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This coming December 30 is the first anniversary of the Chapman base attack where the

very notorious US CIA was given a bloody nose by a suicide attacker. The Chapman base
operated by the CIA is located near the city of Khost in the country of Afghanistan.
On December 30 2009, a Jordanian doctor named al-Balawi got himself through the
gates and past the checkpoint at Chapman by claiming that he had information about
a man who was highly wanted by the CIA. Al-Balawi, also known as Dujana, was a
recruit of Jordan’s official intelligence agency and therefore was able to easily win the
trust of the CIA in Afghanistan. Al-Balawi was allowed to enter the Chapman base
to meet with certain CIA agents. Once inside the base, al-Balawi was able to get close to
his intended targets and then he blew himself up killing seven CIA agents and a lone
Jordanian secret agent. Al-Balawi was married, had a wife and two kids, so why did he
kill himself in such a painful manner while also leaving his beloved family behind ? The
reasons are not very hard to find. The CIA was heavily involved in the detention and
torture of prisoners in Afghanistan and the organisation was also directly responsible for
the numerous drone attacks around the Afghan-Pakistan region killing more than a
thousand people so far. Al-Balawi was a varsity graduate and thus a reasonably well
educated man and surely could not accept why the US CIA had to come more than half a
world away to kill so many of his fellow brothers and busily using very violent methods
in the process. Would the CIA be happy if he did exactly the same thing to them ? He
had to find out the answer. He simply had to put them and himself to the test. That’s why
he set out to spend his last day on Earth away from his family, and inside the Chapman

US politicians often like to brag about their country being the global champion fighter
against terror, but it is organisations like the CIA and Blackwater, and various other US
contractors that are spreading terror in faraway regions and conducting all kinds of cruel
acts against innocent civilians. For example, the CIA has carried out countless acts of
bombings and assassinations against foreigners and kidnapped, tortured and liquidated
people suspected of being hostile to US forces or their foreign clients. Even US citizens
have been targeted by this very notorious organisation. Heads of state belonging to many
nations have also fallen victim to this organisation. Among them were Allende of Chile
and Nasser of Egypt. The CIA was always very eager to chalk up endless lists of victims.
Most numerous were the hundreds of thousands of people, mostly minorities in S E Asia,
who were wrongly or falsely labelled as leftists or leftist sympathisers. Many thousands
more died in very violent insurrections organised by the CIA. Thus it is no surprise that
people who have lost their lives as a result of the evil work of the CIA have been called
‘victims of the American Holocaust’. This is because all these people died at the hands
of the CIA due to ‘wrong’ labels being pinned on them. They were either anti-US, anti-
capitalist, anti-rightist, or simply of the wrong colour or just happened to be expendable.
They were all silent victims of the (still ongoing) American Holocaust or US Holocaust.
Thus the Chapman attack by al-Balawi or Dujana, was only a very small act of retaliation
against a very notorious organisation that has its deadly tentacles all over the globe and
which still serves as a tool for the US government to liquidate foreign enemies or people
who simply do not share the same ideals or views as Uncle Sam. It is time for the US to
close down the CIA base at Chapman, get out of Afghanistan and stop killing people ! ! !
(Otherwise the world will present the US with many, many more Dujanas !)