filled with angst. So as a start, notice whenever you are frowning, furrowing your brow, or squeezing your forehead, and consciously relax your facial muscles. By relaxing your expression, you influence your state of mind towards calmness and clear thought. Later on your journey, you can practice Samatha meditation, which trains you to clear your mind of negative thoughts and build positive concentration.

the better your barometer is working. Check how you feel during different points of your day.” The more you do this. Label the emotion. the more aware you will become of the subtle shifting of energies in your body.g. The more aware you are. Whether it is an argument with someone. 1. a lot of our problems are self-created. An ‘internal barometer’. You can buy one at any sailing store or shop selling professional weather instruments. helping you sense your subtle changes of mood and thus steer your ship appropriately so you can avoid a storm. and gut areas feel. heart is warm and settled. rather than to react by instinct. You can begin constructing an internal barometer by labelling the scales of your mood — become aware of your feelings and give them a vocabulary. Thus. Your internal barometer allows you to be aware of moment-to-moment shifts in your state of mind. Often in life. however. Notice where the feelings are located. or an addiction to chocolate cake — all the decisions we make and actions we take could have been better made if we had the presence of mind to steady ourselves internally and respond from a space of centred calmness. 2. “My head is cool and clear. You can often describe this in terms of how your head. gut is working like an engine. cannot be purchased and can only be developed and built by yourself through conscientious attention to your inner experience. . E. heart. E. you can imagine how much better your life would be if you were “seeing clearly” and responding thoughtfully rather than reacting instinctively.” 3. Owning an internal barometer makes it possible for you to know whether you are in the right state of mind to receive clear perceptions and select the best response.Journey of the Mind 6 “Owning an Internal Barometer” A barometer measures atmospheric pressure.g. “I call this my Productive State.

thus you need to engage in the fundamental practice and master the basics as you progress to higher levels.Journey of the Mind 7 All of what you are learning now helps you develop third-eye awareness. But you cannot do it by skipping steps. So let us explore your options in Chapter 2. Now. it is time to prepare you for your journey. You need a good vessel. . The ability is built up in layers.

your legs go to sleep.O.B. the first thing you notice is the coldness of the surface. the secret to sustained inward gazing is the cushion.A because the flow is logical. The sequence in which the information is described below is T. You do not need a ship because you are on a one passenger ride. you notice you are .Journey of the Mind 8 CHAPTER TWO B. The components of your boat are: Body Posture Open Space Attention Tools (B. How do you prevent this? Well. If you sit bare cross-legged on a hard floor. the points of contact between your bones and the floor begin to ache.O. A good cushion is essential to raise your hips above your knee level and tilt your pelvis forwards. This allows you to maintain the natural lumbar curve of your spine while sitting.O.A. T: Tools How you sit is important if you are going to be mind-travelling for 30 minutes to hours at a time. After five minutes. Fifteen minutes later. a boat. Having yourself properly set up for your inward journey will make the trip much more comfortable and allow you to sustain concentration for longer periods of time.T – Your Vessel For Going Within Yes.A. After ten minutes.) Ready to build a BOAT? Here is the plan.T is a simple acronym to remember what this chapter teaches. The two most common complaints are backache and butt ache.

Journey of the Mind hunching over because your back muscles cannot sustain the unnatural posture. . Zafu Cushion on a Zabuton Mat You can use a traditional Zafu and Zabuton like this. while the Zabuton cushions your knees and ankles from the ground. 9 All this disrupts your concentration — for how can the mind be at ease when the body is diseased? Cushion to the rescue. The Zafu is the round cushion and the Zabuton is the padded mat below. You sit cross-legged on the Zafu.

The legs of the bench are rounded. place the Seiza Bench over your ankles. It would be ideal if you had a Zabuton or a folded blanket as your cushion. . which allow it to tilt back and forth. Using a kneeling posture. You still need cushioning for your knees and shin.Journey of the Mind 10 Seiza Kneeling Bench Zen practitioners often use a Seiza Bench for kneeling meditation. and sit your rear on top.

. That is the best way to know if they are right for you. Go to a store and sit on the different cushions. Speaking of sitting. how to cross your legs is another point of detail for body posture.Journey of the Mind 11 Thai Meditation Mat Thai meditation mats are great for sitting in the Burmese Cross-Legged posture. Your rear sits on the raised portion. while your legs cross on the lower platform. Here the mat is pictured with a round cushion called the Zafu.

however. place your left foot upon the right thigh. Full Lotus is considered the most stable of all meditative postures. it will take time and conditioning before they can comfortably use this position. fold your right foot up over the left thigh. sit on a cushion to raise your hips off the ground and tilt your pelvis forwards. it also requires your limbs and joints to be flexible.Journey of the Mind 12 B: Body Posture – Sitting Styles *Note: For all cross-legged postures. but yogis and enlightened masters have used it for centuries. . For most people. This protects your spinal curvature. You can alternate legs. Full Lotus This is the hardest pose to sustain for long periods. Be gentle when practicing this posture. With the help of your hands.

It is preferred by accomplished meditators as it is easy to alternate the legs without arousing from the meditative state. you can gradually gain enough flexibility to do the Full Lotus.Journey of the Mind 13 Half Lotus The Half Lotus is a more comfortable variation of the Full Lotus. . while your other foot goes under the opposite thigh. By training with the Half Lotus. Place one foot upon the opposite thigh.

Journey of the Mind 14 Kneeling or Seiza Position Seiza with a Zafu Cushion .

It can be pressurising on your shins and ankles as you can see in the first image — the blood being compressed in the feet. In the second image. observe the pressure relieved with the use of a Zafu cushion. You should get a triangular posture. Fold your other leg around this foot until the sole of your foot touches the shin or calf of your inner leg. Sitting on a cushion. Blood circulation flows better because your legs are not directly pressing on each other. Burmese Cross-Legged The Burmese posture is comfortable and can be used for long meditational journeys. fold one leg in until the sole of your foot touches the inner thigh of the opposite leg. The pressure is totally removed with the use of a Seiza bench. which distributes your bodyweight to the ground.Journey of the Mind Kneeling is a traditional posture used in many cultures for prayer and formality. followed by your other knee. . while the knees and shins take light pressure. Sit on a cushion for this posture. 15 Kneel down on one knee first (as if proposing marriage). The majority of the bodyweight is on the buttocks. Keep your back upright and aligned while entering and exiting the Seiza posture.

you have got your legs settled. . Now we come to that other mystical part of your body — your hands.Journey of the Mind 16 Burmese Cross-Legged Excellent.

spiritual development. and electromagnetic fields. magnetic. . bring joy into life. but also higher forms of energy that can be used in healing. But when abused or overindulged. you can develop the sense to feel what a subtle change in hand position does for you internally. She is associated with sensuality. your body conducts more than just electricity. when tapped in moderation and respectfully. Venus is the Goddess of Love in Roman mythology. simply rest the hand position in your lap. transform into a hideous beast that entraps humankind in its lowest state of being. And this energy is generated and stored by your living cells. Your body contains electrical. It increases your ability to focus and concentrate when contemplating. Hands are energy conduits. you know that your whole body is conductive. This hand position converts sexual energy into higher forms and balances the secretions of your internal glands. Begin mastering these five positions by trying them out for yourself. These qualities. If you have ever gotten an electric shock.Journey of the Mind 17 B: Body Posture – Hand Seals Hand placement is important because it affects the type of meditation you are doing. sexuality. If used when meditating. Venus Lock The fleshy part of your palm below your thumb is known as the Venus Mount in palmistry. and the vitality for life. Can you imagine what that is? You have actually got voltage running through your body. and in our case. instead of being distracted by miscellaneous thoughts. operating your third eye. Over time. Biologists and neuroscientists already know that your brain and nervous system use bioelectricity. Changing your hand position modifies the movement of energy in your body. In many esoteric traditions.

For men the left little finger is on the bottom. Lightly press the tip of your right thumb into the fleshy Venus Mount below your left thumb. Lightly press the tip of your left thumb into the fleshy Venus Mount below your right thumb. Men’s Venus Lock in 3 Steps: . the right little finger is on the bottom. Instructions for men: Interlock your fingers. Allow the tip of your left thumb to touch the webbing between the thumb and index fingers of your right hand.Journey of the Mind 18 Instructions for women: Interlock your fingers. Allow the tip of your right thumb to touch the webbing between the thumb and index fingers of your left hand. For women.

Journey of the Mind 19 .

Using this hand position. Issues regarding morality: Whether what you did was right or wrong? Should you have given way or pushed harder? What is the right thing to do in this situation? Issues regarding relationships: Who is the right partner for me? What are my deeper feelings toward this person? How can I express my feelings? . Following are examples of how you might apply the power of meditative introspection. Yin Yang Final Position Use this hand position to meditate on issues where you would like to increase insight through introspection with your heart.Journey of the Mind 20 Yin Yang The Yin Yang position helps you cultivate the inner qualities of heart. from your solar plexus to the hollow area below your throat (supra-sternal notch). you might feel a warmth gathering in your chest area.

Journey of the Mind Issues regarding your life path: Am I being true to myself here? What is my heart calling me to do? What do I really want out of this? Instructions: 21 Grab your left thumb with your right hand and form a fist. Wrap your four left fingers around the fist of your right hand. Yin Yang in 3 Steps: .

Journey of the Mind 22 .

Instructions: Turn your palms face up.Journey of the Mind 23 Dhyana Dhyana – Left hand below. The left hand represents the spiritual encompassing the material world — the right hand. Place your right hand into your left and touch your thumbs together. Right hand on top The Dhyana gesture is often depicted in images and statues of the Buddha. . Used with the breathing meditation explained later. The two thumbs represent the meeting of the divine and the mundane. it produces a calming effect that helps you expel negative emotions and regain your sense of peace and inner balance.

Place the back of your hands at the crux of your hip. .Journey of the Mind 24 Hip Rest Hip Rest – backhand on hips The hip rest is a comfortable position to place your arms if your shoulders feel sore. You should feel the weight lifted off your shoulders as your arms become supported from below.

Allow it to rest behind your upper row of teeth. The Hara is located approximately two inches below your navel and two inches inside. Hara Breathing: 1. contract your lower abdomen slightly in preparation for your next breath. monks. allow the breath to enter your nostrils and be received by your lower abdomen. fingers touching your knees. 3. and samurai of the past to nurture internal energy. Breathing only through the nose. Touch your tongue to the top of your palate (the roof of your mouth). which is the breathing technique used by healers. Upon exhalation. Feel your tummy gently expand as you breathe in and gently contract as you breathe out. ninja. yogis.Journey of the Mind 25 Knee Rest Knee Rest – palms on knees Finally. 2. This is a stable posture which is especially useful when you are practicing Hara breathing. As . 4. you can place your hands palms downwards on the edge of your thighs.

Sacred grounds. whether they be in a church. Calm and peaceful. The space reflects the mindset of the caretaker–owner. or a yoga studio. What you might notice is that if you take the time and effort to clear. you feel better when you pass through it. Here are some pointers for locating a space: Ensure a flow of fresh air. Use the knee rest posture described above and be open to any impression or sensation that comes to your awareness. You can guard a space by treating it as sacred. and refresh a living space. organise. These good spaces make it conducive to achieve positive states of mind. Look for sunlight. This is the basis for intuition. This can be useful when you want to sense the atmosphere of an area to know whether it is conducive or welcoming. you can train your ability to use it. How do you know if the space is conducive? Simple — sit there and sense it. Surroundings are kept clean. pay attention to this area and notice any subtle changes that occur. As the world becomes more distressed and materialistic.Journey of the Mind you perform the Hara Breath. You are born with an instinct that allows you to sense an environment. You can also use the Knee Rest as a neutral posture where you are open to receiving any thought or impression that comes to mind. Thus. a monastery. are always kept immaculately clean. . good spaces rapidly diminish. Over time. you can progress faster if you uncover and secure a calm and clean space for your inward journey. During your travels you might have realised that different places give you different feelings. 26 O: Open Space The space where you meditate is more important than how you position yourself.

Even if the place used to be a religious site. but please do not meditate in places where the living do not tread. water) energy is at its highest and Yang (masculine. well-organised. Also. .Journey of the Mind 27 You should do this especially for your working space.m. so stop practice during the 2 a.. a morning meditation is worthwhile as it gathers your mind and prepares you for the day ahead. as we spend so much of our lives at work. fire) energy is at its lowest. such as graveyards. thus spirits are said to be more active during this time. Warnings about Space and Time It might seem humorous to even mention this. to 4 a. dark forests. moon. This is the time of the night when Yin (feminine. and abandoned temples. timing. That being said. Plus. you might be surprised how much more focused and energised you feel. Having a clean. If you make it a habit to wake earlier and sit still for 20 to 30 minutes.m. Add one hour on each side to be safe. you accomplish more because you act on target and with enthusiasm. a warning about time: Avoid meditation during the spirit hour — 3 a.m. sun. dilapidated buildings. you should avoid it because it has been neglected. and aesthetically beautiful space can improve your mood and boost your productivity.

you found yourself replaying the old memory and creating hypothetical scenarios where you were saying to yourself. People would like to believe that they are fully in charge of their minds. “If only I did it like this. Your magic monkey that spins illusions keeping you trapped for hours in fruitless thought and unproductive idling. but your mind keeps drifting somewhere else? That is called a mental hijack. and maintain the emotional state required to finish the job. but a disciplined mind — a mind that can sustain focus on command. fantasies. You get caught in a mind loop.”. Thus. but pay attention to how your mind operates and you will realise what a monkey it can be! The simple rule is: If you are not in charge of your mind. but images of other things keep popping up on the screen of your mind. rather than to be directed by it through its whims. Mental Hijacks and Mind Loops These mental terrorists are what cause you to be playing games or surfing the internet instead of doing the work you are supposed to get done. You might have planned to write that crucial report. Are you stuck in a loop? Yes. In a world of a zillion distractions.Journey of the Mind 28 A: Attention The final component of your BOAT is to develop the capacity to direct your mind. You might have been distracted by an event which occurred in your past. it is no wonder personal productivity drops when you have . and desires. Are you getting your work done? Nope. playing these mental images and movies back and forth. then your mind is in charge of you. The ultimate productivity tool is not some fancy new gadget.. remove undesired thoughts at will. Have you ever had the experience where you are trying to get some work done..

. much like how a ball and chain slows down a prisoner trying to escape the Rat Race. Internal distractions are those that arise from within your mind. like a fidgety restlessness or a sudden desire for excitement. or the aroma of freshly baked cookies. Gratifying yourself costs time. social networks. pornography. You have no control over bumping into these things. online games. take you further and faster to your dream goals. a drop-in visitor. you would probably enter a mind loop (a series of thoughts and mental images). Develop the Force of Mindful Concentration If you want to accomplish anything fast. which draws you away from the task at hand. When your thoughts are focused. They cause you to seek gratification from the zillion distractions. unread books and new movies. an advertisement. or pursuing illusions of 29 desire and necessity. Developing the force of mindful concentration gives you the discipline and awareness to overcome distractions. need more be said? Imagine all the lost hours in a day you spend idling. like a phone call. Despite disruptions and distractions. cable TV channels. you can quickly re-enter your productive state of mind or creative flow. a hot babe.. Diverting your resources to short-term pleasures slows you down. Often though. daydreaming. an urgent email. if channelled into your selected projects. your laser gets dissipated by both internal and external distractions. you have got to keep your mind on track. web surfing. ✓ ✓ Your sustained focus completes projects in less time than they used to take. External distractions are those that cross your path unexpectedly. energy. .Journey of the Mind access to more and more things: SMS and chat messengers. Those hours. and often money as well. a handsome guy. they are a laser beam that can cut through the hardest task. If you allow your attention to be captivated.

Put in the effort and you will be astounded with what you can achieve. and thus protect and magnify your path to success. In the next leg of your journey. This completes the setup of your BOAT.Journey of the Mind ✓ 30 You develop greater strength to resist addictions and temptations which drain your resources. you begin formal training to transform your mind. .

to know how well it will stand up to the storms and waves of the unconscious. . What follows are two principles and three maps with instructions on how to navigate your BOAT.Journey of the Mind 31 Episode II: Cast Off — Your Journey Begins It is time to take your BOAT to the ocean.

taste. One thought can lead to another. This forms your inner world when you close your eyes. Your brain records all perceptions and sensations received through your five senses and stores them as memories.. Notice that when you think of anything. it crystallises in your mind in a form of the five senses — sight. Pay attention to exactly which of the five senses a . For people thinking about food. Objectively following the chain of thoughts could lead to insight. If I were to ask you: “What does a sewer smell like?” You could easily recall the stench. Allowing oneself to be misled by a negative chain of thoughts could lead to dreadful conclusions. or are triggered off by external stimuli.) Now notice. it is likely an image combined with the aroma and a memory of the taste. These sensation-based memories can get mixed together and replayed to you anytime they are thought of. sound. Remembering that smell might trigger off a memory of a place or an episode you went through. you are traversing this inner world of sensory perceptions. how do you know you are thinking of this object? For most people.. When you journey into the mind’s eye. (Do it. touch. smell. their brain shows them an image.Journey of the Mind 32 CHAPTER THREE Principles of The Mind's Eye #1 The Inner World Is Made Up Of Five Think of something you like. The sensations received from the world around you are recorded unconsciously by your brain even when you are not paying attention to them. This is how your mind works subjectively to create your internal experience.

you should also check whether you are talking to yourself while looking at a blank stage. Even though you see nothing in your mind. Like any stage play. However. that invisible storyteller operating the microphone behind the stage. the actors. while the stage is the space of your conscious awareness — the blankness upon which any thought can arise. When the object arises in your awareness. and places. there are five pieces to examine — the stage. #2 Your Mind As Theatre An excellent way to think about your mind’s eye is as if it were a stage play. the audience. tastes and scents all count as actors. For this analogy. Truth. The narrator is classified as an actor. and the director. and Honor. Try this with different categories of objects like people. When you can easily identify how a tangible mental object is stored in the five senses. the stage is clear. When this screen of your mind is blank and there is no sensation. try 33 your hand at sorting intangible mental objects like the concepts of Purity. Your internal voice is known as the Narrator. Health. the scene in your mind is often rendered by a whole cast of actors at . Applying this framework while exploring your mind raises your awareness of what goes on in the dark (with eyes shut). sounds. The Actors are the mental objects (thoughts) which arise within your awareness (stage). The Stage is the blackness you see when you close your eyes. and offers you a new level of control over your mind. food. You could ask yourself: “What does purity mean to me?” Then be open to any mental object that manifests itself to you. you can then sort it into the five senses. you could be dwelling upon the thought as an emotion or an internal voice.Journey of the Mind mental object is recorded in. feelings. the spotlight. Remember that a mental object can come to you in any of the five senses. These images. The secret to working with intangibles is to first find out how they are represented in your mind.

The audience. which is the first phase of training presented later. Training your mind to focus is about stopping your audience members from jumping onto the stage without permission. Actors fight for the spotlight. When you turn your attention to any thought in your mind. representing everything that you know and have experienced. Stillness is when you can observe a mental performance without reacting or desiring to follow the train of thought. and being still.Journey of the Mind 34 once. Remember. You learn to do this through Samatha meditation. The Audience is your unconscious mind. . only the stage and the actors are obvious and visible. The Spotlight is your attention. Using the spotlight is an art because when you focus on one thing. you are excluding everything around it. You need to decide whom to give the stage to by shining the quality of your attention upon them. Allowing your mind to operate with formality is how you can prevent mental hijack. you are shining the spotlight on that actor. audience members may feel a burning desire to express themselves and thus jump on stage to become actors. Wear your title with pride because it is an accomplishment — a new level of mastery over your inner world. but are not consciously thinking of right now. spotlight. some perform antics to get your attention. At some point. Thus. When you are a true-blue director. * Spend some time noticing the content of your mind. clearing the stage and allowing your actors to express a solo performance can clarify your thoughts. you would have trained yourself in clearing the stage. However. and director are subtle hidden elements that require patience and sensitivity to discern. The Director is you. It can get confusing. Apply the theatre framework and see whether you can identify the five roles. controlling the audience. recognising your actors. you start out as a novice. The audience is always watching the stage play. shining the spotlight. You only get promoted to director when you have developed stillness.

toxins are being expelled. you might last 3 weeks. but without air — 3 minutes.Journey of the Mind 35 CHAPTER FOUR The Secret of Stillness The Map of Breathing Air Is Your Friend Air is so critical to the body. Breath is life. Everything inside you is moving. You automatically expel carbon dioxide. food is digesting.. Stillness Brings Truth Even when you sit by a calm lake. You cannot find this in sufficient density on other planets. you are not still. . To know thyself — one’s true nature beyond ego and desire — is a key milestone on the path to enlightenment. And yet the process works on a cellular level — so minute and autonomous that most people overlook its occurrence. brain cells are wriggling. yet often it is taken for granted. Without food. And it begins with appreciating something as plain and easily neglected as air. the complexity of the biochemical processes in your body are staggering. you are taking in a substance which is life-sustaining. Blood is circulating. the closer you are to what is within you. Your body constantly oxygenates your blood with air drawn by your lungs. without water — 3 days. The closer you are to life around you. your body perfectly motionless.. nor in the vacuum of space. When you breathe in. When you can cherish something as simple as fresh air. you are getting closer to harmony with nature.

you can develop what is known as True Sight. In Samatha meditation. Problems like which partner is the right one.Journey of the Mind Yet when you sit still. True Sight can help you accurately perceive the mindset and motivations of other people. it excludes everything else around it. so you can observe what occurs in the world within. you turn your attention to your breathing. people say you are doing nothing. and what path to take in life. If a plant does not receive sunlight. apathy. and also to pierce deep into oneself to resolve inner struggles. or envy. Perception is mired by the emotions. actors are fighting for the stage. the thoughts in your mind — some are treasured herbs and flowers. the stillness required is not of the body. the confusion drowns clear perception. If the heart is biased by any unsettling emotion such as anger. it may seem that 36 way. If the mind is clouded with thoughts. Special Ability: True Sight When you have mastered stillness. no true seeing can occur. Gradually. but of the mind and emotions. all the actors or mental objects that were grasping for your attention fade away because they did not receive the light. Similarly. while others are weeds. Breathe To Be Still You can still your mind and emotions by focusing your attention on a single object. On the surface. It works by the spotlight theory: when you shine the light on a single point. . The spotlight is a form of energy. like how the sun nourishes all the plants it shines upon. like light passing through a coloured lens — you will see only what you feel like seeing. which is the ability to see clearly and deeply into oneself and all of life’s situations. but what you are really doing is holding your body still. elation. To develop True Sight. dissolve under the piercing gaze of True Sight. it withers and passes.

a diaphragm breath (middle). certain thoughts (actors) may appear on the screen (stage) of your mind. You will know your mind is clear when no more actors appear on the stage. energises it and causes it to multiply. If one dwells upon angry thoughts. 2. whether it is a chest breath (upper). 5. Pay attention to your breathing and notice its subtle varieties — how long or short the breath is. Tending to the garden of your mind is crucial because you are living in it 24 hours a day. One-Pointedness: “Directing The Spotlight To Clear The Stage” The practice is simple: 1. 4. Thus. more of these treasures grow in your garden. Using the breath as a focal point. This is a subtle point: Focusing on your breath does not mean you block out awareness of . Close your lips and allow your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth (the palate). Ignore them. breathe in and out through your nose. If one nurtures flowers of kindness and herbs of compassion. 7 days a week. more of such weeds grow. The Venus Lock hand position is recommended to aid concentration. Direct your attention (spotlight) back to your breathing. This state is known as Dhyana — when attachment to outer objects has been dissolved. the purpose of Samatha meditation is to learn to direct the spotlight (your attention) so that you can control the growth and composition of the thoughts in your mental garden. You are in a position of inner peace. 6.Journey of the Mind 37 What thought you choose to shine the light of your attention upon. Use any sitting posture you are comfortable with. While you are doing this. Whether your garden is composed of treasured plants or ugly weeds is the root of what creates a life of suffering or a life of harmonious joy. or a belly breath (lower). 3. 7.

38 . This is the difference between mindful concentration and blind concentration. You are fully aware of objects passing on the screen of your mind. but you are choosing to focus your attention on breathing.Journey of the Mind the stage.

you know that you cannot trust your . I looked carefully to see if he was yelling at someone in the distance. Often we fall prey to our emotions like that. He muttered some vulgarities about his boss. The family member who receives the displaced anger feels abused. Something happens at work that infuriates us. we can still be fighting the illusion in our mind.Journey of the Mind 39 CHAPTER FIVE Cultivating Emotional Armour The Map of Equanimity Delusion of The Mind One day I was standing on the platform at the train station when I heard someone swearing and cussing behind me. thin air. and relations sour if they take it personally. We are just like this man: in that long after the real argument or event has passed.. but nothing — nobody in sight. There were wild actors on his stage.. weeds in his garden. there was no boss around. Yet. and punching at. So I stood there. I turned around and here was a dark man in his mid-30s. and we carry this emotion home to unleash on family members... shouting. Then I knew he was probably reacting to something in his mind. If you recall the lesson on stillness and true sight. This can be damaging because what happens at work and what happens at home are often unrelated. enraged. making life worse for everyone. giving him space to vent.

. taking action. or the dotted line signed. The good or damage is done. a job promotion with higher pay could be considered a happy event.Journey of the Mind thinking once you have an unsettling emotion like anger lodged in your heart. you pick a fight rather than seek understanding. The Chaotic vs. or expressing ourselves. For example. it cannot be taken back. the action done. until jealousy from colleagues and subsequent backstabbing produces a sad event. You only see more of what you already feel. The moment the word is said. The Calm Life events fluctuate between the happy and the sad. causing you to interpret everything through a negative frame of mind: you look for what is wrong and who is to blame. The anger colours your perception. Since our lives are a manifestation of what is within us. we should make sure our thoughts 40 and emotions are first in order before making choices.

in bad times is able to contemplate and reflect upon the issue.Journey of the Mind Often these situations are hidden inside each other. and anger and depression in bad times. or an apparently sad event is truly unfortunate. Given that one has little control over the ups and downs of life (vertical axis of the chart). depending on the nature of one’s mind – chaotic or calm. he or she would possess a calm mind. one can still improve the quality of one’s life experience by shifting along the horizontal axis – by . Thus. rather than blame self or others. 41 What is more certain is how an individual will react to these apparently happy and sad events. which in good times is contented and grateful. it is difficult to know whether an apparently happy event is truly fortunate. A chaotic mind reacts to the happy and sad events of life with extreme emotions like wild excitement in good times. but does not lose oneself in enjoyment. If the person were of a milder spirit.

A person of calm spirit attracts and reacts to events in a way that produces good fortune. . and forget that life is really about the transformation of self.Journey of the Mind cultivating a calm mind out of chaos. 42 The same set of life events can produce two different lifestyles depending on the nature of the individual. The formula for success is simple: The better a person you are. Often people spend so much energy trying to control the events of life. Your life is a direct result of who you are choosing to be. the better your life unfolds. A person of chaotic spirit attracts and reacts to events in a way that produces misfortune.

harder to be calm. both in good times and bad. You can develop the strength of equanimity through meditative practice. and harder to create. In fact. different from the outward display of force and power. when fortune blesses. you remember your roots. you are self-disciplined. these are all summed up in the meaning of Equanimity. non-reactiveness. when temptation calls. a cool head. When disaster strikes. Although known by many names. Thus it is easier to destroy. evenness of temper. Developing equanimity means that no matter what happens to you in life.. and composure. emotional stability. These actions draw upon inner strength.Journey of the Mind 43 The Secret To The Calm Mind One of the greatest qualities for a person to develop is steadiness under pressure. count how many times you have been sidetracked from your goals because you became chaotic. ! ! What was the result in each of these incidents? How would things be different if you had held yourself steady in each of those situations? . the outward expression is gentle and precise. you will have such a deep awareness and acceptance of the present moment that nothing shakes you. you carry on surefooted. this is vital if you are to progress to higher levels. the inner is chaotic. FLASHBACK ! Now. it is easier to be chaotic.. To hurt and destroy: the force directed outward is blunt and explosive. To nurture and create: inner strength is required.

where you trained to clear your mind by directing your attention to your breathing. Similarly. When the stage of your mind is clear. there arises a deep sense of inner peace known as the state of Dhyana. Similarly. Developing this ability gives you the inner strength to go through your experiences in life while maintaining emotional balance. you practiced the meditation of one-pointedness. and gut areas feel. Learn to recognise the feeling of Dhyana. and through your improved perception and reactions. you are able to observe your internal experience (actors on the stage) while maintaining emotional balance. heart. . Describe it in terms of how your head.Journey of the Mind 44 Cultivating Equanimity: “Controlling The Audience” The audience of a stage play are the ones who make judgements and have emotional reactions to the actors’ performance. your unconscious mind makes judgements and has emotional reactions to the thoughts and mental objects floating in your consciousness. Allowing your audience to get so riled up that they jump on stage to tell their version of the story is a big no-no in theatre. This is how you will know whether you are truly in a state of inner peace as you go about your day. Maintaining balance shifts you from the chaotic to the calm. Recognise Dhyana In the Map of Breathing. transforms the quality of your life. allowing your unconscious mind to overreact to fleeting thoughts and emotions is a big no-no in managing your mind. The following practice helps you cultivate equanimity: 1. When you have developed equanimity.

Observe the stage play – any actors or mental objects in consciousness – and notice when you have emotional reactions to what you are observing. This is the one-pointed meditation you learned before. Restoring Balance Meditate on how you have the emotion. you would observe: “There is anger”. Your breathing works like a pump that allows the emotion to flow through you. If these emotions are strong enough to disrupt Dhyana. Breathe until you access the state of Dhyana. Once fully in the state of inner peace. Instead of saying. Calm Observation The goal in this higher-level meditation is to observe your internal experience while holding the state of Dhyana constant. “I am jealous”. Each breath you take moves the feelings along with it. while you hold steady to the state of Dhyana. you need to bring yourself back into balance through breathing and deeper contemplation.” Then breathe and allow the emotion to pass through. Do not shy away from the emotion. And if you allow it to pass through you without taking you in the process. you would comment: “There is jealousy. It is a fleeting reaction from your audience. “I am angry”.Journey of the Mind 45 2. turn your attention (the spotlight) from your breathing to the stage. but allow yourself to experience it. . close your eyes and be aware of the stage and your breathing. but also how the emotion is not you. Using a sitting posture of your preference and the hand position of Dhyana. it shall. 3. Instead of concluding.

the transformation of self. Feelings are also malleable. If God exists and wants to see a change in you. you may have yearned for the tingling sweetness of ice cream. opportunities will bloom. the better your life unfolds. The better a person you are. Envy. giving that donation makes you even happier. Developing emotional maturity forms a major lesson in your life. friends will want to visit. take a moment to think about the times when you allowed yourself to dwell on a negative emotion in the shade of one of the Seven Deadly Sins: Lust. On a day when you are not in a good mood. But on another day when you feel like you are walking on air. Take your time and reflect on it objectively: When you persist in acting out any of the seven bad emotions. your feelings are a core part of you. you control the impulse to consume.Journey of the Mind 46 Deeper Truth A realisation here is that you are not your emotions. Yes. but you do not have to be led by them. When you have successfully cultivated a beautiful garden. and anyone you touch (literally). Sloth. you know that too much cream and sugar converts to fat and messes with your energy levels. Wrath. or Gluttony. what do you think that change would be? Repair the ozone? Heal the Earth? Love your parents? May I suggest: a change of heart. the better the lives of everyone you love. minding your emotions and not allowing yourself to dwell upon the negative is one powerful way to transform your life. do more or less problems enter your life? Thus. that negative feelings are indications of how you need to grow. and suddenly you will find yourself on the right path. Greed. . As a child. Thus. This is part of character building. Know that you are more than your feelings. Pride. something humble such as a request for a donation might be perceived negatively. Everything else will follow after that. If you do not yet believe. but as an adult.

which are associated with logical analysis and focused thinking. you might encounter a number of vexing situations to which you might not have the answers. but in varying the approach or methodology – not working harder.Journey of the Mind 47 CHAPTER SIX Seeing Beyond The Obvious The Map of Insight Each day you breathe. . I have to! This is the only way!” This is also called banging the same roadblock year after year. “I must. gritting their teeth. When you feel agitated or perturbed. you see people with fists clenched. These represent roadblocks in life. saying. Extreme thoughts and emotions produce a sense of desperation that acts like a horse’s blinkers. You can access this natural brilliance when you contemplate through a calm state of mind (the alpha brainwave). a person can bang the same roadblock for years. there is an easy solution to all this: Take your blinkers off. or working hard but getting nowhere. your brain shifts to high beta brainwaves. not realising that the solution is not in more effort or persistence. One quality that blinds an individual from noticing a smarter way of working is to possess a chaotic heart-mind. Thus. Sometimes. giving their wearer the perspective that the current approach is the only way to reach their goal. To make progress quickly means overcoming or bypassing these obstacles with ease and efficiency. However. but smarter. You Know Much More Than You Think A lot of what you know lies dormant in your unconscious mind.

We are using this principle in reverse where the body affects the mind. logic and focus is a good thing. The ego is concerned with ‘who I am’ and ‘what I want’. Let us analyse this and see what we get.” Yes. one could manipulate the object into how one . The will is that faculty by which control is deliberately exerted. sometimes what you need is to sit back and see the big picture – make space and allow understanding to arise rather than analyse in circles.Journey of the Mind 48 “But wait. Analytical thinking tends to push and drill down to specifics. While this is excellent for goal achievement. When you bring the two together. I would like to be logical and focused about it. This is the mind-body connection. Making space requires you to hold back your will and desire. Satori – Sudden Enlightenment In meditation. “How could that be a bad thing? If I have a problem. A Right-Brained Approach Contemplating your life issues from an equanimous state of mind gives you leaps of insight inaccessible by trapped logic. If the ego and will interfere. it flops when it comes to developing insight. When your emotions are settled. Some might have trouble with this because of a component of the psyche called the ego. Making space is an art. the actors that appear on the stage of your mind are different from those that appear when you are tense. But when you are already trapped by your own logic – the horse’s blinkers and ‘I have to… I must’ – then you cannot solve the problem with the same thinking that created it. insight arises in flashes that are complete and perfect in their delivered form as mental objects. allowing something to arise in its natural state without changing or altering it in any way. You need to think out of the box. and you can easily do this by shifting the emotional state through which you do your thinking. which could have a strong will.” you ask. what do you get? Someone who habitually imposes their will to get desired results.

What you did not know was that a chunk of malt candy was stuck to your molar and chewing apple fibre would have removed it. working with your intuition can mean being open-minded and not assuming that one knows what is best for oneself. It is clearly a red apple with a stem. make sure you are doing it with the right intention. Since you were not in the habit of brushing after a fruit supper. Heaven and Earth will move to help you realise the dream. Thus. Right intention means that the emotion driving your action stems from virtue rather than vice. If you try something more than three times and it does not work. Everything Happens For A Reason If you believe that there is a greater purpose to your life above your daily routine. If you really want something to work. so he wants to prove himself better than them. Heed the signal and change your approach. it would be another glorious night for the tooth decay squad. there is a reason for that. but you are not satisfied and push the image aside in favour of a banana because you believe that bananas give more energy. his peers and seniors looked down on him. You close your 49 eyes and up pops an image of an apple. If your heart is in the right place. One is motivated by filial piety because he sees his parents aging and he wants to take better . only that you alter your method. it is a sign: “IT DOES NOT WORK”. rather than seeing it as it is. Learn to read the signs in your life.Journey of the Mind thinks it should be. Imagine this hypothetical scenario of will overriding intuition: Suppose it is suppertime and you are wondering what fruit you should eat. This does not mean that you give up your goal. then look for it. If you are banging a wall. believing blindly even when hard evidence proves the contrary. This is what leads to getting stuck at the same roadblock for years – when perseverance becomes stubbornness. Two people want to succeed: One is motivated by revenge because in the past. Often we fix our mind on a hopeless method for achieving a goal.

Actors in any of the five senses may arise. When you have it. Insight Meditation It might not come so easy at first. But look through the windows of the soul and into their hearts. one was more selfless and benevolent in his pursuit. Clear your emotional state. then let it go – allow it to take a backseat in your mind. both these men look successful. 3. Start breathing gently now with attention on the stage. and one might be unable to distinguish the man from his clothes. One man succeeds at honouring his parents and protecting his family. 50 To the common eye. Clear the stage by breathing in one-pointedness until you reach Dhyana. When it appears… . you create your life. Both are successful. One life living in anger and envy. clear the stage to make space.Journey of the Mind care of them. Your emotions are settled and you sense stillness. Use the following steps for your insight practice: 1. Both have a strong will. Thus. Breathe and allow actors or mental objects to arise. good things take time. insight can arise because you created the environment for it. Ponder your problem and notice where exactly you are stuck. and keep your will and ego in check. 2. Have the question or issue in mind. one life bringing love and harmony. but if you can calm the heart-mind. and you will notice that their merit differs greatly. and then to virtuous. Be patient. cultivating oneself from chaotic to calm. From within your heart. One man succeeds in glorifying himself and dissing his peers. The emotion you dwell upon unfolds through your actions. is a master key in the transformation of one’s life. But one was more ego-oriented in selecting his goal.

Thus. You are awakened to your spiritual nature. Allow it to unfold naturally. 5. It is for you to discover when you get there. What you achieve in life is not as important as who you become. To clear the mind’s eye. Can humanity overcome its primal nature to be one with its spirit? Only you can decide. Observe calmly. do not push or manipulate the object. It is a test of who you are choosing to be in every decision you make. which puts you in touch with the force within you. When spirit and self are aligned. be diligent in your cultivation of self. through every action you take. like a giant wind blowing all the actors away. simply inhale and exhale a few deep breaths. . The breath may be used to steady the emotions. Eyes of The Spirit There comes a magical gift when you transcend ego-based desire and cultivate sufficient virtue. Keep an equanimous state of mind that observes but does not react to the stage play. The will is applied to clear the stage. great things are possible in your life. Every place and every situation in life is your training ground.Journey of the Mind 51 4. That is all that can be said for now.

When you feel you are steady. wisdom. Thus. which creates more problems for you. Thus.) . Channel it when necessary. take control to clear the emotions and their sponsoring thoughts by using the Dhyana state and observing the emotion from an equanimous state of mind. The fundamental technique is to use Hara breathing and the Venus Lock. Shift to the Yin-Yang gesture and apply the open and non-pushing state of mind to observe any mental objects that arise. you should be aware of the movement of your tummy. inner peace. you can increase your level of self-control. When applied faithfully. When breathing. It can lead you to emotional bliss. and even energy. Your slow breath acts like a pump. But it needs to be a calm heart and not a flustered one. (See Insight Meditation.Journey of the Mind 52 CHAPTER SEVEN Combining Your Powers This segment shows you how to put what you have learnt together in powerful combinations to tackle specific problems. it can also tempt you down a dark path. which converts raw sexual energy into higher forms. you want to think with your heart. Add this to your repertoire of mind-body tools and become the captain of your ship. concentration.) Combo #2: Channeling Sexual Energy One’s sex drive is a powerful force. Combo #3: Access Inner Wisdom When contemplating life issues. (See Map of Equanimity. These forces urge you to do ‘baaad’ things. Following the negative propels you along a downward spiral where the end is never pretty. with one-pointed focus on the Hara. get to Dhyana first (One-Pointed Breathing). Combo #1: Clearing Negative Emotions There are times when you know you are caught in the grasp of a negative emotion (think seven sins). Then stop the analytical thinking and switch to the reverse: make space in your mind for insight to arise (clear the stage). contemplate the issue logically to see where you are stuck.

sitting. You can do this standing. and even when in conversation. This draws the spiritual into the material. like when trying to wake up in the morning. reverse the Dhyana gesture with your right hand below your left. Combo #5: Restoring Energy When you need energy and zest. Using any neutral posture like the Hip Rest or Knee Rest. Allow yourself to drift. Each inhalation draws your attention and awareness from your mind and surroundings. Clear your mind of thoughts and just breathe naturally.Journey of the Mind 53 Combo #4: Centering Your Presence There are times when you might want to refocus your attention after it has been distracted. the rejuvenation occurs by itself. . This is one of the most amazing applications of meditation I have experienced. working. You can imagine it as light converging into your middle point. and even while lying down in bed. You do not need to cross your legs. This is useful when studying. but remember to touch your tongue to your palate and breathe through your nose. down into this centre. breathe through your nose (tongue touching palate) and into your centre – two inches above your navel button.

Taoist Shen – Spirit Qi – Heart-Mind Jing – Body Pneuma – Spirit Psyche – Soul Soma – Body Biblical Simply put. Notice that they do not simply say ‘mind’ because one’s thoughts and intellect are not what they are referring to. both the East and West speak of the three levels. The mind is always spoken of in relation to the heart. The soul animates the body and manifests the psyche – the mind and sense of self. and judgment – with a word by itself. It is thought to be what makes one human. but how often do you hear of people training their soul? In the Buddhist and Biblical texts. where Qi and Heart-Mind or Psyche and Soul exist. there are three levels to mankind: Buddhist . you cultivate Qi through managing the Heart-Mind (Xin ). In the East. But the important thing to note here is the mid-level. The condition of your psyche is designed to facilitate . intellect.Journey of the Mind 54 CHAPTER EIGHT Spirit and the Evolution of Soul Three Levels To Mankind Everything you have been learning here is teaching you to manage your psyche. In the West. which refers to the positive or negative condition of one’s thoughts and emotions. the word ‘soul’ is often used in biblical terms to represent the transcendental consciousness of man in moral relation to God. reasoning. The Han Chinese people do not represent mind – the faculty of consciousness. We often hear of people training their bodies (fitness) and training their minds (intellect).

You open the doorway to spirit through cultivating your psyche or heart-mind. some greedy. such darkness is the result of it being a host for negative emotion and allowing it to fester until one’s psyche is completely consumed by it. Thus. Guarding One’s Weakness What takes a person a lifetime to build. sells the home. cultivating the heart-mind or psyche is essential because it is the bridge between man and spirit. In both the East and West.Journey of the Mind 55 lessons through life for your soul. some battle workaholism. Building the bridge to spirit is paramount because the more aligned you are with the Light. some are brash. When the bridge is broken or has not been built. wallowing in darkness until one can liberate oneself by draining the darkness from one’s soul. Where there is chaos in the world. In giving in to jealousy and malice. some stingy. and puts his children in debt. Then you are in danger of doing disastrous acts like putting melamine (plastic) in baby milk powder to raise the protein count. has often been torn down in a moment of folly. In giving in to lust. a gambler bets his family’s fortune in a gigantic show hand. a teenage girl poisons her best friend. hoping that the guy will direct his affections towards her once her friend is gone. He loses everything. you lose connection with your conscience. The heart does not turn black in an instant. resulting in being stripped of his tenure and the student being expelled. transforming one into a living demon. one faces continual trials. or running a blood diamond cartel in West Africa. When it becomes so dark that you cannot tell right from wrong. a university professor sleeps with his student. it often stems from confusion and darkness in the hearts of people. People are afflicted with one mental condition or another – some are timid. What is important to remember is that small evils lead to greater evils. some battle laziness. spirit cannot act in your life. . the more of it flows through you into your life. In giving in to pride and greed. kidnapping children for child labour and prostitution.

Bring hell and… well. we are already familiar with that. If you know you are prone to pride. All that you go through in life is a result of who you are. patience. be very mindful of the thoughts and emotions you dwell upon. am I bringing heaven or hell unto earth?” Bring heaven and you bring peace. “Building a Better Me” Little acts of virtue mould your nature. You make better choices because your first reaction comes through a higher nature. and gratitude. and understanding. strive to be humble in all situations. You make more money because you give genuine value rather than resort to trickery. resulting in the downward spiral of one’s life. If you know you are self-centred and moneyhungry. guard your weakness like you are guarding your soul. .Journey of the Mind 56 This is what it means to sell your soul to Mr D. Where there were addictive behaviours. lies. harmony. One might perform a lowly act thinking that no one will notice. You have better relationships because there is no vindictiveness in your soul. To be a person of character. There are turning points everywhere. But in carrying the thought and emotion through to word and deed. joy. Where thoughts and emotions were in chaos – they are now replaced by an inner calm and sense of wellbeing. strive to develop calmness. love. In deciding whether to say or do something. ask yourself: “Through my actions. You exhibit angelic qualities or buddha nature. or snatching. one has already darkened one’s heart. Thus. If you know you are easily enraged. Over time. you sever your divine nature to live a life shrouded in satisfying mortal desires. you will feel happy and comfortable living with yourself. You are not really selling anything. there are now none. Know whether they stem from virtue or vice. more of such actions are invited. consider the needs of others and be more magnanimous in sharing what little you have. For what could hurt a father more than to mislead his children and turn them against him? Therefore.

What you do or say can affect the lives of others. If one person blows up a nuclear bomb. These people are all around you. Their suffering can cause your suffering. If you would like to know when Lance releases advanced tools. The more you can help your fellow man reach for the Light within themselves. the better a place the world will be for everyone – when a heaven is created on earth. the whole world is interconnected. and you will receive notice when they are available. Several cases exist of teenagers who felt so outcast at school that they used machine guns and homemade bombs to kill classmates and teachers. simply send a blank email to advancedmind@aweber. your actions are their reality. When the Light flows through you. Advanced Training Thank you for reading Journey Of The Mind. Thus. the actions of others affect your life as climate change. the whole world suffers together – radioactive particles. This is to verify that there is permission to send you the information. be diligent in your cultivation of self. . it is for everyone you love and anyone who cares for you. can you tell whether his or her psyche is about to go over the edge? These things are happening at your doorstep. Are we really that separate from each other? When you look at your fellow man. deformed babies and more. Note: A request to confirm your subscription will appear in your email inbox. Similarly. it shines into the lives of everyone around you. infertile ground.Journey of the Mind 57 We Are All In This Together Why are you being such a goody two-shoes? Is it just for yourself? No. In this globalised age.

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