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IM134002/2 ROBERTET France

Product name :WOMENHOOD K/46812 G 100 30083 – Reckitt Benckiser

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Indice 6 22/07/2004 Applying Directives 2001/58/CE - 2001/59/CE - 2001/60/CE - 1999/45/CE

1- Supplier and product identification
Product name: WOMENHOOD K/46812 G 100 30083 Product code: Supplier: ROBERTET Address: BP 52100 F-06131 GRASSE CEDEX Telephone NR : (33) 4 93 40 33 66

2- Composition / Information on ingredients
Blend of natural and synthetic aromatic raw materials. Contains:
2-METHYL NAPHTHYL KETONE GERANIOL CITRONELLOL TRIPRAL / TRIPLAL METHYL IONONE (OTHER ISOMERS) CITRAL ETHYLENE BRASSYLATE ALPHA ISO METHYL IONONE ISOAMYL SALICYLATE HYDROCARBONS OTNE (ISO E SUPER) BENZYL SALICYLATE LILIAL HEXYLCINNAMIC ALDEHYD %: < 1% < 1% < 1% < 1% < 1% < 1% < 1% < 1% > 1% < 5% 1,88% > 1% < 5% > 1% < 5% > 5% < 10% > 10% < 20% CAS NR: 93-08-3 106-24-1 106-22-9 68039-49-6 1335-46-2 5392-40-5 105-95-3 127-51-5 87-20-7 54464-57-2 118-58-1 80-54-6 101-86-0 EINECS NR: 202-216-2 203-377-1 203-375-0 268-264-1 215-635-0 226-394-6 203-347-8 204-846-3 201-730-4 259-174-3 204-262-9 201-289-8 202-983-3 R-PHRASES N R51R53 XI R43R38 XI R43R38 N R51R53 XI R36R38R43 R52R53 N R51R53 605-019-00-3 XI R38R43 N R51R53 R52R53 N R51R53 XN R65 N R51R53 XI R43 N R51R53 XN R43R22 XI R43 Annexe 1

3- Hazard identification (concentrate only)
XI Irritant R43 May cause sensitisation by skin contact. R52/53 Harmful to aquatic organisms,may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.

4- First Aid Measures
SKIN CONTACT: Remove contaminated clothing. Wash skin with plenty of water. In case of irritation consult a physician. CONTACT WITH EYES: Irrigate copiously with water for at least ten minutes. Consult a physician. INGESTION: Rinse mouth with water and consult a physician immediately.

5- Fire Fighting Measures
RECOMMENDED EXTINGUISHING MEDIA : Carbon dioxide or dry powder extinguishers. USABLE: Foam or Halon extinguishers NOT RECOMMENDED: Direct water jet or water mist.

6- Accidental Release Procedures
INDIVIDUAL PRECAUTIONS: Avoid contact with the spillage. Remove ignition sources ENVIRONMENT: Keep away from drains, surface and ground water and soil. CLEAN UP AND DISPOSAL: Soak the spillage with absorbent material (Kieselguhr or sand) and store safely prior to disposal in accordance with local regulations.

.. Avoid contact of the product with the skin... Never allow contact with strong oxidising agents...........Ecological Information R52/53 Harmful to aquatic organisms.. 1...4950 10.. USED CONTAINERS : Return to a specialist recovering organisation...... See (7) for protection equipment.0..g......... in a cool place. protected from air and light... PVC) and unprotected metals......003 Flash point : .IM134002/2 ROBERTET France Product name :WOMENHOOD K/46812 G 100 30083 – Reckitt Benckiser Page 2 sur 3 7.. Do not expose vapours to a flame or any other ignition source..... Non applicable 9. Storage: Store at cool temperature ( < 18°C ). WGK 2 13.4850...Characteristic Colour: ..Toxicological Information (concentrate only) Acute toxicity: Not Documented Local effects : Not documented 12.. 11.Handling and storage HANDLING: Avoid contact with the skin.... ...... Do not ingest the product.Colourless to pale yellow Density 20/20°C: . 8......Stability and reactivity..............Disposal Considerations PRODUCT : Dispose of all waste in accordance with local regulations.983.. Avoid prolonged contact with certain plastic materials (e.Regulatory information (concentrate only) XI Irritant R43 May cause sensitisation by skin contact. eye protection and suitable resistant gloves.87 °C Refractive I n(20d)*. avoiding extremes of temperature. STORAGE: Store the product in well closed original containers. Shelf life indicated applies to product stored in a well filled container in a cool dark place. GENERAL PRECAUTIONS: Do not smoke in the area where the product is stored and used. See (7) above.Physical and chemical properties Physical state .may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.. Shelf-life : 12 months.. 14. 1...may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.Liquid Odour : .. DANGEROUS REACTIONS POSSIBLE with strong oxidising agents. Wear protective clothing.1....... Do not allow contact with oxidising agents unless the product is specifically designed for this use...... Maintain adequate ventilation in the area where the product is handled and stored. S24 Avoid contact with skin S37 Wear suitable gloves R52/53 Harmful to aquatic organisms.Transport information Not regulated product 15.Exposure controls/Personal protection Do not inhale hot vapours... Do not heat with a naked flame....

It does not constitute a specification.Other Information The physical and chemical information given here is typical of the product. User's attention is drawn to the potential risks resulting from using the product for applications different from the ones intended. He has the sole responsibility for the final use of this product. and abiding by.15 July 7/2006 . Date of last modification : 22/07/2004 Points modified POINTS 2 .IM134002/2 ROBERTET France Product name :WOMENHOOD K/46812 G 100 30083 – Reckitt Benckiser Page 3 sur 3 16. the Directives regulating his own activity. The information is based on our knowledge of the product on the indicated date and is given in good faith. This document does not absolve the user from knowing.

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