From the desk of Fred Curtis 1205 Amherst Lane Longview, Texas 75601 To Leonard Romano 15808 Amelung

Lane Rockville, MD 20855 Phone: 301 251 9087 Cell: 240 508 4368 Dear Leonard: Subject: Bio Solutions Leonard I have found this small instrument to be a large blessing to my family. Approximately 3 years ago my son Don developed Lyme Disease. Where and how he contacted the disease is beyond me. Don heard of this machine and asked me if we could invest in a unit. He had been using a unit belonging to a friend of his and he was showing a large improvement. At the time Don started using this instrument, he was sleeping approximately 20 hours a day and only got out of bed to go to the bathroom and to eat. He was not able to perform his duties at the church where he was a staff pastor. The Lyme disease caused him to give up that position because he could not function well enough to perform his duties. We bought an instrument and within about six weeks he lost all of the symptoms and was working 16 to 18 hours per day and sleeping only approximately 7 to 8 hours per day. That quick recovery for him was a major blessing form God. People sometime go years and never recover from Lyme disease. We learned that Lyme Disease has many of the characteristics of a number of other illnesses. M.S., Mononucleosis, M.D., Als, Aids, Epstine Barr and many other diseases. We are told that in many cases the wrong medications are prescribed and people actually get worse with the wrong medication. Of course I am not a doctor and do not propose to be a doctor. But records show that a large number of diseases are improperly diagnosed thus causing many complications for the patient. This I understand is why we get several opinions concerning an illness. When you have completely read this manual you will find pages 54 through the end of the operation manual to be most interesting. Bill Kline with Precession Concrete purchased a unit for Nancy Phelps a missionary from China who came home to tell her family good bye. It was discovered that she had cancer in both of her breast. She had them removed in China because she was told that she had no other choice but to have them removed or die. She chose to have them removed. She then came to the United States and we learned about her situation. We allowed her to use Don’s Little Box of Hope for about 30 days before going to her support church in Seattle, WA., We sent a unit with her and she used the unit for another 30 day there. When she left for China once again for what she thought would be her last trip there she again used the unit there for another 30 to 35 days before returning to the hospital for a final physical examination and MRI. After her MRI the doctors there were puzzled, because when she had left China she was told that she had cancer outbreaks all through her body and would only live for approximately 3 to 6 months. She was told this in February and her return visit to the doctor was in November of the same year. The MRI showed her to be free of cancer and today she is going everywhere telling people how God had used this Little Box of Hope to save her life. We gave a unit to Nancy’s mom who made wondrous recovery from breast cancer until her doctor refused to treat her unless she discontinued using the unit. Nancy’s mom died after she discun Pastor Joe from Chili was recently told that the doctors could not operate on him because of the nature of his prostrate cancer. He had not urinated naturally for almost 9 months without a tube. After about 3 to 4 weeks his bladder is being drained naturally. The cancer that had spread to his testacies and penis is seemingly coming under control. Today after regular examination he appears to be moving forward normal body functions. You better believe that he is hoping to regain all of his functions and the use of his reproduction organs. It’s too early

to determine complete recovery but he keeps on experimenting with the Little Box of Hope and maybe someday soon he will report that the doctors have found his problem to be in complete remission. This Little Box of Hope is in its experimental stages. It was invented by Raymond Rife in 1934 and was never released to the market. It was only used by a select number of doctors. In the beginning there were only 11 channels of hope. Dr. John Crain joined Mr. Rife in 1960 and invented the current unit illustrated in this operations manual. Today with constant research, that number has grown to dozens of channels and hundreds of combinations. As people continue to experiment with these channels more discoveries are being made. More and more people are being helped with this unit every day. We have several of the original types of equipment that Mr. Rife invented in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s on hand but they are a little more expensive than the Crain unit. The unit represented by this operating manual is the latest in technology and the latest finding as illustrated in the back of the book segment. This discoveries can be programmed into the unit for convenient use and quick reference. I am having Don send you a book concerning the “The Cancer Cure that Works”. No one can say that this unit will cure anything without running the risk of practicing medicine without a license to practice medecine. It is used for experimental use only as the book so states. As recently as 5/10/05 an announcement on Fox News revieled that a investor had invented a cancer healing instrument that would cure cancer. This invention was reveled after it had been on the black market for almost 73 years. Wonders never cease. Please read this material carefully and then if your are interested I will send you a unit for your convenience. The price is $3,000.00. The profits are used to purchase other units to be given to missionaries and people who are really in need. Your price shall be discounted to $2,495.00. Leonard I have given one of these units to each of my children and to dozens and dozens to many other people both domestically and overseas. Everyone who works with this unit cannot believe the results they have received from its performance, even a common cold. Leonard, I am delighted to send you this information I hope that you will take advantage of it for your whole family sake. I have always given you quality work even to my own cost and this product is no exception to that method of doing business. Your friend,

Fred Curtis

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