when they need them. the traditional rich functionality of an enterprise request portal. modern interface which allows users to find and obtain the software and services they need. and in a way they now expect.COM . with the experience expected of a modern consumer app store. blending.SHOPPING | THE BEST APP STORE FOR THE ENTERPRISE Shopping 5. for the first time ever. 1E. Shopping delivers this through a simple.0 represents an enormous shift in enterprise IT delivery.

Flexible Workflows for Business Approval Business managers are empowered to make approval decisions through flexible workflows. UNUM Insurance 1E. in installations ranging from a few hundred seats to several hundred thousand.100 user generated downloads a month. items (software or group membership) can be rented by end uses for a time-limited period. Skinnable for your needs Completely configurable to fit your organization’s look and feel. This gives end users the experience they have come to expect from modern devices like smartphones and tablets on their Enterprise IT desktop. Self-service Software. downloading them on-demand. existing helpdesk reporting mechanisms can be included through integration with the likes of BMC Remedy or HP Service Manager. License Control Management Software availability to end users can be controlled through management of icense counts with configurable thresholds for notification. Deep Integration with Microsoft Configuration Manager 2007/ 2012 Through deep native integration with ConfigMgr Shopping delivers software to users and machines within minutes.” Scott Ewing. Software Rental Where licensing terms permit.” Dean Leyland AstraZeneca A Consumer AppStore Experience for Corporate IT Shopping provides a consumer-grade App Store within a user’s corporate IT environment. so end users work in a familiar corporate environment. site or department. Shopping monitors the progress and status of all deployments to keep users and administrators informed. This can include usagebased application mapping using data from 1E AppClarity. Flexible Integration Framework Shopping has open APIs to integrate with third-party systems. Shopping has native support for multiple languages. web applications. region. “ Shopping has transformed our ability to service our customers with more than 1. Senior Infrastructure Engineer. Proven at Scale in Global Organizations Shopping is deployed to more than three million seats worldwide. Requesters and approvers are kept informed through actionable emails. Shopping can also be configured to respect license quarantine periods. including desktop software. Hardware & Services A single portal for automatic provisioning of IT resources. branch administrators can govern the visibility and approval process of applications as well as have the ability to shop on behalf of users within a country. NOW it takes just five minutesk. Users decide for themselves when to install applications. after which it is automatically removed. Delegated Administration In large distributed or complex organizations.COM . for example. Self-service OS Migrations End users are enabled to schedule their own OS deployment as well as select which applications to automatically reinstall as part of the migration.SHOPPING | THE BEST APP STORE FOR THE ENTERPRISE Key Features “ It used to take five days to get things deployed. software as a service (SaaS) and even hardware requests.

All rights reserved.THE BEST APP STORE FOR THE ENTERPRISE JUST GOT BETTER Business Benefits Case study Improved End User Satisfaction End users’ satisfaction with IT services and their individual productivity are vastly improved by giving them access to an inituitive and easy-to-use portal to request and obtain the applications they need in minutes. Share this For more information. 1E shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. network bandwidth constraints. Shopping avoids unnecessary spend on help desk costs through selfservice provisioning Shopping has demonstrated its capabilities for construction design and engineering business ARUP by cutting costs by $1. 1E’s mission is to identify IT waste. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Customers include: Arup Park Hill Schools Parker Hannifin Philips Syngenta Unum About 1E 1E is the pioneer and global leader in efficient IT solutions.COM/SHOPPING Contact us US: +1 866 592 4214 UK: +44 20 8326 3880 India: +91 120 402 4000 info@1e. saving on average $950 at a time. Faster and More Efficient OS Migrations OS migration projects can be delivered faster and more efficiently by enabling users to schedule their own Windows migrations and automated application re-installs.16 million and saving more than 37. Flexible approval workflows all the definitions of single © Copyright 2014 1E. This can include automatic usage-based application mapping which can have massive benefits for application rationalization and software licensing costs. 1E. approval groups or approval chains as required. 1E efficient IT solutions help reduce servers. Reduced Held Desk Costs Help desk costs are immediately reduced by delivering a fully configurable and automated request-to-delivery approval process. Customers Shopping is deployed across more than three million seats worldwide.137 software installs. please visit: 1E. It has also reduced the software licensing bill by making the cost of software transparent to users and suggesting low-cost alternatives.COM .000 man hours by automating 148. software licenses and energy consumption. help remove it and optimize everything else.

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