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salient (adj.) SAY•lee•uhnt Definition: 1. Obvious 2. Noticeable 3. Attention-getting Example: His most salient personality trait was his confidence. innovate (v.) IN•no•vayt Definition: To introduce new ideas or methods Example: Companies always look to innovate new products. entice (v.) en•TAHYS Definition: to tempt towards some action or object Example: Nadia can entice men with her beautiful looks. dilemma (n.) dih•LEM•ah Definition: A situation that requires one to make a choice between two seemingly difficult scenarios Example: The dilemma of choosing between the two prizes was stressful for Gina repudiate (v.) re•PYOO•dee•ayt Definition: 1. To reject as untrue, thus questioning the basis or authority of 2. To refuse to recognize as valid Example: The rapper appeared on TV to repudiate the claims that his music caused violence. renovate (v.) REN•uh•veyt Definition: To revive or restore something to an improved state of repair Example: They wanted to renovate the house as soon as they moved in. precipitate (v.) pri•SIP•i•tayt Definition: 1. To bring about suddenly and hastily 2. To happen unexpectedly Example: The prime minister precipitated a panic when he warned of a deadly disease spreading through some cities. submerge (v.) suhb•MURJ Definition: 1. To cause to be underwater 2. Immerse Example: An old freighter boat named the Kiowa is submerged in the Boston Harbor and provides an interesting destination for scuba divers.

) pri•ZOOM Definition: to assume without proof or justification Example: Do not presume the game is over before time runs out. concur (v.) VUR•choo•uhl Definition: existing in essence but not in actual form Example: Computer games offer a virtual reality. vigilance (n.) kon•CUR Definition: To agree with Example: I concur with you on the problem. virtual (adj. Janet tried to shirk cleaning the dishes by going straight to bed.) STRIN•juhnt Definition: 1. Diligent attention to rules 2.) BRUHSK Definition: Rough or discourteously blunt Example: Stuart's unexpectedly brusque response made Kristin cry. Keeping a careful eye out for danger 2. simulate (v.) SIM•yuh•leyt Definition: To imitate or reproduce something Example: I want to simulate the behavior of the cougar at night so that I can scare my campers in the . Watchfulness Example: The lookout is expected to use vigilance at all times.) shurk Definition: to avoid or evade ones responsibility Example: After dinner. presume (v. downright (adj. Strict Example: Increasingly stringent regulations govern the disposal of highly confidential medical files. but disagree with your solution. shirk (v.brusque (adj.) DOUN•rahyt Definition: of absolute condition or quality Example: The critical attacks against the actor were downright mean.) VIJ•il•ans Definition: 1. stringent (adj.

but this caricature makes it seem like it's larger than my face. expostulate (v.) GRAF•ik Definition: very clear and detailed Example: The movie contains graphic violence and is not suitable for younger audiences. fluctuate (v. Superiority Example: Jamie's excellence in mathematics won him a substantial scholarship. making her hard to be around.) CAH•ri•ka•chur Definition: An image designed to exaggerate its subject's peculiar features or traits Example: I know I have a big nose. equitable (adj. amorphous (adj.woods. Having no defined shape 2.) ik•SPOS•chuh•leyt Definition: to object or argue with someone Example: The television show brings experts together to expostulate current issues facing the world. The quality of excelling 2. contingent (adj.) FLUK•shoo•yet Definition: To rise and fall or move back and forth erratically Example: Her moods fluctuated often. Lacking structure Example: Jake thought the cloud looked like a cat. graphic (adj.) ay•MOR•fuhs Definition: 1.) EX•pi•ate Definition: To make amends Example: After leaving his daughter.) con•TIN•jent Definition: To be dependent upon something Example: .) EK•wi•tuh•buhl Definition: fair and reasonable Example: The bank will offer an equitable loan rate to anyone with good credit. expiate (v. he wanted to expiate his guilt by giving her his lottery winnings.) EK•suh•luhns Definition: 1. but I thought it was amorphous caricature (n. excellence (n.

) pruh•PEN•si•tee Definition: a tendency towards something Example: The young child has a propensity to fall asleep during car rides.) FLUS•tur Definition: 1. fluster (v. transcribe (v. propensity (n. To agitate or anger 2. .My allowance was contingent upon my completion of the chores.) tran•SKRYB Definition: To write out a copy of Example: Please transcribe the comments made during the meeting so we can share with the rest of the staff who are not here. To upset Example: Do not fluster your brother while he's driving.

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