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ARMY CODE No 12174 {1969 Edition) RESTRICTED A/26]Manvals/4469 Not to be communicated to | anyone outside HM Ser: without authority meee eS s USER HANDBOOK +, (Supersedes ARMY CODE No12174 1957 Edition) Reprinted May 1972 incorporating AL.1 This publication has been produced by the DIRECTOR, INSPECTORATE OF FIGHTING VEHICLES AND MECHANICAL EQUISMENT to the requirement of .1e ASSISTANT CHIEF OF GENERAL STAFF (OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENT) | MINISTRY OF DEFENCE whom ail enquiries should be addressed 1969 CONTENTS LUST OF ILLUSTRATIONS. .. ASSOCIATED PUBLICATIONS ...........0005 TE TG res veces cx ccna os cores ee a CHAPTER I INSTRUCTIONAL NOTES - SECTION | METHOD OF INSTRUCTION .,......... SECTION 2 GENERAL DESCRIPTION ...........eeseeee List of marks of vehicles . SECTION 3 DATA ....cssecerees SECTION 4 HULL AND TURRET DETAILS | Driver's visors ssseesessssees To open and close a visor . To remove and replace a periscope .. DrAVEr"6! BORE os enw 1s wane conor 5 To adjust the seat fore and aft To adjust the seat for height Gunner's seat vssseesssseeeeseees | To adjust the seat fore and aft | To raise the seat z To lower the seat ....... Commander/Controller's seat (Mk 5 vehicles)’: To raise the seat ..... To lower the seat Servicing . To check Emergency escape hatches ... Rear observation visors To open the visors .....eeessees Side observation slite (dk 1 end 2 vehicles) . To remove and replace the splash screen . Engine covers ..eceeeeseee Stowage containers 11... Mel. and 2 vehicles ..... j Mk 5, 4 and 5 vehicles .. f To open the access hatch . py To close the access hatch . = Shoke grenade dischargers Kecess plates ....... Drain plugs ...eeseesesces Lifting and lashing eyes ... To remove and replace @ periscope . ip’ pressure | j To open the forward (driver's) escape hateh ........ i To release a side escape hatch ......+ Turret (Hard top) Mk 1/2 vehicles ......... To remove and replace a splash screen .