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000-730 Practice Test IBM DB2 9 Fundamentals
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SQL Performance Monitor D. Voluminous historical data D.1 and the TCP/IP host name is myhost. Which of the following is a typical data warehouse query? A. Activity Monitor C. the certified test center change the 000-730 Q&A. 100% Money Back Guarantee included! This 000-730 PDF demo do not include the questions and answers's picture: Exam : IBM 000-730 Title : DB2 9 Fundamentals 1. Which of the following is the main feature of an OLTP application? A. you will minimize your DB2 cost and be ready to pass your 000-730 tests on Your First Try. CATALOG TCPIP NODE mydb2srv REMOTE myhost SERVER 446 . Does this customer have any unpaid bills? C. and provide you the download update for free. we will refund your full cost of 000-730 Q&A. A DRDA host database resides on a z/OS or an i5/OS system and listens on port 446.2. ItCertHome to all the Q&A. With our complete DB2 resources. Which tool must be used to analyze all of the database operations performed by an application against a DB2 for i database? A. you can enjoy the upgrade Q&A service for free.(For a full refund details) 3. You can take the examination report card that stamped with PROMETRIC or VUE test centers Seal. we provide track service. we will update the Q&A in the first time. DB2 Performance Monitor Answer: C 2. If in this period. To all the customers buy the Q&A. CATALOG TCPIP NODE myhost REMOTE db2srv SERVER 446 B. Heterogeneous data sources Answer: B 3. ItCertHome professional IT Q&A vendors. What are the total sales for each of the last 6 months? Answer: D 4. completely covers 000-730 test original topic. in there. Visual Explain B. when you buy the Q&A with in one year. we promised "do not pass the exam give you a full refund". The TCP/IP address for this system is 19168.10. you will see all related DB2 certified subject of examination. we provide well after-sale service. the details you may visit the DB2 certified topic. What is this customers address? B. you also need to participate in other related test. Granular transactions C. IBM 000-730 Test belongs to one of the DB2 certified test. 000-730 ItCertHome professional provide DB2 000-730 the newest Q&A. if needs to obtain the DB2 certificate. Which of the following commands is required to update the local node directory so that a DB2 client can access this DRDA database? A. absolutely guarantee you interests have no losses. Summarized queries B. If you buy our 000-730 Q&A and did not pass the exam at the first try. What is the balance in this customers account? D.

C. DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition for z/OS D. CATALOG TCPIP NODE mydb2srv REMOTE myhost SERVER 192. cy FROM tab2) Answer: A 8. empsalary salary).1 Answer: B 5.10. INSERT INTO tab1 VALUES (SELECT cx.00). CREATE TABLE staffsalary(empid INT.1 D. DB2 Run-Time Client for z/OS C.C. without reading the whole document. CATALOG TCPIP NODE myhost REMOTE db2srv SERVER 192. Which of the following is NOT true about XML columns? A.2) WITH COMPARISONS. Data can be retrieved by XQuery or XPath. Access to any portion of an XML document can be direct. UPDATE staffsalary SET empsalary = 60000 . cy FROM tab2) D. INSERT INTO tab1 SELECT cx. INSERT INTO staffsalary VALUES (20. Current B. Given the following two tables: TAB1 C1 C2 __ __________ 1 Antarctica 2 Africa 3 Asia 4 Australia TAB2 CX CY __ _____________ 5 Europe 6 North America 7 South America Which of the following SQL statements will insert all rows found in table TAB2 into table TAB1? C. 50000. DB2 for z/OS B. 50000).168. Answer: C 6. cy FROM tab2 B. Historical D. Projected C. c2) VALUES (SELECT cx. INSERT INTO staffsalary VALUES (10. Which product must be installed on z/OS to allow a COBOL program running on that machine to access data on a remote DB2 for z/OS server? A.168. Data can be retrieved by SQL. D. INSERT INTO tab1 VALUES (tab2.10. The following SQL statements were executed in sequence: CREATE DISTINCT TYPE salary AS decimal(7. Which of the following describes the age of the data in an OLTP system? A. B. tab2. z/OS Application Connectivity to DB2 for z/OS and OS/390 Answer: A 7. XML columns must be altered to accommodate additional parent and child Current and projected Answer: A 9. INSERT INTO tab1 (c1.

What is the current content of the staffsalary table? A. Activity Monitor D. ID | EMPSALARY 0 | 60000 20 | 50000. Journal B. must contain unique values. DB2 for i B. B.00 20 | 60000. ID | EMPSALARY 10 | 60000. Answer: C . DB2 Express Edition B.00 20 | 50000.00 20 | 50000. Which of the following DB2 products are required on an iSeries or System i server to enable an application running on that server to retrieve data from a DB2 database on a Linux server? A.00 B. Task Center C. Which of the following is the lowest cost DB2 product that can be legally installed on a Linux server that has 6 CPUs? A.00 D. Transactions C. A UDT is a data type which _____.00 C. Security D.00 Answer: C 10. Queries Answer: D 13. ID | EMPSALARY 10 | 50000. DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition D. Which of the following tools can be used to schedule a backup operation that is to be run every Sunday evening? A. Backup and recovery B. C. is created using the CREATE TYPE command. DB2 Runtime Client C. DB2 Workgroup Server Edition D. contains a value that was automatically calculated from values in other columns. D. A. for which of the following is a data warehouse optimized? A.WHERE salary(50000) = empsalary. cannot be CAST to other data types. DB2 Enterprise Server Edition Answer: D 14. DB2 Personal Edition C. DB2 for i SQL Development Kit Answer: A 12. Command Line Processor Answer: B 11. ID | EMPSALARY 10 | 60000.

Development Center C. B.UNIX and Windows DB2 9 for z/OS Datab ase Administrator . Visual Explain C. DB2 Enterprise Server Edition Answer: C 16. messages. Design Advisor B. DB2 Express Edition B. C. Which of the following tools can make recommendations for indexes and/or MQTs to improve the performance of DB2 applications? A. Task Center C. Which of the following tools is used to view historical information about tasks. Which of the following tools allows a user to create and debug a SQL stored procedure? A. and notifications? A. Design Advisor D.15. Configuration Assistant Answer: A 17. Performance Advisor D. It must have the UNIQUE WHERE NOT NULL attribute. Command Editor C. Control Center B. Command Line Processor Answer: B 18. D. Activity Monitor Answer: A 19. It cannot be created explicitly by the user. Data Studio D. Answer: A 20. Control Center D. DB2 Personal Edition C. Journal B. Task Center B. DB2 Workgroup Server Edition D. It must have the UNIQUE and CLUSTER attributes. Stored Procedure Builder Answer: C More 000-730 practice test Related 000-730 Exams 000-730 000-355 000-731 000-732 DB2 9 Fundamentals iseries system administration v5r2 DB2 9 DBA for Linux. Which of the following DB2 tools allows a user to execute an SQL statement and view a graphical representation of the access plan? A. It must have the UNIQUE attribute. database changes. Which of the following is true of an index used to support a UNIQUE constraint? A. Which of the following is the lowest cost DB2 product that can be legally installed on an AIX server? A.

1 for z/os datab ase administration ib m content manager version 8 db 2 udb v7.1 family fundametals DB2 9.7 Application Development Other IBM Exams 000-M09 000-633 000-935 000-904 000-237 000-890 000-S02 000-083 000-647 000-217 000-060 000-M33 LOT-835 000-232 000-M18 000-854 000-743 000-441 000-750 000-324 .unix+windwos db 2 udb v7.1 datab ase admin for linux unix&windows db 2 udb datab ase administration for os/390 db 2 udb v8.1 familu application development ib m db 2 udb v8.000-700 000-735 000-702 000-442 000-513 000-703 000-701 000-516 000-704 000-514 000-706 000-541 000-543 ib m db 2 udb v8.1 family application development db 2 v8.1 datab ase administration for unix windows % os/2 db 2 udb v8.1 advanced db admin for linux.unix and windows db admin upgrade DB2 9.1 for linux.5 SQL Procedure Developer db 2 udb v8.7 DBA for Linux UNIX and Windows DB2 9.

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