DEGREE) FIRST STEP IN YOUR BUSINESS CAREER Published by Registrar University of Karachi 1

Students enrolled in 2005 shall be examined according to revised syllabus. 2

IMPORTANT NOTES i) B.Com.(Two years degree course) will consist of Part-I and Part-II ii) Part-I will have Six papers of 100 Marks each. iii) Part-II will have Six papers (incl uding one optional) of 100 Marks each. iv) The compulsory subject of Islamic Stu dies and Pakistan studies shall be of 100 Marks with the following distributions . a) Islamic Studies/(Ethics for Non Muslims) ………………………………………….. 60 Marks b) Pakistan Studi ections (a and b) to be passed separately: The marks of both section shall not b e included in the division. v) Pass Marks Minimum passing marks shall be 40 perc ent in each subject but the aggregate shall be 45%. Students securing less than 45 percent in aggregate shall be declared failed. vi) Class a. Students securing 60 percent or more shall be placed in the First Division. b. More than 45% but less than 60% shall be placed in the Second Division. c. There will be no Third Division. 3

B. COM. PART-I B. COM PART-I AND PART-II MODIFIED SYLLABUS 2006 Scheme of Studie s: 1. Paper I Islamic Studies/Ethics and Pakistan Studies 2. Paper II Functional English (Compulsory) 3. Paper III 4. Paper IV 5. Paper V Introduction to Busine ss Principles of Accounting Business Mathematics and Statistics 6. Paper VI Econ omic Analysis and Policy 100 100 100 100 100 Marks 100 4

B. COM. PART-II 1.Paper I 2.Paper II 3.Paper III Business Communication Principles of Management Economic Development of Pakistan 100 100 100 4.Paper IV Advanced Accounting and Cost Accounting 100 5.Paper V 6.Paper VI Business and Industrial Law Optional any one: a) Auditing and Income Tax Law b) Introduction to Computer Application in Business c) Principles of Marketing d) P rinciples of Insurance e) Banking and Finance 100 100 5

Hajj – Significance – Nature – M anasik Jehad – with knowledge. The Ho ly Quran The revelation of Ayat or the Verses. 8. 10. wealth and with selves. c) Effects on collective life. Monothism a) The existence of God – Arrangements and effects of the belief in one God. Hadith and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Meaning and definition. Hijat-e-Hadith Compilation. Twenty selected Hadiths from “Riaz-us-Salihee n” 7. 2. The diffe rence between Hadith and Sunnah 5. The distinct qualities of the p rophets and status of prophethood – Faith in the finality of prophethood. 6 . Life after death 9. Surah Hijrat Introduction and Text of the Holy Quran 3. COM. sword. inscription and w riting of hadith. 6. b) Effects on personal life. Prayer 11. Fasting (SAUM) individual and collective benefits. The foll owing of sunnah. Text of Hadith. Propheth ood The necessity and importance of prophethood. Zakat-concept and purpose. 1 2. PART-I PAPER-I (Section A):ISLAMIC STUDIES FOR MUSLIM STUDENTS 1.B. Surah Furqan Introduction and text of the Holy Quran 4 .

life.Pr of. Tahir Sons Karachi. Study of the pure life of the Holy Prophet Makki and Madani Books Recommended: 1. Graduation classes.Abdul Qayyum Natiq (Sirat-e-Mustaqeem (Urdu).Ghazanfar Academy Pakistan 4.13.Mufti. 2004. Karachi: Urdu Bazar.2003 .Munib Ur Rahman Islamiat .2004 2. 13th editi on. 7 . Nasiruddin Islamiat (Urdu).Abdul Qayyum Natiq (Sirat-e-Mustaqeem (English).Dr. 13th edition. 3.

Freed om and Responsibility. In tuitionism (Butler) (c). Historical Development of Morality: (a). Kant’s Moral Theory. Christianity c). 7. 5. Punishment (Theories of Punishment) Moral Teachings of Major Religions: a). 2. Moral Theories: (a). Islam Professional Ethics: a). Instinctive Moral Life.B. Moral Ethics and Society. Relation of Ethics with: (a) Religion (b) Science (c) Law 3. Justice (d). 6. Tolerance (c). 1.COM. . Hedonism (Mill) (b). (b). Customary Morality. (c). PART-I PAPER-I(Section A):ETHICS FOR NON MUSLIM STUDENTS Ethics (compulso ry) in lieu of Islamiat For Non-Muslim students. (b). Meaning and Scope of Ethi cs. (a). Reflective Morality. Judaism b). Medical Ethics 8 4.

London Methuen & Co. 2. latest edition.William Lille. An Introduction to Ethics. latest edit ion.Titus. Ta’aruf-e-Akhlaqiat. Thomas Y. Ameer Ali. D. 6. Et hics in Theory and Practice. Business Ethics REFERENCE BOOK S: 1. Karachi: BCC&T.A. N. Ethics of Teachers d)..Hill.) 9 . latest edition Studies in Muslim Ethi cs.M. Ethics of Students c). Crowel. 5. London: latest edition.M.b). S. H. Donaldson.Y. Sayeed. S. 4.(Tr. Thomas.H. Ethics for Today. latest edition The Ethics of Islam. New York: American Book. Karachi Universit y of Karachi 3. Culcutta: Noor Library Publishers.

latest edition. University of Karachi. Cultural heritage of Pakistan.S. 5. 7. 4.Qureshi Short History of Paki stan.Gul Shahzad Sarwar 10 . History of the People of Pakistan. Cr eation of Pakistan. 3. Qa mar Kitab Ghar Karachi. PART-I PAPER-I(Section B):PAKISTAN STUDIES 1.H. Vol. 6.B. 2. Shah Waliullah and others. IV. I. its problems and gradual development in the fields of politi cs. Pakistan studies. Economic Progress of Pakistan from the 1970s. Govt. COM. Oxford University Press. Constitutional evolution of Pakistan up to the current constitution and i ts amendments. of Pakistan 4. 2. J.Hussain. 3. to date.(Latest Edition) Economic Survey of Pakistan. (Annual) Issues i n Pakistan’s Economy Oxford University press.Akbar Zaidi 5. Historical Background of P akistan with special reference to Ulema’s work and political awakening in the subc ontinent. Pa kistan and the Modern World (Foreign Affairs). latest edition. Languages of Pakistan. The reformists Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi. BOOKS RECOMMENDED: 1.

To help students acquire language skills progressively. Specific Objectives: A. To distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information d. B. Express ideas/opinions on topics related to student’s lives and e xperiences. 4.COM. To find specific information c . Interpreting charts and diagram s. To identify main idea/topic sentences. 2.B. To help st udents develop intellectual abilities. Listening/Speaking Ski lls To develop the ability to: a. Recognizing and interpreting the rhetorical organization of a text. b. Reading (Comprehension) Skills To enable the students to read a t ext: a. PART-I PAPER – I1: FUNCTIONAL COMPULSORY ENGLISH Aims: GENERAL 1. 6. Prediction e. Recognizing and inte rpreting the tone and attitude of the author. To help students develop their E nglish language proficiency to a level from where they can pursue higher educati on through the medium of English. 5. Comprehend spoken English inside and outside t he classroom.(link words) f. h. b. Re cognizing and interpreting cohesive devices. To make the experience of English lang uage teaching and learning more interesting. To develo p the ability to communicate effectively. To help students develop the abilit y to read effectively and independently and intermediate proficiency level readi ng text 3. 11 . g.

Summaries d. and Kirkpatrick. D. II. V. III. C. a. 2004. Writing Skills To be able to write: a. Formal and informal letters b. 12 . b. Vocabulary Building skills To guess t he meaning of unfamiliar words through: Context clues Prefixes and suffixes Idio ms and phrasal verbs Logical connectors To develop the ability to use a dictiona ry to: Find out meaning of different words. T. Paragraphs and Essays e.L. Language structure/Grammar Tenses Preposition s WH Questions and Yes/No Questions Voice (Active & Passive) Direct to Indirect/ Reported Speech Articles Conditionals Reading Text Howe. IV. Punctuat ion E. I. I. Oxford English f or Undergraduates. Kirkpatrick. IV. III. Oxford University Press. III. D. D. Distinguishing between facts and opinions. Check spellings Check/find pronounci ation of unfamiliar words. II.i. VI. I.H. VII. Job app lications and curriculum vitae c.A. II.

Oxford University Press. New Edition wit h tests and Answers. John.Grammar and Composition Eastwood. Oxford Practice Grammar. 13 . 2004.

MARKETING: Basic concepts. Shareholders.B. Joint Venture Franchising a nd Trade Association. Co-operatives. Market segmentation. Channels of distribution for consumer and industrial Goods. Role of business in economics systems. FORMS OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS: Sole proprietorship. JOINT STOCK COMPANY: Formation and incorpora tion. partnership-classification. scope and im portance. Typ es of combination. Wholesaling and Retailing. Business e nvironment and social responsibility. Duties and Liabilities of pa rtners. importance. meetings and winding up. Rights. Marketing Mix. Memorandum and Articles of Association. sales promotion and advertising. COMBINATION: Meaning and purposes. PART-I PAPER-III: INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS BUSINESS: Nature. Director . Bus iness under private and Public ownership. Holding and subsidiary companies. CAPITAL MARKET: 14 . Problem of business functions and qualities of businessman. Pricing deci sion and strategy. Prod uct and its types. product life cycle.Ware hou sing. Middlemen-Role and classification. prospectus.COM. Dissolution of partnership.

Types of risks and methods of holding risks. Market ing needs. Advantages and functions of Warehousing. Obstacles a nd constraints in international trade. REFERENCE BOOKS: 15 Business. Koontz and Fulmer. A Practical Introduction to Richard D Ir win Inc. Purchasing Transportation. inventory control. Types of warehouse. Impact of Stock Exchange on economy of a country.Nature of capital market. Investment Banking. Decisions and Policies. Financing by leasing. MAKING GOODS AND SERVICES AVAILBALE: Types of business goo ds. importance and types of insurance. role and significance. PERSONNEL M ANAGEMENT: An introduction to Human Resources Management – Importance and Applicat ion. RECOMMENDED BOOK: 1. . INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: Concepts. Nature. objectives and role of Multinational compan ies in developing countries. INSURANCE AND BUSINESS RISKS: Protection against risks. Advantages and disadvantages. Types of Tariffs. Concept of Balance of T rade and Balance of Payment. operation and working of Stock Exchange. Distribu tion Center.(USA) Revised Edition (latest year).

Siddiqui. Pakistan 2004. Karachi 2003 6. Modern Business Administration. Book Bank 2004. W.Robert C. Introduction to Business. Introduction to Business. 4. Razzaqui Commerce Publications. 3. (latest year) Business Organization National 5. Karach i.E 2. Ghazanfar Academy. Appleby.1. Publisher. Shoukat Ali. Nisar-Ud-Din. Introduction to Business. Karachi: K. Khurhseed H.A.B. Pitman Publishing lat est edition . Rehber Publisher. Academic 16 . Amin Khalid. Introduction to Business.

Income Statement a nd Balance Sheet. Revision of Life. Cash Receipts. Period End Adjustment: Accruals. Average Methods. Subsidi ary Ledgers and Trial Balance. 6. Inventory. Cash Control:. Closing Process. Gross profit and Retail Price. Uncollectible. Disposal and Exchan ge of Depreciated Asset.COM. Sales Journal. Write Off and Recovery of Accounts Receivable. and Reversing Entries. 8. Advance from Custome rs. Accounting Equation (Balance Sheet Equation). 5. LIFO. Depreciation – Methods Stra ight Line. Sum of the Years Digits and Fixed Percentage on Declining Balance. Units of Output.B. Introduction to Accounting Standards. Account ing Terminology. Inventory Valuation:. Cash Payments Journals. Pre-Payments. 2. Field of Accounting.Periodic System and Perpetual System: Methods FIFO. General Ledger.Bank Reconciliation Statement and Voucher Sy stem. Analysis and Aging of Accounts Receivable. Principles and Concepts. 3. Purchase Journa l. Addition. 17 . General Journal and Special Journal. Unearned. Accounting for Accounts Receivable: Income Statement and Balance Sheet Approach. Preparation of Worksheet. Correction of Errors. PART-I PAPER-IV: PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING 1. Allowance Method for Making Provisions. Working Hours. Depreciation. 4. 7. Recording Service and Merchandi sing Business Transactions.

5. Year 2003.9. California. Plans of Profit/Loss Distribution. South Western Company (latest Edition). South Western Company. Accounting the Basis for Business Decisions. Meigs and Meigs. 1993. 6. Decision s. New York Accounting the Basis for Business McGraw Hill Book Company 9th Edition. Philip E. 3. latest edition. Admissi on. 4. Liquidation. Niswonger and Fess. Accounting Pr inciples. 2. latest edition. Needles and Anderson: Principles of Accounting. Warner Ed. Houghton Mifflin Company. Addiso n Wesley Publishing Company. Retirement/Death.1984 18 . REFERECNE BOOKS: 1. Partnership Accounting: Formation. Dupree and Marder: Principles of Accounting. New York McGraw Hill Book Company 12th Editio n.14th Charless S. Meigs and Meigs.Fess Accou nting Principles.

maxima minima. Attempt TWO quest ions from SECTION C from FOUR questions. Crame r’s Rule. Eq uation of straight lines passing through two points. slope of a straight line. Product and Quotient ru le. Collection of primar y and secondary data. COORDINATE GEOMETRY Distance between two points. properties of determinants. CALCULUS Idea of Limits. Optimization of simple function. vertex and roots of the equation. MATRICES AND DETERMINANTS. differentiation. profit. 2. supply. SECTION: B ELEMENTARY STATISTICS (40 MARKS) 1. Graph of quadratic equation. 19 . revenue). INTRODUCTION Definition. Presentation of Data. 3 .COM. slope – intercept form. demand. Attempt TWO questions from SECTION B from THREE questions. subtraction. Polynomial and composite function. SECTION: A BUSINESS MATHEMATICS (20 MAR KS) 1. Addition. point of inflexion. Application of derivatives Marginal functions (cost. scope limitation of statistics. Inverse of a matrix (upto 3 x 3) Determinants. PART-I PAPER-V: BUSINESS MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS INSTRUCTION: PAPER Co nsists of THREE Sections Attempt TWO questions from SECTION A from THREE questio ns. point and slope form. Frequency distribution. Addition. techniques in diffe rentiation.B. rate of change. multiplication of matrices.

Permutation and combi nation. 5. PROBABILITY Introduction. Pie diagram. appl ication of index number Price index (fixed and chain relatives) Composite index number. frequency curves. MEASURES OF DISPERSION Absolute and relative measures: range. Graphical Determination median and quartiles. Mathematical expectation (only concept of mean). Passch e. set theory. 3. Equally l ikely. SECTION: C PROBABILITY & STATISTICAL INFERENC E (40 MARKS) 1. sample space. Additio n and Multiplication laws of probability. MEASURES OF CENTRAL TENDENCY All the measures of central tendency and their properties including qu artiles. mean deviation standard deviation. conditional/ probability. exhaustive. quartile deviat ion. deciles and percentiles. REGRESSIONS AND CORRELATION Scatter diagram linear regression models (two variables) estimation and forecasting. Frequency Polygon. 4. co-efficient of corr elation and its properties. events. variance. mutually exclusive. weighted and unweighted. Rank correlation. INDEX NUMBER Introduction. Special type of index numbers (Laspeyre. Idea of correlation. 2. 20 .cumulative and relative frequencies Simple and composite diagrams. COUNTING TECHNIQUES Fundamental Principle. independent and dependent events. 2. Skewness (moments not required ). Histogram and ogive. Fisher and Marshall Edgeworth).

Khurshid Alam Business Mat hematics. 2004. S.2004 Statistics Problem & Practices. Hyper Geometric and Normal distributions. Budnick Applied Mathematics. 2004. Shahid Jamal Academy. United States. Simple random sampling methods of drawing simple random samples from finite po pulation (with and without replacement). 2004. parameter and Statistics Standard error . Binomial. Ahmed 21 . 4. Idea of Type I and Type II Error test concerning mean and difference between two means for large and small samples (z and t tests ). Frank S. Null and Alternate Hypothesis. International edition. Hamid A. 8th Edition Karachi Rehber Publisher. Mcgraw Hill book. ii) Mr. 5.3. lat est edition. Sampling distribution of mean and difference between tw o mean numerical proof of E (x) = µ . Central limit theorem. v) Mr. iii) Mr. Hakim Introductory Statistics for Economics and Ma nagement: 5th Edition Karachi Meyari Matbooaat. SAMPLING Concept of finite and infinite population . PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTIONS Random variable. Hamid A. Hakim Business Mathematics: 5 th Edition Karachi Meyori Matbooaat. iv) Mr. Poisson. Chi square statistic for goodness of fit test and test for independence in co ntingency table: BOOKS RECOMMENDED i) Mr. STATISICAL INFERENCE Point and Interval e stimation of mean and difference between two means for large and small samples.

2nd Ed. Rehber publisher. 2004. Ronald E. vii) Mr. Introduction to Statistics. 22 .vi) Mr. Khurshid Alam Karachi: Statistics Concept and Methods. Walpole (Latest Edition). S.

COM. Significance. c) Consumer’s Equilibrium – Car dinal and Ordinal approaches. 4. Micro and Macro approach to Economic analysis. 2. MARKET a) Definition and brief classification. Firm and Industry. FIRM’S COST AND REVENUE ANALYSIS 6. Least cost factor combination. Production possibility curve. INTRODUCTION Bas ic concepts. Definition. Laws of Returns and Returns to Scale. Production function – ISO – quants and ISO – Cost Curves. Methods of Measurement and its kinds. CONSU MER’S BEHAVIOUR ANALYSIS (40 Marks) a) Demand. 5. function and functional equations of Demand.B. THEORY OF PRODUCTION a) b) c) d) e) f) Factors of Production and their relative importance. PART-I PAPER-VI: ECONOMIC ANALYSIS AND POLICY SECTION “A” 1. PRICE AND OUTPUT DETERMINATION OF A FIRM AN D INDUSTRY UNDER: 23 . b) Elasticity of Demand. 3.

d. f. Consumption and consumption functi on. ii. TRADE CYCLES 4. Multiplier Doctrine. (40 MARKS) MACRO ECONOMICS (PART B) 1. Monopoly. ana lysis and time series analysis of 2. c) DETERMINANTS OF NATIONAL INCOME. Oligopoly. Monopolistic competition. Meaning of Full Employment. its determinants. Investment-Meaning. Keynesian psychological law of consumption. c. 3. Cross-Section consumption. Determination of Equilibrium level of National Income. i. Acceleration Principle and Interaction of Multiplier and Acceleration.a) b) c) d) Perfect competition. K eynesian theory of Income and Employment. Saving. Kinds of un-employment. d. kinds and its determinants – MEC and rate of interest. iii. MONETARY POLICY AND FISCAL POLICY 24 . e. b. b) Methods of computing National I ncome. concepts and its significance. Inflationary and Deflationary gap. pr opensity to save and factors determining saving. DETERMINATION OF INCOME & EMPLOYMENT a. NATIONAL INCOME a) Definition.

(latest year) Economics (Principles. New York. (Mc Grow Hill) 16th Edition. J.Samuelson.A. New York 1998. Nic Nigro.ECONOMIC SYSTEMS (PART C ) (20 MARKS) a.1990. 2. BOOKS RECOMMENDED 1.P. NOTE: Two questions are to be attempted from Micro and Macro Economics each and one from Economic Systems. C.E.K. An Introduction to Economic Analysis.11 edition. Nortorn comp. Illineies. Iamin latest edition . Inc. latest edition. problems. English University Press L td. New Yor k: McGraw Hill Comp. Eastham 5. Robert Haney Scott 6. 5th Edition . Decision). b. Micro – Economics Theory. Central Problems of an E conomy c. York. WW. Edwin Mansfield 4. (latest year) Principles of Economics Macmillan Publisher Co. Gould 3. Definition. Problems and policies). Eco nomics(principles. 7th editon New. Comparative S tudy of Different Economic Systems. Economics. d. Socialisum Mixed Economy and Is lamic Economic System – Their merits and de-merits and Criticism. Richard D. Ferguson & J. Different Economic Systems – Capitalism. Mc Conneoli Brue REFERENCE BOOKS: 25 . P.

1. Saeed Nasir 3.2002. Urdu Bazar. ILMI Kitab Khana Urdu Bazar Lahore (latest year) Economic System of Karachi. M. (latest year) A Text Book of Economis. 2. Khurhsid Siddiqui 26 . Islam. Publishers. A. 22 – A1 – Fazal Market Urdu Bazar. Lahore.H. Abdul Haleem Khawja Economic Theory.

Paper II 3. COM. PART-II 1.Paper V I a) b) Business c) d) e) Business Communication Principles of Management Econom ic Development of Pakistan 100 100 100 100 Advanced Accounting and Cost Accounting Business and Industrial Law Optional any one: 100 100 Auditing and Income Tax Law Introduction to Computer Application in Principles o f Marketing Principles of Insurance Banking and Finance 27 . Paper IV 5.Paper V 6.B.Paper I 2.Paper III 4.

Preparation of : 1) Memorandum Report. 3. Claim and Adjustment (Positive and Negative). 4. Sales Letter. Sales Discount Advertisement 8. Job Letter. Non-verbal Communicati on. Importance. importance. functions.B. Business Writing Principles. Replies to Inquiries. Classification. preparation steps. BUSINESS REPORT Defi nition. Status. ADVERT ISEMENTS Job advertisement. INTER-OFFICE MEMOS 7. ORGANIZATIONAL PLANS OPENING AND CLOSING LEGAL ASPECTS OF BUSINESS C OMMUNICATION BUSINESS LETTERS Formats of Business letters Kinds: Inquiry (product.COM. Formal and Informal languages. and (2) Letter Report 9. Order letter. PART-II PAPER – I: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 1. Candidate). Refusal to and cancellation of an order. COMMUNICATION Definition. 5. 2. Planning steps. Credit Application and Collection Letters. MARKET REPORT 28 . Sales Promotion Le tter. Process/Factors. 6.

Karachi. Jhon V. Business Communication. iii)Responsibilities o f a good listener. NON-WRITTEN COMMUNICATION A) Speaking: i. D) Interviewing: i) Definition. iii) Delivery techniques. K.). 10.1999 Model Business Letters and other Business Documents. Hildebrandt. ii ) Kinds of Leadership. C) Leading and Participating: I) Definition of Leadership.Be Book Bank. Market Terms. 2004 (latest Edition) 29 3. Bovee. 4th Ed. iii) Planning Steps of Problem-solving Conference. Murphy. Thill Effective Business Communicatio n. Shirley Taylor 4. iii) Intervi ew evaluation Recommended Books 1. 7th Ed. 5th Ed. Herta A. Executive in Business Communication. Reproduction of Technical Reports i n non-technical language.Commodity and Capital Markets. (Mc-Graw Hill Inc. iii) R esponsibilities of a leader during Problem solving conference. ii) Reasons for poor listening. Herbert W. Muhammad Amin Khalid . Thomas 2. ii) Steps for oral prese ntation. Jene P. McGraw Hill Inc. Difference betwe en hearing and listening. B) Listening: I) Definition. Similari ties and differences of oral and written communication. ii) Responsibilities of interviewer and interviewee. Court Land L.

W.5.A.Razzaqui Business Communication Academic Commerce Publications 30 .

6. X & Y Theory. The Planning Process: Activities involved in the process of planning. Common reasons for fail ure of plans. Human Relation and Ad ministration. Effective Decision Making: Process of Decision Making. COM. 4. Survey resources. 5. Span of Control. Organization: Organization and Organization bureaucracy. Universal functions of a Manager. Organization structure. Solving the problem. Establish policies. Delegation of Authority. Motivations: Conc epts and Applications in Organization. PART. Human Relations Theory and Money and Motivation Theory.B. Identify premises. Group ideas in decision making personal decisions. Personality. The Emergence of Business and Management Thought: Concept of scientific management. Choosing objectives. Japanese Decision Making. Two factor Theory. 3. Staffing: 31 . Centralized Vs Decentralized. qualities of a good manager. 2.II PAPER – II: PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT 1. Rational of Decision Maki ng. preventing the problem. Division of Labour. Guideline for effective decision-m aking. Decide standards. Basic elements of organizing. Pr ocedures and rules. Establish budgets. Behavior and Motivation. Nee d Theory.

. Termination. Promotion. Types. 11.. Types and control. 10. 12. New York.2003 The New Management. Reasons. performance appraisal. Management Mc-Graw Hill. McGraw Hill. 9. 2. Selection and Recruiting. Break-even analysis and Control thr ough Ratios. Control as a Feedback. Self actualizing person. Ori entation and training. Noise. Leadership: Manager as a leader. Know Thyself (Understanding Human Psychology) Basic Motives. Humanistic approach. Fulmer. Direct control through Key Results areas. C haracteristics of a good control system. Staff and Functional Author ity. The Questions of Authority. 8. Media’s Philosophies or Theories of communication. Communications: Factors.Staffing activities. Phases. Concept of Authority in Management: Sources of Authority. Group Dynamics: Characteristics of a group. Koontz Harald Wei hrich. New York latest edi tion. 7. Budgetary Control. Control through R. Compensation. MBO as a technique for appraisal. year 32 . Importance of Self Acceptance and Accurate Se lf Image. Beins. Concept of Control: Control process. Line. determining needs in advance. Robert M. Process. An elementary introduction to lead ership theories.I.O. RECOMMENDED BOOKS: 1.

E Book Bank Karachi. Siddiqui 5. 2. K. Karachi. Peter Druckerr F.20 05 Management. New Management. Amin Khalid New Management. 3. Rehbar Publisher’s Urdu Bazar Kar achi. Dapt. 4th Ed. The Dryden. 2nd Edition G hazanfar Academy. Richad L.2003. 4. Khursheed H.B. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Introduction to New Management. Syed Shoukat Ali 33 . 2003. An Introduction View of Managemen t Hamper’s College Press New York. Fort Worth. .

Human Resources Capital Resources. 2) RESOURCES OF PAKISTAN AND THEIR ROLE: a) b) c) Natura l Resources. ECONOMIC DEVELOPM ENT a) Definition of Economic Development b) Distinction between Economic Growth and Development. c) Characteristics of a Developing Economy d) Pre-requisites o f Economic Development. 34 . COM. 4) INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT: a) b) c) d) e) f) Development and Prospects Localizat ion of Industries and Public Investment Large Scale.B. PART – II PAPER – III: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF PAKISTAN 1. Economic 3) AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT: a) b) c) d) e) f) Agricultural Sector and its role Co-operative Farming Agricultural Marketing Agricultural Finance Agricultural Ta xation Land-Tenure System and Land Reforms. Small Scale and Cottage Ind ustries Industrial Finance Industrial Policies Land-Tenure System and Land Refor ms.

b) Mone y and Capital Markets and their Instruments.5) FOREIGN TRADE: a) Main Exports and Imports b) Volume. 6) FOREIGN AID AND ECONOMIC ASSISTA NCE: Sources. Deficit financing. 9) BUDGETING: a) b) c) Sources of Public Revenue and Heads of expenditure . Value and Trends in for eign Trade. 35 . 8) B ANKING AND FINANCE: a) Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development. Balance of Payments. d) Role and Functions of State Bank in the economic development of Pak istan. Cost and benefits of Economic assistance 7) TRANSPORT AND C OMMUNICATION: Means and their role in the Economic Development of Pakistan. forms and instruments of Economi c Planning with special reference to current plan in Pakistan. 10) ECONOMIC PLANNING IN PAKISTAN: a Objective. Forms. c) Capital Formulation – Sources and Problems. RECOMMENDED BOOKS 1) Khawaja Amjad ECONOMY OF PAKISTAN. Import Substitution and Export Promotion Strate gies c) Regional and International Organizations – their Role towards developing E conomies with Special reference to Pakistan. Budget formulation with special reference to Pakistan.

Economy. Aslam 5) Govt. ISSUES IN PAKISTANS. of Pakistan 4) M. Lahore: Imtiaz Syed Kamal Hyder Publisher. The Five years Plan (Latest) 2) Abdul Haleem Khawaja 3) Govt. ECONOMICS OF PAKISTAN . 194782. year 2003 ECONOMIC EVELOPMENT OF PAKISTAN Khawaja & Khawa ja Publishing House. Akbar Zaidi REFERENCE BOOKS: 1) M. year 2003 2) Waqar Ahmed & Rashid Amjad 3) S. 36 . Pakistan Economic Survey (Latest ) Development Planning in Pakistan. Saeed Nasir. Islamabad. Lahore THE MANAGEMENT OF PAKISTAN ECONOMY Oxfor d University Press. of Pakistan NOTE: Latest Edition of the recommended books. Latest Edition. Oxford University Pres .Saeed Institute of Business anagement.

Accounting for Installment sales under Perpetual Systems. Closing Process. RECOMMENDED BOOKS: 1. Reporting of Relevant Accounts on Financial Statement.II PAPER IV: ADVANCED ACCOUNTING AND COST ACCOUNTING PART I: ADVAN CED ACCOUNTING -60% 1. Financial Statement. PART. Component Percentage. Financi al Statements in accordance with International Accounting Standards. Accounti ng for Companies: Absorption. periodic adjustments. Fund/Cash Flow and Financial Statement Analysis: Fund Flow Analysis. Accounting for Companies: Issuance of Shares and Bonds. Interpretation. 2. 4. Billing of Merchandise at Cost and Above Co st. Reconciliation. 5. Amalgamation and Reconstruction. So uth Western 37 .Simon and Kerrenbrock: Advanced Accounting. Dollar/Rupees an d percentage Change. COM. Common Size Financi al Statements and Ratios. 4th Edition. Declaration and Payment of Dividends. A ppropriation of Retained Earnings. Trend percentage. 3.B. Head Office and Branch Accounting: Recording of Reciprocal Transaction. Defaults and Reposs essions.Tools of Analysis. Recognition of Realized Gross Profit. Cash Flow Statement (Indi rect Method): Financial Statement Analysis .

New York McGraw-Hill Book Company 9th Edition.Publishing Company. & Jhonson: . 38 . Latest Edition.Meigs and Meigs: 4.Meigs Ealter B. latest edition 3. Advanced Accounting. Canada. 2003. Accounting the Basis for Business Decisions. New York McGraw-Hill Book Company 12th Edit ion. Meigs and Meigs. McGraw-Hill Toronto.1993 Accounti ng the Basis for Business Decisions. 2.

Auckland McGraw Hill. 9th Ed. Job Order Costing under Perpetual Syste m. 4. Cost Accounting (latest Edition). 2002-2003 5. Income Statement. Closing Entries. Latest Year. Qavi Ahmed. 9th Ed. 39 . Cost Accounting. Statement of Cost of Goods Manufacture d. So uth Western Publishing Co. Accounting for Manufacturing Concern: Cost Acc ounting Concepts. Labour Time (Efficiency) and Wage Variances. 3.PART II: COST ACCOUNTING . 4. Process Costing: Procedure of Process Costing (FIFO Method) Cost by Depart ment. 3. Cost of Production Report. Planning & Control. Cost Accounting. Sixth Edition. Jams A. Factory Overhead (One Way) Variance. Latest Year.40% 1. Latest edition. The Basis for Business 2. S. Classification of Cost.Usry. Product Flow. Aziz Publishers Urdu Bazar Lahore. Ohio. Standard Costing: Computing an d Recording Materials quantity and Price Variances. Nasiruddin. & Hamer Cost Accounting. Ralph S. 2. Polimeni. 1981. Meig s & Johnson Accounting: Decision. latest edition. RECOMMENDED BOOKS: 1. Matz. Cashin.

Transfer of property.COM.PART-II PAPER-V: BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL LAW BUSINESS LAW. Dissolution of P artnership. Registration and effect of non-registration of the firm. Bailment and Pledge. present ment. price.B. Negotiation. Discharge from liability. A brief introduction of endorsement. void ag reements. Quasi contracts. II THE SALE OF GOODS ACT Define goods and its classification. V. Cros sing – object and kinds. contingent of the contract. Rights and duties of Partner( s) implied authority of a partner. Essentials of a valid contract. Delivery and its rules. Transfer of title. LAW OF CONTRACT Introduction and definition of contract. Bill of Exchange and cheque. In demnity and Guarantee. Distinction between sale and agreement to s ell. Auction sale. THE NEG OTIABLE INSTRUMENTS ACT Introduction. III. meaning. Agency. THE PAR TNERSHIP ACT Definition of partnership & Determination at will. Discharge of contract. position of a Minor Partner. conditions and warranties. SECURITIES 40 . Acceptance and Dishonor. requirements characteristics of negotiable instruments. D efinition and Distinction of Promissory notes. unpaid seller and his rights.70 MARKS I. IV.

Essentials of a Common Carrier. Rights. Restricted Liability of Railway Carriage as common carriage and by Sea. CARRIAGE OF GO ODS. VI. 41 . Common Carrier. and Duties of a common C arrier.A brief Introduction of Mortgages. changes and Hypothecation.

Luqman Baig. (Pvt ) Ltd.. certifying surgeon and inspector. provisio ns relating to Health. Relevant Acts and O rdinances (Latest Ed. Latest Edition. Shukla. unfa ir labour practices. hours of work and holidays.) I. Khawaja Amjad Saeed. (Latest Ed. when Employer is not liable to pay compensation. Govt. Bu siness Law. special p rovisions regarding employment of women and children/Adolescent. 42 . Lahore.) Khalid Mahmud Cheema.30 MARKS I. Lahore. A Manual of Mercantile Law. safety and welfare. Trade union and its registration. method of settlement of Industrial disputes labour courts. REFERENC E BOOKS: Chaudhry A.) M. Mercantile Law of Pakistan Account ancy& Taxation Services Institute. Karachi 1995 . of Pakistan. Syed Mobin Mahmud Co. Employer’s liability. INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS ORDINANCE Definitions. Karachi. Pakistan Publishing House.INDUSTRIAL LAW. their powers and duties. collective Bargaining agent. strike and lockout. III. THE FACTORIES ACT Definitions. Business Law. 11th revised edition S. (Latest Ed. Hashmi. A manual of Mercantile Law. Mercantile Law in Pakistan.R. Ghazanfar Academy Pakistan.C . Chand and Co. WORKMEN’S COMPENSATION ACT Meaning of the terms Accident and arising out of and in the course of Disablemen t. 1989. II. G.

1999. Union Book Stall. & Rafiq Ahmed. 2. Khawaja Amjad Saeed.R.W.Razzaqui Commerce Publications Business and Industrial Law Academic RECOMMENDED BOOKS: 1. 1968. A manual of Mercantile Law including Industrial Law. 43 .A. Institute of Business Management. Karachi. Mercantile and Industrial Law of Paki stan Lahore. Hashmi I.

Auditor’s interest in internal control.Annual or Final audit. Effects of wrong ca lculation of profit. Appointment. objects of an aud it. Interim audit. Balance sheet audit.COM. Partial audit. Audit technique . Types of audit according to organization structure:. Qualities of an auditor. advantages of audit program. Management a udit. Origin of auditing definition of auditing. purposes of working papers. Internal audit. VII. IX. Audit techniques and related audit evidence. Types of e vidence. Divisible profit. III. from practical point of view:. PART-II OPTIONAL (A) PAPER-VI:AUDITING AND INCOME TAX LAW PAPER VI “A” Sectio n A AUDITING MARKS 60 I. VI. privat e audit. Audit working papers. Scope of audit. Audit s tandards and procedures. IV. rights. Characteristics of good wo rking papers. Audit and investigation. 44 . VIII. Ownership of working papers. Internal control Features of effective internal cont rol. duties and liabilities of auditor. V.B. limitations of aud it. Commencement of audit. II. Evidence in auditing. difficulties in the collection of audit evidence. Government audit. Types of audit technique. Audit Program.statutory audit.

Clean and Qualified audit report. Auditor’s report. Computation of total / taxable income and tax payable of an individual sa laried person income. B. 3. Meigs Richard D.R.(latest year) 45 . Bigg:Practical auditing (Publishers) Ltd. K. 2.W.Khwaja Ajmal Income Tax Law . New Y ork. Homewood Illinois. Mautz: Fundamentals of auditing.Walter. John Larson RECOMMENDED BOOKS SECTION “B” 1. Meigs. Irwin Inc. SECTION “B” INCOME TAX LAW 40 MARKS Introduction.with practical Saeed pr oblems Accountancy and Taxation Services Institute P.O.Box 1164 (Latest – Edition) . John Willey and sons Inc. self assessment scheme.E. Principle of auditing And Robert f. RECOMMENDED BOOKS SECTION “A” 1.Walter.Luqman Baig:Income Tax Law Ghazanfer Academ y. London. Pakistan (Lates t – Edition). (latest year) 2. including rental income from propert y.X. Income Tax authorities. income ex empt fro m tax.

High-level. ROM. E-mail. RAM. compiler. 2 . Operating System. Desk top and Lap-top Computers. Utility programme. Number System. Programmin g languages. FAX. OFFICE AUTOMATION APPLICATIONS: Word Processing Spread Sheet. Interpreter and assembler. Objec t-oriented and data base query languages. INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER AND DATA PROCESSING: Digital and Analog Com puters. A pplication software packages. Network topologies. Communication channels. procedural & non-procedural languages. Special-purpose memories . Modulation / Demodula tion. Input/Output. Voice-m ail. COMPUTER BASED INFORMATION 46 . PART .II Optional (b) PAPER –VI: INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER APPLICATION IN BUSINESS 1. 4. INTRODUCTION TO DATA PROCESSING: Definition.B. Computer Word. Clock-seed. An alog and digital transmission. Devices & media. 5. COMPUTER SOFTWARE : System and Application Software. low-level. ASCII and EDCDIC Codes. Desk-top publishing internet etc. 3. COM. modes of data transmission. COMPUTER HARDWARE: Central Processing Unit.

Raymond Mcleod Jr. MIS. Irwin 47 . BOOKS RECOMMENDED: 1. Robert A. 3. 2. Szymanski.SYSTEMS. 6th Ed. (Prentice Hall I nternational Editions Computer and Information System. Decision Support System (DSS). Accounting Information System. 1995. Richard D. Introduction to Compu ter & Information System Management Information System. Expo rt System (ES).

Product Plan ning and Development: The meaning of Product and Classification. Transportation means merits and demerits. 4. Retailing: nature. Direct selling and Personal selling.B. Selecting the channels. importance. PART – II (Optional (c) PAPER – VI: PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING 1. new Product Pla nning product life cycle. marketing functions. Branding Labeling and Packaging decisions . concept and evolution of market ing. Pricing approaches. Pub licity 48 . The Promotion: Nature a nd purpose of promotion. Pricing stra tegy. 6. Environment and Information System: Micro and Macro roles: Responding to the marketing environment. Market segmentation and market Targeting. Steps in developing effective communication for marketi ng. 3 . Buyer decision process. 8. 5. Trends in wholesaling. Advertising. Marketing: Na ture and scope. Product mix. Importance of storage. 7. Marketing information system and research process. COM. Study of Consumer Behavior: Characteristics affecting consumer behavior. 2. types and importance of retailing. Sales promotion tools. Target Marketing: Measuring current market demand and fore casting future demand. Wholesaling: Types of wholesalers. Channels of Distributions: Nature and types of Middlemen and Distributi on channels. Pricing: Factors affecting price decision.

Staton.and Public relation concepts. Kotler. value and quality. 1994. Joel R and Berman Barry . Marketing Management: meaning and nature: Building customer relationsh ip through satisfaction. marketing strategies fo r service firms. New York Walker Brach McGraw Hill. 2. 6th edition New Yor k. (latest year) 49 . Marketing 4th Ed. McGraw Hill. Stanton. Brief plan for Advertising and Personal selling pr ocess. 9. USA. RECOMMENDED BOOK: 1. Philip & Amstrong. Walker. New York Mc-Millan 1990 Marketing. Etze. Evaluating marketing performance. (9th Ed. Principles of Marketing 6th Ed. Prentice Hall . 10 . 3. London. Services Marketing: Nature and importance of services. Evans. 1994 REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. William J and Walker Brach Fundam entals of Marketing.

7. Government Insurance and Relative Position of Private Insurance. 5. Bloyds. 4. 3. A. Conditions Warranties. Insurance Principles and Practices. 8. 6. PART – II (Optional (d) PAPER – VI: PRINCIPLES OF INSURANCE 2. Ins urance Contract/Policy. Uses of Insurance. Pakistan Insurance Act 1993 as amended to date. Types and Organization including mutual reciprocals. Riegel. Risk. (Prentice Ha ll) (latest year) Elements of Insurance (latest year) 3. Association. Fundamentals. 50 . Government regulation for insuran ce industry. Principles of Insurance. and William S. its tre atment. R. COM. RECOMMENDED BOOKS: 1. Stock companies.B. Chartered Insurance Institute London. 2. Miller D.

PART – II (Optional (e) PAPER – VI: BANKING AND FINANCE BANKING: Definitions and kinds of Bank. COM. FINANCE: Definition. Saving and Fixed accounts credit instruments. overdraft. rationale of curre nt Saving and investment accounts. mortgage. their characterist ics. prohibition of Riba. sources of business funds creditor’s funds and owner’s funds. BANK LOA NS ADVANCES: Loans. Distinction between Islamic and international based Banks.B. CENTRAL BANKING: Nature objects and functions of a central Bank. Loans at call and short notice Letter of credit. T he constitutions and functions of STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN as Government Banking A gent and Controller of Credit. Importance and functions of a commercial Bank. principles of lending. cash credit. ICP. sources of Fu nds. discounting of Bills. Short. NIT. Features of current. Intermediate and Long term finance and specialized financial institutions (PICIC. ISLAMIC MODES OF FI NANCING: 51 . advantages and disadvantages. kind and importance of Finan ce. ISLAMIC BANK ING: Nature of Riba. usury and interest. ADBP).

WORKING CAPITAL: Definition. Roger LeRoy Miller 7. factors governing the working capital and sources of working capital. Money Bankin g and Credit. trade Finance. Mu daraba and Rent Sharing. Mc-Graw Hill 16th Ed. Bal Salam. Shahid Siddiqui 5.Consumer finance: Qarz-e-Hasna. 3. Masharika. 6th edition Royal Book Co. Samuelson P. Karachi 1994. kinds. RECOMMENDED BOOKS : 1. Musharika. Royal Boo k. King 52 2.1985 Money and Banking in Islam. An Introduction to Banking and Finance. Leasing. Hire purchases. Saeed Nasir 4. Purchase of Tr ade Bills. N. (latest year) Islamic Banking. Imtiaz Publishers Lahore. 1998 Economics.Y.A. 6. Karachi. 1998. importance. International Centre for Research in Islamic Economics. Vanho ose Graw Hill. Ghanzafar Academy Karac hi year 2004. Modern Money and Banking 3rd Ed. investment Finance. (Relevant Part) Mc David D. Siddiqi. Khurshid H. Israr H. Ziauddin Ahmed . Markup. Siddiqi Practice and Law of Banking in Pakistan.

U. 53 . 1983. Najatullah Siddiqi Issues in Islamic Banking. The Islamic Foundation London Road Leicester. Jeddah.Abdul Aziz University. Bankin g and Finance. K-Be Book Bank Karachi.2004 9. Muhammad Amin Khalid. M. (latest year) 8.K.

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