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Modular Command Post System (MCPS)

The MCPS provides a mechanical, electrical,

video and communication framework for mobile,
modular, and extensible command and control
missions. The design flexibility accommodates
small units as well as hundreds of people in
large command applications.

MCPS configuration flexibility M odular Command Post
Systems are comprised
of hardware and software
Built-in power, video, and
network cables increase
readiness and reduce
satisfies a wide variety of
implementations including: components that can be time for setup and rapid
assembled to create a family movement to new locations.
■ Military command and
of systems that meet a wide
control applications The infrastructure can
range of military and civilian
■ Border Patrol and US accommodate user-
Customs command centers provided computers and
■ Mobile police command A framework structure applications and also
posts adapts to handle small units provide a means to integrate
or hundreds of users and is diverse applications using Installed in a tent.
■ Mobile air traffic control
easily packed, transported, and our Tactical Component
assembled without need for Network (TCN), Multi Source Correlator Tracker (MSCT),
■ Security monitoring for
special tools. Tactical Display Framework (TDF) and Exercise Scenario
large events
Planning Real Time Integrated Toolkit (ESPRIT).
■ Civil-Military Operations The framework structure
Centers (CMOC) is composed of a variety of
■ Consequence management standard truss structures made
center of 2 inch aircraft aluminum.
■ Chemical-Biological Incident
The truss members lock
Response Force (CBIRF) together without tools to
operations center create mounting fixtures for
horizontal and vertical work
■ Homeland defense
applications surfaces, video display panels,
video projectors, lighting,
speakers, weapon storage,
MOP gear, and other personal Installed in an existing structure - the Army’s 101st
equipment. Airborne Division utilizing the MCPS inside what was
one of Saddam Hussein’s many presidential palaces.
Modular Command Post System (MCPS)

Cable Management SmartTable Concept

The MCPS employs a standard built-in cable plant for networks SmartTables are the
and power. This capability can be customized for specific building blocks of
applications. Power distribution can connect directly to mobile the MCPS extensible
power equipment or be isolated by Uninterruptible Power architecture with the
Systems (UPS). following features:
Unique CAT-5 cabling and video switch configurations are used • A compact and
for video distribution. Video source and destination switching can portable design.
be controlled using on-screen, graphic-based controls using Java • Molded polypropylene
plug-in technology. surfaces that are
weather, impact, and
Video can also be distributed via the built-in networks using scratch resistant.
video compression techniques. • Powder coated, steel reinforced frame
SmartTable technology provides portable, folded tables with (72” W x 30” D x 29” H).
built-in cable and network components, to be “ganged together” • Steel 1.125” diameter legs that support up
in a variety of configurations to be tailored to specific needs. to 200 lbs.
Power and two networks are standard with clip-on video, audio, • Integrated handles for carrying ease
and digital voice terminal distribution systems available. (folded size 30” x 36” x 6.75”). Easy to
stock and pack.
• Folds in half into a 3-foot section for
efficient transportation and storage.
Use of laptop computers are ideal for size, weight and portability • Weight with integrated components is
requirements. Virtually all types of laptops can be accommodated. less than 50 lbs.

Rack-mounted “Blade Workstation” technology with single or

dual flat-panel monitors enhances portability and reduces set-up

Use of large flat panel and video projectors is supported by the

framework and cable distribution system. Custom or Standard Configurations

Support processors, video and communications systems are Our General Services Administration (GSA)
packaged and tailored for each application and integrated Schedule GS-35F-0069L which can be accessed
with the built-in cable plant. at, provides for three standard
configurations of MCPS, two SmartTable options,
add-in hardware options, as well as maintenance and
installation services.

Custom configurations can be designed to meet

customer requirements.

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