The Book of the Well of Wyrds· Words ²

An Introductory Book for Prospective Adepts and Nexions ± from Grand-Mistress to Immortal in Wordless, Weird Ways« (©2008 Shablor & the Temple of Azoth (O.D.E.)

The Book of the Well of Wyrd¶s Words is a Weird book, a Nexion of the Earth and the land«Some may falter along µthe edge¶, or in the Sky of Heaven, but for the Weird Words of the Wyrd this is Weird. Beautiful Words, to thy Earth the Sky is seldom lit with Fires, and within Nexions we shall Stand! Beautiful, Weird Word, thy Coming is Giving Rise to the Day of the Earth«to the Day of the Cracking Dome of the Falcifer, where the µgod¶ of Light shall falter. Where are the Weird, Dark Wells of the Wyrd??? Ad Sathanas qui laetificat juventutem. Ave Sathanas, qui veni in Inferno.

Act I: Through Word·s Weirdness of Wyrd I Come Alive in Death
There is Light in Darkness«I am living there. Living there is little less than living normal. Complacency was never a Word for me. Where I am Coming there is always little less said«there is Change. The Well of Words is the Devil«the Word is Wyrd of Words, where there is a Nexion. There is Change in Darkness; Wordless Soil is never cast away! Due to the Change of Word, the Weirdness of the Devil was like the Cosmic Word«of Change, of Chaos, of Transformation. In the Days of Night, my Game is never complacenct. Chaos is for Change«I seek the Devil, in my Weird Words of Wyrd, the very Weirdness of Words is like a Wordless Soil. There is Change in the Devil. The Words I cannot Create due to Change are Wordless Wyrd. I was Calling Them! I was Wordless« Ave Sathanas, ave Sathanas. I am come through these Words to give Light to the Darkness and the Shadow of Time!!! Never before Yeshua there came a Man which should so seldomly even begin to fathom to see the light of µdivinity¶, as µgod¶ would be Darkness. As when before, Weird Words were many-fold«I was wishing I would be a Weird Word in myself«its Chaos«

Act II: The Wisdom of Words are Always There«Within!!!
The Words are commonly also hidden from Nexions¶ Wyrd. The Well of Weird is Within!!! The Change is wrought! The Wisdom of the Devil is Chaos«Creative Change is Wordless Soil. The Damned Chimes are ringing Again«the World of Wyrd¶s Weird Words is coming Apart! The World-Vision is still Changing«the very Change in Dialectics, of Satanic Words«Worlds in Wisdom«Wisdom in Worlds! The World, with Words who are Weird are many Devils manifested and created! I wished I was less on getting Chance«with World-Vision is meant Words without vision, where as the World -less would not be granted Wisdom. The very Devil is Near Now«I behold Him!!! The World of Wisdom is Words of WeirdnessAgain. I falter in the Day of the Cracking of the Dome«Mimesis, the Act is War, and when I forfeit my Self«in Days of wanting War I always remember the Stellarium, where War would become so prevalent for us such Black Magicians of Dark Magic, whereas I cannot falter«I am: Invictus dom Solis ad terra. Vitriol in lapidem!

Sanctioned: 2008 a.h. Edrika (Temple of Azogth!)

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