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Banana, ceral - b6

inositol - vegimate
protein - chicken, tuna
It is given to patients taking Isoniazid to combat the toxic side effects of the

Dear hassan,… Wash your hair twice a week. Don't

apply conditioner or oil to your scalp if your scalp is oily. Condition just hair
strands once a week. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo once a week and a regular shampoo
once a week. Try Selsun shampoo for dandruff.

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Response from: monika Sircar,

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Hello Hassan Raza,

To control hair loss try this home-made hair growth and anti-dandruff pack: 6 tsp
Feenugreek seed paste (soak the methi seeds overnight and grind them into a fine
paste) 4 tsp green gram flour (sabut moongdal powder) 3 tsp curry patta paste 2 tsp
freash lemon juice 2 tsp amla powder 2 tsp shikakai powder

Mix all the ingredients and grind them finely.Store the mixture.use it as a hair
pack.Leave it on for 15 min. and wash it off.This paste prevents hair fall and
dandruff.I personally use it and you can see the results in 4-5 weeks.Use this pack
twice a week.Methi is very good for hairs and it ensures hair regrowth.Amla helps
the balance the acid mantle of the scalp.Most of the time it's seen that people who
work out a lot lose hairs because of sweating.Amla helps the maintain that acid
balance. If possible do some yoga exercises.This hair pack along with some yoga
asanas like sirshasana and sarvang asana helps to stop hair fall immedietly.You can
get results quickly.And also wash your hair with little bit cold water.never comb
wet hairs.Oil your hairs atleast once a can prepare some hair oil at home
for your hair problem.

1 bowl Basil leaves 1 bowl crushed amla 1 tsp Haritaki paste 1 tsp Mulethi paste
500 ml coconut oil

Boil all the above in coconut oil till water evporates and all ingredients are
crisp.Then filter it and store it.Cool it and apply on to ur scalp 1 hr before
bath.It's an ayuvedic preparation and anybody can use it.Help to stop hair loss and
ensures hair regrowth. all the very best.

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Response from: revathy k,

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Dear hassan,

Here are few home remedies that can help you to arrest hair fall:

Massage hair with warm olive oil.Stimulate circulation by massaging your head.Let
it soak.Cover your head with a hot towel and wash hair after an hour or so.
Brush your hair every night to improve blood circulation. Never brush wet hair and
stay away from blow drying,harsh combing.

Keep yourself stress free.Hair loss can happen because of stress too. Eat foods
that are rich in vitamin B, C and E. Include carrots,amla,onions,garlic,wheat
germ,yeast in your daily diet.

For thickening of hair try this home remedy: Boil a few hibiscus flowers in coconut
oil.Filter and use it. Wash your hair with mild shampoos.Prefer herbal shampoos or
shikakai,amla etc.

Combine coconut milk with lemon juice proportionately and apply to your hair.Leave
it for half an hour and wash it.

Try these remedies for a month and if you find no improvement consult a physician.
Hairfall can also be due to some internal diseases or anameia etc. If no home
remedy works then better seek medical help at right time. Good luck!!!

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Response from: Swapna S,

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u can try applying mehendi to your hair.if you are not so patient try the following
treatment:1 egg beaten,hair conditioner.blend it well and apply to hair roots
evenly.leave it until it dries and wash it off. however consult a doctor before you
start with any treatment.

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Response from: sindhu pournami,

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aplly henna weekly once.if possible apply hibiscus containing oil daily to make
head cool.

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Response from: shalini B,

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Hi, Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily and have a high protien diet withplenty of
fruits, vegetables and diary products. Mustard oil boiled with henna leaves is
usefull for healthy growth of hair. take amla(100gm) shikakai(100gm)
brahmibooti(10gm) shilajit(1/2gm) anaarchilka(20gm) bhringraj(10gm) soak them
overnight in an iron utensil.Blend and make a paste.Apply well into scalp. Keep it
for 1-2 hrs and rinse it with warm water. Mix castor oil ,almond oil, badam
oil,vitamon-e oil and coconut oil in equal proportion massage on scalp and allow it

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Response from: Jyothy Palat,

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I can give you two suggestions for this.

Make some changes in your diet. Like have more and more food containing vitamin A
and iron. Greenleafy vegetables have more vitamin A esp Spinach. Intake more sea
fish. But this will take some time. But diet is very important for healthy hair.

Increase in the intensity of chlorine in water can cause hair damage and loss of
hair. In case you are able to wash your hair only in this water, store water in a
bucket and use it to wash your hair the next day. The intensity of chlorine
isreduced then.

Apply "Kunthalakanthi coconut oil" on your scalp and keep it for min one hour and
wash off with chickpea or greengram powder paste. have one tablespoon of
"chavanaprasham" daily after breakfast and after dinner. Both "Kunthalakanthi oil"
and chavanapravishyam are ayurvedic and so it is easily available in any ayurvedic
medical shop. Avoid using shampoo or soap on your hair. Thsi will damage your hair.
Chick pea and greean gram can always be used to wash your hair thought it is little
difficult to wash it off. ButThere are no side effects for these. More over it
retains the adequate amount of oil on your hair. Shampoos wash off all theoil on
your hair.

Massage you scalp nicely. this will improve the blood circulation and will promote
hair growth. When you do this you mail initialy see lots of hair comming out. but
don't panic. You will see only those hair comming out. You are not seeing the hair
growing. so don't stop massaging your scalp. Blood circulation is very important
for hair growth. I hope these suggestion would help you.


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Response from: ambreen AZHAR,

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apply castor oil wram on ur hair at night and wash of next morning,,drink lots f protein enriched diet,,,,apply whole egg once a week

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Response from: P.Jyothi ,

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hello, Apply warm castor oil to the roots of the hair by rubbing it little on the
scalp.And then apply ordinary or any other oil. leave it overnight and wash your
hair next morning with it evry week.Eat curry leaves or its powdered
form which make hair black and strong.check out for dandruff ans this can cause
also hair loss.if its ther then rub lime to the scalp or henna with curd and
lime.THis removes dirt and keep scalp clean from dandruff which can also make your
hair strong enough nto causing it to lose.