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Forward Preface Section 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: My journey on raw foods Chapter 2: Eating raw foods on a budget: An introduction FREE TO DOWNLOAD

Section 2: Strategies for Eating Raw Foods on a Budget
Chapter 3: Change how you buy food Chapter 4: Change where you buy food Chapter 5: Change how you store food Chapter 6: Change how you prepare food Chapter 7: Change the way you eat Chapter 8: Change the way you think Chapter 9: Grow your own food Available to BUY NOW Available to BUY NOW Available to BUY NOW Available to BUY NOW Available by 11/14/10 Available by 11/14/10 Available by 11/28/10

Section 3: Raw Food Start-Up Costs
Chapter 10: Equipment start-up costs Chapter 11: Food start-up costs Available by 12/12/10 Available by 12/26/10

Section 4: Create Your Raw Food Budget!
Chapter 12: Create your budget – part 1 Chapter 13: Create your budget – part 2 Available by 1/9/10 Available by 1/23/10

Section 5: Recipes
Juices, smoothies, and nut milks Breakfast Entrees and sides Soups, salads, dressings, and dips Breads and crackers Desserts Preparing dried and frozen foods


Raw Foods on a Budget: An Introduction

Have you ever marveled at the beautiful pictures of delicious recipes in popular raw food books? Have you also had the experience of becoming dismayed when you saw the ingredients required to make these beautiful recipes? I know I have, time and time again. This is the main reason why I only crack open the four raw food recipe books I own 1-2 times per year. The dishes in most raw food recipe books use very expensive ingredients, which makes them impractical for everyday living. This chapter will present strategies for lowering the costs of raw food recipes you make at home, including ones you find in popular recipe books. This way you can get more out of those raw food recipe books that have been gathering dust on your shelf. But before we jump into the strategies, let’s see what our friend ‘Impulsive Ida’ has been up to! On a Saturday night, Ida dined at a fancy raw food restaurant in New York City. She had an amazing meal and was convinced that if she could eat this way every day, she could be 100% raw vegan. She joyfully held onto this belief until she received her bill, which diminished all her hopes of eating out at this restaurant in the near future. Then she noticed that the restaurant had its own raw food recipe book for sale, so she decided to buy it. She figured that if she could make the recipes at home, the costs of the meals would be cheaper, right? However, she soon learned that this was not the case, AT ALL. The recipes in the book required a lot of fancy, expensive raw food ingredients like Thai coconuts, macadamia nuts, specialty oils, and tropical produce for many of its recipes. But, Ida decided to power through and make 3 recipes, one for each meal of the day. After a long day of grocery shopping, Ida finally returned home with all of her ingredients and over $100 in grocery bills! This is a common scenario. Almost everyone I know who has experimented with raw foods has gone through this experience. In fact, the fancy recipes in many raw food books may be one of the reasons why this diet is considered an expensive lifestyle. The truth is that this type of raw foods lifestyle is an expensive lifestyle, and it’s different than the budget-friendly raw food lifestyle that I am promoting in this book. The good news is that there are four simple strategies that you and Ida can use when preparing raw food recipes to keep the costs low.
Chapter 6: Change How You Prepare Food


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