10:10 pm, 12/20/2010 2nd LIVE, Mayan day 13 Star or Rabbit

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♥ This video This is a rather long live video journal, so many areas are touched upon. What holds the whole together, though, is this concept of hierarchy - is there a hierarchy in reality or not? I come to the journal not knowing, just strongly drawn by the heart. It arose from some reading I was doing where it was most strongly stated that hierarchy was just a bad joke - nonexistent in reality. I have heard this argument energetically promoted by others, as well, and I wondered about it, but didn’t know, so I just put it in heart. That was long ago, so I go to heart, now, to see what has come of its long time of simmering in there. What do I know? What will come up for me? That’s what this journal is for. I speak for a time about the current state of rising consciousness on earth, and roughly where many of us find ourselves, as we are attaining higher consciousness - as we are entering heart. Things are quite changed, drastically different from the way we expected them to be. Not only is higher consciousness, itself, different, but we find that even what we thought our everyday reality to be is false. None of our beliefs turned out to be true. Ongoing shock is what we’re finding as awareness is rising. It’s quite an exciting time to be alive, and incarnate on planet earth. We have tremendous cosmic assistance in this rise in consciousness. We have both intensity of solar and cosmic radiation coming in, hitting the solar system, the planet, and us. In this time we also have the failing magnetic forcefields of both the sun and our planet, as well. As a result, we receive that more more of the radiation that appears.

Thus, even if there were no increase of radiation, we would be receiving more. Instead of the linear way we constructed our world and our reality, we are finding, instead, that paradox is what greets us at every turn in the higher dimensions we visit or occupy. We are seeing how we were so very polarized in and by everything, before - how we took one side or the other of most things. That was considered normal - now, it’s not. Now, instead, we are seeing the reality that the polarities, rather than being separate and distinct, are the same thing - just the two different sides of the same coin. We see, too, how we can contain these seeming opposites quite handily. We step to the middle of the seesaw and see how there, from this point of balance, we can dispense with needing two people to play - one for each opposite seat. We can play the two parts, ourself - and yet still be one. We greet this paradox just everywhere these days. Even emotions, a la Dimitri Halley, are seen to be whole - to contain both poles, and to have the balance point at the center of the see saw. What a shock! His work, too, on The Observation Problem, often called The Measurement Problem, to be tremendously mind expanding consciousness expanding, indeed. How the changes are rolling in! Stepping into heart and out of mind is tremendously powerful in helping us to rise in awareness. As we make friends with paradox, we find it more comfortable to be the container for the opposites. This is most helpful, for we’re approaching Truth and reality much closer than we have been in the old mind model - the polarized duality. So let’s look at that. We know we’re the One, the whole. We know there is a sacred unity that is very real. It is perhaps symbolized or contained by the name of God in the Scripture, the I Am That I Am. All can truly say, many even experientially, I Am That - no matter what That is, I am it. There is only this oneness, this unity of being, of consciousness. All is well and truly both one and whole. So there’s that. Yet, and on the other side of the coin, let’s look at the Cosmos, the creation as it exists through all dimensions and densities - the

wholeness of that. Let’s see what we have. Everything is vibration all is frequency. Everything, ultimately is energy, and energy is vibration. That’s what it all comes down to, at the base of it all. Well, what is frequency and vibration? Is exists on a scale - from lower frequencies to higher ones. We have our electromagnetic spectrum as one section with which we’re familiar, on earth. The visible spectrum is a very small slice of that pie, which covers a whole lot of ground, so to speak. Yet we know, but of course, that there’s more. This is only 3D that we’re looking at here. We have many more densities or dimensions in all of Cosmos to reckon with. Now, any time we have a range of frequencies like that, we have an automatic hierarchy. This can’t be avoided. Some are lower, some higher - it is what it is. Thus, into the Cosmos, the Creation is the property of this hierarchy. It’s reflected in many ways, across many scales. As a for instance, you don’t want to run the main power-station lines into your electric shaver. Wouldn’t turn out so very well. You might even get hurt, or burn the house up. Hierarchy is to be respected. A basic law or structure that can’t be denied. We can take the same concept and apply it to beings that exist on the various densities or dimensions. If we take one at the higher reaches of frequency, a being of great Light and power, and place it right there in front of you, that’s not very nice. You could get burned to a crisp. You wouldn’t likely even be able to see this being at such a high frequency - or perhaps it would be like a sun. I don’t know. I just know you don’t light your candle with a star. A lighter is much better for the task. Do you see? So you see, there really is a built-in hierarchy to be dealt with, and respectfully - even intelligently. It’s nonsense to pretend this doesn’t exist. There are many ideas, concepts, and issues running beneath why someone would not want to have nor acknowledge a hierarchy, some of them quite easy to see into. We have spiritual rebels who have gone the wrong way. They don’t want to acknowledge that anyone, anywhere has any authority over

them. They don’t want to toe any line they don’t draw for themselves. They are rebellion, itself. Hierarchy is anathema to these. That is clear. People want to get out from under the idea that anyone else is better than them. That needs to be recognized, to be seen. It is there if we look. They don’t want to have to answer to anyone, to consider their actions as having implication of that kind. They want to be the best, to be in control - to be left alone. There’s a Luciferian level of rebellion that refuses to bend the knee to anyone or anything, period. It considers itself to be absolutely superior to all. Now, if we look at that, it can be seen that it DOES believe in a hierarchy - it just believes itself to be the pinnacle of that scale. It has a serious, a massive flaw of arrogance - arrogance on a scale that would overwhelm you or me. This is cancerous - rotten to the core. This hierarchy is behind the teachings that preach that everything is quite equal - that hierarchy doesn’t exist. Content in their current levels of control and dominance, they are happy to have others believe there’s no such thing as a hierarchy. Their long attempts to be flat out worshipped, to keep a forced hierarchy in charge with them clearly at the top brought too much rebellion. It didn’t work. So they now act behind the scenes, and in secrecy. But the cancerous arrogance still burns strongly. They can’t see Life any other way, so convinced are they of their superiority. Here and now is the sacred portal that, when combined with heart open the gate to All That Is and Is Not. Now is the only place we need to be, and mind is no assistant in getting or keeping us there. Don’t trust the mind - not a think (‘typo’ for thing) that it says. Take a good dose of Byron Katie if you believe even one thought that you have. No thought is true. It’s in your best interest to come into acceptance of and consonance with that. What resonates NOW is what counts. We have to give up all the past, all beliefs, all expectations or dreams about the future - ALL of that must go in respect of the now. As we let these things go - let mind dominance depart - we enter the sacred time which is now. It

contains the future and the past within it very well. I’ll link you over to the journal that speaks of that. Be true to now and centered in heart. That is the royal road into higher consciousness. It’s the shortest way. Give it a try. Let go of the mind. The now contains all that is, both past and future - all wrapped up in now. Don’t listen to a peep from the mind on this. It isn’t useful. It won’t help get you where you’re going. Higher consciousness isn’t found on that road. Let us stand centered, in the balance of the heart and the now. They form the sacred cross that takes you there. The old man (3D, linear, polarized) dies on that cross where the new one is born. Higher consciousness is birthed. Opposites are contained. Paradox rules. Understanding isn’t necessary to this. It isn’t mind containing these opposites. This is in heart. Understanding either comes or it doesn’t, but that doesn’t matter to your now. It just is what it is. You can experience higher awareness absent mental understanding, which isn’t necessary at all. Your now contains all you require. Whatever you need you’ll be impulsed to go after. You’ll be danced into the flow, into the way of it. It just happens. You aren’t even doing any doing. It’s being done through you. Hard to explain. In your now are each and every one of all your many embodiments, both past and future - all happening now. Time is simultaneous. Mankind has been duped with this joke of a concept of time that isn’t real at all. It’s worse than a joke. There is no time - not the way we conceive of it. It doesn’t exist. Peter Russell’s The Primacy of Consciousness is a mandatory view if the concept of no time bothers you. He lays it right out, a la physics and science. Very neat. Special lecture, for sure. So, all of your incarnations are happening, now. We reach the point where we know this. We experience a number of them, and that helps us to know. By accepting the understanding of time as simultaneous, or as non existent in the way we conceive it, this enables you to dredge up many old ideas and beliefs on which are

founded the house of your consciousness that must crumble on down - it’s built on the sand. No way it can stand. I strongly suggest everyone watch at least one Ian Lungold lecture, where you’ll get so much more than just information on the Mayan calendar. You’ll come away with a whole new concept of what time is, and what calendars are, in general. It’s got to be pretty important, since the Catholic Church was willing to kill millions and millions of native peoples, all around the world, to enforce its notion of time, the Gregorian Calendar. This is dead serious stuff. They wanted us locked into this false framework, this conception of mechanical time - 3rd rock from the sun. Those natives were killed, and so was their culture, their writings, their sacred teachings, to the greatest extent possible. They had to do that in order to program and brainwash us. They couldn’t have something sacred or better than their schemes surfacing later to contradict what they said. Time is sacred - they had to distance us from that. We have so many, many, many false beliefs, ideas, attitudes, and thoughts that we’ll be kissing the ground Ian and others walked on in gratitude for their help in cleaning them up and out of there. We require that Truth, or what resonates with Truth be presented to us, in order to uncover and see the false beliefs and values we’ve adopted. Otherwise they remain invisible - just a part of the whole of our awareness. It was reading something where someone was adamantly against the whole concept that hierarchy exists or has any reality at all. That’s what brought this whole thing up for me, where it had gone, unnoticed for perhaps a number of years - this whole concept of hierarchy. That’s what helped birth this journal. Ian’s lectures will do the same, as will many things you run across. If you follow heart, you’ll be guaranteed to come across just the perfect things to bring up for you just exactly what is current, is important, is your joy to pursue. Just stick to heart and now, and the magic just happens. Can’t explain it at all :) But back to hierarchy. Just look at any school system and you’ll see hierarchy at work. There’s the 4th grader and the 9th grader, the

teacher and the aide, the principal and the administrator, the school board, etc. There’s hierarchy all over the place. There is the pyramidal hierarchy our planet uses, which is most familiar to us. Yet, the Andromedans, through Alex Collier, tell us that most other civilizations, other beings, use a holographic structure. That way, if you cut any part of the structure away, it still contains the whole. Both the part and the larger part left behind remain functional, in spite of being broken apart. This is much more functional than our linear way of the pyramid with the chief or the ruler at the top. So, this form of hierarchy is not the best or most functional. But it’s not the only choice, either. We have the example of the differences in vibration or frequencies, and the natural hierarchy built into that. Hierarchy is real. Let’s keep the mind out of this, however. Mind has no worthy gems to offer, here. Let’s stick to the heart as we contemplace (‘typo’ for contemplate), as we ponder these things. Ultimately, everything is founded on Love - a divine Love that has no corollary on earth. In a study of only four near-death experiencers this Love can be viewed, and seen clearly. They go into the Light and they come back with veritable treasures: 1) Mellen-Thomas Benedict 2) Dannion Brinkley 3) Bettye Eadie 4) P.M.H. Atwater If you look into the experiences of these four, together, you will get a rich, varied, and yet balanced view of what is IN THE HIGHER DIMENSIONS. This is valuable to this discussion, for are we not rising in consciousness? Is this not where we’re going, where we’ll find ourselves very soon? Ultimately, too, everything is energy. Energy, being vibration, goes from lower to higher. It has and is a built in scale or hierarchy. As Above, So Below and vice versa. This underpins all that is. We can’t get away from hierarchy if we want to stick close to reality - to that which is. Thus, maybe I’ve made my case well enough to bring up some or many of your beliefs for another look. This is useful. I hope, I trust you are blessed. So be it. Aho!

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