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Shakti Sadhana Org: : Khadgamala Devi Series. Varahi

Varahi Devi

There are eight devatas guarding the

second layer of the outerenclosure wall
(the Ninth Enclosure), which is colored
as the red of the rising sun. They are
the famous Seven Mothers
(Saptamatrka),plus one added –

The fourth the Eight Mothers (and the

14th of the Khadgamala Devis)is
VARAHI, the boar-headed form of Devi.
For further information on this
fascinating devi, see our homepage
presentation of Varahi Devi

Or the excellent discussion on the Shiva

Shakti Mandalam page.

In the scheme of the Khadgamala, each

of the Eight Mothersrepresent a human
passion that must be overcome and
controlledbefore we can enter further
into Sri Chakra. We worship each
passionas an aspect of Devi, then
internalize it; and when we
internalizeeach deity, we *become*
Her, so that She is not separate from
us. Inthat way, we "conquer" each
passion, just as – in the first enclosure
wall – we conquered each siddhi.

The entire stotram is

self-contained,along with a FAQ that
answers most common questions about

VARAHI here represents Her subtle

aspect is PRIDE.

VARAHI's mantra is:

aim hrim shrim VArAhi matru devi shrI

pAdukAM poojayaami

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Shakti Sadhana Org: : Khadgamala Devi Series. Varahi

Location of Varahi: Continuing to circumambulate clockwise around the second layer of the wall
of the First Enclosure, turn the corner and VARAHI sits at the next corner ahead of you (looking
at a flat yantra facing East, the would be the lower left hand or NW corner) [ No 5, Red ]. Into
VARAHI, the ten Siddhis are absorbed, along with Maheshwari, Kaumari and Vaishnavi. And so it
shall continue till we reach Mahaalakshmi – at which point, Mahaalakshmi will include all of the
Siddhis and the Seven Mothers.

We have not exhausted all there is to say about VARAHI, of course. But this is enough for
purposes of the Khadgamala. We are not writing full essays on all the aspects and all the
mantras of VARAHI. But again, please note that the beauty of the Khadgamala Stotram is that
NOTHING is required for its recitation except for your time, attention and concentration: You
need simply sit and recite the Stotram. The mantra given just above is not part of the stotram;
it is offered merely for informational purposes.

[With sincere thanks and appreciation to Sri Amritananda Natha and Sri Bhasurananda Natha,
who kindly provided detailed and substantive content for this commentary.]

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