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1st Project Meeting
MAKÓ in Hungary

17th – 22nd October 2010

Dear Friends,
Here is a short mosaic as a little taste about Hungary before your travel. (Full screen mode, please.)

1. 17th October – Sunday

Arrival of the partners in Budapest:
The French group: 12.20 Ferihegy
The Italian group: 18.05 Ferihegy
The Polish group: 18.50 Ferihegy 2A
The Irish group: 20.00 Ferihegy 1
Kriszti from France: 22.40 Ferihegy 2A

Lunch and dinner for the groups have already arrived (15€/meal).
Accommodation: Budapest Aero Hotel (49€/single room; 57€/double room, breakfast included)

2. 18th October - Monday

Breakfast in the hotel
8.00 A sightseeing tour by bus in Budapest (
(Full screen mode, please.)
9.30 Going to Szentendre (a typical folk town)
(Full screen mode, please)
Margit Kovács Ceramic Museum
Marzipan (a special sweet) Museum and
walk in the town

13.00 Lunch in Régimódi Vendéglõ Restaurant in Szentendre (20€)

14.00 Going to Makó.

17.00 Accommodation: Hotel Autóscsárda (30€/single room; 40€/double
room + 4€/breakfast)
18.00 Dinner in Autóscsárda Restaurant (15€)

3. 19th October – Tuesday

Breakfast in the hotel.
8.00 Start in the central school building – Downtown School building

9.00 Visiting Béla Bartók School building (the music school) - Watching a singing lesson
10.00 Going to Almási School building - Introducing the school building
11.00 Beginning the project work
12.00 Lunch in the school canteen
13.00 Project work
- Planning the working groups and partners (responsible: the coordinators)
- Discussing the digital working methods (responsible: the French and Zsombó: Krisztina)
- Creating the common website page (responsible: the French and Zsombó: Krisztina)
- Wathcing the video messages of the partner classes
17.00 Back to the hotel
17.45 Going to have dinner with a short sightseeing in Makó: 17.45 1st group (7 people)
18.15 2nd group (7 people)
18.45 Dinner in Rocco Restaurant
Accommodation: Autóscsárda Hotel

4. 20th October - Wednesday

Breakfast in the hotel
8.00 Going to Almási School building
8.30 Visiting the classes and introducing the partner class
12.00 Lunch in the school canteen
13.00 Project work:
- deciding about the project meetings
- creating the system of evaluation (responsible: the coordinators)
- deciding about the responsibility of different tasks, that is who will be responsible for a task and
check its realization (responsible: the coordinators)
17.00 Back to the hotel
18.00 Concert of the Béla Bartók Shool choir (Hungarian folk songs) and folk dance
19.30 Dinner in Rocco Restaurant
Accomodation: Autóscsárda Hotel

5. 21st October - Thursday

Breakfast in the hotel
9.00 Going to Szeged (the capital city of Csongrád county)
10.00 Wandering in the centre, sights of Szeged, shopping facility
12.00 Lunch in Sótartó Restaurant (20€)
14.00 Napfényfürdõ Aquapolis Szeged (15€)
Please bring your SWIMSUIT!!!!
19.00 Back to Makó
20.00 Dinner in Autóscsárda Hotel (15€)
Going to bed early!!!
Accommodation: Autóscsárda Hotel

6. 22nd October - Friday

4.30 Back to Budapest and leaving home
The French group: 8.50 Ferihegy The Italian group: 18.55 Ferihegy
The Polish group: 19.40 Ferihegy 2A The Irish group: 21.10 Ferihegy 1