ON A Comparative Analysis of Promotional Activities of Different Private Hospitals in Bangladesh

Date of Submission: 12 November, 2009

Stamford University Bangladesh


ON A Comparative Analysis of Promotional Activities of Different Private Hospitals in Bangladesh

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Md. Kamruzzman
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Md. Shahnur Rashid ID-MBA 03910709 Major: Marketing MBA Program

Date of Submission: November 18, 2009

Stamford University, Bangladesh

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Subject: Submission of Thesis Report entitled “A Comparative Analysis of Promotional Activities of Different Private Hospitals in Bangladesh” Dear Sir, The thesis report entitled “A Comparative Analysis of Promotional Activities of Different Private Hospitals in Bangladesh” is done as a partial fulfillment of the requirement of MBA degree. You assigned me to prepare me to this report as a requirement of the MBA. I am grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to undergo such an experience. This report is a partial requirement of MBA program. So, in making this report worthy on, I have tried my level best to gather all relative information from the various sources. I hope that it will meet your expected standard. I sincerely hope that this thesis report meets your approval and its appraisal would demonstrate my ability to prepare a formal report. I would be glad to furnish you with clarifications, if required. Sincerely yours, _____________

Md. Shahnur Rashid
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039 10709 Batch-39 Department of Business Administration 4 .Student Assertion I Hereby Announced That the Extensive Study Entitled A Comparative Analysis of Promotional Activities of Different Private Hospitals in Bangladesh Prepared in partial accomplishment of the Requirement for the award of the degree in Masters of Business Administration from Stamford University Bangladesh _______________ Md. Shahnur Rashid ID No.

I wish him every success in his future endeavor. Shahnur Rashid. Supervisor _________________________________________ Md. I have gone through the report and found it to be a well written report. He has completed the report by himself successfully under my supervision. Bangladesh 5 . Stamford University Bangladesh has completed the thesis report titled “A Comparative Analysis of Promotional Activities of Different Private Hospitals in Bangladesh” as a part of requirement for obtaining MBA degree.CERTIFICATION This is to certify that Md. MBA 03910709 under the department of Business Administration. Kamruzzman Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration Stamford University. student of MBA program of bearing ID No.

Assistant Professor.Acknowledgement At first I would like to express my gratitude to almighty God for enabling me the strength and opportunity to complete the report within the schedule time successfully. 6 . I was assigned to prepare this report on “A Comparative Analysis of Promotional Activities of Different Private Hospitals in Bangladesh” This report would not have been possible without the dedication and contribution of a number of individuals as it involved diverse field of knowledge and experience. First and foremost. Apollo Hospital Limited. I would express my humble gratitude to Shafil Azam. Kamruzzaman. Dhaka. But it will be unfair to ignore acknowledge some of them as they contributed so much to my effort of writing a worthy report. His eagerness to help me every step of the way encouraged me to propel myself higher. honorable faculty member. Executive (Marketing). Stamford University Bangladesh for agreeing to supervise me during this project. Without his supervision and cooperation this report would have been a very difficult one to complete. who helped me and guided me to prepare the report is very long and cannot be accommodated within this limited space. Department of Business Administration. We know that practical knowledge in subject matter is essential to sub assistant the theoretical knowledge gathered in the educational institutions. In order to resolve the dichotomy between these two areas. I would like to express my gratitude to Md. The list of those great persons.

Latest diagnostic. United Hospital limited and Square Hospital Limited have their own way of developing and implementing marketing and promotional activities. 7 . and sophisticated medical technology. personal selling. While conducting this report writing some primary data are collected from business Development manager of all private hospitals. quality doctors and staffs. weakness. public relation and other promotional campaigns. The topic of the report is “A Comparative Analysis of Promotional Activities of Different Private Hospitals in Bangladesh”. medical and surgical facilities or services for the care of its patient’s adequate amenities. sales promotion. opportunities and threat) analysis. more services oriented activities and above all effective and efficient authority. Obviously different private hospitals. namely Apollo Hospital Dhaka. SWOT (strength. The report is based on their strategies and activities. To make the access easier the contribution of private hospitals has increasingly emerging in this sector with wide range of services and specialists.SYNOPSIS Good health care is a great need of any country but the access to health care is mostly severe in Bangladesh. equipment. advertising. practicing integrated marketing communication with full-fledged direct marketing. Therefore marketing activities are essentially important for private hospitals to understand needs and wants of patients and introduce activities like exploring extensive growth opportunities.

8 Services 3.0 Overall Scenario of Private hospitals in Bangladesh 2.4 Benefits of Accreditation by JCI 3.0 Introduction 1.11 Special Instructions for Women 3.13 Library 3.10 Master Health Check 3.3 Accreditation 3.5 Methodology of the study 1.12 Technology of Apollo Hospital Dhaka 3.4 8 .1 Apollo Hospital Dhaka 3.2 Mission Statement 3.2 Private and public Hospital Services in Bangladesh 15 15 16 Chapter.14 Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Information Center 20 20 20 20 21 21 22 23 24 24 26 28 29 30 30 Chapter.3 Literature Review 1.T A B L E OF C O N T E N T Chapter.0 Overview of the Apollo Hospital Dhaka in Bangladesh 3.3 3.1 Emergence of Hospital Industry in Bangladesh 2.4 Objective of the Study 1.5 Promoters 3.2 2.7 Specialty 3.2 Background of the Study 1.9 Quality Initiatives 3.1 Page No 1.6 Limitations of the study 01 04 05 12 13 14 Chapter.6 Administration 3.

12 Billing 4.3 They are committed to 4.4. NICU.4 Facilities at United Hospital 4.6 Square Group 5.9 Direction for Several Services 4.2 Mission Statement 4.1 About United Hospital 4. PICU.9 ICU.1 SWOT analysis of Apollo Hospital Dhaka 6.6 State-of-the-Art Equipment 4. CSICU.12 Location Map 47 47 47 47 48 48 49 49 51 51 53 57 61 Chapter.15 Medical and Professional Services 4.7 OPD Services 5.7 Sophisticated and Accurate 4.3 Hospital Overview 5.2 SWOT analysis of United Hospital Limited 6.14 Rules and Regulations For In Patients of UHL 4.13 Going Home 4.2 Square Hospital Ltd.8 Board of Directors 4.6 6.16 United Hospital has 5 OPDs 34 34 34 34 35 35 36 36 37 38 40 40 41 42 42 42 44 Chapter. SICU 5.5 Reliable Automation 4.0 SWOT Analysis of Hospitals 63 63 65 66 6. 5.10 Ancillary Services 5.11 Our Hospital Stay 4.11 Visiting Hours 5.5 Mission Statement 5.8 IPD Services 5.0 Overview of the Square Hospital Dhaka in Bangladesh 5.10 For Patients 4.5 5.0 Overview of the United Hospital Dhaka 4. CCU.3 SWOT analysis of Square Hospital Limited 9 .4 The Astras building is organized as 5.1 A Token of Gratitude to the Nation 5.

1 Recommendations 8.2 Conclusion References Survey Questionnaire 10 .0 Recommendations and Conclusion 72 73 74 75 8.Chapter.0 Comparative Analysis of the Promotional Strategies 68 68 70 70 7.7 7.2 Promotional Mix Elements 7.1 Promotional Budget 7.3 Advertising Budget Chapter-8 8.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim 11 .


1.0 Introduction
In Bangladesh, the status of healthcare is similar to the one of many developing countries: medical practitioners in Bangladesh often operate in relative isolation, dealing with diverse health care needs. Worldwide there is difficulty in retaining specialists in non-urban areas. The distribution of specialists in Bangladesh is indeed uneven. Tertiary care hospitals are also concentrated within the capital and few other major cities with large segments of the population having no access.


The bulk of the nation's health manpower is under government control because provision of health care is government's responsibility. Only in cities and towns there are doctors available in private practice and in recent years, diagnostic services and hospital care have witnessed good growth in the private sector particularly in the capital city of Dhaka and a few other major cities. The bulk of the population living in rural Bangladesh and too poor to afford private medical facilities have to be cared for by government facilities which admittedly are victims of chronic funding and manpower shortage. Most rural hospitals operated by government lack adequate number of doctors and technicians; moreover, the doctors are permitted to engage in private practice which often takes away their time, time that they could otherwise devote to hospital work and medical research. Biomedical research manpower is one of the least developed sectors in the country's health manpower scenario. The number of registered doctors in the year 2000 stands at 27,546 for a population of about 130 millions and the number of registered nurses is 15804. In the year 2000, the number of hospital beds was 40,793 of which 29,402 are in the government hospitals. The number of medical colleges in private sectors was 13 and in the public sector it was also


Table Public health infrastructure in Bangladesh
Medical college and hospital Specialized hospital and centre National institute Medical university 13 61 5 1

Post graduate institute and hospital 5 Infectious diseases hospital TB hospital Chest hospital Leprosy hospital Mental hospital Paramedic institute Dental college hospital Upazila Health Complex Union sub-centre 6 4 45 3 2 1 2 402 3175

Primary healthcare
The administration of primary healthcare by the Bangladesh government is carried out through a surprisingly extensive infrastructure of facilities within each of the 64 districts. The districts are divided into 464 upazillas (sub-district) which are subdivided into unions. Each union consists of approximately 25,000 people and health services are directed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW). The new five-year health and population sector programmed (HPSP) based on the Health and Population Sector Strategy (HPSS) already under implementation since July 1998 calls for providing an essential service package (ESP) or a community based healthcare scheme to the entire population at four different levels of delivery. The levels are: community out-reaches, health and family welfare centers/rural dispensaries, upazila health complexes as first referral system and district hospital as second referral system.

Healthcare in rural areas


only a diminutive fraction. However. Furthermore. despite such an extensive rural health care infrastructure. most preferring the services of a local village doctor without a medical graduate degree Government complexes are not utilized to “anywhere near their capacity. who receives 18 months of training in family planning. According to a national survey undertaken by USAID on disadvantaged Bangladeshis. who receives three years of training in disease prevention. health education. as little as 8 percent of the rural population accesses these amenities. The upazillas (sub-district) consisting of unions. 15 . Primary healthcare service is offered from the Union Health Centers have an available staff comprising of a Medical Assistant. represent the rural areas of the country.” primarily because of the lack of quality care and accessibility. Alarmingly.” only two percent of them sought care for their child from the nearest Union Health and Family Welfare Center. less than 50 percent of the women are even aware of the existence of Satellite Clinics in their areas. and postnatal and prenatal care. not even one percent of those surveyed had utilized the services of a Union Health and Family WelfareCenter. and basic first aid. This 8 percent is asserted by various NGOs to be made up largely of people of the status of village elite.The rural areas of Bangladesh contain more than 70 percent of its total population and 82 percent of the total poor people. and a Family Welfare Visitor. reproductive health. of mothers who reported in a household survey that their child was “too sick to eat.

1. Post-disastrous medical management. as a partial fulfillment of MBA degree. and absence from duty and unwillingness of doctors to stay at rural areas and small towns. Lack of proper diagnostic facilities 2.2 Background of the Study The report is submitted to Mr. Improper distribution of diagnostic professionals 4. negligence towards patients. Deficiencies particularly in the rural healthcare centers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1. Medical manpower shortage 6. department of Business Administration. Md. Assistant Professor. Kamruzzaman. wrong treatment.Problems in the healthcare system It is noted that the highest number of problems (22%) in health sector are related to inadequate number of physicians. Stamford University Bangladesh. Lack of qualified physicians 3. Professional isolation of Physicians 5. The other problems are related to supplies. I completed the project titled “A Comparative Analysis of Promotional Activities of Different Private Hospitals in Bangladesh” 16 . beds etc (21%). Some other major problems often discussed also include lack of ambulance services as well as proper referral services. equipment.

personal selling. and events. sales promotion. and handling or heading off unfavorable rumors. the Internet. Public relations: Building good relations with the company’s various publics by obtaining favorable publicity. public relations. stories. and direct-marketing tools that the company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives. fax. Sales promotion: Short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service. broadcast. Each category involves specific tools. I have presented the summary of the currently available study related to project in hand along with the standard format of references. Direct marketing: Direct connections with carefully targeted individual consumers to both obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships. and other tools to communicate directly with specific consumers.the use of telephone. advertising includes print. premiums. Sales promotion includes point-ofpurchase display. ♦ Published Sources: I have presented a portion of literature in the following from Principles of Marketing (11th edition) by Philip Kotler: A company’s total marketing communications mix.3 Literature Review Here. goods or services by an identified sponsor. Advertising: Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas. e-mail. Internet.1. outdoor. building up a good corporate image. sales promotion. mail. For example. specialty advertising. and public relations a company uses. and 17 .also called its promotion mixconsists of the specific blend of advertising. and other forms. personal selling. Marketing communications mix (promotion mix): The specific mix of advertising. discounts. coupons.

demonstrations. At the same time. trade shows. and more. The products or services design. telephone marketing. Public relations include press releases. talks on various health topics and creating awareness through media to 18 . and the stores that it-all communicate something to buyers. its price. The common external marketing today range from the prominent ones of giving advertisements and advertorials in the newspapers to the subtle ones like free checkup camps. Direct marketing includes catalogs. Private hospitals in Bangladesh no doubt are realizing that they cannot depend solely on words of mouth for getting patients. the internet. Though there still are hospitals which shy away from admitting that they need to be marketed. The private hospitals market themselves through the use of two marketing. price. sponsorships. and place-must are coordinated for greatest communication impact. and incentive programs. External Marketing The internal marketing. many have established marketing departments. kiosks. although the promotion mix is the company’s primary communication activity. Thus. The favorites of marketing teams are corporate tie-ups to increases the image of hospital and to gain more patients through there offered services and facilities. by analyzing the feedback from regular customer satisfaction survey can definitely help building the image.promotion and product. without it the internal part of marketing ensures that the employees are at their best of behavior with the patients and wellinformed about the various activities of the hospital including free check-up camps and talks. the shape and color of its package. ♦ Hospitals turn to marketing mode in Bangladesh: Call it the entry of consumerism in health care or a belated wake-up call-marketing is making its way to being the priority of hospitals. These are: • • Internal Marketing. the entire marketing mix. communication goes beyond these specific promotion tools. and special events. Personal selling includes sales presentations.

The success or the lack of it will invariably be determined as to what our reputation is in terms of various relevant parameters. it is a battle of perceptions. It can continue with having the same color combination. A simple example would be of a hospital (let us call it XYZ Hospital) has uniqueness in the form of having orange color in most of its interiors like furniture etc. On the 19 . Marketing call it themselves as it is a powerful tool today. but it is not enough. which gets the prospect to buy their brand. but the question is that is this uniqueness relevant? Does the customer really view color combination of the hospital as an important factor. So having this unique feature is not sufficient for XYZ Hospital. ♦ Create favorable positioning for hospital Marketing: It is said that marketing is not a battle of products or services. Now this may be a unique thing. Every product or services has a reputation. Every professionally marketed product is seeking to occupy some place in the mind of the prospect. Contrary to whatever you may believe. The aim of such a company is to sit at a place which is not occupied by any other brand. These parameters include the following:  How is our price perceived?  How is our quality perceived?  How is our technology perceived?  How are our competitors perceived on the same parameters?  How is the overall private health care industry perceived by the target market? The challenges we have are to create a reputation for our services which is relevant and at the same time it is unique. They are looking to create a perception for their product which is favorable and most importantly. It is also not a battle of intellect of two competitors. It is definitely not a battle of superior and inferior. I guess not. As a result day by day private hospitals turn to marketing mood. Some of these reputations are created consciously by the promoters of the product over a period of time. Having only one of the two is not always very fruitful.

So it is very important to figure out which factors are most important. Some of the factors would have more influence than the others. housekeeping etc. ♦ Distance from the house ♦ Recommendations from someone ♦ Who will pay for the treatment After determine what factors influence the purchase decision the next step is to assign the priority to these factors. The hospital under no circumstances can ignore the role of having excellent services to its patients but will have to do something extra. Here is the mantra of creating a fruitful positioning for a hospital in the mind of the prospect. This uniqueness may also not work if the competitor hospitals also have a similar staff situation. 20 .contrary. For hospital XYZ. Another aspect which makes it an important factor is that XYZ hospital is doing cardiac surgeries which are perceived as a high risk task. They may include: ♦ Reliability ♦ Prices ♦ Reputation of doctors ♦ Quality of equipment ♦ Number of supporting specialties ♦ Amount and quality of miscellaneous services like catering. XYZ Hospital may have a very relevant feature. It may be having a very caring staff. I would go to the extent of giving it a weight in numbers. Find out what influences his/her purchase decision? These attributes may be many in number. This will be so because the hospital is located in an area which has nuclear families and hence the small family size makes reliability an important factor. Let me illustrate this giving an example. There is various attributes in a hospital are which will lead to him or her using the services of the hospital. Hence reliability is of prime importance. A staff that really cared for patients and is always cares for patients and is always cheerful apart from being impeccable dressed. The target customers will view reliability as important factor.

all private hospital programs have migrated to marketing philosophy and without exception. supported and practiced consistently in the hospital industry only then they can gain more patients by providing services. The wooing of that prospect is more a matter of mind. In the end we know what are the relevant attributes which the hospital can concentrate on.So out of 100. Filling up a ‘Vacuum’ in the market is both easy and profitable. As more and more private hospitals realize that we will move towards a scenario where healthcare is promoted in a systematic and effective way. rather than heart and emotions. In that context. The second important factor for the target customer is the quality of personal care a patient would get in the hospital. When marketing concepts and strategies are understood. Developing and implementing customized action plans designed to increase better services and promotional activities which are the assessing key for the client needs that are included in this marketing plan. 21 . reliability as a factor which influences the purchase decision for the target customer of XYZ Hospital is 30. reputation of doctor and prices. planning and creativity. As a result all the private hospitals could understand marketing principles and understand that the services they provide to a hospital must answer the needs of those responsible. donors and the quality of our relationships with our hospitals have improved. The remaining 45 weight is shared by distance. Marketing Strategy of Private Hospital in Bangladesh Recently. The weight assigned to this factor is 23. the realization of the need for specialized marketing staff has gained momentum in the hospital industry. This way it will get to a uniquely relevant feature. referral numbers. The next step would be to find out which of the relevant attributes is being take care of by the competition. This feature will determine its positioning stance. The job for XYZ Hospital is to find out what attributes it can provide which are relevant to prospect and yet are not being provided by the competition or being provided insufficiently. Not only that. there mat be a few relevant attributes that the competition or the industry as a whole is struggling to provide.

For that reasons they used broadcast media such as TV. ♦ Regional seminars. Square and United Hospitals inform their services through informative advertising to gain patients. With medical tourism picking up. ♦ Hospital policy and procedure review Promotional Activities of Private Hospitals Like other business firms or organization the private hospitals also follows some promotional activities to increase the image of their hospital name and reputation to gain more customers or patients. ♦ Development of customized hospital specific action plans. Without it now a day. ♦ Physician and nursing education. Apollo.There are some effective Marketing Strategies they might approach: ♦ Dedicated staff member for each hospital account providing a single point of service. sales promotion and public relations. Specially. Some of the promotional tools that are widely used by hospitals business are given below: Advertising Advertising is any paid from of non personal presentation and promotional of ideas. ♦ Referral process analysis. To do this. ♦ Formulation of comprehensive hospital profiles and needs assessment for each target hospital. Although advertising is used mostly by business firms but now a days it also used by a wide range in hospitals business. ♦ Routing meetings with key clients. so that the hospital is the first preference of the doctors for referral. facilities and the cost of each services to the targeted patient’s minds. hospitals are emphasizing on marketing themselves in the overseas market too. their benefits. they must skillfully use the masspromotional tools of advertising. In that media they specially focus 22 . Private hospital like Apollo have developed special package for these oversees patients and has tie-ups with various hotels. ♦ Rounds in key areas of hospitals. For that reasons they inform consumers or patients about their products or services. private Hospitals are not just luring the patients by giving benefits but they are providing incentives to doctors too. ♦ Post-donor and post-referral follow-up.

♦ Low-cost treatment ♦ Continuity programs ♦ Sponsor and Event ♦ Package treatment program at a very low price ♦ Vaccination program. ♦ E-mail ♦ Fax-mail. ♦ Short run Champagne. It consists of a variety of short term programs or incentives to encourage patients about their hospitals and their services or products. ♦ Billboards Advertising. Some of these direct marketing channels are as follows: ♦ Telephones. ♦ One-stop health-screening delivery service. Without it they nay use other media of advertising. ♦ Internet(Web site) ♦ Interactive TV etc. ♦ Discount on medical services. Sales Promotion Sales promotions are the key in ingredient in hospitals marketing campaigns. ♦ Symbols and Logos.on their services and specialist. Recently. Direct Marketing Direct marketing is use of consumers-direct channels to inform about their products and services. These are as follows: ♦ Print Media. all the hospitals are use direct marketing approach to inform and introduce about their services and facilities to the patients to build a long-term relationship. ♦ Mailings. ♦ Street activities. appointment services through the use of these channels. They also provide treatment consultant services. 23 .

Rather it pays for a staff to develop and circulate information and to manage events. ♦ To identify the practices of marketing inputs of selected private hospitals. ♦ To explain the experience gathered during the thesis writing.4 Objectives of the study The following objectives have been identified as the report is concerned: ♦ To explain the products and services market expansion those have extensive growth opportunities. Some of these public relation programs are as follows: ♦ Seminars. ♦ To analyze the integrated marketing communication of selected private hospitals. Public relations involve a verity of programs designed to promote or protect hospitals image. 1. ♦ To critically examine the marketing strategies of selected private hospitals. For that reason the hospital does not pay for the space or time in the media. weakness.Public Relations Public relations can have a strong impact on patient’s awareness at a much lower cost than advertising. ♦ To detect strength. ♦ Charitable donation ♦ Community relations ♦ Press relations ♦ Service publicity ♦ Lobbying etc The hospitals can create better public relations with the patients under the following easy: ♦ Influencing specific target group patients. opportunities and threat of selected private hospital. ♦ To create and reinforce consumers or patients perceptions ♦ To express commitment to the community or on social issues. ♦ They can building a strong hospitals image in a way that reflects positive response from patients. 24 .

weaknesses. threats. All of these components of research are briefly describe below: Research Design This research is conclusive in nature. the data collection methods. So I have surveyed all the private hospitals to find out the marketing strategy. complete this report. field work and statistical analysis. strengths. and opportunities and promotional activities of the private hospitals industry as these are required for me to Data Collection Both the primary and secondary data have been collected for this report as per the requirement. statistical structure has been used in this report to make this report richer in terms of informative outlook.1. ♦ Primary Sources of Data: • • • Questionnaire to the Business Development manager of all private hospitals. So by this piece of report we will be able to make some decision which help to support the research objectives. the sampling procedure. Conclusive research is one that is able to establish a conclusion. Observation of operational activities and producers in the above departments. 25 . Depth interview with the Marketing Manager. Business Development manager of all private hospitals has identified as the sampling units. Sampling Procedure In this report.5 Methodology of the study The methodology of this report includes the overall research design. Furthermore.

there may occur some errors of omission. So. United Hospital and Square Hospital Dhaka.6 Limitations of the study ♦ Perception is totally a psychological aspect. For this reasons it is difficult to find relevant data about their promotional offers. I surveyed each hospitals marketing department. The products and services list and the list of all advance medical technology’s list that is used for the purpose of treatment in all private hospitals that I survey. Web Site: All the chosen Private hospitals web sits. 1. Article on Hospital Marketing Plans Marketing Management by Kotler Keller 12th edition. • • Literatures and Flash mails. • • Field Work For the purpose of preparing this report I have Visited Apollo Hospital Dhaka. ♦ Information regarding the survey sometimes created confidentiality for the respondent. 26 . Every individual perceive the same thing in different ways. ♦ Some official documents were not provided by the Marketing Department for their security purposes. approximately was fitted in some occasion.♦ Secondary Sources of Data: • • Brochure of all the private hospitals that I survey. Therefore. Because of time constraint it was not possible to survey a large number of samples within a very shortest time. As a result at the survey time of each hospital I have collected a lot of information on their promotional activities. there promotional budgeting plan and objectives of the promotional activities. ♦ Schedule time span was insufficient for full-fledged survey. marketing inputs and their carious medical affairs. ♦ Another limitation is interviewing business development manager of all the private hospitals that I survey.

Chapter-Two Overall Scenario of Private hospitals in Bangladesh 27 .

2.0 Overall Scenario of Private hospitals in Bangladesh
2.1 Emergence of Hospital Industry in Bangladesh
Traditionally healthcare has been an important sector of the government since the British period and the trend continued after Bangladesh was created in 1971. During the early 1990s Bangladesh firmly committed itself to free market economy with the result that the healthcare sector slowly began to attract greater attention of the private sector. At present most of the hospitals are in the government sector at different administrative tiers. All of the countries government medical colleges have hospitals attached for teaching purpose, so also does the country’s single medical university. During the 1990s a class of healthcare clinics offering some hospital service began to emerge. These inpatient clinics are described by various names: medical centre, nursing home, hospital etc. these have some properties of a standard hospital, but these are of relatively small size. Usually with 15-60 beds and usually do not have the full range of services offered in a standard hospital. Some of these clinics are of general type offering a spectrum of services relating to treatment and general surgery, but a few are specialized such as for eye treatment or cardiovascular ailments. Such in-patient clinics are mostly located in major cities of the country such as at the six divisional headquarters 64 district headquarters and 464 Upazila headquarters. The vast majority of such private clinics and certainly the best ones are located in the capital city Dhaka; the number being disproportionately smaller compared to the population size. The services may be targeted at the upper middle class and the country being small in size, prospective clients for such hospitals can easily come to the capital in a matter of hours using private or rented motor vehicles. In Dhaka city the number of in-patient clinics at will be about a couple of hundred, big and small. Standard private hospitals are few mostly attached with private medical colleges of which there are over a dozen operating in the country. There are some fairly old hospitals established during the British period. The Kumudini Hospital in


Mirzapur near Dhaka is the country’s most well known private hospital and one of the oldest. In recent years, wealthy people are seen to be in the venture of establishing private hospitals in memory of some loved ones but their number is very small; only a couple are perhaps worth mentioning. In addition community-based hospitals are now being established that are not strictly private, but are operated at non-governmental levels. There are some very costly and modern private hospitals are established in the private sector largely to stop the outflow of patients from the country to India or Singapore where they hope to receive better treatment But far the most prolific development in healthcare took place in the diagnostic sector. Up until early 1980s, diagnostic services available mostly were of routine type involving blood, urine and stool examination. Some microbiological cultures, routine biochemical test, X-rays etc. with the transition to free market economy, demand for a wide spectrum of diagnostic service increased considerable. Many clinics were established in the private sector with advanced diagnostic capabilities including imaging, ultra-sonography, and tests for hormones, immunological tests and many others. Many of these newer and sophisticated tests become services of great public demand. But when demand is high system abuses sometimes surface. Physicians ask for that are not highly relevant for treatment but they do so possibly for Clint satisfaction and satisfaction of the business motives of the providers of services so that the latter may reciprocate physician’s referral through various incentives.

2.2 Private and public Hospital Services in Bangladesh
The premise of this report paper was that market incentives would explain differences in the perceived quality of services provided by public and private hospitals. Though this study was specially designed to determine and the quality of services provided by private hospitals. The study also attempts to determine whether the service quality ratings are reasonable predictors of the type of hospitals chose by the patients. To determine the comparative promotional advantages among them. Demographic variables of income and education were included with service quality ratings to test the model’s predictive capability. In public hospitals, on the other hand there is little or no market incentive to motivate the staff to take extra initiative or effort to improve the condition of patients and ameliorate their suffering. Tax subsidies and other sources assure these organizations of their survival. Harsh as


this may sound, evidence of their lack of responsiveness, dedication, or quality assurance in media reports is often stark. This suggests that their service quality will e rated lower than private hospitals. Quality assessment however requires careful consideration. More recently, patients’ assessment of quality care has begun to play an important role, especially in the advanced industrialized countries, and their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with services has become an important area of inquiry. Thus, Donabedian ( 1988) suggests that, ‘patient satisfaction should be considered to be one of the desired outcomes of care… information about patient satisfaction should be as indispensable to assessments of quality as to the design and management of health care systems. This contention was reasonable supported private hospitals were evaluated better on responsiveness, communication and discipline. By responding to these needs hospitals in Bangladesh can improve their image and be perceived more favorable. These results also suggest that service quality can be improved in the health care sector by gradually exposing the hospital to market incentives. It is important especially for public and private hospitals and regulatory agencies to understand how market incentives work. With better understanding and over time public hospital may be gradually weaned from their present survival. It is apparent from the results challenge is addressed vigorously and methodically in Bangladesh to better meet the needs of patients. To do so, in addition to market incentives, it is proposed that four other incentives be considered to promote higher quality in private hospitals in Bangladesh. These include:     Competitive incentive Social incentive Internal and Regulatory incentives

Competitive Incentives It may be introduced by the Government by encouraging controlled growth of the private sector and inviting foreign capital and expertise so that new technology and modern managerial practices with their attendant efficiencies are introduced in the country. Local hospitals and health care professionals would be better off emulating these practices to ensure their viability, thereby upgrading the quality of health care services in the country.


For example. could be tied to performance evaluation mechanisms that need to be tightened and fine-tuned. While beyond the scope of this paper it is felt that employees in private hospitals should be compensated on the basis of performance. These evaluations should then be widely disseminated through information centers. When health care customers are able to make more informed choices based on the evaluations to this purpose. training. Internal Incentives It must also be structure to motivate health care staff to deliver the desired standards of service. media participation and a variety of accessible and easy-to-comprehend literature. the prominent of private hospitals periodically evaluated. as government servants are bound by certain pay structures. or allocations to infrastructure. Where compensation adjusts cannot be legally made in the short run. public awareness campaigns. or allocations to hospitals from a resource pool on the basis of performance) or punish (through fines. etc. foreclosure. It may also be important to completely bar public health-care personnel from involvement with the private sector. etc) hospitals that are benchmarked and compared periodically on 31 . research and other developmental activities. negligence laws. study leaves. transfers. evaluation systems have evolved that rank or rate organizations as well as a variety of products and services. Other benefits including promotions. This of course is a complex issue especially for public hospitals where health care staffs. Those who pledge their allegiance to the incentives of the private sector should not have to be cushioned by the taxpayer. One salutation is to tie a part of their compensation to service rendered and the feedback received from patients. this study has attempted to establish relevant criteria along which private hospital service quality could be periodically evaluated to determine whether the overall quality of service in two sectors is improving or deteriorating.Social Incentives It can also enhance and upgrade service quality. Similar ranking or rating mechanism could be established in the health care sector and initially at least. In developed countries. some form of public dissemination of information must be envisaged to focus on the extent to which service quality standards are being met by the private hospitals. Regulatory Incentives It can be designed to reward (through lower tax.

Such incentives should also be carefully though through in the overall context of the evolution of health care delivery in Bangladesh and revised and upgraded over time. It will also be important to monitor the extent and direction of change in the overall quality of services in the private hospitals.the basis of established criteria and standards. 32 .

Chapter-Three Overview of the Apollo Hospital Dhaka in Bangladesh 33 .

0 Overview of the Apollo Hospital Dhaka in Bangladesh 3. ambience and service quality. 3. 34 .1 Apollo Hospital Dhaka Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. medical and surgical facilities for the care of its patients.2 Mission Statement "Our Mission is to bring healthcare of International standards within the reach of every individual. Accomplishment of such accreditation also affirms our commitment to providing the people of Bangladesh international standard health care in their own country. Research and Healthcare for the benefit of humanity.3 Accreditation: Joint Commission International Accreditation Apollo Hospitals Dhaka (AHD) has earned Joint Commission International Accreditation. The hospital is having all the characteristics of a world-class hospital with wide range of services and specialists. This accreditation was earned through our provision of world-class healthcare services.3. is a 450-bed super specialty facility poised to deliver advanced tertiary care of international standards to the people of Bangladesh The Hospital is at the forefront of medical technology and expertise and provides a complete range of the latest diagnostic. a joint project of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited and STS Holdings Limited. technologists and administrators at Apollo Hospital Dhaka. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in Education. aided by state-of-the-art equipment provides a congenial infrastructure for the medical professional in providing healthcare of international standards. equipment. Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is the first hospital in Bangladesh to attain such exceptional distinction. Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is a showcase of synergy of medical technology and advances in IT through paperless medical records The skilled nurses. & technology." 3.

The group owns International School Dhaka (ISD). based accreditation body dedicated to improving the quality of health care around the world through voluntary accreditation. are: Managing Director Khondoker Moniruddin Director Mohammad Moyeen. 35 . ♦ Provided with expert advice and education from The Joint Commission about quality improvement. religious and cultural factors within a country. The board members of STS Holdings Ltd.Joint Commission International is a U.4 Benefits of Accreditation by JCI The benefits of receiving care at a Joint Commission accredited or certified organization include increased confidence in the care provided because you know the organization is: ♦ Continually working to provide the highest quality services. ♦ able to attract qualified staff because they have more opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge 3. is engaged in education. a global organization facilitating education with its headquarters in the UK STS Group envisions providing the best services in healthcare and education Chairman Bhagwan W. manufacturing and exports. a dynamic and reputed business Group in Dhaka. high standards for patient care and safety are designed to be adaptable to local needs thus accommodating legal.5 Promoters STS Holdings Limited. real estate. managed by Council of International Schools (CIS).S. Tipu Munshi. Joint Commission International’s uniform. banking. Kundanmal. 3. Director A. freight consolidation and container services etc. ♦ Periodically evaluated by The Joint Commission for compliance with the standards and other requirements. 3. A. Chief Executive Officer Director . Iftikhar Husain GM .com monojit.Bio Medical Engineering Mr. Nurullah GM . ACA Services GM .Ambulatory Servicesmzkarim@apollodhaka.7 Specialty Accident and Emergency Emergency Medicine Anesthesiology Internal Medicine General Medicine Master Health Check Pediatrics Pediatrics-Neurology Pediatric Surgery 36 .com smajumder@apollodhaka.mahmud@apollodhaka. K.Material Mr. Malka Shamrose Dr.HR Mamun Chowdhury Dr. Edwin Lee Hansen Mr. Nazrul GM .Clinical & Ancillary prabhakar_gvj@apollodhaka.Business Development GM .Finance mfhaque@apollodhaka. S. G. V. Thomas DGM – Hospitality Rodrigo Mr. Shahjahan Majumder Ms.Finance Director .com thomas.shamrose@apollodhaka. Md.Support Services DGM . J. Fazlul Haque. Monojit Mitra DGM. M.IT Haider Mr. Mohammad Zakirul Karim Mr. Shohrab Hossain nhaider@apollodhaka.Medical Services arif. J. Arif Mahmud Prabhakar Services Mr. DGM .6 Administration DGM .com ihusain@apollodhaka.

Cardiology Neonatology Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Nephrology Cardiothoracic Surgery Critical Care ICCU/ICU/CTCU Dental Faciomaxillary Dermatology Dialectology Endocrinology-Medical Endocrinology-Surgery Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology CT MRI Ultrasound X-ray ENT Fertility Centre Gastroenterology Gastroenterology-Medical 3.8 Services Room Categories: Oncology Oncology-Medical Oncology-Radiation Oncology-Surgical Lab Services Biochemistry Clinical Pathology Hematology-Clinical Hematology Histopathology Pediatric Urology Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Respiratory Medicine Rheumatology Traumatology Urology Vascular Surgery Adolescent Obstetrics and Gynecology Orthopedics Ophthalmology Microbiology Nuclear Medicine Transfusion Medicine/Blood Geriatrics Bank GastroenterologyNeurosciences Surgical Neurosurgery Neurology Neurology-Pediatrics Gastroenterology General and Lap Psychiatry Surgery Counseling General Surgery 37 .

Separate couches have been placed in all the rooms (semi-private to suite) for the attendants.9 Quality Initiatives ♦ Apollo Clinical Excellence (ACE) ♦ Division of Innovation and Clinical ♦ Excellence (DICE) ♦ Infection Control Protocols ♦ Disaster Management ♦ Golden Hour Emergency Management ♦ Medical Ethics ♦ Telemedicine 24 hours diagnostic services 1. 7500. Attendants for the ward patients are provided with a comfortable chair for their rest.00 Semi Private Tk.00 All rooms and ward beds are centrally air-conditioned.00 Suite Tk.The different categories of Room/ Bed available in the hospital are: Beds Tariff per day Standard Bed Tk. 3. 12000. Note: Schedule of charge is liable to change without prior notice.00 Deluxe Tk.5 Tesla MRI Spiral Whole Body CT Scanner (64 Slice) with CT Coronary Angiogram Mammography ECG Treadmil 1 38 . 6000. 3500.00 Single Private Tk. 2250.

a part of Asia's largest and most trusted healthcare group. enhancing staff education ♦ Enhances staff recruitment and development 3. treatment and services ♦ ♦ Improves risk management and risk reduction Provides education on good practices to improve business operations ♦ Provides professional advice and counsel. 39 .Gamma Camera X-ray Units Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanners Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories Videoendoscopy 11 Operation Theatres 107 Bed Critical Care Units Patient Rooms and Wards 24 Hours Trauma Care & Emergency Laboratory Services: ♦ Biochemistry Echocardiography Holter Monitor EEG EMG Health Check Centre 24 Hours Ambulance Service Physiotherapy Centre ♦ Hematology ♦ Microbiology ♦ Histopathology ♦ ♦ Transplantation Immunology Transfusion Medicine Additional Benefits: ♦ Strengthens community confidence in the quality and safety of care. offers a Comprehensive Health Check range.10 Master Health Check Apollo Hospitals Dhaka.

Reporting for MHC Packages must be completed by 10:00 am. 3. CA-125-Serum. Pap smear (Female). TSH 7) FNAC (If required) for details contact the front desk of MHC. Unveiled consultation (of MHC package) will be valid up to 3 months. Up to three free consultations with MHC packages can be obtained after investigations report. 2. TSH and FT4 reports will be delivered on the following day. AFPSerum. report will be delivered on the 3rd day. 5. In case of PSA (Male). 40 . Conditions: 1. 25% discount is applicable for extra consultation (If required) after MHC packages are availed. 4. In case of Montoux test. if undertaken with any of the packages. 7. FT4. Reports will be delivered on the same day after 2:00 pm (If only MHC process starts by 10:00 am). MHC is closed on Friday. 1) HIV 2) Hbs Ag 3) Stool for Occult Blood 4) Prostate Specific Antigen 5) Mammography / Sono-mammography 6) FT3. Extended MHC packages are applicable for patients referred by physicians or for their own interest. 6. CEA.Additional Tests Following tests are offered at 50% discount. 8.

♦ Kindly bring your morning samples of stool (sterilized containers for samples can be collected in advance from MHC Clinic) or you can come directly and samples will be collected in the sample collection room. cigarettes. Hypertension etc.9. for Common Cancer Screening Oncology and any other as per advice.). loose.Cardiology only. comfortable clothing and sports shoes if possible.11 Special Instructions for Women: Pregnant women or those suspecting pregnancy are advised to inform the front desk people and not to undergo any X-Ray tests. 41 . ♦ Please fast for 12 hours prior to your appointment (you can have only plain water during the night). Health Check Instructions: ♦ The MHC Counter will open from 7:30 am. ♦ Don't take any alcohol. ♦ If you are on any medication then kindly bring it along with you (Diabetes. ♦ Please bring all your medical prescriptions and previous medical records with you. ♦ You are requested to take your regular medication the night before MHC Package. Consultations for Heart Check . for Diabetic CheckInternal Medicine and Ophthalmology only. ♦ Please wear two piece. tobacco or any other liquid (except plain water) in the morning. as you need to change clothes for X-Ray and Ultrasound. ♦ Please inform the MHC front desk if you have a history of Diabetes or Cardiac disease. 3.

Apollo Executive Health Check (Male/Female): Recommended for men and women above 25 years. please notify the nurse in advance. Apollo Diabetic Check (Male/Female): Diabetes is controllable. for smokers and those who lead stressful lives. The test requires a full bladder for best results. Don't void prior to the scan. Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. Nuclear Medicine Services in Apollo Hospital Dhaka 42 . Apollo Common Cancer Screening (Male/Female): Recommended for people who would like to be aware of the condition of their health. If you are suffering from any chest pain or breathing difficulty. Apollo Child Check (Male/Female): Recommended for children between the ages 4 and 16. a part of Asia's largest and most trusted healthcare group. then eat a light snack only.Special Instructions for Stress Test: If you need to eat before stress test. offers a Comprehensive Health Check range Apollo Master Health Check (Male/Female/Female Plus): Recommended for men and women above the age of 16. Apollo Heart Check (Male/Female): Recommended for people with cardiac symptoms or with a strong family history. Apollo Whole Body Check (Male/Female): Recommended for people desiring for a more comprehensive checkup. Special Instructions for Abdominal Ultrasound: Drink plenty of water before the ultrasound scan.

It can produce detailed pictures of any organ in a few seconds and provide sharp. 43 .12 Technology of Apollo Hospital Dhaka ♦ The 64 slice CT Machine the most advance CT Machine in South-east Capable of doing advanced Ct Angiogram is now available in Apollo Hospital Dhaka. A scone of the whole body takes about 30 seconds. ♦ Central Nervous System ♦ Endocrinology 3. brain or a pair of lungs in about five seconds. ♦ At that rate a 64-slice scanner can gather a high-resolution image of a heart. which take 0. combines unrivaled image quality with remarkable speed. three-dimensional image.The Nuclear medicine Service of Apollo Hospital Dhaka began from 22nd November 2005. providing the first clear non-invasive image of the heart and its major vessels. ♦ A 40-slice scanner collect images covering 20 to 32 millimeters in a single pass and a tightly packed 64-slice device can cover about 40 millimeters at a pass. clear. ♦ The scanner. ♦ The technology has been particularly exciting for studding the beating heart. so that the heart and its vessels can be seen without the blurring caused by motion. including 3-D views of the blood vessels in an instant. The tests are below: ♦ Skeletal ♦ Gastroenterology. ♦ Genitourinary.4 seconds. which has four times as many detectors as a typical multidetector CT scanner. The scans can be timed to use only images gathered between contractions.

3. BED. catalogue it to provide various access points. CEO. Urology. Recently AHD Library started getting Medical books through purchased. This Library is a newly organized. Consultant information unit wise 2. Besides. IPD. All materials organized by computer and ensure the reader to select their necessary information in very less time. Employee of the AHD can search their materials by Internet. Richard Larison. Subject or Title. started working for Apollo Hospitals Employee from June 2006 to provide the staff with their appropriate Library materials both printed as well as Audio Visual and services for best Development of Human Education and knowledge. processing Physical arrangement by International standard scheme of classification DDC. Apollo Information center is a place. MHC. Gynecology. journalists from print media and some local people were also present. where Apollo people are waiting to provide the guide line to its honorable clients (Patients and the attendant) regarding the hospitals and the services the information center will deliver the answer like. Neurology. Appointment with the consultant & investigation 44 . For the practical knowledge AHD 3. & DIAGNOSTIC. for example searching by Author. OT. Angioplasty. Next we are going to open such Information Center at Chittagong on 02-12-05 and Rangpur on 09-12-05. Angiogram. Staff can read current Bangladeshi News papers in English and Bangla in the Library. Library has medical journals in various subjects also have Medical News papers and CD. Sylthet and Bogra such info center would be also opened soon. Department information (Cardiology.13 Library Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Library Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Library Situated in the 12th floor. SURGERY.what to do? How to do? Which way to do? ALL PATIENTS AND THEIR ATTENDANT CAN GET FOLLOWING INFORMATION: 1. Arranging materials by subject Divisional pattern. CABG etc) 4. Library has own Medical magazine “Pulse”. Tariff (OPD. It was an excellent opening ceremony where senior management and some staff of AHD and STS Group were present. and Apollo Hospitals Dhaka.14 Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Information Center Apollo Hospitals Dhaka first Information Center has been opened to day (25-11-05) by Mr. This is a modern Library have Internet Facilities and good sitting arrangement for staff to read. Pediatric etc) 3. Orthopedic.

Bashundhara R/A Dhaka 1229. Room # 32. Vaccination 13. Evening clinic 14. Latest technology etc) 10. Our specialty (Infection control. Bangladesh Tel Mobile Fax +880 2 9891661-2 +88 01713 046684 +88 01713 046685 +880 2 9896139 +880 2 9860161 +880 2 9896834 45 . Dhanmondi Information Center Office timing-Information Center Saturday to Thursday (10 am to 7 pm) (Break 1. Emergency service information. Bangladesh. Sterilize system. Admission procedure 11. Hours of operation. 7. Waste management.5. Direction about Hospital and transportation system to reach Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Etc. Patients counseling 9. Consultant schedule 6. House # 22. Dhaka.30 pm) Friday closed. Ambulance support 8. Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Plot: 81. 1st Floor. Special package rate 12. Phone # 0173 041286 Address: Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Information Center Capital Market. Block: E. Road # 8.30 pm to 2. Dhanmondi.

com APOLLO HOSPITALS DHAKA ROAD MAP 46 .Emergency Contact Numbers: Tel Mobile Ambulance PABX: Email Url +880 2 9896623 +88 01911555555 +88 01714090000 +880 2 9891661~2 Emergency Ext: 7777 info@apollodhaka.

47 .

Chapter-Four Overview of the United Hospital Dhaka in Bangladesh 48 .

to be in the forefront of healthcare delivery and development in Bangladesh 4.3 They are committed to. United Hospital has entered into a management partnership with KPJ Healthcare Berhad of Malaysia. effective communication with health service providers Caring for the Community: Promoting health and providing care based on a commitment to well being of the patients 49 . the founder of United Hospital. consultation... weaving..4. encourage individual initiative and teamwork. 4.0 Overview of the United Hospital Dhaka in Bangladesh 4.. was established about three decades ago in 1977.1 About United Hospital United Group.2 Mission Statement Our number one priority is to provide you with high quality healthcare in a friendly and compassionate environment. land port services. spinning and textiles. Its areas of activities cover power generation. Quality: Operating at the highest standards of safe and ethical practices and demonstrating continuous improvement Effectiveness: Selecting the most appropriate services to produce the desired health outcomes Integration: Providing clear pathways by ensuring collaboration.. pharmaceuticals. KPJ has an extensive network of 23 private specialist hospitals worldwide and is now the largest group of private healthcare provider in the Malaysia Both companies have joined forces to inculcate a philosophy that would inspire excellence. From its humble beginnings the Group has emerged today as one of the major players in the development of the economy of Bangladesh. travel & tourism and educational institutions. property and land development. harness strategic synergy and collective focus of its resources.

Gynecology. cabins. research 4. accommodating 450 beds in wards. and training for personal growth Research and Training: Providing an environment that promotes personal development. Various facilities in the hospital are monitored through a building management system (BMS). ICCUs and other facilities. Laboratory.4 Facilities at United Hospital The hospital building is a purpose built facility. learning. internal medicine. ENT. Physiotherapy. 2 visitors lift. ICUs. The Operating Theater are pre-fabricated with a structural steel shell and join-less sealed sterile coating. The electrically 50 . We also have our own secured parking facilities for over 350 vehicles so that the visitors can have a peace of mind when they visit their dear and loved ones or when they come for medical check ups United Hospital has 40 consultant rooms and a large number of departments to serve the patients with various ailments including Cardiac. A & E. pediatric. emergency. Neurology.Caring for Our Staff: Caring for the health of our staff and developing a culture of trust. and 1 VIP lift. The floors throughout the hospital are covered with anti-static. Nephrology. Ophthalmology.5 Reliable Automation The hospital has a total of 12 Operation Theatres & Cathlab These include ♦ 4 General OTs ♦ 4 Cardiac OTs ♦ 3 Gynae & Caesarean OT ♦ 1 Emergency Procedure OT ♦ 1 Cathlab. The hospital has 6 patient lifts. and Gastroenterology etc. 4. Radiology. CCUs. nonabrasive and anti-bacterial vinyl material. Orthopedic.

and kitchen. The hospital would meet all its needs internally including captive power generation facility. 4. The department is also equipped with other latest machines like the digital mammography. to quarantine patients with contagious disease. pharmacy and physiotherapy facilities. 500MA and mobile x-rays 4D.7 Sophisticated and Accurate The ultra clean pre-fabricated Modular OT with world class Berchtold OT Ligth with Cam vision 51 .5 High Definition MRI systems. For safety purposes close circuit cameras are installed throughout the hospital to secure the entire premises Brief information on some of the major equipments installed in the hospital to provide you with "better than the best" service is given below: The Radiology Department provides extensive services to our patients with the latest state-of the art equipments including true 64 Slice CT Scanner and the 1. are lake facing and have fully automated nurse call system to monitor patients and provide instant service United Hospital has set up a specially designed state-of-the-art Integrated Hospital Information System to record and monitor all activities and to store patient information in digital format for ease of access and long time storage 4.operated ICU beds are fully automated with battery backup.6 State-of-the-Art Equipment Our state-of-art machines and equipment are setup to provide modern day facilities to meet and satisfy the healthcare needs of the community. The modular patient monitoring systems are fully automated with remote control option All the ICUs including the isolation room. It is the only high definition MR system available in Bangladesh. abdominal and orthopedic imaging. cardiovascular.5 T (HDMR) with 16 Channel MRI system is a comprehensive and scalable platform for premium performance in neurovascular. in-house laundry. color and portable ultrasound VTC: 64 Slice CT Scanner System is the world's first clinical volume CT system that represents a revolution in CT scanning HDMR: Sigma EXCITE 1.

2 Laboratory equipments include ♦ Sophisticated & Accurate Olympus AU 640 Biochemistry Analyzer ♦ Sysmex Hematology Analyzer ♦ Abbott Immunoanalyzer ♦ Sabia's Electrophoresis Analyzer Laboratory and Cath lab The Innova 2000 Flat panel digital cardio-vascular imaging system is a fully integrated system 4.8 Board of Directors 52 .

SHAMIM DIRECTOR Mr.9 Direction for Several Services ♦ Basement Operation and Administration. Nasiruddin Ahmad Chowdhury DIRECTOR. M. ♦ Medical Record. ♦ Staff Cafeteria. Mr. ♦ Attendent Cafeteria. Khaled S. FARIDUR RAHMAN KHAN MANAGING DIRECTOR MR. AKHTER MAHMUD RANA DIRECTOR • • MR. DIRECTOR • • MR. ♦ Human Resource Department.) Md. 4. Md. Shafiqul Hafiz DIRECTOR. K. Ahmed DIRECTOR Major (Dr. ♦ Laundry. Rafiqul Islam DIRECTOR. ♦ Medical Purchase. ♦ PABX. M. ♦ Waiting Room 53 . Badrul Ahsan . A. A. AHMED ISMAIL HOSSAIN Vice-Chairman • • MR. ABUL KALAM AZAD DIRECTOR • • Lt. A. K. F. Rafiqul Hasan (Retd.) DIRECTOR Mr. Mr. ♦ Information Technology. Mr. M. ♦ Store. Col.• • • • • • • MR. Rezaul Haque (Retd) DIRECTOR Datin Paduka Siti Sadiah Sheikh Bakir DIRECTOR.HASAN MAHMOOD RAJA CHAIRMAN MR.

ECHO. ♦ Pharmacy. ♦ Engineering Department. ♦ OPD-2.9. ♦ Registration.2 Basement Level-2 Parking In Future 4. ♦ ECG. 4.4 1st Floor ♦ Accounts Department. ETT. ♦ Information. ♦ Emergency. ♦ OPD-1. ♦ Mammography. ♦ Out Patient Counter. ♦ X-Ray. ♦ Report Delivery. Endoscopy. ♦ Generator Room and Prayer Room.4. ♦ Blood Bank. ♦ MRI.9. ♦ Radiology.3 Ground ♦ Admission. ♦ OPD-4. 54 .9. ♦ City Scan. ♦ Executive Screening.1 Extended Basement Level-1 Car Parking 4. ♦ Ultra sonogram.9. ♦ OPD-3.

♦ General Cardiac Patient Ward-Wing B 4. ♦ General OT. ♦ Haemodialysis. ♦ CCU.7 4th Floor ♦ Cabin-Wing A. 55 . ♦ Laboratory.9. ♦ NICU.5 2nd Floor ♦ CSSD. ♦ Male and Female Ward. ♦ Physiotherapy. ♦ Maternity Ward. ♦ Paediatric ICU. ♦ Pre Cath 4. ♦ CICU.6 3rd Floor ♦ Nurses Station.♦ Cafeteria.9. ♦ Cabin 4. ♦ Cardiac OT.8 5th Floor ♦ Doctors Room. ♦ Post Cath.9. ♦ Nursery. ♦ Prayer room (Women) 4. ♦ Cathlab.9.

We want your experience at United Hospital to be as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. however. productive lives We know. you become part of a long tradition of distinguished health care.9 7th Floor ♦ Cabin ♦ Meeting room 4. That is why we place great importance on being a "family-centered" hospital. Our staff is committed to providing outstanding and compassionate care to each and every one of our patients and is also sensitive and responsive to the issues facing their families and support network Knowing as much as possible beforehand can help ease stress. Use the information provided here to learn more about the services and resources that are available to our patients and visitors. ♦ Training Room 4. as well as vital educational and support services to help them prevent injury or illness and lead healthy.10 For Patients From the moment you arrive at United Hospital.11 Our Hospital Stay As the premier full-service acute care hospital in the Bangladesh. Our patients and the people of our community can expect to receive quality care when they are sick. You can use this section of the website to familiarize yourself with United Hospital before your 56 . We want your experience at United Hospital to be as pleasant and as comfortable as possible We understand that entering a hospital can be confusing and overwhelming for patients and their loved ones. We thank you for choosing United Hospital for your health care. that good care involves more than good medicine.9. we take our role very seriously and accept that we work harder each year to achieve our mission which is to provide excellent care to everyone who needs it. 4.♦ Store (General and Medical). That's why our concern for you extends to every aspect of your stay.

which will be explained to you at the time of admission.000 (One hundred thousand) are accepted by Credit Cards.scheduled procedure. Patients admitted in the Hospital will need to make a deposit based on certain criteria. please ask your doctor or nurse. Our trained professional staff will make every effort to assist you with questions and concerns about your billing information. Because delayed charges may occur. such as hospital call bell. You will be given specific instruction on how to care for yourself after hospitalization. You will be presented with statement/bill prior to your discharge and your expected to pay all your dues through the hospital cashier before leaving the hospital. for any non-covered services or deductible at the time of your admission You need to clear all bill before discharge certificate is issued. You should ensure that receipts are obtained. Give yourself a chance to adjust both physically and emotionally. you may receive an additional bill for charges not included in the original bill. which you will need to show to the nursing Supervisor prior to leaving the hospital. television and telephone service.12 Billing Financial Arrangements Financial accounts are maintained by the billing department on a daily basis. which need to be paid upfront in cash. 4. whether it is for outpatient services or inpatient care.14 Rules and Regulations For In Patients of UHL Visiting Hours 57 . This section can inform you about a wide range of topics. Payments up to a maximum amount of Taka 100. One of the keys to a successful recovery is having realistic expectations about how long it will take on you to feel better.13 Going Home Doctor will decide discharge day. and visiting hours 4. We accept Credit Cards and Debit Cards issued by Bangladeshi banks 4. except for the pharmacy bills. If you have any questions about your care after discharge.

15 Medical and Professional Services Blood Bank Many patients are eligible to donate blood for their own use (autologous donar). 10 Minutes. administering breathing and oxygen treatments and monitoring patients requiring mechanical ventilation. Highly skilled and specially trained critical care nurses directed by physicians and supported by other members of our healthcare team are dedicated to delivering the highest level of medical care possible. Emergency Services 58 .For Cabin & Ward For ICU & CCU Duration for Stay 12:30pm to 02:00pm & 05:30pm to 08:30pm. Ask your physician for information about whether or not you can be an autologous donar Cardiac Rehabilitation The Cardiac Rehabilitation program will assist you in achieving and maintaining a healthy life-style. to become more aware of your risk factors. state-of-art equipment and facilities. 4. and you wil be educated in the most beneficial way to exercise after having a cardiac event Cardiopulmonary Certified therapists and technicians identify and treat breathing and lung problems. For Cabin & Ward For ICU & CCU 20 Minutes. The department also provides ECG testing and EEG testing as well as a pulmonary rehabilitation program Intensive Care Unit Our Intensive Care Unit is designed to provide a concentration of skills. You wil have the opportunity to learn more about your own cardiac disease. 12:30pm to 02:00pm & 05:30pm to 07:30pm.

trauma. the laboratory is closed for outpatient services except for the Emergency Department Maternity Centre Having a baby is an important and exciting time! The team of Maternity Centre physicians and nurses are proud to provide you with excellent care during this special time in your life Medical Records Medical records. responding promptly with the highest degree of commitment to delivering quality emergency care. Medical records furnish documentary evidence of the hospital and are maintained for your benefit as well as that of the medical staff and the hospital Nutrition Services Dieticians are available to help with any nutrition related questions or concerns you may have about your diet. are maintained for every individual evaluated or treated at the hospital. CT scans and MRI. Specially trained emergency nurses trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (PALS) support our physicians Laboratory The hospital offers a full-service laboratory that is staffed 24 hours a day. On Fridays and holidays. Specialty rooms are maintained to handle cases of cardiovascular illness. diagnostic x-rays. orthopedic injuries and pediatric patients. full service emergency department. A wide variety of nutrition services are available and are individualized according to patient needs Radiology & Imaging Services The Radiology and Imaging Department provides extensive services to our patients including mammography. ultrasound. seven days a week for inpatient services.The Emergency Services Department is a 24-hour. Surgical Services 59 . both in digital format as well as hard copies.

After getting registration card. Gynae.We offer a broad range of outpatient. Our staff ensures that you receive excellent care throughout your surgical procedure and hospital stay We pride ourselves on having some of the best doctors and nurses in our OPD Patient attending for the first time have to fill out the registration form and submit it to the registration desk officer and he/she will complete the registration formalities. Nuclear Medicine Contact United Hospital Limited Plot 15. Orthopedics Cardiology Diabetics. Neonatology. Medicine. Gulshan Dhaka 1212. Pediatrics. Bangladesh Phone Numbers PABX : +880 2 8836000-10 +880 2 8836434-44 Emergency : +880 2 8836000-10(8066) +880 2 8836434-44(8066) Mobile 01914001234 60 . Hormone & Obesity Center Nephrology.16 United Hospital has 5 OPDs OPD Locati Services on OPD-1 OPD-2 OPD-3 OPD-4 OPD-5 Ground Floor Ground Floor Ground Floor First Floor First Floor Surgery. patient can get an appointment or consult with an SHO (senior house officer) for their desired consultant 4. Gastroenterology Neurosurgery. ENT. Road 71. same day and inpatient surgeries.

Ambulance Service : +880 01914001326 61 .

62 .

Chapter-Five Overview of the Square Hospital Dhaka in Bangladesh 63 .

Dhaka.2 Square Hospital Ltd. SHL will contribute to reducing this outflow.1 A Token of Gratitude to the Nation Fifty years of hard work and commitment have brought us where we are today.0 Overview of the Square Hospital Dhaka in Bangladesh 5. 5. Vellore and Care IVF (Invitro fertility centre) Centre.5. The hospital is an affiliate partner of Methodist Healthcare. While many Bangladeshis are going abroad to seek quality healthcare services at a cost of valuable foreign currency. Christian Medical College. We have spared no efforts to make SQUARE Hospital worthy of the nation's trust and confidence. Memphis. Vellore. Tennessee. Tennessee. Christian Medical Collage. We are aware of our responsibility as the most respected business organization of the country. medical and nursing education and research. SQUARE Hospitals Limited. This hospital is an affiliate partner of Methodist Healthcare. medical and nursing education and research 64 . Singapore.3 Hospital Overview Square Hospital Square Hospital. USA. 5. Memphis. a concern of Square Group is a 300-bed tertiary care Hospital. India and Care IVF centre. Singapore. Bangladesh. USA. Our vision is that SQUARE Hospital will become the location of choice for Bangladeshis and people of south and Southeast Asia for quality healthcare and an integrated centre for clinical services. Our vision is that Square Hospital will become the location of choice for Bangladeshis' and people of South and Southeast Asia for quality healthcare and an integrated centre for clinical services. a concern of Square Group is a 300 bed tertiary care hospital.

Location SQUARE Hospital is located in the heart of Dhaka aiming to serve greater portion of the city.000 sft. The second building (ASTRAS) is located across the street and is 16 stories with 136.5 Mission Statement Mission: Deliver QUALITY health care within 5 CORE standards ♦ Adhering to high ethical and moral standards at all times ♦ Making service quality top priority in all we do ♦ Training staff to work within a quality care environment ♦ Providing quality health care service in all processes ♦ Delivering customer satisfaction through quality service 65 .000 sft.The buildings are in accordance with US Fire and Building safety standards.4 The Astras building is organized as Basement to third floor Car park (can accommodate 100 cars) The remaining 9 floors will provide service for ♦ OPD clinics ♦ Day surgery with recovery rooms ♦ Nuclear medicine ♦ Expansion of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services ♦ Nursing education ♦ Telemedicine ♦ Stroke Centre ♦ Expansion of foundation beds 5. Building and Architecture The main hospital building is 18 stories and is approximately 450. 5. The second building is expected to be operational late 2007/early 2008. At present it comprises of two buildings on either side of Panthapath connected by an over bridge.

Set up in 1958. Dental services are also incorporated within the medical services. emergency and admissions. Nurses and technicians have already received training from CMC Vellore and it continues to be and on-going process. To ensure optimum healthcare-hospitality. Huge emphasis has been made on quality nursing services.5. With an average annual turnover of over US Dollar 230 million and workforce of about 12. educators from Australia. Bangladeshi physicians with impeccable reputation are also part of the medical team. SQUARE Hospital aims to provide unparallel service to the people of Bangladesh by delivering the highest possible level of care.000. the flagship company lies at the core and is the market leader in pharmaceutical Industry since 1985. for which we have trained over a hundred nurses for more than a year. We have nurses. 5. Medical services will be provided as both outpatient and inpatient services as well as an Ambulance service. UK and quality hospitals in the Middle East. Vellore.6 Square Group SQUARE GROUP is one of Bangladesh's most respected businesses House. About half a dozen physicians are coming from CMC.7 OPD Services The outpatient department of the hospital can serve 1200 patients per day through 60 examination rooms. The SQUARE Group is a true icon of the Bangladesh business sector. the patients are closely monitored in their waiting times in outpatient clinics. For this. Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.convenient early morning / afternoon / late evening hours 66 . UK. Outpatient Facilities ♦ 60 fully-equipped medical consultation & exam rooms ♦ 100+ foreign-trained medical & nursing specialists ♦ Open daily . huge investment has been made on equipment and technology. We have successfully recruited consultants from USA. India and The Philippines.

Medical Specialties ♦ Internal Medicine ♦ Cardiology ♦ Pulmonary Medicine ♦ Gastroenterology ♦ Pediatrics & Neonatology ♦ Neurology ♦ Hematology ♦ Nephrology ♦ Endocrinology ♦ Hematology ♦ Dermatology ♦ Rheumatology ♦ Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine ♦ Infectious Diseases ♦ Geriatric medicine ♦ Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology ♦ Clinical Pathology ♦ Medical Oncology ♦ General Surgery ♦ Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery ♦ Neonatal & Pediatric Surgery ♦ Obstetrics & Gynecology ♦ Otolaryngology(Ear/Nose/Throat) ♦ General & Cardiac Anesthesiology ♦ Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) ♦ Neurosurgery ♦ Orthopedic & Joint Surgery ♦ Hepato Biliary Surgery ♦ Colorectal Surgery ♦ Urology ♦ Surgical Oncology 67 .

UK and quality hospitals in the Middle East. Bangladeshi physicians with impeccable reputation are also part of the medical team. full-furnished suites and deluxe patient care rooms ♦ Large.♦ Dental & Maxillofacial Surgery ♦ Ophthalmology ♦ Plastic Surgery ♦ Emergency Medicine & Trauma Surgery All hospital services are carried out with the support of the Hospital Information system. NICU. Dental services are also incorporated within the medical services. For this. About half a dozen physicians are coming from CMC. Vellore. UK. educators from Australia. CCU. SQUARE Hospital aims to provide unparallel service to the people of Bangladesh by delivering the highest possible level of care. huge investment has been made on equipment and technology. SICU ♦ Labor and Delivery Unit 68 . Medical services will be provided as both outpatient and inpatient services as well as an Ambulance service. India and The Philippines. We have successfully recruited consultants from USA. especially tailored to meet the requirements of our staff and patients.8 IPD Services Inpatient Facilities ♦ 300 beds ♦ Large. CSICU. modern private & semi-private rooms ♦ Cable TV & telephone services ♦ Specialized hospital beds with all state-of-the-art medical outfits ♦ Central gas system (piped oxygen in all units) ♦ 24-hour nurse call & monitoring system ♦ Dietitian supported meals 5. We have nurses. comfortable. for which we have trained over a hundred nurses for more than a year. Nurses and technicians have already received training from CMC Vellore and it continues to be and on-going process. PICU.9 ICU. Huge emphasis has been made on quality nursing services. 5. clean.

Critical Care SHL is well-aware of the inadequate critical care services in Bangladesh. Coronary Care Unit (CCU) A coronary care unit (CCU) is a hospital ward specialized in the care of patients with heart attacks. Emergency Services ♦ 24-hour Emergency & Trauma Services with Express TRIAGE & Resuscitation area ♦ Emergency Cardiac Care Specialists ♦ Trauma Surgery Specialists ♦ 24-hour Ambulance Service ♦ Regional Helicopter Transport Service When a patient arrives at the ER. The lift connects the ER area to floors above where the patient can be transferred to ICU. Non-critical patients will travel to basement 1 via the lift located at the ER triage area. ICU and CCU are exceptionally well designed to rectify this. This lift will not be used for any other purpose. and the staff in this unit is educated to give critical care as needed by the patients. CCU. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Intensive care unit is one in which patients requiring close monitoring and intensive cares are housed for as long as needed.♦ State-of-the-art Operating Theaters ♦ State-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Lab. All ambulances will be staffed with trained paramedics. Our ICU contains highly technical and sophisticated monitoring devices and equipment. Two rooms in ER are dedicated as trauma rooms. The ER. The ICU and CCU are designed in a 69 . unstable angina. heart failure and various other cardiac problems that require continuous monitoring and treatment. Critical patients will immediately be sent to the area next to the triage area which is composed of 4 beds with intensive care facilities. OR and obstetric floor. s/he will be seen at the ER triage area.

component preparation. Level 7 of the main building is dedicated to women services. 5. We are thus capable of performing quality CT Angiograms. To support tumor diagnosis Flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry is being set up. To facilitate 70 . We have nurses’ educators from Australia. SH offers two CT scanners (54-slice and 16-slice). We have successfully recruited consultants from USA. automated strainers. UK and quality hospitals in the Middle East. Vellore. A 1.10 Ancillary Services Pathology The most up-to-date diagnostic laboratory in the country is located at SH. The laboratory is equipped with excellent analyzers. SQUARE Hospital aims to provide unparallel service to the people of Bangladesh by delivering the highest possible level of care. This area is equipped with its own ultrasonography and mammogram. Dental services are also incorporated within the medical services.5 Tesla MRI machine is in place. Bangladeshi physicians with impeccable reputation are also part of the medical team. Examples include automated tissue processor. especially tailored to meet the requirements of our staff and patients. Radiology also offers Bone densitometry scan.way where the nurses and physicians are situated in a central position with rooms around them. ECHO and USG to meet patient requirement whenever and wherever necessary. portable X-rays. Modern techniques not typically available in Bangladesh in areas such as Blood Bank and Surgical Pathology are being implemented. India and The Philippines. Medical services will be provided as both outpatient and inpatient services as well as an Ambulance service. For this. UK. Frozen section facilities will be available round the clock. Patient vitals can be monitored with a central monitor. Huge emphasis has been made on quality nursing services. gel cards for blood bank. About half a dozen physicians are coming from CMC. for which we have trained over a hundred nurses for more than a year. Radiology and Imaging In addition to all standard modern radiology equipments. huge investment has been made on equipment and technology. Nurses and technicians have already received training from CMC Vellore and it continues to be and on-going process. All hospital services are carried out with the support of the Hospital Information system.

books & gifts shop ♦ USA-standard safety & security system 71 . especially tailored to meet the requirements of our staff and patients. This enables us to store and recreate 3-dimensional images.patient diagnosis and treatment. Diagnostic Facilities include ♦ 1. Bronchoscopy. ETT. ERCP ♦ State-of-the-art clinical laboratory ♦ Home & office service All hospital services are carried out with the support of the Hospital Information system. Service Support Facilities ♦ Professional USA-standard housekeeping & cleaning services ♦ 24-hours pharmacy services ♦ Convenient & secured car parking garage ♦ Full-service cafeteria & snacks café ♦ Cyber corner .computer info access ♦ Flowers. Patients may obtain images in CDs. PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is in place. ECHO. NCV ♦ 24-hour Holter Monitor ♦ 24-hour Ambulatory BP ♦ Mammography ♦ 4D Ultrasound ♦ Pulmonary Function Test ♦ Endoscopy. fruits. MRI ♦ 64-slice CT Scan ♦ 16-slice CT Scan ♦ Digital X-ray. Images can be sent anywhere in the world for second opinion.5-Tesla Supercon. EEG. EMG. BMD ♦ ECG.

especially tailored to meet the requirements of our staff and patients.♦ Prayer rooms All hospital services are carried out with the support of the Hospital Information system. Physicians ♦ Anesthesiology ♦ Cardiac & Vascular Surgery ♦ Cardiology (Interventional) ♦ Chest ♦ Dermatology ♦ ENT and Head & neck Surgery ♦ Executive Health Check Up ♦ Emergency (ER) ♦ Gastroenterology ♦ General Surgery ♦ Nephrology ♦ Neuro Surgery ♦ Neurology ♦ OBGYN ♦ Oncology ♦ Ophthalmology ♦ Psychiatry ♦ Physical Medicine ♦ Radiology ♦ Urology ♦ ♦ Endocrinology Pathology & Laboratory Medicine ♦ Pediatric Surgery 72 .

Furnished & Comfortable room. ♦ Specialized hospital bed with all state of the art medical outfits. Clean. ♦ Central gas system (Piped oxygen in all units). ♦ Dietitians supported meals. Ward Facilities 73 .♦ Pediatrics ♦ Internal medicine ♦ Cardiac & Vascular Surgery ♦ Cardiology (Interventional) ♦ Chest ♦ Orthopedics ♦ ICU ♦ IVF (Square Fertility Centre) ♦ Neonatology (NICU) Patients Welcome We have instant information service on 24 hour basis provided by our dedicated Customer Service Officers available at all times to provide information for everyone by phone or walk in with a smile. Room Category ♦ Suite ♦ Single Deluxe ♦ Single Standard ♦ Semi Private (Double Bed Room) Facilities ♦ Large. assistant or doctors appointments. Please feel free to contact us for any query. Modern. ♦ 24 hours nurse call & monitoring system. ♦ Cable TV & telephone service.

Cafeteria We have an international standard CAFETERIA at ground floor.Two : Basement .00 PM 11:00 AM to 12:00 NOON for ICU/CCU/NICU/PICU Evening • • 4:30 AM to 7:30 PM 4:30 AM to 6:30 PM for ICU/CCU/NICU/PICU Friday/Holidays Morning • • 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM 11:00 AM to 12:00 NOON for ICU/CCU/NICU/PICU Evening • • 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM for ICU/CCU/NICU/PICU Car Parking • • Basement . ♦ Dietitians supported meals. ♦ 24 hours nurse call monitoring system. ♦ Central gas system (Piped oxygen in all units).11 Visiting Hours Working day Morning • • 11:00 AM to 1.Three : 35 Units 40 Units 74 .♦ Specious ♦ Specialized hospital bed with all state of the art medical outfits. We serve fresh and healthy food 5.

One OPD Consultation and one follow-up Fees 4. Surgeon/doctors fees. Major consumables and Medical Gas 3.500 19. Lab Investigation: One CBC.) 22. Bed charges for stay beyond the duration of the package.500 19. 8 hours IN Day Care bed 2. 2.Basement to third floor Car park (can accommodate 100 cars) in our ASTRAS building. General Consumables (Disposable) Package Excludes 1.000 15. Any Other Lab Investigation beyond the package 4.000 Package Includes 1.000 15.) Introductory Price CODE SHL-DER-PAC-001 SHL-DER-PAC-002 SHL-DER-PAC-003 NAME OF PACKAGE SUCTION BLISTER GRAFTING IN VITILIGO PACKAGE SPLIT THICKNESS GRAFTING IN VITILIGO PACKAGE MINIATURE PUNCH GRAFTING IN VITILIGO PACKAGE Price in (Tk. OT/Equipment charges 6. 3.500 Introductory Price 15. FSB / RBS 5. CODE NAME OF PACKAGE Price in (Tk. Surgeon/Doctor and Asst. Nurse and Technician fees 7. VAT SQUARE Executive Health Check (Male) • CBC • Urea • Total Bilirubin • PSA • ESR • Electrolytes • SGOT • Urine R/E • FBS • Uric Acid • SGPT • X-Ray Chest • Creatinine • Lipid Profile •Alkaline Phosphates • ECG 75 . Medicine.

SQUARE Diabetic Health Screening Annual Screening: • FBS • Creatinine • HbA1C • Consultation fee Package Price (TK.Consultation with physician Package Price (TK.Electrolytes •CreatinineClearance • ESR • Lipid profile • Chest X-ray • Urea • Urine R/E • ECG 76 .525 Note: • Package includes complimentary breakfast.): 12.): 5. • Package Price is excluding VAT. • Package Price is excluding VAT.AG Ratio • ESR • Electrolytes • SGOT • CRP • FBS • Uric Acid • SGPT • Homocystine • Creatinine • Lipid Profile • Alkaline Phosphat • Apolipoprotien A Consultation with physician Package Price (TK.825 Note: • Package includes complimentary breakfast.390 • CBC • S. SQUARE Cardiac Check-up (Male/Female) • CBC • Urea • Total Bilirubin • STP.): 6.

Optional package TUMOR PROFILE (Female) • Alpha Feto Protein (AFP) • Carcinoembryonic antigen • CA 19. SQUARE Evidence Screen (Male/Female) 77 .950 Note: Package Price is excluding VAT • Beta HCG • CA 15. • Package Price is excluding VAT.9 Package price (Tk.3 • CA 125 SQUARE Liver Screen (Male/Female) • CBC • S. 6.): 9.225 Note: • Package includes complimentary breakfast. Bilurbin • SGOT • SGPT • Alkaline Phosphates • A:G Ratio • Prothrombin time • Anti HCV • HBS Ag • Anti Hbs • Anti HBc • USG of Upper Abdomen • Consultation With Physician Package price Tk.): 4.325 Note: Package price is Excluding VAT SQUARE Executive Health Check (Female) • CBC • ESR • FBS • Creatinine • Urea • Electrolytes • Uric Acid • Lipid Profile • Total Bilirubin • SGOT • SGPT • Alkaline Phosphates • Pap Smear • Urine R/E • X-Ray Chest • ECG • USG of Whole Abdomen • Mammography • BMD Consultation with physician Package Price (TK.

): 3.285 Note: Package Price is excluding VAT Thyroid panel • T3 • T4 • TSH Package price (Tk.850 Note: • Package included complimentary breakfast.): 4.485 Note: Package Price is excluding VAT SQUARE Screening for smoker/Lung Disease • CBC • FBS • Lipid Profile • PFT • X-ray Chest Consultation with Physician Package price Tk.): 1. • Package Price is excluding VAT.Electrolytes • Lipid profile • Urine R/E (Micro albumin/protein) • HbA1C Consultation with physician Package Price (TK. Semi-annual Screening • FBS • CBC • ESR • Urea • Creatinine • S.): 5.885 Hormone status (female) • FSH • LH • Progesterone • Estrogen Package price (Tk. 2.725 Note: Package price is Excluding VAT 78 .• CBC • ESR • FBS • Creatinine • Urea • Electrolytes • Uric Acid • Lipid Profile • Total Bilirubin • SGOT • SGPT • Alkaline Phosphatase • Urine R/E • X-Ray Chest • ECG • USG of whole abdomen Consultation with physician Package Price (TK.

squarehospital. FAX. 8142431 (10 Numbers). FAX: 9118921(General).5. ER T&T : 8144466. 8144488. ER Mobile : 01713377773-5. 8141522(10 Numbers). PABX Mobile: 01713141447. Our Hotline Numbers Phone No: 8159457 (10 Numbers). 8144477.12 Location Map 18/F West Panthapath. PABX Mobile: 01713141447. 9114342(Commercial) For OPD Appointment: Ext: 2001 & 2002 For IPD Appointment: Ext: 3141 & 3112. 01713377775. 8144400(10 Numbers). Operator Help -9. Square Hospital Dhaka in Bangladesh Road Map 79 . 8142333(10Numbers). Operator Help -9. Mobile : 01713377773. Emergency Lan Line: 8144466. Dhaka . 01713377774. 8142333(10Numbers). 8144477. 8141522(10 Numbers). 8144400(10 Numbers).9118921(General). Phone No: 8159457 (10 Numbers). 8144488. 9114342(Commercial) www.1205. 8142431 (10 Numbers).

Chapter-Six SWOT Analysis of Hospitals 80 .

81 .

highlighting potential difficulties and obstacles that can be avoided through careful planning.0 SWOT Analysis of Hospitals A systematic organizational analysis provides an opportunity for the steering committee to determine at any early stage.6. aided by state-of-the-art equipment provides a congenial infrastructure for the medical professional in healthcare of international standards. medical and surgical facilities for the care of its patients.1 SWOT analysis of Apollo Hospital Dhaka Strengths of Apollo Hospital Dhaka ♦ Apollo is an international recognized hospital as a result it provides all the characteristic of a world class hospital. ♦ Patients’ satisfaction is also their strength. ♦ Apollo Hospital Dhaka is a showcase of synergy of medical technology and advance in IT through paperless medical report. Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is the first hospital in Bangladesh to attain such exceptional distinction. ♦ The hospital is at the forefront of medical technology and expertise and provides a complete range of the latest diagnostic. Research and healthcare benefit of humanity. technologists and administrators at Apollo Hospital Dhaka. ♦ The skilled nurse. equipment and technology. ♦ They are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education. ♦ They provide wide range of services and specialist. 82 . ♦ Apollo Hospitals Dhaka (AHD) has earned Joint Commission International Accreditation.a SWOT analysis. opportunities and threats. ambience and service quality. In SWOT analysis a list of strengths and weakness within the private hospitals are given and the external opportunities and threats are written down and discussed to the below: 6. SWOT analysis also provided the hospital and the steering committee with the opportunity to identify key situations and people to facilitate successful implementation at the some time. the organization’s strengths weakness.

♦ They only provide up to data and most advanced technologies based medical equipment and services to the patients.Weakness of Apollo Hospital Dhaka ♦ As we know that Apollo Hospital is a joint project of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited and STS Holdings Limited with having it’s headquarter in U. ♦ They have the opportunities to be an industry leader in the field of hosp[itals sectors in Bangladesh. social and spiritual traditions of Bangladesh. ♦ They have own air-craft landing facilities. 83 . ♦ All the treatment costs of Apollo Hospital are high as result everybody can not afford the cost of treatment. ♦ They brings all the specialist and doctors from abroad as a result frequent change of doctors.A so sometimes they have to face decision making problem. Threats of Apollo Hospital Dhaka ♦ Apollo hospital is based on state-of-art western medical technology as a result some patients think Apollo as an ‘Unholy Hospital’.S. Opportunities of Apollo Hospital Dhaka ♦ In Bangladesh Apollo Hospital is aided by state-of-the-art western medical technology and provides a congenial infrastructure for the medical professional in providing healthcare of international standards. requiring repeated briefing problems occurs. That helps to make them different then other hospitals services in Bangladesh. ♦ The geographical coverage is also a problem. ♦ Apollo Hospital is a multinational organization as a result it faces lots of Governments rules and rustications to operate there hospital activities. ♦ They respond to the culture. ♦ They bring all the nurses outside from Dhaka so sometimes they face problem of sufficient nurses in the wards ♦ Lack of qualified stuff and employee according to their expectations.

♦ They also can fain additional revenue through providing consultations and educational package to other hospital and organizations. ♦ Lack of skilled technical manpower. Weakness of United Hospital Limited ♦ Shortage of adequate numbers of nurses. ♦ Hospital service quality.6. ♦ They continuous developing more sophisticated technology. ♦ Promotional effectiveness and Patients retentions are also their major strength. ♦ Electro physiology study. ♦ Arrangement for performing PTCA. ♦ Lack of clinical champion for the pathway program. ♦ Integrated Hospital Information System. ♦ Lack of trained stuff and employee. ♦ Geographical coverage of all patients Opportunities of United Hospital Limited ♦ As a local private hospital they provide Intensive care services to their patients.2 SWOT analysis of United Hospital Limited Strengths of United Hospital Limited Strengths that separate United Hospital Limited from others hospital of the country are: ♦ Continuing improvement program. ♦ Continuing medical education. ♦ United is a multi-diversify group so have a lots of options or opportunities to open new markets for hospital. 84 . ♦ Mobile ICU.

♦ They have to face higher cost of treatment so that they can not get enough patients from rural areas. 85 . ♦ They committed to provide best services that similar with the international standard services. ♦ A commitment of the hospital top management to quality improvement.Threats of United Hospital Limited ♦ Political unrest and economical threat.3 SWOT analysis of Square Hospital Limited Strengths of Square Hospital Limited ♦ Square hospital is one of the best local private hospitals in Bangladesh. ♦ Their promotional effectiveness and patients’ retention are also their strength. ♦ Patients centered nursing system in practice on the wards. ♦ Pricing is little bit high. Weakness of Square Hospital Limited ♦ Lack of trained stuff and employee. ♦ Shortage of education nurses. ♦ They committed to give each patient the best care keeping in mind the motto ‘we serve by our acts. ♦ Some times they face problems to bring qualified doctors and specialized team members from abroad due to Government legislations. 6. ♦ They can not bring trained nurses from abroad due to government legislation. ♦ They always support from medical board. ♦ Inadequate financing and resources to meet future needs. ♦ They establish the hospital in the middle of Dhaka city so that they cover all the geographical coverage.

♦ They use pathways could potentially improve the quality of care through the practice of evidence based medicine.Opportunities of Square Hospital Limited ♦ They developing more sophisticated technology. 2= Not so Important. 4= Very Important. ♦ Customer positive reaction is favor to them. ♦ They have to purchase advance medical equipment from abroad for that they have to face restrictions of government. The following SWOT factors are rated by the selected hospital 1= Not at all Important. 3= Important. ♦ Some treatment cost is so high so that poor patients can not afford its expense. ♦ Their intensive care service is high class. ♦ Some time they also face social threats. 5= Extremely Important Factors Hospital reputation Service quality Patients satisfaction Pricing effectiveness Geographical coverage Government legislations Social threats Square Hospital 5 5 5 4 5 2 2 Apollo Hospital 5 5 5 3 2 3 2 United Hospital 5 5 5 4 3 2 2 86 . Threats of Square Hospital Limited ♦ Political unrest and government legislations.

Chapter-Seven Comparative Analysis of the Promotional Strategies 87 .

1 Promotional Budget Square Hospital. Dir. Apollo Hospital Expenses 1250000 and United Hospital expenses 1000000 Total promotional expenses in 2009 88 . Than determining the tasks needed. Public Relation Square Hospital expenses 4500000. And finally they are estimating the cost. First they define specific promotion objectives.P P.7. They set what they want to accomplish with promotion. Apollo hospital 1000000 and United Hospital 8000000 in Advertising. United Hospital Expenses Personal selling 2000000. Apollo Hospital and United Hospital are basically followed the Objective –and-Task Method Budget.0 Comparative Analysis of the Promotional Strategies 7. In Sales promotions Square Hospital expenses 9000000. Square Hospital Expenses 3000000 and Apollo Hospital Expenses 2500000. Apollo Hospital 7500000 and United Hospital expenses 6000000. Mkt. Total promotional expenses in 2009 12000000 10000000 8000000 6000000 4000000 2000000 0 Ad. S.R P.S. Square Hospital expenses 12000000 Taka. Square Apollo United In 2006. Apollo Hospital expenses 3750000 and United Hospital expenses 3000000. In Direct Marketing Square Hospital Expenses 1500000.

In Direct Marketing Square Hospital Expenses 1750000. Apollo hospital 1200000 and United Hospital 10000000 in Advertising.2 Promotional Mix Elements 89 . Apollo Hospital expenses 4500000 and United Hospital expenses 3750000. Apollo Hospital 9000000 and United Hospital expenses 7500000. Square Hospital Expenses 3500000 and Apollo Hospital Expenses 3000000. In Sales promotions Square Hospital expenses 10500000. Public Relation Square Hospital expenses 5250000. Apollo Hospital Expenses 1500000 and United Hospital expenses 1250000 7. United Hospital Expenses Personal selling 2500000.1400 00 00 1200 00 00 1000 00 00 800 0000 600 0000 400 0000 200 0000 0 Ad S ales Public Pres on. Dirct Pro R el s ell Mkt S Q Apollo United In 2007. Square Hospital expenses 14000000 Taka.

Pr. 7.The selected private hospitals are rate the important of the following promotional elements that motive their patients best.3 Sales Promotion 4 4 4 4 Public relation 3 3 3 3 Personal selling 3 5 4 4 Direct marketing 5 5 5 5 In here. 2= Not so Important. 5= Extremely Important Promotional elements Advertising Square Hospital 4 Apollo Hospital 3 United Hospital 3 Average 3. 3= Important. Square Apollo United In 2006. 1= Not at all Important. In Print media Square Hospital expenses 4200000. Direct marketing the entire selected hospitals rate as an extremely important promotional mix element. Sales promotion is very important element for all the selected hospitals. In here I show what amount they expenses in the advertisement purpose Advertising Budget in 2009 4500000 4000000 3500000 3000000 2500000 2000000 1500000 1000000 500000 0 Br. 4= Very Important. United hospital rate very important element and Square Hospital rate an important promotional element. Apollo hospital 3000000 and United Hospital 2400000 in Broadcast media.3 Advertising Budget In most cases informative advertising is their advertising objective. Apollo Hospital 4000000 and United Hospital expenses 2800000. Public relation is important promotional elements of all the hospitals. Personal selling Apollo hospitals rate extremely important elements. Outdoor media Square Hospital expenses3600000. E-net Oth. Square Hospital expenses 3600000 Taka. Apollo Hospital 90 . Advertising is the very important promotional elements for Square Hospital but for Apollo and United hospitals advertising are important elements .so advertising is in between important and very important. Out.

And other media purposes Square Hospital Expenses 120000 Apollo Hospital Expenses 100000m and United Hospital expenses 80000 taka. Apollo hospital 3600000 and United Hospital 3000000 in Broadcast media. Pr. Square Hospital Expenses 480000 and Apollo Hospital Expenses 400000. Outdoor media Square Hospital expenses 4200000. United Hospital Expenses in Internet 320000. In 2007. Out E-net Oth. 91 . Advertising Budget in 2009 5000000 4500000 4000000 3500000 3000000 2500000 2000000 1500000 1000000 500000 0 Square Apollo United Br. And other media purposes Square Hospital Expenses 140000 Apollo Hospital Expenses 120000m and United Hospital expenses 100000 taka. Square Hospital Expenses 560000 and Apollo Hospital Expenses 480000. Square Hospital expenses 4200000 Taka. Apollo Hospital expenses 3000000 and United Hospital expenses 2500000. United Hospital Expenses in Internet 320000.expenses 2500000 and United Hospital expenses 2000000. Apollo Hospital 4800000 and United Hospital expenses 3500000. In Print media Square Hospital expenses 4900000.

Chapter-Eight Recommendation 8.1 Recommendations ♦ Need for specialized marketing staff has gained momentum in the hospital industry. 92 .

Internet. 8. outdoor. and other forms so that people can get more information about them. ♦ They have to improve on various health topics and creating awareness through media to market themselves as it is a powerful tool today. ♦ Development of customized hospital specific action plans. ♦ Analyzing the feedback from regular customer satisfaction survey can definitely help building the image. Though the current products or services private hospitals are serving markets and trying to gain more patients day 93 . ♦ To increase more advertising includes print.♦ Developing and implementing customized action plans designed to increase better services and promotional activities. broadcast. ♦ Development of customized hospital specific action plans. ♦ Routing meetings with key clients and Post-donor and post-referral follow-up.2 Conclusion Like a mature organization private hospitals now began marketing activities which requires a well though out plan and full implementation. sales promotion and public relations. ♦ They must skillfully use the mass-promotional tools of advertising.

Appendix References 94 . It is apparent from the results that private hospitals are playing a meaningful role in Bangladesh. direct marketing. They realize they should give more emphasis on advertising and sales promotion actions. to try to increase their profits by providing services that are unnecessary or even harmful (Van der Gaag 1995). to disregard social pricing considerations or. it must be noted that private hospitals have been known to reduce quality by reducing inputs. worse. The opportunities of private hospitals are international recognition. private hospitals can expand brand portfolio and sustainable competitive advantages in the health sector arena. However. They also can gain additional revenue through providing consultations and educational packages to other hospitals and organizations. Weaknesses are mainly decision making problem. For example United Hospital has lots of opportunity or options to develop new products and new services in the market. This therefore needs careful consideration. lack of sufficient skills resources like manpower. nurses etc. Some are forwarding towards diversification. In Bangladesh provides a congenial infrastructure for the medical professional in providing healthcare of international standards. To place it in the top most position. They are also facing threats like excess treatment costs political turmoil and other economical issues. integrated hospital information stem (HIS).by day. and personal selling as very important promotional tools. mobile ICU and so on. To motive the patients Square Hospital rate the public relation. justifying their existence. continuation and growth. Apollo and United Hospital treat direct marketing is a very important promotional tool. before unleashing the forces of privatization in this sector more widely.

Kotler Philip. “(The Marketing Management)” 12th edition. (2006). Andaleeb Syed 4. (Public and private hospitals in Bangladesh: service quality and predictors of hospital choice) p 101. Kotler Philip. p 329. 2. p 427.apollodhaka. (2006). 95 .com 7. www. www. www.squarehospital. p 440. “(The Principle of Marketing)” 11th edition. p 152. 5. www.

.. …………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………. Name of the Respondent:………………………………… Name of the Hospital:…………………………………….. Address:………………………………………………….Survey Questionnaire on Marketing Promotional Activities of Private Hospitals. Contact Number:………………………………………… 96 .

Qno-1: Please rate the important of the following promotional elements that motivate your patients best? Promotional elements Advertising Sales promotion Public relation Personal selling Direct marketing Not at all Important 1 1 1 1 1 Not Important 2 2 2 2 2 so Important 3 3 3 3 3 Very Important 4 4 4 4 4 Extremely Important 5 5 5 5 5 Qno-2: Please rate the important of the promotional tools that are used in your organization to attract patients? Promotional tools Package treatment facility Continuity program Discount Low-cost treatment Not at all Not Important Important 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 2 so Important 3 3 3 3 Very Extremely Important Important 4 5 4 4 4 5 5 5 Qno-3: Please rate the important of the media you use for advertising purpose? Types of Advertising Broadcast media Print media Outdoor media Internet Not at all Not Important Important 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 2 so Important 3 3 3 3 Very Extremely Important Important 4 5 4 4 4 5 5 5 Qno-4: How much did you spend in advertising purpose in last year? Types of Advertising Broadcast media Print media Outdoor media Internet Others Total Total expenses 2006 2007 97 .

Qno-5: Please rate the important of the functions your hospital practice for public relation? Function Public affairs Charitable donation Press relation Financial aid Not at all Important 1 1 1 1 Not Important 2 2 2 2 so Important 3 3 3 3 Very Important 4 4 4 4 Extremely Important 5 5 5 5 Qno-6: Please rate the important of the major public relation tool of your hospital? Public relation tool Seminars Special event Create favorable news Press relies Not at all Not so Important Important Important 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 1 2 2 3 3 Very Important 4 4 4 4 Extremely Important 5 5 5 5 Qno-7: How does the hospital decide on each promotional budget?     Affordable method Percentage of sales method Competitive parity method Objective & task method Qno-8: In most cases which one is your advertising objective?     Informative advertising Persuasive advertising Reminder advertising Comparative advertising 98 .

Qno-9: How much did you spend in promotional activities in last year? Promotional Activities Advertising Sales promotion Public relation Personal selling Direct marketing Total Total expenses 2006 2007 Qno-10: What is the duration to change promotional activities?     1 month. To what extant could you decide as there factors as strengths and weakness of your hospital? Factors Hospital reputation Service quality Patients satisfaction Pricing effectiveness Geographical coverage Promotional effectiveness Patients retention Major weakness 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Minor weakness 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Neutral 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Minor strength 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Major strength 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 99 . Qno-11: To practices in promotional activities is there any change in service quality?  Yes  No Qno-12: The following issues are the marketing factors. 3 months 6 months 12 months.

will be the healthcare scenario in Bangladesh? Please mention below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Thank you very much for your kind and compassionate cooperation) 100 . Economic forces. Qno-16: Ten years from today what in your opinion. Social-cultural process. Important Opportunity Developing more sophisticated technology Intensive care service Customer positive reaction Market share Not at all Not Important Important 1 2 so Important 3 Very Extremely Important Important 4 5 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 Qno-14: Please mark the relative importance of the following threat factors of your hospital.Qno-13: Please mark the following opportunity factors according to their importance to your organization. Important threat Demography threat Technological threat High cost Government legislations Social threat Not at all Not Important Important 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 so Important 3 3 3 3 3 Very Important 4 4 4 4 4 Extremely Important 5 5 5 5 5 Qno-15: Which one is your most important opportunities (to satisfied patients needs and demand in external environment)?     Demographic factor. Technological forces.

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