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Welcome to Bright Horizons – International British School of Zagreb.

It is important to make the right choice for your child. This brochure has been especially written
to provide you with the necessary information and to inform you of all that we have to offer. At
Bright Horizons, we provide a happy, caring and safe environment for your child. We work hard
to ensure that your child’s experience at school is a positive one and one which encourages a
love for learning and self-discipline from the beginning. Our school’s curriculum is based on the
British National Curriculum and is enriched by Singapore Maths and the International Primary
Curriculum (IPC). We hope that you will feel confident in approaching us at school with any
queries or worries. The aim of this prospectus is to provide you with a guide to procedures and
policies but should you wish to learn more about the school, visitations are more than welcome.
Please arrange an appointment and it will be our privilege to show you around and answer any
questions that you may have.


Milena Prodanić Tišma 

Bright Horizons- IBSZ Founder and Principal
Our vision is an International School that, in
partnership with parents; values diversity, encourages
risk taking and empowers children to realize their
potential in a highly motivating environment.

Our school nurtures the love for learning by valuing
what is unique about each child. A forward thinking,
International Curriculum is implemented which
focuses on joyful learning and equipping children
with the skills needed to thrive in an ever changing
world. We employ dynamic, international staff who
take pleasure in guiding but also learning from
the children and each other. Our children learn to
become courageous individuals who are not afraid
to take chances.
IBSZ BRIGHT To provide a stimulating
and challenging learning
To provide an
environment full of
HORIZONS environment within a broad excellence and high
AIMS and balanced curriculum achievements

To encourage positive To promote respect To extend social and cultural

attitudes towards learning for all those involved awareness within the
so that each child may in our school life school towards all local and
realize his or her potential international communities

To safeguard the long term To nurture and develop To uphold the values of
development and reputation the psychological well- honesty, integrity and
of our organisation being of every child respect for others
Bright Horizons IBSZ is a primary school At Bright Horizons we deliver a broad, balanced and The International Primary Curriculum which is an
that was founded in 2013. The primary creative curriculum which whilst fulfilling the school internationally-minded, thematic, cross-curricular,
school was established after the success aims is also organised in such a way as to deliver rigorous teaching structure for children growing
of the Kindergarten, which opened in 2006 the requirements of the UK National Curriculum up in the 21st century. There is a distinct learning
( Bright Horizons process with every IPC unit, providing a structural
(maths is enriched by Singapore Maths) and the
IBSZ is verified by the Croatian Ministry of approach to make sure that children’s learning
International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This provides
Education. experiences are as stimulating and motivating
cross-curricular learning within an international
as possible.
The Bright Horizons IBSZ is a member of context and enables pupils to easily switch to a
COBIS (Council of British International new school if they move abroad. All lessons are The IPC is based on the following educational goals:
Schools) and cooperates closely with the taught in English (except for Croatian). Being that · Knowledge goals (knowing),
British Embassy in Zagreb. our children are children of the 21st century, we · Competency goals (being able to),
have added the UN Sustainable goals through-out · Insight goals (understanding),
our curriculum. We would like our pupils to become · International learning goals,
aware and familiar with the current world situation · Personal goals (investigation, respect,
and how they can help their world. Through class cooperation, adaptability, caring, resilience,
work, each teacher adds elements of a chosen ethics, communication).
sustainable goal and together with the children, International learning goals are unique throughout
work through the topic to familiarize them with the Bright Horizons curriculum and they help young
problem, but also to come up with a solution. In this children begin the move towards an increasingly
way, we prepare them and provide them with the sophisticated national, international and intercultural
skills and knowledge needed for their own future.  perspective. Each thematic IPC unit includes an
international aspect, to help develop a sense of
‘international mindedness’.
These are goals that promote the development Innovative way to teach Music Our school days start off with a 10 min dance
of inner personal characteristics. They help the (wake and shake). This way the children start
Based in the UK, Charanga is one of the world’s
pupils’ to learn how to act towards one another their day off on a positive and energetic way.
leading music education technology approaches..
and what it means to take an active part in the
Croatian language is as an obligatory subject
multicultural society they find themselves in Over 10,000 schools and 41,000 teachers in 62
in our school and we provide support for pupils
everyday. At the beginning of every month countries use our award-winning resources to
who are beginners. The Croatian language
we set a new goal for the pupils (for example: help them teach music. Over 2 million children
is separated into Croatian A (for advanced
respect, kindness, empathy) which then teachers enjoy a Charanga-supported music lesson
students) and Croatian B (for beginners). For
implement in their work with the children and every week.
each, we have a separate teacher.
more importantly promote in the collaboration
Charanga combines the latest education
between the children, teaching them how to The day ends off with, Study time’’. This is
technology with modern teaching approaches
use these goals in their everyday lifes. a period where children can finish up on a
to create resources that teachers and children
homework that they have not yet completed
really enjoy using.
while having the support of the teacher with
All teaching materials are visually attractive
them. We understand that many children have
and sound really good, so children are always
plenty of extracurricular activities and for this
enthusiastic about learning.
reason, we are a school that works on a , no
homework’ policy.

‘21st century skills’ is a term for a number of

general competences that are important in Critical Problem-solving Information Basic
SKILLS our knowledge and network-based society. thinking thinking skills ICT skills
Examples include:
The Bright Horizons’ lunch service is provided Uniforms makes us, one!
through in-house catering. Our aim is to ensure
For our younger pupils from Years 1 – 6, the
a high – quality complete meal. Children are
uniform consists of a white polo shirt with the
provided with breakfast, lunch, a fruit snack as
logo, dark blue trousers/skirt and a dark blue
well as an afternoon snack. The school does not
school blazer/cardigan with the logo. For our
have cooking facilities for school meals onsite
older pupils, the uniform consists of a white
but hot meals are delivered each day. There is
dress shirt, dark blue tie with logo, dark blue
a single choice menu. Vegetarian alternatives
trousers/skirt and a dark blue blazer/cardigan
are available. Furthermore, if a child is allergic
with the logo.
to any sort of ingredient, a separate meal is
All pupils have a school gym kit, which consists
always prepared as well. 
of a white short sleeved shirt with a logo and
dark blue shorts. Uniforms are available from
a specialist supplier from the UK via a link on
our website.

Social and
Media International
Cooperation Communication cultural skills Self-regulation Multiculturalism Wellbeing
wisdom mindedness
A number of our children have particular learning and assessment requirements
which are linked to their progress in English as an additional language. Their
inability to fully access the curriculum is because their communicative skills
are not advanced enough. In our school, teachers take action to help children
who are learning English as an additional language through various means such
as; role-play, repetitious rhymes, songs, games and circle activities. For any
child that is in need of additional support with learning the English language,
we have an ESL (English second language) teacher to provide extra one on
one support if needed. 

In our school we are very proud that one of our main goals and aims is the
well-being of every pupil. Feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to the overall
health of a child, enabling them to successfully overcome difficulties and
achieve what they want out of life. At Bright Horizons we have designed a unique
Wellbeing programme which enables pupils to achieve their Wellbeing with a
continuous guidance. In order to find out if Well-being support is needed, the
first step is to analyse the needs of the class and school documents (following
up with the child’s attitude, sociometrical results, including the child into work
with the psychologist, looking into any pedagogical documentation) as well as
professional literature.
Throughout the school year, each pupil’s cognitive, academic, adaptive behaviour,
social/emotional and behavioural functioning is assessed by the school psychologist.
Therefore, every child and parent has an opportunity to talk to a school psychologist
or counsellor and get professional feedback and guidance in overcoming challenges
that a child encounters.  Bright Horizons is the first school in Croatia that has signed
a cooperation agreement with Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center in order
to support the Wellbeing of the children. Our professional/expert team is here to: 



provide individual and group therapy for prevent bullying and other forms of violence,
pupils who may be experiencing stress due support social-emotional learning, assess
to: schoolwork or conflicts at school, have a the school climate and improve school
difficult home life, or need help coping with connectedness, implement and promote
positive discipline, identify at-risk students
events in their social lives
and school vulnerabilities, provide crisis
intervention and intervention services



help families understand their children’s promote student motivation and engagement,
learning and mental health needs, assist conduct psychological assessments, monitor
in navigating special education processes, students behaviour and progress, reduce
connect families with community service inappropriate referrals to special education,
providers when necessary, enhance staff plan appropriate individualized education
understanding of responsiveness to diverse programs for students with disabilities
cultures and backgrounds
By implementing Mindfulness in School Programme At Bright Horizons, we teach children about and Assessment is done for all subjects, according
we help pupils not only to manage difficulties follow a “ Growth Mindset “ approach. This is a to the Croatian marking system (sufficient/
but to flourish and show their true potential. belief (based on neuroscientific research and dovoljno – 2, good/dobro – 3, very good/vrlo
Some of the purported benefits of mindfulness evidence) that our brains can grow and become dobro – 4, excellent/izvrsno – 5). Pupils are
include decreasing stress and anxiety, improving smarter. Our philosophy as a school is based on assessed in various categories according to
self-esteem and self-regulation, and increasing this and teachers encourage students to take on the subject (written and oral exams, project
calmness so the child could have a safe learning challenges and push themselves because that is work, etc.). Pupils earn their written reports
environment. Creating a safe place for our pupils the best way to “ grow our brains “. Effort and hard based on their success and achievements
to learn might begin with creating some space for work is always praised, as this helps to promote a throughout the school year.
them to breathe. We are implementing leading UK growth mindset.
At the end of the school year, pupils will
Mindfulness in Schools Project curriculum (MiSP
receive a Croatian certificate as well as the
curriculum, Paws b programme).
INCLUSIVE EDUCATION International Exit written report.

At Bright Horizons we promote inclusion, embrace

diversity, promote positive peer relationships
and acceptance. It is very important to focus our
prevention activities on promoting and improving
education and inclusion, with a view to preventing
exclusion, discrimination or inequality.
We feel that extracurricular activities are important,
both from an educational and social point of view.
As they progress through school, children have the
opportunity and are encouraged to participate in a
variety of activities. These are activities that are
designed to develop the children’s creativity and
innovation. Children get the opportunity to express
themselves and freely implement their own ideas
into their work. We have a range of activities, starting
with sport activities:

• Football CRAFTY
• Tennis • Robotics
• Gymnastics • Arts and crafts

• Italian • Guitar
• French • Synthesizer
• Chinese • Choir
• Etc.

We always try to extend the knowledge of the pupils
as much as we can. Through various Erasmus
projects, pupils get the opportunity to learn about
a topic that will be helpful for them in the future
but they do this in a multinational way. Erasmus
projects connect children from different countries
and get them all to work on the same topic. In this
way, children get to share their unique ideas and
learn about each other’s cultures whilst learning
about a general topic. This project also supports
the exchanging of students, where children actually
get the opportunity to travel to the hosting country
and truly experience first-hand the country but
also meet their partnering students.  Children
will develop their social skills, creativeness and
also learn about multiculturalism. In the past, our
students have been included in various Erasmus
projects, travelling to Spain as well as Cyprus.
We are one, and we believe this to the fullest. Having your child at Bright Horizons means that you the
parents and your child are joining our community. We put much effort and emphasis on creating a strong
and positive community where all individuals have a goal of providing the pupils with as much support
as possible. For us, it is important to have the support of parents in our work but to also know that when
there is an issue or slight hick up, we can together rely on each other’s support and collaboration to deal
with any situation. We like to host many events where we all come together as a community, to strengthen
and build our relationship. These are events where we can let loose and expand our social web. 

For all pupils looking for a few more challenges and games, we have a summer camp where learning is
made fun through various workshops and activities. It takes place at our school for 3 weeks in the month of
July and 3 weeks in August. Guided and led by our teachers, the children spend their days in an environment
filled with creativity, innovation and excitement. This is a great opportunity for the children to familiarize
themselves with each other but to also develop their social skills, team-working skills and communication
skills. Teachers work with children on different topics and themes making sure that the children express
their ideas and truly have fun while learning. Many of the tasks are done on an experience based learning
system, where children get the chance to personally experience something and make their ideas come to
life using their own skills. All children are welcome to join, the more the merrier. 
The IBSZ Bright Horizons is accepting applications Sveti Duh 122
for enrolment for the upcoming school year. On our
Zagreb 10 000
website you will find a comprehensive, step-by-step
guide to our admissions process, along with detailed Croatia
information on our admissions policy. However, the
best way to appreciate our school is to visit us and
join one of our school tours. Contact details, are
provided below, so please feel free to contact us
with your questions and inquiries. +385 (0)1 37 45 146

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