Relative Pronouns, like other pronouns, refer to somebody or something that has already been mentioned.

At the some time, they join clauses together—relative clauses.

People Subject Object Possession Who = that whom whose

Things That = which That = which whose

B) Complete the sentences with the correct relative pronoun:
  The woman _________ opened the door to us was a nice person. The girl _________ mother lives next door to us works in a hospital. My husband, _________ enjoys his job a lot, is a doctor. The house _________ is round the corner is falling down. Mark, _________ sister works with me, is an intelligent person.

A) Look at the example and complete the sentences. with relative pronouns:

The catcher is the man

who sells meat
(sell meat)

A library is a place ________________ (we /can/read books)

The room _________________ (I/study/be/my bedroom)

A librarian is a person ________________ (work in a library)

The teacher _________________
(students/get/good marks/be/very proud)

The theatre play _________________
(we/see yesterday/be/ very funny)

(play/in it/ be / very good)

The actor _________________


A fireman is a man __________________

(we / visit/last month / burn)

The palace _________________

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