Media Kit November 2010 is “Twitter for Music”
Be a DJ and share your favorite songs Insanely Addictive A Viral Tool. Synch with other social platforms Social Networking. Discover new music, interact with other DJs, and build a following

2 is #1 in Social Music

Source: “ Dominates Social Music Mindshare…” ReadWriteWeb, September 2010

# of Positive Responses


Audience and Users

Music Lovers – Influential Users

60% Male 40% Female

Over 21 Years Old

Source: Nielsen


  850,000+ influential microbloggers share their music and lifestyle tastes   60MM monthly impressions   500k monthly uniques   40MM+ minutes of monthly onsite time   Multiplier effect of posting to other social networksReach   30MM unique individuals on Twitter

Average Social Reach of a Micro-blogger
Contextual Search

Followers on Twitter Followers on

656 26

Microblogger on
Source: Twitter & internal analytics


Brand Integration & Music Identity “75% of consumers now
believe music is an important factor in brand engagement, with 86% open to brands that enrich their experience of a product with music tieups....1 in 5 adults say music drives their choice of brands”
- FRUKT Music Intelligence, October 2009

Happy Hour


Dynamic Brand Account
Create a DJ to represent your brand. We create Blips and deploy them via Smart Scheduling, targeting specific times or events. ‘Active’ presence drives accumulation of followers and exposure into the music community. Inject a human (e.g. responding to directed or reply Blips)

DJ Coors It’s Beer o’clock. Time to bust out of the office and grab a Mountain Peak twelve-pack!


Player Bar
  Leverage the information from listener behavior   The brand slides up from the player control bar (page bottom)   The moving visual and our targeting have created CTRs of approximately 0.5%   Drive traffic to microsites based on geographic location, demographic, or specific content
Baby It’s 5pm and DJ Coors says the beer is COLD!


Post Blip
• The Post-Blip unit appears immediately after a user Blips a song  The featured brand/product box leverages the information provided by DJs when selecting and Blipping music  Include branding in conjunction with an artist or genre of music to reach a specified demographic
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Standard IAB units Accommodates Rich Media


Your Brand as a DJ


Automatic Social Network Integration
Users can publish their blips on Twitter, Facebook,, FriendFeed, Tumbler, LiveJournal, and Jaiku.

Blip is the second largest referenced website on Twitter

12 Sessions
Unique Content
LIVE performances by AWESOME bands at the Studio in San Francisco Promotion to 40MM uniques with Homepage features on partner sites Marketing the event, artist, and sponsor Band promotion via their own social networks Blips from staff and key influencers reach Twitter, FB users and millions of Blippers

13 In the Press
“My favorite provider in this arena remains” October 2009 “ is by far my favorite Twitter music service.” September 2009 “10 sites to help you navigate the new world of music…” July 2009 “The Best Ways to Discover Music Through Twitter.” April 2009 “10 Websites That Will Matter in 2009…” February 2009 “Building a better Twitter…” November 2008 14

Kevin King (718) 801-1022

Brian Venneman (650) 823-4951

Jeff Yasuda (415) 225-2704


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