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The Born Loser’s Guide to Abundance
Make a Transformation Using EFT

Part I Visualizing the Process
by Chip Engelmann, MA, CNC

Copyright 2008 Photographs by Julie Engelmann

Part I Visualizing the Process
Preface . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
About this book

Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Distraction is the problem; Two Tasks

Chapter 1: Create Vibrational Alignment
Med itation: Connection, Visualization, Feeling, and Appreciation . . . . . . . . 13 Roll Up Your Sleeves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
The Law of Attraction

Step 1: Decide What You Want . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
The Born Loser’s Guide to the Law of Attraction; Marvin

Step 2: Identify You r Fears and D oubts

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

Emotional Obstacles; Financial Programming; Emotions From Our Past Associated with Money; Decisions, Vows and Pacts; The Choices Technique; Other Help

Step 3: Set Your Goal

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41

Giving Back; Two Big Fears; Fear of Not Achieving Your Goal; Fear of Achieving Your Goal; What’s the Downside?; Yeah-buts; Give Me Insight

Step 4: Clarify Your Values . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57

Chapter 2: Make It Happen
Step 5: Make a Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61
The Many Faces of Fear; Extracting a Plan from the Universe; Brainstorming; The Power of Questions

Step 6 : Com mit

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82

Imagination and the Sliding Scale of Consciousness

Step 7: Take Action

The Valley of the Shadow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87 What’s Ne xt? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91
Coming soon: The Born Loser’s Guide to Abundance, Part II, Getting Nitty and Gritty

About Chip Engelmann

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my name is Chip and I’m a born loser. In fact my whole family were born losers.Preface Hello.” My father was a born loser. My mother was a born loser. Chip. “Hello. 4 . except of course my brother and sister who had it better because Mom loved them more.

But this is not a book about how big a loser you are. This is a book about attracting abundance. Being a born loser and attracting abundance have nothing to do with each other. The fact is, it doesn’t matter if you are a born loser or hot stuff. You can still attract abundance. They are not mutually exclusive. There are four possibilities here. • • • • You can be hot stuff and not have abundance. You can be hot stuff and have abundance. You can be a born loser and not have abundance. You can be a born loser and have abundance.

“But wait,” you say. “You don’t understand. I have... ‘issues’...” And I say, • • You can be a born loser with issues and not have abundance. You can be a born loser with issues and have abundance.

“No. You still don’t get it. I have ‘limiting beliefs.’ As long as I have limiting beliefs I’ll never have riches. But I can become rich if I work really hard at eliminating my limited beliefs, and once they are gone money will flow, baby, money will flow.” And I say,


• •

You can be a born loser with limiting beliefs and not have riches. You can be a born loser with limiting beliefs and have riches.

“Let me try to explain this so you can get it. For me, money and self-worth are tied together. I have low self-esteem because I don’t have money. I don’t have money because I have low selfesteem. It’s a vicious cycle. I need to find a way to break this cycle if I’m going to become rich.” Look, will you quit arguing with me? • • You can be a born loser with low self-esteem and not have money. You can be a born loser with low self-esteem and have money.

You can be a complete idiot. You can be a complete idiot with issues and a born loser with low self-esteem and limiting beliefs and still be anything you want. You can be President of the United States. Wait a minute. For a second I thought I flashed on an example. The point is, it’s not about any of those things. It’s just about where you put your attention and how you act as if.


About this book Now that we’ve covered that point... You are reading Part I of The Born Loser’s Guide to Abundance, Make a Transformation Using EFT. This part, called Visualizing the Process, gives you my ideas and theory to get you started on your path to your dreams. It is offered free. In the near future I will produce Part II, called Getting Nitty and Gritty, which includes a lot more EFT exercises and step-by-step methods to get you through the process. That one you’ll have to pay for.

“EFT, what is that?” EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques - techniques you can use to eliminate the “charge” from emotions you live with. Pssst. This book assumes that you already know the basics of EFT. But never fear, an additional short book (by yours truly) was included in the email with this book. It’s called The EFT Quick-Start Method. You can learn what you need to proceed. So scurry off, read that book, and come back when you’re ready. We’ll be here waiting. ***

You know you want abundance. low selfesteem and limiting beliefs. “Thanks. Distraction is the problem Look at it this way. but why do I need EFT if I can have issues. and still have abundance as long as you put your attention on abundance and act as if you have what you want. You can imagine what it is like to have abundance. and still have abundance?” It’s because you have issues. Don’t worry. But the second you place your attention on your limiting beliefs (which is an unfortunate habit that Born Losers tend to have . You can have your limiting beliefs.and hopefully this book will help rid you of it). It’s a paradox. you get sucked into that vibration and act as if the belief is your reality.” I know.Welcome back. “But you said. and limiting beliefs.. 8 . You can taste it. You then manifest the limiting belief. EFT is very effective at neutralizing them. etc. to the rest of us it didn’t seem like you were gone at all. All you need to do is move into the reality. You can feel how you feel when you are abundant.. low self-esteem.

How am I supposed to do all that?” This book will help you do it. To get to the vibrational state of your goal accomplished. You will also have to ignore the mental limitations adopted from your parents. and your experiences. Your thoughts and emotions produce a vibration to which the Universe responds. So. and then resume putting your attention on your goals and acting as if. and . 9 .as long as you don’t let those things distract you . you can use EFT to lower the intensity to the point where you are no longer distracted. You have to make the emotional transformation from where you are now to the vibrational state of your goal accomplished. “I’m freaking out here. If these things do become a distraction. you can have issues and limiting beliefs and even be afraid. at about this point you feel fear and stop. Here’s the thing. society. issues and low self-esteem. And you get distracted by your limiting beliefs. you will have to recognize and overcome your fears as well as eliminate the distractions of all the emotional obstacles that kept you from achieving this goal in the past. Your thoughts and feelings revert to the comfort of habit.But do you do it? Chances are.still have abundance.

“Well. limiting emotions and mindsets in four ways: • • • • Slowly work your way through your obstacles Slowly work your way through your obstacles with the help of a coach (I recommend me) Go really fast Go really fast with a coach Generally speaking. I thought I wanted to get there fast. One method is faster. Or you could get a run at it and crash through the brush. Approach at your own speed.. When you snag you can stop and pull them loose. being careful of all the prickers and thorns.” Two Tasks No matter at what speed you intend to pursue your riches.. the faster you work through your obstacles. you still have to accomplish two tasks: 10 . The other method is less painful. You could wind your way through the brush. Suppose you are on one side of a thicket and you want to get to the other.You can overcome the fear. Both methods get you to the other side. the harder it will be on you. then continue through the thicket until you get to the other side. knocking it down and tearing your clothes on the thorns until you reach the other side.

set a specific goal. You can do it that way if you want. Me. acts and vibrates like you will when you have achieved your goal. Go through the steps necessary to make your goal happen. Make the transition from who you are now to someone who thinks. 2.” and be there. “But didn’t you just say that all I had to do was act as if?” Okay I admit it. I’ll just get up and walk across the room and I’ll still end up with the vibration of “me sitting on the other side of the room. and take action. feels.” Wanna race? 11 . Napoleon Hill outlines them in Think and Grow Rich: create a desire. It is theoretically possible to simply change your vibration and manifest your riches without going through Napoleon Hill’s steps.1. Omit any of these steps and you might as well throw in the towel. It is also theoretically possible to change your vibration from “you sitting on this side of the room” to “you sitting on the other side of the room. make a plan.

Chapter 1 Create Vibrational Alignment Task One Make the transition from who you are now to someone who thinks. 12 . acts and vibrates like you will when you have achieved your goal. feels.

and Appreciation The most direct approach to accomplishing the first task making the transition from who you are now to someone who thinks. acts and vibrates like you will when you have achieved your goal . Allow 40 minutes total per day. actually. through daily meditations. Visualization. Three. 13 . feels.Meditation: Connection. Any two of the following meditations can be combined into one session if desired.

chant “OM. Let it flow through you and bathe you. or in your office in that big cushy leather chair.” a sound that some call a love song to God.) Whatever you do. This feeling of connection will help you to understand the process you are going through and help you make choices in the actions you take. but establish your connection to the divine. • Meditation #2 (10 minutes any time): In this exercise. Divine Love is abundance in its purest form. gently and with a positive feeling. Live in Divine Love and all things will come. connect with Divine Love. 14 . For instance.” or sing “HU. More importantly. imagine your goal fulfilled. imagine yourself running that business. (Some ways to connect: Go within and quietly ask to feel love flowing through you. if your goal is to run a lucrative business.• Meditation #1 (20 minutes first thing in the morning): In this meditation. simply connect with the Universe or God or your higher self. Use any technique or prayer you are comfortable with. See yourself outflowing with love and confidence as you meet with clients. Notice what you are doing. notice how you are feeling.

–Napoleon Hill 15 . and do that more often. Roll Up Your Sleeves Remember. The universe responds to the vibrations you emit through feelings. both those you love and the ones who have helped you. acknowledge things for which you are grateful. you can start finding ways to feel them now. The more you feel exactly the way you will when your desire is fulfilled. the way the Universe stepped in and made a connection you had not seen. the faster the universe can accommodate you.If you identify the feelings you will have when your desire is fulfilled. Acknowledge the surprises. The more you appreciate the things you love. no more effort is required to aim high in life. Acknowledge your successes. • Meditation #3 (10 minutes before bed): In this exercise. Acknowledge those things that make you feel good. than is required to accept misery and poverty. Acknowledge the people in your life. to demand abundance and prosperity. Notice what you are doing when you feel that way. Acknowledge all the things that went right for you today. the more you are in alignment with them and the more the universe can give you.

our content differs). all that can be conceived of. Wells outlines the process of manifesting what you want as follows. The Law of Attraction The Law of Attraction is a fundamental principle of the Universe. an Australian EFT Practitioner (although. Here we will use a variation of Napoleon Hill’s framework that was developed by Steve Wells. It exists in and outside the realms of time and space.” Take heart. The Universe as defined here with a capital “U” represents all that is. 16 . using EFT to eliminate emotional obstacles: • • • • • • • Step 1: Decide what you want Step 2: Identify your fears and doubts Step 3: Set goals Step 4: Clarify your values Step 5: Make your plan Step 6: Commit Step 7: Take action “Well. Read on. it doesn’t look like I’m going to get out of a whole lot of work using this system. in a variation on a variation. It will be easier than you think. and includes all states of consciousness as well as all that exists.When you embark upon the course outlined by Napoleon Hill. has existed or will exist. that is the time you roll up your sleeves and get to work.

So the original version looks more like this: As you vibrate.” Abraham describes the Law of Attraction in terms of so you become. (Click here to download the original version of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich http://www.chipeft. The popular version is. coined the term “Law of Attraction.a word metaphor. 17 . so you become.Some people refer to it as God.that people in a human state of consciousness can understand. and vibration in terms of feelings. “As you think. The Law of Attraction is as fundamental to life as gravity is to the planets and stars. People have a misconception about the Law of Attraction. and tells us that our emotions are our guides in determining whether we are on the right path. Napoleon Hill’s original text used the word vibrate. can handle. if you will . The word vibration was also edited out of a popular movie on the subject. the ignorant public. Abraham is using words .html#Think) Abraham. But the concept behind the words is deeper and greater than our language can encompass.” For some reason. known through Jerry and Ester Hicks’ work as Abraham-Hicks. publishers and distributors in the media think that this half-concept is all we. Like any teacher. This word has been edited out of recent editions.

“Getting a little abstract here. our true being simultaneously exists as Soul. outside the realms of time and space. “What exactly does that mean to me?” In theory. The way we create is through vibration. emotions or illusions.” just like that. emotions. and illusions of reality in resonance in with this vibration. Bring ’em on. We as Soul do have awareness and we can create. “Baby steps sound good. or Source Energy. We vibrate. health or 18 .” Although many teachers bring out the principles of the Law of Attraction in the context of creating abundance. teachers like Napoleon Hill and Abraham have created logical steps to lead you through these changes in your belief system. or as a Spark of God or the Universe. we can instantaneously shift our consciousness and create a new version of “reality. and the vibration manifests thoughts. or as our Higher Self.” Here’s my version. While we run the movie of our life. if we change our vibration. Soul has no thoughts. Therefore. for most of us to significantly change our vibration requires such a profound shift in our belief system that we have to take baby steps. because those are part of the realms of time and space. In practice. the Law of Attraction can be used with regard to relationships.

the true purpose of learning the Law of Attraction is to teach us the skills that will lead us back to the Source. but for some of us.” For those of you who hold the belief that you can’t be rich and spiritual at the same time. however. Ultimately. let me get to where I can pay my bills first. Then maybe I can go for God-Consciousness. It’s not only possible. it is necessary. Self-Realization and God-Consciousness. 19 . take heart.any other aspect of our existence. “Well.

“I know what I don’t want!” Most of us really want to get rid of the problems in our lives. we tend to put much more attention on what we don’t want than on what we do want. We don’t want stress over paying bills. We don’t want whatever 20 . But frankly. We don’t want limitations in our job or business.Step 1: Decide What You Want This step seems easy: decide what you want.

and satisfaction that comes with the goal fulfilled that you seek.problems are cropping up in our relationship or kids or home or car. fear of not having enough. Let me rephrase my earlier statement. Make that feeling part of Meditation #2. walk through the area where you want to live and picture yourself there. Identify that feeling. Let’s start by re-framing the negative into a positive. but what we do not want to feel that drives us. If it’s a house. What kind of house? However. We may look at a nice home or car and see no way of getting it. giving. We might wish we weren’t alone. but what we don’t want that we tend to focus on. or even the relationship with another person. we can come up with a dollar figure. We will not have the sad feeling of not being able to afford something. If we add up the amount of money that would bring us peace. then . what exactly is the picture of that career or relationship. empowerment. For many people it is not what we want to feel. 21 . We want money. security. because then we will not have the fear of impending bills. Rather it is the feeling of happiness. I submit that it is not the car or the house or the money that you want. and we won’t feel like we aren’t good enough. fear of creditors on the phone. If it’s a better career or relationship. peace. and do you feel good about giving your best toward it? If it’s a car. what kind? Cruise a few automobile dealers and take a test drive.that it is not what we want.

read about it. gently lift the fears out of the way and tell them they can come back later if they want. Motivational gurus tell us that the bigger the why . as well as in manifesting your dreams. Make it your focus to feel the success and contentment of the dream as it is fulfilled. maybe even do some exercises in a manual.the more likely we will achieve our goal. now. Napoleon Hill tells us that we must create a desire to be rich. Find the why. I’m going to tell you a 22 . Let me put it this way.the more important it is to us .These negative motivators can be an obstacle in Meditation #2 (imagining your goal fulfilled).) But what if I don’t really want anything? You do want things or you wouldn’t be reading this book. or are you determined to do whatever it takes to receive your abundance? “You tricked me into coming around to your point of view there. If you are one of these people. Their distractions can be so entangled they feel powerless. Are you content to dream about abundance.” Will you do what it takes even if it means you actually have to do the meditations? (Pregnant pause. The trouble with some people is that they don’t believe they can have anything. The feeling is why you are doing it. So in your meditation.

story about Marvin. That is. go another step that feels like relief. someone always has it worse. It will be a fun diversion. The more you build on this relief. if and when you are feeling depressed and abandoned. “Ah. you will bring on more experiences of relief.’” The Born Loser’s Guide to the Law of Attraction As you know. 23 . according to the Law of Attraction. rather to seek out what it is that gives us a sense of relief. When you think of them. the Universe responds to your vibration. If you focus on that sense of relief. not a distraction .a ‘diversion. a character developed by Douglas Adams. When you’re in balance there. you get a sense of relief that you are not in their shoes. you will bring on experiences that increase and reinforce your negative emotions. Abraham advises us not to try to jump to the top of the emotional chart all at once. If you vibrate with negative emotions. If you vibrate in abundance. think about Marvin. read it anyway. If you are not one of these people. One thing you can count on: no matter how bad you think you have it. you will have experiences that increase your abundance. the faster you can turn your life around. go one step in the direction that feels like relief. So.

“I’ll do it. The fact is. as part of an experiment. Marvin was one of 5 crew members of a high-tech starship.” Soon Marvin would have the other machine convinced that life as a computer just wasn’t worth living. Marvin was so depressing to be around that the crew gave him menial tasks just to get rid of him. In some ways Marvin’s affliction was a good thing. Marvin would call the foe’s computer to have a “meaningful conversation.” he was given menial tasks by the other crew members. this tactic backfired on the crew because wherever Marvin went. but I won’t like it. SCC. the Heart of Gold. programmed robots with personalities so they could better interact with humans. ex-president of the galaxy. 24 . At first.” he would say.Marvin Marvin is a one-of-a-kind prototype robot developed by the Sirius Cybernetics Company. Marvin was programmed with depression. The enemy’s ship was rendered powerless when the computer system committed suicide. Even though he had “a brain the size of a planet. Marvin felt he was under-valued as a crew member. the ship’s systems would shut down to avoid interfacing with him. more powerful enemy ship would get within communication range. captained by Zaphod Beeblebrox. Eventually the ship’s systems learned to function while ignoring Marvin. Whenever a larger.

About the time they figured this out. tired and hungry. which was located on the very spot he was standing only 500 plus thousand million years into the future. Zaphod and crew figure out that the restaurant is strategically located on a planet that is best suited for viewing the universe’s destruction . Zaphod got separated from Marvin and. discovered he was actually in communication with his starship.the very planet Zaphod was stranded on. “What are you doing in the parking lot?” asked Zaphod. Marvin called. So when Zaphod told the ship’s computer to take him to the nearest restaurant. right? This story is about Marvin. after which they enjoy the spectacle of the universe being destroyed. 25 . Restaurant patrons come from all eras of history to enjoy the 5star dining. You remember Marvin. at the end of it’s life cycle. Afterwards. no water. Milliway’s is unique in that it is built inside a temporal force field that only exists the two hours before the Universe. no vegetation.One day Marvin and Captain Zaphod were stranded on a desolate planet. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. He was taken immediately to Milliway’s. Marvin was in the parking lot. they return home to the era from which they came. Over drinks and people. He ordered the ship’s computer to take him to the nearest restaurant. implodes. There was nothing but sand and dirt . the ship took him to Milliways.

“Five hundred and seventy-six thousand million. Marvin had been waiting. “The best conversation I had was over 40 million years ago. The third 10 thousand million years I didn’t enjoy at all. So while Zaphod had been transported to the End of the Universe. Marvin worked another eternity parking cars in the time loop that existed those two hours before the end of the universe. And that was with a coffee pot. five hundred and seventy-nine years.” After being stuck on the barren planet.” said Marvin. think about Marvin and 26 . when time was finally about to end. “and the second 10 thousand million years were the worst. So the next time you think you are starting to feel a little depressed. I counted them all. left to spend the rest of time on a barren planet.“Parking cars. first. Second. “The first 10 thousand million years were the worst. After that. too. I went into a bit of decline.” He continued.” Zaphod and the crew went to the parking lot to find out what happened to Marvin. Marvin was. In other words. he was given an endless job of parking cars at the restaurant where time kept repeating over and over again for the pleasure of the patrons.” Marvin is the ultimate example of how the Law of Attraction provides beings who vibrate with feelings of depression something to be depressed about. three thousand.

then you can let go of the anger with EFT. When you start to feel hope. See if you can find a little relief. 27 . not the depression. If you feel anger or revenge. Let the universe respond to your relief. Marvin’s story was synopsized from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. So let yourself feel that anger and take back your power. the emotion that might feel like relief could be anger or revenge. Abraham goes on to tell us that if we are feeling depressed or powerless. If you shame yourself because you think good people do not get angry. then you give up your newly-gained power and revert back to powerlessness. or you let others shame you because they feel bad when you are angry. Anger and pain give you a feeling of a little bit of power. do not judge yourself. by Douglas Adams.what happened to him.

says that by asking a few simple questions. Harv Ecker.Step 2: Identify Your Fears and Doubts Each of us has a financial comfort zone. T. author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. within five minutes he can tell a person how 28 .

I am comfortable making $70.000 per year. Then increase it in steps. Gary Craig. say. I am comfortable making $30.000 per year. “How much money can you make and still be spiritual?” Each of us has beliefs and values that define our financial comfort zone.000 per year. and once you exceed your comfort zone you will feel increasingly heavy and uneasy–among other things.000 per year.000 per year. You will find that at the levels below your comfort zone you feel anxious to get to higher levels. I am comfortable making $100. I am comfortable making $20.000 and increasing by $50.000 per year.000 increments.000 per year. asks the question.much she will earn throughout her life. I am comfortable making $40. I am comfortable making $80.000 per year. I am comfortable making $50.000 per year. Notice your feelings. So let’s do a quick exercise to determine your financial comfort zone. I am comfortable making $60. Take a deep breath and rub on your sore spot and repeat several times: I am comfortable making $10. founder of EFT. 29 . starting at $50. Maybe you have to use larger steps.000 per year. I am comfortable making $90.

you have some emotional obstacles to take care of. But EFT can erase the real. There are already lots of good books and systems for getting rich in every way under the sun. “Bummer. so you can get on with your life unencumbered. Emotional Obstacles Through the course of this book we’ll address many types of emotional obstacles so that you may recognize them and handle each as it comes up to distract you from living your goal: • • • • • • • • • Financial programming from your past Your emotions associated with money Your decisions.Actually.” It follows then that if you want to increase your money flow and rise above your comfort zone. vows and pacts about money and wealth The fear of failure to achieve your goal The fear of achieving your goal The downside of success Your yeah-buts about whether it can happen Gaining insight Clarifying your values 30 . underlying reasons why you’re not there already. You are probably already established in your comfort zone. you could have taken a short cut and just looked at your actual earnings for the last few years.

. “Okay.” The work you do to increase your abundance will ultimately help you become freer and happier in countless ways. in baby steps. and your own experiences with money became combined in some way to form your financial programming. Your parents’ attitudes and beliefs about money.• • • • • Making a plan The many faces of fear Commitment to your goal Reinforcing the emotion of your success Your identity “You’ve got to be kidding. Your financial programming may include sayings or beliefs you’ve heard throughout your life or accepted as reality: • • • • • Money doesn’t grow on trees It takes money to make money The rich get rich on the backs of the poor “Filthy rich” people are snobs Money corrupts 31 . you put together the meaning of money and accepted it as true. the lifestyles and transactions you saw around you.. bring it on.” Financial Programming As you grew up.

Order off the right-hand column of the menu or get indigestion over the expense. Then tap on the eight tapping points using the reminder phrase: Money doesn’t grow on trees. Continue for each saying or belief you heard as a child or that stands out in your mind. For example: Even though I believe money doesn’t grow on trees.• • • • • We can’t afford that We can’t get ahead To get a good job you need a good education It’s hard to make money Money isn’t important You get the picture. Incorporate the saying or statement into your EFT set-up phrase. Take a minute or two and write down all the things you heard and thought as a child. and growing up. about money. 32 . it’s time to do a round of EFT on each saying. I deeply and completely accept myself. When you are finished. “We don’t spend money.” These obstacles are land mines we need to dismantle. we save it. It’s shameful to appear to have more money than others do.

those are on a good sale. may range from fear and doubt to shame and low self-esteem. and be thorough.” Naturally. which often lie buried and deeply embedded in our identity. my wife Julie noticed she had a certain feeling when she would see the things she most wanted: “I can’t have that. “When did I feel this way as a kid?” An incident readily comes to mind. Each time a limiting feeling arises. It is important to address every emotional aspect of the incident. Her mom has never bought her something cool 33 . And they will. These feelings. Here’s where you may need the help of an EFT practitioner. The most efficient thing to do is to “take them out” as they arise. She thinks. For example. We can get them if you like. The fourth and youngest child in her family. try to recall an incident or image that evokes this emotion.” Julie’s heart soars. Her mom unexpectedly says. She is in the store with her mother and ogles a pair of cut-off blue-jean shorts. Use EFT to work through the emotion. at about eight years old Julie’s selection of hand-me-down clothes ranks her as less than cool. “Oh. but let’s say this feeling is as much as she knows so far.Emotions From Our Past Associated with Money More difficult are the emotions from our past that we have associated with money. there’s a core issue behind this feeling.

she can almost taste the elated feeling of being accepted. Mom insists on putting the shorts back. and says the shorts were mis-marked. we can get to a number of emotions that Julie might tap on: • • • • • • sadness at having lost the shorts so she couldn’t fit in with the other kids powerlessness that her mother put them back anger at her mother for putting them back shame for not being enough to deserve the shorts shame for not being as important as principles disappointment that the world is unfriendly 34 . The checkout lady rings up a price Mom didn’t expect. • • • • • • She can’t have what she wants Don’t even bother asking Principles are more important than she is She doesn’t deserve things There is not enough money for her The world is a hard place to be From this set of lessons that Julie accepted as true.before. this is a first-in-a-lifetime event. it means she might feel “normal” like the other kids for the first time. Julie is crushed. Julie learned several “lessons” from this incident. Partly out of frugality and partly out of righteous principles. Trembling with anticipation and holding the shorts all the way to checkout. To Julie.

Even though I was powerless and couldn’t do anything to help myself. As Julie taps on these phrases and clears them out.a core issue behind the core event: • • • • I’m sad that my mom didn’t want four kids and couldn’t handle us I’m ashamed that I’m such a burden I’m sad that I don’t deserve to get what I want I’m sad that I believe I’m not worth anything And so on. I deeply and completely accept myself. 35 . I deeply and completely accept myself. And so on. other issues might come forward that weren’t obvious before: • • • • I’m ashamed that I’m not good enough to get what other kids have I’m angry that my parents didn’t teach me that I could earn what I want I’m bitter that my mother didn’t care about my needs I’m sad that I wasn’t worth the expense to my parents And the kicker .We can use EFT to diffuse this core event by tapping on each emotion: Even though I’m sad that I didn’t get the shorts. and I really wanted them so I could fit in with the other kids.

Vows and Pacts Julie’s world changed that day because she made a decision: “Don’t get your hopes up. each should be explored and tapped on.. a vow changes the course of our lives. ideally with help. Decisions. you can’t have it anyway. Plenty of planting.issues. A child who is cheated 36 .As these issues clear. A decision is one of three ways we limit our experience through a conscious or unconscious choice. how much of those . The other two are vows and pacts.” which became mentally shortened to “I can’t have that” any time she sees something she wants. Explain again. A vow is when you make a promise to yourself. not every stone needs to be turned over for the garden to thrive. Like a decision. Julie remembers a lot of good things that her parents gave her. She feels a sense of peace and resolution about the whole thing so she can move on. tending and harvesting can happen in the available soil. She incorporated this decision into her belief system so neatly that she still avoids shopping today. “That’s heavy. But as explained before.. She gains an understanding of the circumstances that her parents were in.. do we have to handle to become abundant?” When issues arise in a natural way as part of the process..

“Just a little tiny thing for your mom to ask of you. In our current life we successfully kept money from getting between us . vow or pact as the result of a core event.” A vow can also be made to another person. as my mother did after my older brother died when I was four: “Promise me you’ll be good just like Jesus.” The vow was followed by a decision that I had to be perfect. as in the case of my wife above. 37 .” A pact is an agreement on a spiritual level made between two or more people. it needs to be changed. If the decision affects whether or not you can get what you want. Two people might make a pact never to let money get in the way of their love for each other. For instance.out of a prized possession by a friend may vow to “never trust anyone again. as my wife and I did in a past life (for those who believe this) when social obligations of our monied class jeopardized our relationship.that was one way to look at it! Often someone will make a decision. That decision or vow changes the person’s belief system and creates a pattern of behavior. a distraught mother might ask a child for a promise.

and change it into a statement that does. The first step is to transform our core belief into a statement that is more supportive. we tap on the negative statement to release the emotions associated with it. we can transform it to: The Universe will give me all that I can imagine. Pat Carrington.that no longer supports you. vow or pact . We say this set-up phrase three times while tapping on the karate chop point: Even though I decided I can’t have that. Then the 8-point tapping sequence is done in three rounds. For example. These two statements give us the basis for our set-up phrase. I now know the Universe will give me all that I can imagine. if we decided: I can’t have that. The idea of the technique is to take one of your core beliefs .a decision.The Choices Technique A good way to change a decision is to use the Choices Technique developed by EFT master Dr. In the first round. which is a combination of our past belief and our new choice. 38 .

I can’t have that. In the second round, we tap on the new choice to establish it in our consciousness. I now know the Universe will give me all that I can imagine. In the third round, we alternate. For instance, tap on the eyebrow with I can’t have that. Then tap on the side of the eye with I now know the Universe will give me all that I can imagine. Then tap on the under the eye with I can’t have that. Then tap under the nose with I now know the Universe will give me all that I can imagine. And so on. It is important to use an even number of tapping points so that you always end on the positive choice statement. Dr. Carrington’s free eBook, “The Choices Technique,” can be downloaded from


Other Help Another tool you can use to get a head start in this process is to go through the exercises in Dr. Carol Look’s book, Attracting Abundance with EFT. ( This book will point you in the right direction as to what types of issues you may need to deal with. However, the book by necessity deals with general issues. Dr. Look could not address every issue for every person. You have to take the initiative to identify your core issues and experiences and deal with them. Again, look to the help of an EFT practitioner to untangle the mess. “You keep saying that. Don’t people use EFT to help themselves all the time?” At this point, let’s talk about needing help. No matter who you are, you have a subconscious agenda. You aren’t aware of the agenda because it is subconscious. However, your agenda can be very evident to someone who knows what to look for. I’m sure you’ve seen examples. A person may date all the wrong people and wonder why their relationships keep turning out badly. Their problem is obvious to you, but they don’t see it. A


good EFT practitioner will help you navigate around your subconscious barriers.


42 . For Mary who makes $50. It represents a huge change in lifestyle.000 a year requires a shift in consciousness. The meditation exercises given above are extremely helpful in making this transition. This change in lifestyle is as significant as the change in lifestyle involved in going from a size 14 Mary to a size 8 Mary. Likewise for Joe-Struggling-Entrepreneur to become Joe-Millionaire.000 a year to become Mary who makes $75.Step 3: Set Your Goal Setting a goal is no less than a decision you make to change who you are.

000. so you won’t get off your butt and do something.000 a year to make $2. the farther the goal is from where you are now. One that makes you excited. In other words. If you shoot too high. It’s an equitable exchange. In other words. “I’ve got some of that already. the more emotional garbage you have to drop to achieve it. the goal seems unrealistic either consciously or unconsciously.Since achieving your goal requires changing who you are. the farther the goal is away from your comfort zone. Giving Back You also have to decide what you are willing to do for your goal. Even worse.” Pick a goal that is uncomfortable yet achievable. you must believe that it is reasonably possible.000 to make $53. With goals. now you have the added burden of guilt about not keeping your commitment to achieve your goal. like a goal made by Mary who makes $50. the harder it will be. look for a sweet spot between choosing too high a goal and choosing too low a goal. You will feel doomed to failure. So you want to choose your goal wisely. like a goal made by Mary who makes $50. If you want something from the 43 . If you shoot low. you have no incentive to get off your butt and do something.000 a year within the next year.000 a year within 3 years. happy and a little scared.

“Value for value? How do I know whether what I’m offering is worth what I want?” The value doesn’t have to be in balance in terms of the Universe. if you give me a million bucks I’ll be good. you are not going to manifest enough. “And I could change that belief using the Choices Technique. Not that I’ve ever said that.Universe. This giving is in addition to giving up those emotions that have kept you stuck where you are. it has to be in balance in terms of your own belief system. what are you willing to give back? Praying. You have to provide some sort of service.” In fact it has the inherent vibration. Value for value.” The Universe will respond to those vibrations and give you more need of money and more evidence that you’ll never get it on your own and you don’t deserve it. “God. “Heh-heh. “I need money and I know I’ll never get it on my own.” 44 .” doesn’t cut it. So you can either provide more service. or change your belief to accommodate more abundance for what you offer. If you believe you are not doing enough.” Add to that the vibration that “I am not good and I don’t deserve the money.

But pushing the goal has its price. the more uncomfortable you will be. know. but because how I feel about it is all that matters. not because it actually is right or wrong.” Two Big Fears To play at a high level and get rich quick... push your goals to the upper limits of the sweet spot and use your extreme desire to focus in on the goal. if I pay attention to my vibration. The more you push beyond your comfort zone. How I feel about what I’m doing determines whether it is right or wrong. That means I’m the authority on knowing which decisions and priorities match the vibration of my goal. In other words. your fears will be stronger. These fears will take one or both the form of: • • Fear of not achieving your goal Fear of achieving your goal 45 .When you believe. the Universe will respond in kind. like the light passing through a magnifying glass to start a fire. and vibrate that you are giving fully. I like this idea. “Hey.

” Frankly. but knowing that doesn’t change your emotion. not deserving. You created the situation that brings you to this book and to other help so that you could take one more step toward your bliss.Fear of Not Achieving Your Goal The fear of not achieving your goal includes all those reasons why you are not worthy: low self-esteem. 46 . You got me pegged. not good enough.that you were not good enough . guilt. Your desire to do something already contains the keys to its achievement. shame. Let go of your own mind games and visualize the perfection in your creation. Feelings of unworthiness speak of core issues. too sick. not smart enough. Like all of nature. doomed to failure. You know this unworthy feeling is bunk. “Ouch. keep up with the meditation exercises. Someone fed you a line . and on and on. self-pity.” Once again. you are a perfect creation of the Universe just the way you are. “Visualize the perfection in my creation .and you swallowed it. overweight. if I could just wrap my imagination around it. Luckily EFT can help you change your emotion. but they don’t all have to be solved before you can move forward. almost by definition a born loser has worthiness wonderful.

reduce the swelling. and wrap your thumb in a bandage. What’s really encouraging is that you don’t have to take out every single emotion that hampers the achievement of your goal. what will happen to you. 47 . get some ice. we have to deal with what is going on right here right now.Okay. you self-reflect. Fear of Achieving Your Goal The fear of achieving your goal is the fear of negative consequences of who you will become. The pain creates the impetus for you to get off your duff. locate the emotion and take it down with EFT. you are going to be distracted. while it is well and good to point out the high road. keep focused on the feeling you will have when you have reached your goal. or what will be asked of you. “Distracted from what. Obviously. Emotions can be dealt with in the same way. but you can do the meditation without distraction. When they come up. Then it may still hurt a little. if you sit down to meditate after just having hit yourself on the thumb with a hammer. you only have to take out enough so that you are not distracted. again?” The point is.

Being rich and being good are not mutually exclusive. take the core belief and transform it into a statement that is more supportive. you know that having money will not change those things that are fundamentally good about who you are. So will the fear of becoming greedy or climbing on the backs of the poor. Again. You simply will not let yourself become those things. there are four possibilities: • • • • You can be poor and be evil You can be poor and be good You can have money and be evil You can have money and be good “This pattern is starting to look familiar. it’s a lot easier to gain or lose money than it is to flipflop between good and evil. But understanding that you will not become evil does not diminish your unconscious fear. then you will be afraid of turning into an evil person by becoming rich. Use the Choices Technique mentioned above to transform the belief into something more empowering.If you believe that rich people are evil. This fear will cause you to sabotage yourself. Rich people are bad 48 .” Frankly. For example. In fact. When you stop to think about it.

Our set-up phrase. The government will tax you. “I was wondering when you were going to get to that. or trap you in some corporate or political plot to take away your riches. Even though I believed rich people are bad. Your spouse or kids will spend it. I now know that I am a good person and no amount of money can change that. 49 . fear says someone is going to try to take it away. will combine our past belief and our new choice.” If you have money. and finally alternating them. ending on the positive choice statement. People will rob you. first on the negative statement.can be transformed into: I know that I am a good person and no amount of money can change that. next on the positive statement. used while tapping on the karate chop point. Then we go through the eight-point tapping sequence three times. Another aspect of the fear of achieving your goal is the fear of becoming a target. kidnap your kids.

If you are enjoying your new riches. Your friends’ vibrations will likely stay the same. A core event may lie at the basis of your fear. Unfortunately. it’s just that when you become the different person you need to be to attain your goal. The good news is that you will attract new friends who will vibrate in harmony with the new you. You’ll still like them and they you. use the Choices Technique to restructure your beliefs. it is not the money that attracts these dire circumstances into your path. You can speed up the process of obtaining wealth by seeking out those people now. the Universe will accommodate that as well. Use EFT to take out that fear. The Universe responds to your vibration. Define your fear and tap out the intensity. They may no longer be attracted into your life. because they don’t vibrate in harmony with you. It may not have happened to you. “Yeah. your vibrations change. it may have happened to your parents or your grandparents. I was gonna say. that part can be true. If you are vibrating the fear that someone is waiting to take it all away from you.However. Lastly is the fear that you will lose your friends if you become rich. watching what they do and vibrating the way they vibrate. it is your fear and beliefs that create these situations. the Universe will respond by giving you more. Emotions and attitudes are passed from generation to generation like hair color. don’t leave me behind!” 50 . Once it has lost its charge.

been there done that.What’s the Downside? When you fear success. making a plan and taking action aren’t enough. “Heh heh. but it doesn’t work out. look for times in the past when you have felt that way. whether for one of the above reasons or any of countless others.” Dr. Carol Look tells us to look for the “downside. like 51 . You feel like you are doing everything right. but you don’t let yourself get it. you tend to sabotage yourself. I guess that’s why the Law of Attraction gets the credit for making my efforts work: setting a goal. Something always goes wrong. and see if you can identify an event. You know what you want.” Ask yourself the following questions: • • • • • • • • • What is the downside of my success? What will happen if I succeed? Who will I become if I succeed? What will I have to do if I succeed? What will happen to me if I succeed? What will happen to my friends and family if I succeed? What will I be afraid of if I succeed? What will I lose if I succeed? How will I feel if I succeed? If negative emotions surface.

The unspoken version of the affirmation would go something like this: I am so happy and grateful that I make one million dollars every year – yeah-but who are you kidding? 52 . use the Choices Technique to convert them into something more useful.not the spoken affirmation . then you probably have a “yeah-but” . Use EFT to tap on the aspects of that event. If limiting thoughts arise while asking the above questions. I am so happy and grateful that I make one million dollars every year. Remember. and you are not even on the road to making one million dollars per year. but it’s not a matter of positive thinking. use the Choices Technique to change it to a more empowering statement. not thought. Yeah-buts Some people think affirmations don’t work for them. So if you are using the affirmation. It’s the un-spoken belief .Julie not getting her shorts. the Universe responds to vibration.what Gary Craig would call a tail-ender. Affirmations do work.that does the work. Can you identify a decision or vow? If you can.

The thought is “one million dollars per year. right!” Of course. the Choices Technique. or for more stubborn ones.000 is way out of your league. what the Universe will give you back is the vibration . sister.000 per year.the “yeah right” . So if your goal were to make $200. Steve Wells .000 per year. So you stop right there and tap on the set-up: 53 . you would tap on the sequence of eight tapping points (not using the setup).recommends tapping on your goals both as if you want to succeed and as if you want to fail.all day long. and I’m so happy and grateful that I don’t make $200. While you are tapping on the first statement. “Got me again.” but the vibration is “Yeah.” These yeah-buts can be tapped out using either a straight round of EFT. alternating: I’m so happy and grateful that I make $200. To expose these yeah-buts.000 per year. a yeah-but might come up: $ a variation of the tail-ender technique by Gary Craig .

Go back and tap on: $200. if it reminds you of other events. So treat this like a core event and list the aspects of the event (like Julie’s shorts incident). It was demoralizing and changed your life. clear those as well. Once you have this event cleared.000 per year. tap on all the aspects. sister.Even though I believe $200. I guess I’d better be sure I’m not fighting it off at the same time. and get the next yeah-but and work through its core events.000 is way out of your league. and try to find a decision or vow that you made at that time. Now. Then go back to the original affirmation. if I’m working toward my goal. I deeply and completely accept myself.000 per year is out of my league. This process may take several days to accomplish. I’m so happy and grateful that I make $200.” 54 . while you are tapping on that statement you might remember a time when someone told you that you were not that smart and you should just take typing and become a secretary. “Several days? Well. Keep cycling it through until no more emotions or yeah-buts are associated with the affirmation. Work through the different emotions.

Work those through as well. Now go back and do the whole process over for the reverse affirmation: I’m so happy and grateful that I don’t make $200. go back and tap through the sequence.000 per year. to be sure it’s all clear and positive. Give Me Insight EFT practitioner George Duisman shared with me a technique that I have adapted for this book. 55 . See what comes up.The goal is to strip away the negative emotions and limiting beliefs from your affirmation. Many powerful variations can evolve out of his technique. I’m so happy and grateful that I make $200. so that when you say it. what you will feel is how happy and grateful you are that you make $200. I’m so happy and grateful that I make $200. When finished.000 per year. Perhaps you’ll find additional negative consequences of your success.000 per year.000 per year.

“You’re kidding. and the third round alternating them. Sweet. the implications are endless. the second round on the solution (I give myself the insight to understand it). you use the set-up phrase to both frame the problem and give yourself the wherewithal to solve it. I give myself the insight to see what to do next. you give yourself the way through it. making sure to end the round on the solution. saying the whole phrase 3 times while rubbing the sore spot. Even though my plan has gaps. Even though it scares me to approach [guru’s name] with my idea.” Even though I don’t know what I’m feeling. Basically. This is useful while working through the yeah-buts.In the Give Me Insight technique. 56 . Then you tap the first round on the problem (I don’t know what I’m feeling). As George says. Here are a few different examples of how the technique can be used to help manifest your goals. when you can’t quite put your finger on the problem. I give myself the courage to do it. Use it like the Choices Technique. when you get stuck on an issue or don’t know how to proceed. I give myself the insight to understand it.

I give myself the patience to work it through.Even though book-work bores me to tears. 57 . Even though I can’t seem to make time to do the meditations. Even though I can’t get financial statements. I give myself the understanding I need to read them like a story. I give myself permission to make them a priority.

better not create a plan in which you spend the majority of your time on another continent. If you value spending time with your family. knowing what you value will help you navigate and plan the overall direction of your life. even though it is not part of the process outlined by Napoleon Hill nor is it really necessary to obtain your goals.Step 4: Clarify Your Values Steven Wells included clarifying your values as a step toward manifesting what you want. 58 . However.

Even if you rationalize that the work you are doing is for them. He has date nights with his wife.Less obvious. volunteering. And these blocks of time are set in stone. appearance Relationship. community Healthful eating. quality family time. travel. Next thing you know. exercise. Harv Ecker. It is the first thing to go into his day planner. three years have passed and you have lost that good. Make a list and rank them in order. recognition Spiritual practices Education. it is easy to get so wrapped up in your work that you spend extra evenings and time on the weekends to get it done. networking 59 . the family will still have grown away from you. author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Here are some general categories to consider: • • • • • • • • • • Career. wealth management Household. hobbies Charity. self-development. The rest of his schedule works around them. garden Free time. reading Finances. business. T. so values his family time that he schedules it months in advance. family Friends. He cuts out one day a month to spend with each child in one-on-one time. So start by examining what is important to you.

don’t focus on one aspect of your life so intently that you exclude something else just as important. remain clear and focused. The point is. but only when a crisis occurs do they do something about it. Case in point: most people rank health high on their list in terms of what they value. “Can someone go get me a pencil so I can write ‘exercise’ on my list?” 60 . and follow the flow of your bliss.You can have it all if you keep your perspective.

Omit any of these steps and you might as well throw in the towel. 61 . and take action. make a plan. set a specific goal. Napoleon Hill outlines them in Think and Grow Rich: create a desire.Chapter 2 Make It Happen Task Two Go through the steps necessary to make your goal happen.

plan to fail. getting rich has been a mental/spiritual exercise.Step 5: Make a Plan An old adage goes: Those who fail to plan. Now it’s time to do something. and fall off the get-rich wagon. A lot of people get stuck at the step of making a plan. success ain’t gonna happen. 62 . especially if you don’t know how you’re going to pull it off. Planning toward your goal can be hard work. Or you could say: If you don’t plan your success. Up to this point.

” And it doesn’t. Off we 63 . while going through these steps. Then the fear manifests in strange ways. The reason is fear. It feels like I’m committing to half-baked ideas that are naive and limiting. will come to a point where we just can’t do one of the exercises. The Many Faces of Fear Some of us. and you have to plan anyway. “It doesn’t feel like fear. But we just can’t do it and we don’t know why. Our society values people who are fearless. we might feel the shame of our fear. All the fears about who you are will be in your face. that’s well and good.” So we become ashamed of our fears and learn how to stuff them without ever experiencing them. Maybe it’s when we start to plan. and ridicules those who are “chicken. For instance. We want to do it. But you say. and think the reason we can’t move forward has to do with self-worth.“I don’t like to put plans on paper when I don’t know what I’m doing. but now you have to put a plan up or shut up.” When it’s the Universe’s job to make you rich. We see the value in it.

“But wait. “You’re missing something. It is not an excuse to give up and quit. you need to do some research. But our shame of fear reacts so quickly.” It is a good idea to add the following to your Choices repertoire: 64 .for in this case there is nothing really dangerous about abundance. After all. This fear is a message to use prudence. It might be saying.” you say.change it. If we understand that the role of fear is simply to keep us safe. Fear has a job: letting us know when things are not right and when to get ready for fight or flight. tap it gone.” It might be saying. Like our five physical senses. it helps us navigate through the Universe. you don’t know what to expect. rather than admit that we are afraid. and move on. So pay attention to your emotion. When we are outside our comfort zone. pay attention again. We get shuttled off on a wild goose chase. we don’t ever see the fear.go on an EFT quest to solve our self-worth. “I’ll just use EFT and make those fears go away. Next time it comes up. fear lets us know we are in uncharted territory. “That won’t work .” Not quite yet. we can calm the mind and move forward . Caution is appropriate when planning to step out of your comfort zone.

” You’ve already decided what your final outcome will be. Start by stating your goal as complete. dad gummit.” Where do you start? You start at the end. pray tell. did you do that? I sold a brazillion handy home mouse teleporters. at your success.Even though I was taught to be ashamed of fear. Then ask yourself questions: How. I made a gazillion dollars. I now choose to experience fear as a guide to help me through the Universe. so go backwards and ask yourself or the Universe how you got there. Extracting a Plan from the Universe So now you’ve come this far. and you know what you are going to give in the way of service. And how were you able to sell so many? I had a brilliant marketing plan. “I’m going to do it. you’ve looked fear in the eye and you’ve said. “Start at the end. That’s how I used to cheat on mazes when I was a kid. 65 .

but don’t want to harm them or touch them. Do you proceed with both or select one? Choosing both means splitting your attention and resources.” 66 . not only in terms of marketing but in terms of pricing and production. which is the better target customer in terms of marketing. so I might as well just market to the moms. and College-aged males who want to empty the girls’ dormitory in the middle of the night.What was so brilliant about it? It was focused on my target customer. pricing and production? “The college-aged males will just borrow their moms’ mouse teleporters. Are the two targets equal in potential? If not. The next step is asking who your target customer is. Now you see that four questions into it you are getting to the nitty-gritty. So now you’ve come up with two target markets with two income levels that are different enough that you have to make a decision. This step is critical. Upper middle class women who want to rid their house of rodents.

Besides your marketing plan. you might ask broad questions like: • • • • • How are we making mouse teleporters? Who is on my team. If your plan is to run an operation that corners the mouse teleporter market and you don’t know the rudiments of business. And how did you do that? 67 . “I’m overwhelmed. Keep working backward until you see what it is that you have to do and what you have to have in order to get there. or put an intention into the universe to find a knowledgeable business partner. Check out library books or order a course such as the ones offered by Loral Langemeier or Robert Kiyosaki. Your answer to how you are going to make a gazillion dollars might be: I won the lottery. start learning them.” Your plan could be a lot simpler. inside and outside the company? How are my mouse teleporters being distributed? How did I finance it? etc.At any point in this process you may have to make decisions or do research.

Well. I bought income property. I put my attention on the network marketing business I already had going. financing. You might need working space. training. Each of these roads to riches and to living your spiritual potential entails challenges. “Yikes. time to execute the plan. Then I played those 50 numbers. Or.” 68 . I researched the best psychics from all over the country and hired the top 50 to tell me the winning numbers. You may need a mentor. Or. I wrote eBooks on knitting sweaters. Or. tools or special equipment. Or I raised and sold tropical fish.

outflowing. what do you want to do? I want to earn $1. you did it! How does it feel? I’m confident. and make something happen to increase their millions and help others at the same time? “Okay. How did you do it? 69 . Now. set a goal. find a team. I don’t want to suggest it has to take a lot of work or time. and plan in as much detail as needed how you are going to meet these challenges. feel the vibration of mastering them. act.000. make plan. The important thing is to think.000 clear by the end of the month. and feel like you want to become. Millionaire. You got me. Suppose you just want to become a millionaire and you want to do it fast and without a lot of work. Okay.Acknowledge these needs. enthused to keep this flow going.” So Ms. How would a millionaire think? How would they act? What would they feel? What is in their file cabinet? Would they sit at home and try to suck money into their space via the Law of Attraction? Or would they choose a fulfilling thing to do.

000.I found two strong companies that would benefit knowing each other. And how did you do that? I researched companies and looked at their needs and their waste. You just need a logical way to proceed. Your plans will evolve and change. Starting from the end: I’m putting this book on the shelf and exclaiming. “Okay. ‘By golly. And how did you choose which company to look at? I don’t know. I just knew it when I saw it. And where did you find these companies? On the Internet. and got a $1. Start somewhere and give the Universe something to work with. showed them how they could work together to make 100's of millions. it worked!’ Oh wait. You don’t have to know all the answers to get started working toward your goal. it’s an eBook.” 70 . Then I looked for companies that already had the solution or needed their waste and brought them together.000 finder’s fee.

Brainstorming I keep a journal. and pioneers of the wealthy mind-set. using a circle-brainstorming diagram technique. The example below is taken from my notebook and prettied up for print. Once I saw that piece of the puzzle. I knew how to focus my efforts and everything fell into place. but by doing this exercise it became clear to me that identifying my ideal customer was the key to achieving my goal. The task: diagram what my practice looks like with that goal achieved. My journal also helps me work through any unknowns in my plans. The connections don’t need to make sense to an outside observer. For example. On the left-hand side are my notes from exercises. Law of Attraction gurus. The goal: a successful lifestyle split between client work and writing. I write my goal in a circle in the center of a page. Then I jot down ideas in circles and join them with spokes and arrows. 71 . On the right-hand side of this journal are my notes from studying EFT Masters. ideas and inspirations that I will incorporate into my business in one way or another.

72 .

‘Why do I love going to the gym so much?’” Or “What will it take for me to understand financial statements?” One of the functions of your brain. you will find more questions. This process is good. “Like. the universe must provide an answer. ‘Why is it so easy for me to attract repeat customers?’ Or. smell data. meditation or prayer. sound data. At any instant. ‘Why is my life so joyful. 73 . Once you form a question. You don’t need to hear the dog barking down the street all day or see the black spot on the wall near the ceiling to function. that determine your path. your senses interact with approximately 4 billion pieces of data. because it is the questions. Any way you can get to where you want to go is fine. These can be light data. or discussing your ideas with someone you respect. is to make sense out of sensory data. Your brain narrows those 4 billion pieces of data down to approximately 2000. not the answers. The Power of Questions Often when you look at one question. etc. often ascribed to the part of the brain known as the reticular activator. calm and fulfilling?’ Or.Other ways to create your plan include free-writing ideas as they pop into your head.

it will find a way to get you the million dollars. if your goal is to be a millionaire and you imagine yourself as a millionaire. your brain will search the billions of possibilities and reinforce this millionaire world view.The way your brain prioritizes this data and selects what you will experience is based upon your understanding of the world. your brain will sort the data to recreate the world as you believe it to be. So.the brain must search through those other 4 billion pieces of data until an answer or the path to an answer is found. your brain selects the sensory images that support and recreate your world-view. searching through the data and making connections. In other words. and you act like a millionaire. the brain will work diligently. Likewise. until your goal is achieved. However. As long as your concept of the world remains the same. “Hallelujah!” 74 . and you feel like a millionaire.and focus on the question . when you create a goal and maintain your focus on it and vibrate in harmony with it. To be perfectly clear. when you ask the brain a question .

The state of mind must be BELIEF. until he believes he can acquire it. Closed minds do not inspire faith.Step 6: Commit There is a difference between WISHING for a thing and being READY to receive it. not mere hope or wish. and belief. No one is ready for a thing. .Napoleon Hill 75 . Open-mindedness is essential for belief. courage.

It’s not like a popular movie suggests: that the universe is a giant genie and all you have to do is wish and the universe will provide. Some people want to be a millionaire. buy a new car for once. CDs.” You can’t just wish your life better. This is a step up from wishing and a positive step toward manifestation. lessons and study guides. What is your level of commitment to obtain that goal? Some people wish they were a millionaire. My mom used to say. Oh I wish I were a millionaire. and we practice attracting. 76 . you have to become that which you desire and vibrate in resonance with being it. At the very least. This is the stage where we set our goals and do our affirmations. You have to do your part. This is the stage where we learn about the Law of Attraction.Suppose your goal is to be a millionaire. Then I could pay all the bills. “Wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one gets full faster. and a Playstation® for the kids and other nice things. We don’t have a lot of success because we haven’t actually done anything differently. we start to adjust our thinking. We start to notice our fears and belief systems and use EFT to take out the barriers. This is the stage in which we go out and get the books.

We do the research and determine just how we’ll proceed.” 77 . However. Becoming a millionaire is not the ultimate destination. We know we will do whatever it takes to make our goal happen. this is the point at which we start movement. We create our plan.Some people decide to be a millionaire. “The crow jumps off the wire. How many are left? Answer: Three. First. Some people plan to be a millionaire. Two crows decided to leave. but rather a step along the way to more things to come. This is the point where we finally take action that will make a difference. Two crows decide to leave. It seems like a natural evolution of how all the aspects of life are coming together. but they haven’t actually done it. a math problem that I’ve heard before: Three crows are sitting on a telephone wire. It is a vital step and we are getting closer. Some people commit to being a millionaire. This step is where we come to believe that it is a foregone conclusion that we will become a millionaire.

I am a millionaire. “Yeah-but. Take your time with this. use the techniques of recognizing yeahbuts and work through them using EFT. Get the help of a professional if you need to. Take whatever your goal is and say it out loud while tapping a round on the EFT points as you go through each of the different levels of commitment.. As you did in Step 2. Use the Choices Technique to restructure any limiting beliefs into beliefs that will empower you. feel and do what millionaires do. I want to be a millionaire.Some people assume they are a millionaire. I am committed to being a millionaire. I wish I were a millionaire [or your ideal goal]. talk. Notice what you think and feel. We walk. It may take a couple of days to work through them. I plan to be a millionaire. Here’s an exercise.. I don’t know if I am that committed. and act like a millionaire. This is the point where we take on the characteristics of a millionaire. Manifesting money is no longer a struggle because we think.” 78 . I have decided to be a millionaire.

And she puts them into action like a millionaire puts all her plans into action.” And when two people look at the same subject. feels and acts like a millionaire right from the start. She creates plans like a millionaire would do. “I see.” 79 . you gotta watch your back. if I don’t get a job. What is real. we don’t eat. A person who is being their ideal thinks. their reality may be totally different.The most direct path is to jump to the last level of commitment: being. Because she does. Because of this. she achieves her goal quickly. she creates goals that a millionaire would create.” “If you want to get ahead. “reality. like a millionaire does.” can be a rigid perception. people tend to make distinctions between what is real and what is not. “Way to go!” Imagination and the Sliding Scale of Consciousness So how do you do it? How do you change your vibration from where you are now to where you want to be? In order to navigate and make sense of the Universe. But I might not see it the way you do. “The reality is.

She has just learned about the Law of Attraction and knows that she has to resonate with being a millionaire. She creates a difficulty when she approaches the problem as if she were going to the store.” she has to get from here to there. If reality is in the eye of the beholder . Likewise. The difficult part of making this change lies in our perception.that is.” while an Easterner may see Earth as the ultimate illusion. Let’s assume that Mary. we put our attention upon that which we want to become. A rich person might see that same rich man as a caring and giving person.then it is our responsibility to change our reality or leave it as it is. To change our reality. wants to be a millionaire. To get a handle on the Law of Attraction. and it becomes our new reality. Mary has the perception that being a millionaire is “there. She spends her time looking for a way to get outside her current reality to get there. if Mary makes $50. A Westerner may see the planet Earth as being “as real as it gets. resonate with it.000 per year. Reality is in the eye of the beholder.” then she gets in her car and drives from here to there. evil player who got his gains climbing on the backs of the poor. in each of us . we have to give reality a little elbow room. This is the trap. 80 .” located somewhere outside her reality.000 “here” and she wants to be a millionaire “there. If she is “here” and she wants to get to the store “there.A poor person might look at a rich man and see a greedy. who makes $50.

The problem is.000 per year. and that we are in the process of moving reality from $50. reality represents all that of which we are conscious. Sometimes we place our attention on imagining the possibilities. Mary’s perception that being a millionaire is not part of her reality.000 Mary to Millionaire Mary. There is also an assumption that reality is a fixed point. being a millionaire already became a part of her reality as soon as she considered the idea of becoming one. In other words. The more we use our imagination. 81 . The lower end of the scale represents where we are most stuck. Mary. the more we expand our consciousness. and it is ever-expanding. Mary is acting as if she is making $50. “Well. On the other end of the scale is all that we can imagine. brought the state of being a millionaire into her consciousness. Sometimes we place our attention on our dreams and goals. and we act as if that is true. She can develop that part of herself. In the case of Mary. It’s not a matter of looking for it there. Sometimes we place our attention on where we are stuck. one I call the Sliding Scale of Consciousness. In this model. is putting it out of her reach. because it is already here. Where we place our attention creates what is real for us at any point in time. isn’t that true?” Let’s look at another model of reality. when she first imagined being a millionaire.

There is no duality. the anchor lines can be cut using EFT.000 Mary and some of the time on Millionaire Mary. she can place her attention some of the time on $50. success or failure. There is only where you put your attention. The emotional pains act as anchors to hold Mary’s vibration at the lower end of the scale. In addition to the other myriad of places she puts her attention.” Hindering this shift are Mary’s emotional pains and limiting thought forms.000 Mary are part of the same continuum. Of course. by placing her attention upon Millionaire Mary and acting as if she is Millionaire Mary. Mary’s state of consciousness. the lower end of the scale moves up and the whole scale shifts to accommodate her. making the shift easier. because Millionaire Mary and $50. “I like this picture. When Mary places her attention on Millionaire Mary and acts as if and vibrates in resonance with Millionaire Mary. There is no getting it right or getting it wrong. This does not have to be an all-or-nothing deal.Millionaire Mary. which also makes the shift easier. Mary can use the Choices Technique to alter her limiting thought forms. 82 .

buckle down.Step 7: Take Action All ya gotta do is put your mind to it. In the to-do system. we write down all the things we have to do and assign dates by which 83 . Knuckle down. Do it! Do it! Do it! –Roger Miller “You can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd” Many people create “To Do” lists. Tony Robbins believes that this system dooms us to failure.

and come to learn just how optimistic our scheduling was. this eBook could be written a section at a time with the completion of each section a cause for celebration. So we roll over those things we did not complete to do the next day. we certainly can’t get more than one day’s tasks done the next day. For example.they need to be completed.” 84 . create a task list. It doesn’t get better. except it does not schedule the tasks. “To Do by 6:00 PM: Quit using to-do list.” You can. You cannot feel powerless and do what it takes to achieve your goals. We then do as many of the things on the list we can on the first day. as a part of your planning. But we have to keep on schedule. so we work a couple extra hours and we still end up rolling over our tasks. Living a life where we fail day after day creates a vibration of failure and leads to powerlessness. To-do lists create in our lives failure after failure after failure. “And appreciation. Pretty soon it is all so overwhelming that we become depressed. If we could not finish one day’s tasks in one day. It is simply there to organize the steps to achieve your goal. A task list is like a to do list. A task that takes days or weeks can be divided up into smaller chunks so you can complete them quickly and feel some satisfaction. Some of the steps on your list might take a while.

but the truth of the matter is that the more you get into a habit of success. You deserve it. either. You might use your “spare or down time” to write copy for your website. then running to the store for a calculator might make a profound impact. So celebrate your successes. repeating. At the beginning of the day (preferably after your meditation). the more you will succeed.Yes. Feeling good about myself and my success. you should celebrate your successes. “Nothing succeeds like success. Go on. Go out to dinner. Feel yourself feeling good and tap that feeling in: no setup phrase. Then. celebrate by taking the time to do something you like to do. For instance. Spend some time on your hobby.” Tony’s alternative to the to-do list is brilliant and simple.” He was joking. even the small ones. pick two things you can do that will profoundly improve your life or move you toward your goal. Perhaps de-cluttering your desk would be the greatest liberator of your success. if you are trying to do your taxes and have no calculator. You might drum up the proper mindset to call the “superstar” about your idea for a collaboration. just tap once through the points. The two things don’t have to be big. Feel like a million. “Take a walk with my dog and breathe the fresh air. My dad used to tell me. Watch a movie you want to see. 85 .

we can take out the fears. or something came up (they were afraid) or someone did something (they were afraid). I don’t need to worry about so much competition for my mouse teleporter market. power and self-worth built up from achieving all those daily successes would make me feel like a million. more than 90% of the people who make the goal to become rich never get to the stage where they take action. Why? Because they are afraid.” Tony also says that 90% of the people who buy his motivational CDs never make it to the second CD in the set. If you do it every day for the rest of your life.” With EFT. it ain’t gonna happen. Likewise. “Or afraid of being afraid. there’s no limit to what you can become. “That’s good news. or they got sick (they were afraid) or because they were just plain afraid. by the end of thirty days your life will be profoundly different. But a lot of people will not use EFT on their fears. “Just the joy. 86 .” And if you don’t do what you need to do to become rich. Why didn’t these people take action? Because they were afraid.Tony says that if you impact your life in two ways every day.

and knowing that you will come back and report what you have done. Telling a coach or accountability partner what you plan to do. 87 . Even better. is a powerful incentive to take required action. Some people can make promises to themselves and keep them. mentor or an accountability partner is a big help. when the accountability partner or coach knows EFT.This is where a coach. Others work better when they make promises to someone else. they can help you get to the core issue at the heart of your fear and help you take the emotional charge out of it.

Luke severs Darth Vader’s head. working his way through roots and spider webs that pull at his hair and clothes.” Luke enters the pitch-black cave. “You will be.” says young Skywalker. Darth Vader appears in front of him.” says Yoda.The Valley of the Shadow In the second of the Star Wars movies. Finally. 88 . Yoda takes Luke Skywalker to a cave. “You will be. Luke draws his light saber and the battle begins. Suddenly. “I’m not afraid.

. Some have faced many fears already.. on $50. we may have lightened our burden of fear. we have one big fear to face when we change our state of consciousness . the Cosmic Hologram. “Let’s see. Rules for Renegades. multimillionaire builder of many successful businesses. Christine Comaford-Lynch. Some call It Soul.” Again. then I put it to you that who you are is not either of the two. the Co-creator. only to reveal that it was actually Luke himself behind Vader’s mask.” 89 . This can be an extremely tough thing to do.It rolls on the floor. let me call your attention to the Sliding Scale of Consciousness. It’s the fear of giving up who we were. when we change from the guy who has ideas to the guy who walks around knowing that he has a million dollars. and author of the best seller. Source Energy. But ultimately. Co-worker with God. You are merely choosing which illusion you wish to experience. If we have done extensive EFT or work in other “energy healing” fields. pick one that’s empowering. The extent and depth of our valley of fears is an intimate question. If we can choose where we place our attention. the Divine Spark of God. ‘Even though I’m scared to give up being a helpless and destitute victim of circumstance.000 Mary or Millionaire Mary. if “everything is an illusion. Who you are is that which places the attention. Buddhist monk.

The Law of Attraction works no matter what your religious system or scientific concept. I give myself the spiritual awareness I need to get me there. it might lie outside their religious system or sense of scientific fact. Eventually we will learn to turn the Law of Attraction inward and place our attention and our living as if on God. Even though the responsibility of such power is daunting. and in doing so. living in the abundance of God’s love. I give myself the love and compassion I need to wield it. courage.For some people this idea that you can choose your illusion of life might be hard to comprehend. In the end though. love for God. Even though my world seems so real and solid. the Law of Attraction is about creating love: love for yourself. we learn to dissolve time and space and live in pure creation. it might be scary. Even though I have trouble comprehending how I might be the creator of my universe. I give myself the freedom. For others. “But how do I do it?” George Duisman’s technique might come in handy here. love for others. For still others. 90 . and strength I need to let go of it and create a world more empowering. Learning to use the Law of Attraction makes you the creator of your universe.

what you have dreamed about. 91 . Remember. enjoy the process. It is. delightful and. You have EFT in your toolbox if you need it. by definition. nothing will change. fun. can I scratch out the title of this book and call it.” Intense enough to do your meditations? “If I do my meditations. The Born Winner’s Guide to Abundance? What’s Next? Now that you’ve gotten to the end and you have a decent grasp of what needs to be done. That’s intense. Start where you are comfortable. if you do nothing. Your goal lies outside your comfort zone.“Whoa. after all. but there is nothing unsafe about living in abundance. it’s time to go back to the beginning and start living it. Celebrate who you are and what you are becoming. but move steadily toward your goal. Above all else.

we will talk about making meditation fun. each section of Part I will be further developed. For instance. We will talk about the different paths meditation can take and suggest a few. You’ll get exercises to help you root out your core issues and other distractions that stand in your way. and how to get around the distracting noises and mind chatter. We will talk about what to expect. the first chapter in Part II will expand on Meditation. and then going shopping with the Universe as your catalog. Most of all. for what can be more fun than surrounding yourself with the love you have for yourself. 92 .Coming soon: Part II Getting Nitty and Gritty In Part II of The Born Loser’s Guide to Abundance. how to find the time to do it.

when a heartbreaking divorce in 1982 led to a string of self93 . Chip’s expanding circle of clients and subscribers to his e-newsletter include thousands in countries around the globe. Actually.About Chip Engelmann Chip Engelmann is known internationally (at least by his sisterin-law in Montreal) for his useful eBook. The Born Loser’s Guide to Abundance. Chip became uniquely qualified to pen this treatise. The EFT Quick-Start Method. But it didn’t start out that way.

Chip’s free online newsletter also contains fascinating techniques for using EFT to improve your life. The painful list of successes gone bad goes on and on. an EFT practitioner. too.who have bravely withstood disappointment after disappointment . May you find it helpful on your journey. As a writer.9 million in sales to bankruptcy by selling the company for stock to a corporation that immediately got delisted by the SEC. He is proud and grateful to report that the techniques compiled in this book . Holistic Iridologist. his family. Chip was determined to find the true way for “born losers” like himself . For example. Your friends and clients may download The Born Loser’s Guide to Abundance. student of every type of get-rich guru. Well. Part I free through Chip’s web site at www. After get over it and join the ranks of the prosperous once and for all. Chip and his wife artfully navigated their successful. high-tech vitamin mail-order/Internet company from $1. Certified Nutritionist. and a spiritual explorer. they built up a lucrative network-marketing downline only to undermine it by splitting their attention adding a second company.sabotaged business opportunities.ChipEFT.have turned the ship around for himself. 94 .and in the expanded Part II to come .com. that particular qualification makes him unique along with millions of others who have felt the sting of failure and the thankless cycle of building toward promising dreams that mysteriously collapse. and a growing list of clients.

Her sister.chipeft. contributed thought-provoking ideas for improvement.) I thank our extended families for standing by while we found our way. founded on the work of many pioneers to whom I am sincerely grateful. as well as Professional Listener services for all of my trials and tribulations.emofree. I thank them for the breadth of experience they have given me and their feedback to help others.Browse dozens of Chip’s articles on EFT and natural health at http://www. www. including the title. And most of Minda Bernstein in Montreal. (Link to her from my web Several of Chip’s articles have been published on EFT founder Gary Craig’s web site. 95 . not to mention the photographs and design. Acknowledgments I am honored to be a part of the exciting field of energy healing. I thank each of my clients who have come believing that I can help them. and given me the honor and opportunity to do so. My lovely wife and editor Julie contributed important insights and humor to this eBook.

emofree.How to Learn More Don't miss Gary Craig's mother-lode web site of EFT information.chipeft.TonyRobbins. Patricia Carrington’s If you really want to learn EFT.html#Think) . Another powerful tool is Dr. The work of Tony Robbins may be found at http://www. As previously mentioned.chipeft.not the watered96 . The teachings of Abraham with Jerry and Esther Hicks may be found at www. www. Carrington’s techniques will help you alter disruptive thought patterns that you may .com/store. Carol Look’s Attracting Abundance with EFT ( Finally.chipeft. The EFT Choices Manual (http://www. Gary Craig offers several EFT training video series ( Dr.chipeft. if you wish to study Napoleon Hill’s original text of Think and Grow Rich (http://www. you cannot beat these videos.html#Pat) .html#Look) is a great resource for identifying limiting beliefs and emotional pitfalls.html#DVDs) that are reasonably priced.

97 .down.I have developed an easy-to-read ebook version of the now public-domain text. modern version .

Clients appreciate my ability to quickly lead them to their core issues and help them to restore a positive direction for lasting change. with free long distance throughout the United States and Canada. and establish anchor points in a future you hope is possible. Hours are flexible.Talk to Me My joy is helping people release their limitations through EFT. Please email me with your questions. I’m here to help you achieve your dreams. and free Skype worldwide. These private sessions are held by www. Pennsylvania 724-357-9149 chip@ChipEFT. your contact information and a good time to get back to you. We’ll start with a 98 . Chip Engelmann EFT and Abundance Specialist Indiana. noobligation call about your needs and goals. If you would like to explore and get beyond whatever might be holding you back.ChipEFT.

Stay tuned for: The Born Loser’s Guide to Abundance Make a Transformation Using EFT Part II Getting Nitty and Gritty 99 .

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