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An idea has the potential to change the life of millions.

But an idea, besides needing the technical know how, also needs the skills to ha
ndle the complex real life situations. The technical knowledge can tell where to
enter but not how to handle intricate issues? I have always dreamed about imple
menting ideas to real life.
An urge to be an entrepreneur, to successfully marry science with a commercial e
nterprise, which can also benefit the mankind, has always been a fascinating tho
ught. I want to make this dream into a passion, a reality that can be a success.
An inclination towards managing things and organizing events, groups such as fo
unding of entrepreneurship club in the college further convinced me that I shoul
d go in this field. A brief stint with a firm to inculcate the subtlety of busin
ess and then standing on my own is what I envision for myself.
An MBA from FMS can help me in learning the nuances of management, besides learn
ing various courses, which can t be covered in a technical college. FMS has the ad
vantage of having a relatively small but cohesive group. It also has a vibrant a
nd active student alumni network. It has the perfect setting for incubation of a
n idea.
Ability to appreciate problems and take decisions needs as much a sound knowledg
e base as confidence to deal with them. I aspire to become a part of strategic m
anagement, where my primary role is to take crucial decisions that would shape t
he future course of the firm. I want to inculcate within me all the qualities th
at are prerequisite for such an aim. I have a firm belief that these qualities c
ould be learnt and mastered with proper training and guidance.
I seek admission to your institute as I believe that my zeal if pursued in the p
roper atmosphere like that of yours will definitely bring out the best I have to
FMS encourages its students to take up positions of responsibility and leadershi
p right from the day they join the institute. The institute is known to reward i
nitiative, novelty and thinking outside the box. I am confident of contributing
meaningfully to the program offered at your institute. It is with this in mind I
am looking forward for an experience that could shape my life.
Education is the most important lesson taught to me an education that stresses m
ost on values. Having been brought up in a family of modest ability, education w
as given utmost importance. My father is a social-worker and mother a doctor; bo
th my grand parents were freedom fighters and as a result, a sense of social res
ponsibility was forever cultivated within me.
Studying at a school that was sans the frills that most schools have to offer to
day, I made friends who came from various walks of life. Many of my schoolmates
happened to come from families that had to struggle to make ends meet. In such a
situation, I have seen friends who had to struggle to work and fund their own s
chooling. In this fight for survival, I saw many of my friends, who were as tale
nted and deserving as anyone, straying away from being able to obtain an educati
on of their choice. Most often, they were led into making a choice due to lack o
f information and mostly due to inadequate financial backing. This has always ma
de me ponder if education too, is a commodity which is out of reach to those who
cannot afford the price tag attached to it. I hope to challenge myself and cont
ribute to solving this question that has riddled me for long.