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Living the Vision

from the president
Vision. A friend defines vision as “a point on the horizon toward which an organization strives”; “a not too precise definition of the future”; and “a hoped for future that is never quite achieved.” These are exciting, dynamic and challenging times in higher education. Economic upheaval, demographic changes, technological advancements and governmental intervention are but a few of the significant factors that impact and influence how we define and articulate our vision. Preparing students in and for the 21st century calls us to think, plan and act differently today than we did yesterday. For Concordia to thrive in the future we realize we must • Grow and expand our influence; • Serve new populations of students; • Collaborate with others; • Adapt to an always changing environment; and • Remain faithful to our mission. This issue of the Broadcaster demonstrates how Concordia is living its vision as a Lutheran Christian University. These stories give inspiring examples of students and alumni who are living proof of the impact of our vision. Vision. I am excited about our vision for 2015. But I also realize vision changes. Thus, what most inspires me and is most important to me is our mission: Concordia University, Nebraska is an excellent academic and Christ-centered community equipping men and women for lives of learning, service and leadership in the church and world. Without mission, there is no vision! Through vision, mission is fulfilled. May God continue to bless Concordia and all who teach, serve and learn in this place. May God continue to bless all those sent forth from here as they live lives of faithful witness and service to Him and to others in the church and throughout the world.

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Brian L. Friedrich President and ceo

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Winter 2010
4 Living the Vision
Concordia takes steps to fulfill its vision statement for 2015.

to Serve the Church
Concordia’s Center for Liturgical Arts creates art for praiseful and purposeful worship.

8 Making Art

University Administration
President & ceo Rev. Dr. Brian L. Friedrich Provost Dr. Jenny Mueller-Roebke Associate Provost Dr. Lisa Ashby Vice President for Finance & Operations David Kumm Vice President for Institutional Advancement Peter Kenow Vice President for Enrollment Management, Student Services & Athletics Scott Seevers

10 At Work in Asia
“Expanding influence to diverse populations” isn’t just idle talk—Allan and Sandy Schmidt are living it out through their service, now in Vietnam.

Board of Regents
Dr. Dennis Brink, Lincoln, Neb. Mr. Robert Cooksey, Kirkwood, Mo. Rev. Dr. Brian Friedrich, Seward, Neb. Rev. Keith Grimm, Omaha, Neb. Mr. Barry D. Holst, Kansas City, Mo. Mr. Mike Klintworth, Seward, Neb. Mr. James Knoepfel, Fremont, Neb. Mr. John Kuddes, Leawood, Kan. Mrs. Bonnie Meyer, Palatine, Ill. Mr. Lyle Middendorf, Lincoln, Neb. Mr. Timothy Moll, Seward, Neb. Dr. Frederick A. Ohlde, Hortonville, Wis. Mr. Paul Schudel, Lincoln, Neb. Rev. Russell Sommerfeld, Seward, Neb. Mr. Max Wake, Seward, Neb. Mrs. Jill Wild, Seward, Neb. Rev. Karl Ziegler, Bellevue, Neb.

A Degree, A Calling
Collaboration between Concordia and Omaha Public Schools has given Lisa Clark the opportunity to fulfill her dream of earning her bachelor’s degree and has helped her realize her calling.

12 A Dream,

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Living the vision
Concordia takes steps now to achieve its vision for 2015


a coll


tion ora

By 2015 Concordia University, Nebraska will grow and expand its influence to diverse populations by fostering collaboration and adapting to our changing environment while remaining faithful to our mission of excellent Christian education. Preparing students to live lives of service always has been foundational at Concordia. In its 116 years the university has adapted to meet the challenge of an ever-changing educational environment in a world with ever-changing needs. “We need to revive and rejuvenate our existing programs and create new programs to meet the needs of today’s students,” explains University Provost Dr. Jenny Mueller-Roebke. Guiding Concordia’s efforts to “revive and rejuvenate” is its vision statement. As Concordia looks to prepare the newest generation of learners to serve and lead in a 21st century world, it is taking steps—from installing new computer labs to overhauling curriculum—to enact that vision.

4 feature

Two-hundred and seven new computers were installed in 12 student computer labs on the Seward and Fallbrook campuses. Macintosh computers in the art and music labs provide students the ability to use new and emerging software in their courses. Labs in Thom Educational Leadership Center feature new virtual computers and new furniture. The labs were reconfigured so they could be used as teaching labs for entire classes as well as individual student work areas. The Janzow Campus Center now has new computers, free printing and, because so many students tote around their laptop computers, counter areas specifically designed to make it easier for them to use their own gear. The new virtual computers on campus appear to be normal computer stations, but each features only a keyboard, mouse and screen. The processor (which used to be kept in a case near each station) is now part of Concordia’s internal computing cloud. This type of system saves money through lower equipment costs and less time spent managing the system. Updates can be completed from one server rather than at each individual unit. “This is the trend of computing today, and we are on the front-edge of this technology,” said Potratz.




When students arrived on the campus this fall, they took advantage of several technology upgrades, some obvious and some that, well, it would help to have an electrical engineering degree to detect. All of them, however, were aimed at helping students. “Our technology goals were to provide better services for our students,” explains Kevin Potratz, computing services system analyst and infrastructure support coordinator. “We are student-centered.”


Online offerings

Upgrades in technology also will allow Concordia to develop more online courses. Currently, students can earn certificates in gerontology, worship arts and English language learners online.




“There is an entire population of students we can reach through online delivery,” explains Roebke. In addition, online modes benefit present students by allowing more flexibility in course content and in scheduling. Online courses also create a unique community of learners. Because of their accessibility, these courses appeal to working individuals who are interested in earning a degree and to those who may be interested in taking just one class. These new types of learners join with traditional students in a unique environment. “There are benefits of offering a course which includes the different groups,” says Roebke. “The younger students see the wisdom that comes with the experience of the older students, and the older students have a renewed faith in the future through their interaction with our young people.” Roebke also sees the possibility of serving the church body by providing online workshops to congregations about issues important to parents, couples and the elderly. “We have the knowledge base here to share information in so many areas that would be beneficial to others. We just need to keep working on how to make that happen.” The full faculty was charged with ownership over the process of general education revision, including the definition and explication of learning outcomes. Workshops were held for professional development in the new curricular emphasis areas: writing intensive, service learning, global/multi-cultural awareness, financial literacy, oral communication/presentation skills, information literacy and capstone experiences. “We really studied the research about what students need in the 21st century, especially from employers, and we revised accordingly, ” explained Roebke. Assessment of the new curriculum is ongoing.

Graduate programs

The graduate programs at Concordia have greatly expanded in recent years—300 new students were added in the last year alone. Roebke sees this area as continuing to grow and expand. Master’s degree programs in public health and in human services were recently approved by the Board of Regents.


General education requirements

Overhauling general education curriculum at a university is a difficult and time-consuming process. Now after two years, changes to Concordia’s general education requirements have been implemented. The revisions were guided by research regarding the unique needs of today’s learners.


Church Workers

Roebke hopes to see expansion in programs preparing students for church work. “We need to expand our view of those we serve today while remaining true to our Lutheran Christian roots.”


Options Roebke sees that will help us reach toward the vision of influencing diverse populations include awarding a Christian teacher diploma in addition to a Lutheran teacher diploma and preparing students for Christian youth ministry and service to Christian non-Lutheran congregations.

Worship arts

Concordia demonstrates its commitment to remain faithful to excellent Christian education not only by teaching students but also by serving churches directly. The Center for Liturgical Arts continues to expand and reach congregations across the country. Artists at the Center serve as project consultants to congregations, creating beautiful objects that display God’s work among us and bring Him glory through visual expression in a variety of media. Concordia’s Worship Arts curriculum is being adapted to include the multi-faceted needs of today’s church and the interests of today’s students. New styles of course offerings, including online delivery, will allow traditional students and those currently serving congregations to take advantage of the resources offered.


The paraprofessional to teacher program Concordia currently has in place with Omaha Public Schools (ops) is a model Roebke cites for future programs. Through the collaboration with ops, Concordia professors travel to Omaha to teach classes that will enable ops teaching assistants to earn their bachelor’s degree in education.

Dual credit program

Providing college courses to high school students is another area that continues to expand. The dual credit program offers high school students the opportunity to take Concordia classes at a reduced tuition rate without having to leave their high school campus. The program also lets students get an early start on college studies and provides them with an enhanced educational experience during their time in high school. Dr. Bernard Tonjes, Concordia liaison for the dual credit program, who describes himself “a bit of a zealot” for the program, has helped increase the types of courses offered. Classes in most of the major areas of the general education curriculum are now being offered. Dual credit courses are typically taught by instructors already teaching in participating high schools. Dual credit instructors must meet graduate education requirements and follow Concordia’s syllabus for the class. They also work with a full-time Concordia professor who has experience teaching the course.


New Opportunities for Collaboration

6 feature

Now, more than ever, Concordia is collaborating with other institutions to better serve the needs of today’s students. Just over a year ago, Concordia University, Nebraska partnered with Concordia University Wisconsin to offer a flexible Master of Business Administration degree. Enrollment in the program continues to increase. With that demonstrated success, Roebke sees other possibilities for collaboration. In the science area, she points to the current articulation agreement Concordia has with Valparaiso University’s nursing program and to further collaboration with Concordia Wisconsin in the field of pharmacy. “We have the capacity now to give our students the foundational education they need in health areas. Collaborations would allow them to move to the next level.” With respect to education programs, Concordia is making strides to reach more diverse populations than ever before. “The teacher shortage will happen, and we can meet that urgent need,” said Roebke.




With phase two of the Health, Human Performance and Athletic Center completed, repurposing of the old Physical Education building is ongoing. Roebke also points to the Link Library and Science Hall as areas she believes could be updated to meet emerging student needs. The vision statement has set a clear goal for Concordia. It’s no small challenge, but by adapting to the changing and competitive academic environment, Concordia will fulfill its vision as it continues to equip men and women for lives of learning, service and leadership in the church and world.





photo: Dan Oetting

Making art to serve the church
Anyone who could see and appreciate beauty could be an artist.


8 feature


Word of Life, Lincoln, Neb.

As Concordia’s Center for Liturgical Art (cla) enters its seventh year of operation, it continues to work with architects, liturgical consultants and master artisans in the design of worship space and the creation of ecclesiastical art. It also remains true to its mission to promote the use of visual art in worship, encourage artists to assist church ministry and provide educational outreach programs in the visual arts. Many years before its founding, the cla was the dream of professor emeritus Reinhold Marxhausen and several others. Marxhausen, who came to teach at Concordia 60 years ago, believed in the possibility of finding beauty in everyday objects. He believed anyone who could see and appreciate beauty could be an artist. Today, the cla continues to find motivation in Marxhausen’s approach to art. Marxhausen frequently worked with his colleagues on joint artistic endeavors. Today, almost all cla projects are completed by a team of artists and consultants with different backgrounds, varying aesthetic approaches and diverse talents. Through Concordia’s ecclesiastical art major, students also take part in internships offering real-life experience designing and fabricating art as well as communicating with clients. Todd Meier, a junior art major from Gladstone, Mo., recently completed his internship by designing a mural for Trinity Lutheran Church in Davenport, Iowa. Meier traveled to Davenport and painted the mural on-site with the help of over 100 congregation members. “The reception at Trinity was surprising. I did not expect the kids to be so excited to be involved with the project, but they were,” said Meier. “Some kids came after school to help or brought their parents in. One member, who helped most of Saturday, told me that helping with the mural was exactly what he needed. It was a good experience for everyone.”

Marxhausen believed that anyone could have an artist’s eye, so the cla strives to educate pastors and congregations on the basic components of strong design. These congregations then have the tools to maintain a space that visually encourages praiseful and purposeful worship. Recently, the cla has been working with congregations that are seeking visual changes for church buildings done in the 1950s. Mark Anschutz, managing artist for the cla, teams with emeritus professor William Wolfram to create fresh, contemporary art for these older churches. Both Anschutz and Wolfram utilize modern aesthetics, but frequently work with congregations ranging from conservative taste to progressive style. “Groups of people can be worlds apart visually in the church,” explains Anschutz. Part of the cla’s goal is to bring these divergent views together. The cla’s influence stretches far beyond Lutheran congregations. Brock and Esther Shaw, partners of the cla, spent several months in Panama with the native Kuna Indians. With the Shaw’s help, the Kuna women created over 20,000 bibelots, small, beautiful objects that are used as a conversation starter for Christian witnessing. As these conversations occur, the holder of the bibelot is encouraged to give it away as a reminder of God’s love. Consequently, bibelots move all over the world as they are passed from hand to hand. The cla also sent four students to Panama in January to work with the Shaws repainting a local Kuna church. The students learned about traditional images and styles of Panamanian Christians and incorporated these into the renovations of the church. Anschutz is excited about the cla’s future. “I’m hoping we reach out and share our ecclesiastical art major with other Concordias and other Christian schools. Wouldn’t it be great if we had Methodist, Presbyterian,

Lutheran and other students coming out of this school trained in liturgical art? We could really start a fire visually in the Church.”


St. John’s Lutheran Church, Bakersfield, Calif.

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, Aurora, Neb.

ciss lobby

Concordia International School Shanghai high school building

Concordia International School, Hanoi Hong Kong International School, Tai Tam campus


At work


“Expanding influence to diverse populations” isn’t just idle talk— Allan and Sandy Schmidt are living it out through their service, now in Vietnam.


Since the founding of the first Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (lcms) school in China thirty-three years ago, Christian outreach in Asia has grown greatly through the establishment of two additional lcms schools and the creation of the Asian Lutheran Education Association, a network of over 200 schools across 13 countries. Presently, the lcms is working to open its third international school in Hanoi, Vietnam. More impressively, this school will be the first Lutheran and Christian school in Vietnam. Among those who have labored to advance Lutheran education in Asia are two Concordia University, Nebraska Lifetime Service Award winners: Dr. Allan Schmidt, former Concordia secondary education director, and his wife Sandra, a 1995 graduate. Over the past 15 years, the Schmidts have been hard at work. Schmidt, lcms Asia School Developer, describes the challenge of founding schools in some regions of Asia, “You can’t just go into a country like China or Vietnam and start a school.” Both communist states have strict regulations and arduous approval processes for the establishment of schools. But over the years, the rewards have proven the tough approval process worthwhile. Hong Kong International School (hkis), the first of the three schools, was opened in 1967 in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, China to serve the children

of expatriates in China on prolonged international business. Despite its humble beginnings in a temporary building, the school has grown to a student population of close to 2,700 and has earned international recognition for its excellence. “It is arguably one of the best international schools in Asia,” said Schmidt. Looking to expand Christian education to mainland China in the 1990s, lcms World Mission, the hkis board of directors and a group of international business people started work to establish Concordia International School in Shanghai (ciss). In 1996, while on sabbatical from Concordia University, Nebraska, Schmidt received a call to be Founding Head of School at ciss and accepted. With just 22 students in a temporary building, Schmidt reports that “the first couple years were extremely difficult. As we look back on it we can see all the miracles that took place.” The economy of China at the time was poor, and the school suffered financial problems. However, with Schmidt’s wife, Sandy, as director of admissions, the school grew about 40 percent per year. Currently there are 1,170 students in attendance at ciss and a waiting list for every grade. “What the school is known for is academics,” said Schmidt, “but it is a Christian community.”


10 feature

Roof top terrace at ciss Hong Kong International School Repulse Bay campus
ciss cafeteria

photos courtesy of Allan Schmidt

After retiring from ciss in 2002, the Schmidts were approached by lcms World Mission to track all of the Lutheran schools that had been started in Asia and organize them into one entity. Schmidt, who served as director for the newly established Asia Lutheran Education Association (alea), and his wife worked to connect more than 200 schools across 13 countries. As a part of his service to the alea, Schmidt attended a 2005 conference in Hong Kong focused on furthering Christian education in Asia. Representatives came from many countries, including some from countries that did not yet have any Lutheran schools. One of those countries was Vietnam.

The school has hired Steve Winkelman from Texas to serve as Founding Head of School, and two teachers, one from Indonesia and one from ciss. The goal is to have the school open by August of 2011 with classes ranging from early childhood to 7th grade. Each year the school will add another grade until the school serves students through the 12th grade. There are currently two international schools in Hanoi, but neither is Christian, and they are both full, so the school will be a welcomed addition. “There are too many kids who can’t get in,” according to Schmidt. “The Vietnamese government is looking to get more international corporations to come into Hanoi and for that to happen, they need more schools. “This school is going to be a shining light on a hill academically and spiritually,” said Schmidt. While the school will use American curriculum and promote U.S. universities, it is important to the administration that students understand the traditions and culture of Vietnam as well. “We want to lift up the culture of the country we live in,” Schmidt explained. Vietnamese will be a required second language for all students, and other languages will be offered as students get older. “The mission of the school will be to provide a good academic environment that is whole-child centered,” said Schmidt, “and that encourages young people to be sensitive to the needs of all people and therefore be in service to them.” A challenge that the school in Vietnam faces is finding teachers in the middle of what Schmidt called a worldwide teacher shortage. He is confident, however, that everything will work out. “We are sure He’s going to bless this school.”

This school is going to be a shining light on a hill academically and spiritually.
Rev. Ted Engelbrecht, a former hkis teacher, brought several people from Vietnam with him, and they were “stirred by the possibility of a school in Vietnam,” Schmidt reports. Less than a year later, Schmidt and others had selected Hanoi as their target location and began working on the approval process from the Vietnamese government. After four long years spent earning the approval of 35 separate government offices, the lcms finally received permission to start the school on July 9, 2010.

12 feature


photo: Karen Chittick

A dream, a degree, a calling
As a single mother with a full-time job and a 13-year old son with Asperger’s Syndrome, Lisa Clark is constantly busy. But when she had the opportunity to complete her degree through a collaboration between Omaha Public Schools (OPS) and Concordia, Clark knew she had to find a way to make it happen. “To have the opportunity to finish the 4-year college degree I have always regretted not getting is the biggest blessing,” she said. A South Dakota native, Clark initially went to college to be a dental assistant and worked in the dental field for 10 years and then in the dental insurance industry for over two years. After losing her job, she decided to go back to college. Unsure of which major to declare, she began to take some general studies courses. In 2005, Clark was hired with OPS to be a paraprofessional educator with resource students. She quickly realized teaching was her calling. “My first day at the school I knew I was doing what God made me to do,” shared Clark, “and that’s teach.” Clark believes her profession helps her be a better mother to her special needs son, Gregory, and that being a mother to her special needs son helps her gain greater understanding for her students. The opportunity to be part of the Concordia program came at a trying time in Clark’s life. In May of 2009, Clark took a leave of absence to return to South Dakota and take care of her dying mother. “Just before I left, there was an application for the degree completion program in my mailbox. I think it was divine intervention that I got it.” When Clark received news of acceptance into the program, she was deeply moved. “I cried with joy for the opportunity to finish college and realize my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher.” Now with the added responsibility of being a college student, Clark has to work hard at managing her time. She finds it tough to leave her son for five hours on class nights. Completing class work to the standard she has set for herself also can be challenging. “I have set a goal for myself to work to my highest potential in college; however, the time it takes to reach that goal is sometimes astounding, so I have to be continually disciplined even when I have reached burnout in my life; not just school. Once in awhile I just have to give myself permission to get less than an A in a class.” Despite the challenges, Clark can’t help but reflect on the blessings that have come from her time as a Concordia student. “I have met some really amazing people in my short time with Concordia. Each and every professor has enriched my life, challenged me to grow and equipped me with powerful tools to use at college, at work and at home. I am beginning to look at the world with an entirely new set of eyes. My colleagues have also enriched my life with their diverse backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.”

I cried with joy for the opportunity to finish college and realize my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher.
After completing her degree Clark hopes to teach English in a foreign country for a year or two and then return to her studies to work on her master’s degree and eventually gain a doctorate in some aspect of education. “I may very well be the first nursing home resident to gain her doctorate degree,” she quips. Clark also hopes her experience will be an example to her son. “I think it’s important to show my son that no matter how old you get, you can still continue to educate yourself and better yourself to achieve the goals you have set for your life. It doesn’t matter how old you are when dreams are achieved.”


For the love of Vincent
When senior art major Lacey Brozek and assistant professor of English Laurie Zum Hofe combine their creativity, the result is beautiful artistry, expressive story-telling and a new children’s book, The Milkshake Shakeup. Beginning with a conversation between student and professor about writing and art, Zum Hofe and Brozek recognized themselves as kindred spirits. “Lacey’s creativity inspires and feeds my creativity. Her art is fresh, original and fabulous. Lacey’s really the one who put this all in motion,” explained Zum Hofe. In their initial conversation, Brozek shared with Zum Hofe how she wanted to illustrate a children’s book. Zum Hofe

14 faculty & staff

recalled how she had written a children’s story during an independent study when she was a junior at Concordia. The next semester, Brozek contacted Zum Hofe and asked her if she could use her story as the basis for a project in her illustration class. In May, Brozek met with Zum Hofe to share the drawings from that class. “I started to tear up when I saw Lacey’s vision of Vincent [the main character]. She apologized immediately because she thought I hated it. But I interrupted her and simply said, ‘That’s him. That’s Vincent.’ How right she got him. He was an idea in my head and Lacey drew him into life. Magic.”



Dr. Lisa Ashby, associate provost, spoke on the plenary panel of the Metropolitan School Administrators Day in Omaha, Neb., addressing the question, “What’s New in Higher Education Today?” Education professors Donna Dobson and Susan Mayberger led sessions as well; Dobson presented on standards-based grading, and Mayberger discussed optimal programming for English language learners and the development of culturally proficient materials. Dr. Jeffrey Blersch, professor of music, spoke on the background and composition of his contributions to the Lutheran Service Book to those at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Spring Lake, Mich. He has also completed two commissions: “Beautiful Savior” for organ, violin, choir and congregation in honor of the music ministry of Dr. Harrison and Pat Boughton at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Wichita, Kan., and a concertato on the hymn “Voices Raised to You We Offer” for the Dallas Symphony, the Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas and a festival chorus of members of Lutheran congregations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area conducted by Concordia alumnus, Sam Eatherton. Blersch’s newest cd recording, “On Christmas Night,” was released in November and contains his arrangements of eight Christmas carols published earlier this year by cph, plus Christmas music by J. S. Bach, Johannes Brahms, Johann Pachelbel, Pietro Yon and LouisClaude Daquin.

Although seeing those first illustrations was exciting, the process of preparing for publication has included a certain measure of struggle. Brozek and Zum Hofe originally set an aggressive deadline for the completion of the project, a decision the full-time student and full-time professor both report took some of the joy out of the project. “I told Lacey, ‘We’re rushing and we shouldn’t be.’ After deciding certainly that waiting to release our book was our chosen option, excitement and motivation made their comeback,” Zum Hofe explains. “For both of us, it is not just about the product but about the process.” As proof of their commitment to process, Zum Hofe and Brozek created a blog to document their creative journey.

“We both bring ideas to the story,” Brozek writes in a post detailing how Zum Hofe’s story has morphed through their collaboration. “The writer gives ideas to the artist, and the artist gives ideas to the writer. One without the other, and there may have been ideas out there that may have never been born.” For now, Zum Hofe is happy to revel in the deeper meaning of swapping stories with Brozek and others in their artistic process. “There’s a power there, when story meets story,” Zum Hofe writes. “There’s a privilege and a blessing. There’s a shared feeling, however sorrow-filled or joy-felt, of being alive.” The Milkshake Shake Up is scheduled to be available in 2011. Until then, you can check on Zum Hofe and Brozek’s progress at

James Bockelman, associate professor of art, offered a seminar at a liturgical conference hosted by Grace Lutheran Church, Lincoln, Neb. His talk, “Seeing is Believing: Christian Faith, Art and Architecture,” covered the role the arts play within the worship setting, especially in a visually saturated world of digital icons, screens and advanced technology. Dr. Jen-Kuang Chang, adjunct professor of music, was awarded a $1,000 ascaplus award for 2010 in the concert music division. Dr. Jack Duensing, professor emeritus, was honored by the Rotary Club of Seward with the Service Above Self Award. Dr. Joseph Gubanyi, professor of biology, was joined by students to release a recovered hawk back into its original habitat. The hawk had been nursed back to health at the Raptor Recovery Center in Elmwood, Neb. Dr. Joel Helmer, associate professor of geography, teamed up with the Seward Memorial Library to lead an evening of geocaching, using global positioning system devices to find items and places around town. The event was in connection with the mystery, Down River, the 2010 All Seward Reads Together title. Dr. Joseph Herl, associate professor of music, published two choral compositions with CPH: “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” and “While with Ceaseless Course the Sun.” Dr. Tim Huntington, assistant professor of biology, published an article in the Journal of Medical Entomology: “Decomposed Flesh as a Vitellogenic Protein Source for the Forensically Important Lucilia sericata (Diptera: Calliphoridae).” Dr. Jennifer Janousek, assistant professor of health and human performance, successfully defended her dissertation “Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Predictors of Acceptance of the Human Papillomavirus Vaccination


Art faculty exhibit

Faculty from Concordia’s Department of Art displayed their work at The Wolfram Gallery of Art at the International Center of The Lutheran Church– Missouri Synod in St. Louis, Mo. The show included drawings, paintings and mixed-media work by five fulltime faculty members: Seth Boggs, art instructor and art computer lab manager; James Bockelman, associate professor of art; Philip Perschbacher, assistant professor of art; Don Robson, associate professor of art and department chair; and Lynn Soloway, professor of art. In addition the exhibit

16 faculty & staff

included work from Jennifer Bockelman, adjunct instructor, Mark Anschutz, managing artist for Concordia’s Center for Liturgical Art, and William Wolfram, emeritus professor. According to Robson, exhibits such as this provide opportunities for faculty members to show they are talented, working artists. Perschbacher, the show’s curator, echoes Robson’s sentiments. “The Concordia art faculty show is an excellent opportunity to see artwork of various materials and techniques,” he said. “The gifts and abilities of Concordia’s art faculty are inspiring.”



of College Women at a Midwest Lutheran University: A Quantitative Study” and received her Ph.D. in public health from Walden University. Janousek recently returned from a mission trip to Guatemala with a group from Central American Lutheran Mission Society in preparation to take Concordia students on a health/ medical mission trip. Rev. Dr. Kevin Kohnke, associate professor of family life, defended his dissertation titled “Investigating Age Group Difference in Depression Symptoms Among Older Adults with Operational Impairments” and received his Ph.D. in human science with a specialization in gerontology from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Kim Marxhausen, graduate instructor, was the keynote speaker for Iowa District West Early Childhood Conference in August. Christopher Nichols, instructor in music, has been appointed principal clarinet of the Philharmonia of Greater Kansas City. In September he performed Gerald Finzi’s Clarinet Concerto, Op. 31 with the University of Kansas Symphony Orchestra, and in October he appeared with the Chagall Performance Art Collaborative. Annette Oliver, assistant professor of education, published the first of six articles, “What’s in a Word?” in Teachers Interaction, a magazine for Sunday school teachers published by CPH. Tracie Payne, graduate instructor, received the Iowa District East Early Childhood Educator of the Year award for 2009-2010. Dr. Matt Phillips, associate professor of history, published an article, “Crux a cruciatu dicitur: Preaching Self-Torture as Pastoral Care in Twelfth Century Religious Houses” in the book A Companion to Pastoral Care in the Late Middle Ages, edited by Ronald J. Stansbury and published by Brill as part of its Companions to the Christian Tradition series.

photo: Philip Perschbacher

Beyond the Classroom
As college recruitment becomes more competitive, Concordia is taking steps to actively share its story through some its most vocal advocates, members of the faculty. One way faculty members are stepping up to the recruitment challenge is by finding ways to share Concordia’s story through the regular duties of their positions. Dr. Jim Juergensen, chair of the education department, reports, “The recruiting thing becomes part of everything we do.” Juergensen spends time preparing student teachers to represent Concordia well before they go out to their assignments. “Student teachers are in a unique position to let others know about Concordia, and they are our best ambassadors,” he says. When faculty members meet with principals and key teachers as they supervise current student teachers, they make sure to ask about high school students who would fit well at Concordia. Dr. Ron Bork, dean of the college of education, also sends a monthly newsletter to recent graduates to keep them informed about what is happening in the department. Another way faculty is getting in touch with prospective students is through the use of social networks. Dr. Matt Phillips, associate professor of history, created a history program Facebook page to facilitate communication. “The pages are relatively easy to set up,” shared Phillips. “I decided that it should include a daily ‘what happened this day in history’ post. Additionally, I post about things that our current students or alumni are doing.” Other groups around campus have also started Facebook pages. A team of science faculty post regular updates about interesting department happenings—from announcements about guest speakers to photos of the forensic science blood lab. These updates help to demonstrate the day-to-day activity and perspective of the department that a brochure or phone call cannot.

Dr. Jim Juergenson meets with education students, (clockwise) Chelsea Vaudt, Celeste Brutus, Anna Kreis and Caleb Egger, about their role during their student teaching experience as Concordia ambassadors.

Beyond aiding to recruit new students, these pages serve as communication tools to connect alumni with current students. To help freshmen better understand their career options with an English major, the English, Communications and Theatre Art department used Facebook to post and receive responses to the question, “Fans and alums, tell us: What can you do with an English (or English-related) major?” Faculty members also enjoy receiving feedback for their efforts. “It is very rewarding when updates bring comments,” said Associate Professor of Biology Jan Whitson. “It lets us know that people care about what is going on in the department. That is very encouraging.” Check out Concordia’s Facebook pages at socialmedia

Pete Prochnow, assistant professor of music, made a collection of Advent hymn adaptations heard during December on the Lutheran Hour. Judy Ripke, graduate program instructor, traveled to Belize with other Lutheran teachers to train local preschool teachers. Dr. Brent Royuk, professor of physics, published an article, “Ideological Approaches to Science and Religion in a National Survey of Lutheran High School Science Teachers” in the Lutheran Education Journal. Lynn Soloway, professor of art, was the keynote speaker at the Mission Festival at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Greenfield, Iowa. Her presentation was titled, “The Seed that Grew after Thirty-five Years, the Testimony of a Jewish Christian.” Dr. Kurt von Kampen, professor of music, was the guest clinician at the St. Louis Choral Festival, with over 150 elementary and high school singers from Lutheran schools combining for a day of choral music instruction and a concert. Department of music faculty members combined their talents to offer this fall’s faculty recital. Those performing included Marci DeAmbrose, soprano; Dr. Adrienne Dickson, mezzo soprano; Dr. Elizabeth Grimpo, piano; Christopher Nichols, clarinet; Dr. Charles Ore, organ; Tim Ruegg, trombone; Andy Schultz, flugelhorn; Dr. Wendy Schultz, trombone; Amy Thiemann, flute; Stephanie Varilek, soprano; Lisa Watkins, violin; and a jazz combo with Pete Prochnow, piano; Dr. Randall Snyder, bass; and Phil Hendrickson, drums.


photo: Karen Chittick

A tale of two Mabels
The 2010 Sunday matinee of the theater department’s production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance included a very special audience member: Joyce Heinicke who played Mabel in the 1949 Concordia production of the operetta. “I can’t believe it was more than 61 years ago,” said Heinicke. “What I really can’t believe is that I’m 81 years old. The voice is a little lower but not terrible considering my age.” Heinicke posed for a photo with this year’s Mabel, Megan Heidemann, after the performance.

18 concordia scene

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Megan Birney, graduate student, began as director of family life ministries at Church of All Nations in Hong Kong in August. She previously had taught English in Hong Kong as a missionary for lcms World Missions. Nick Bloch and Dr. Joel Helmer published an article titled “Teaching Geography in the Blogosphere” this fall in The Geography Teacher. The article describes how blogs are used to teach geography at Concordia, Nebraska and includes information on how to implement blog use in K-12 classrooms. Rachel Boylan, Ashton Mueller and Meaghan Downs had papers accepted to the Streamlines Undergraduate Academic Conference in Language, Literature and Writing hosted by Clarke University, Loras College and University of Dubuque. Josh Duncan created furnishings during his internship with the Center for Liturgical Art. Duncan designed and fabricated a lectern, altar and baptismal font for Cross of Christ Lutheran Church in Aurora, Neb. The furnishings include six sets of interchangeable colored mosaics to be used at different points in the church year. Tegan Earhart spent four weeks teaching conversational English classes this past summer in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, with TeachOverseas. TeachOverseas concentrates on sending English teachers to countries that are not open to letting missionaries over their borders. Earhart, along with three others from the group, also hosted English clubs and participated in activities with people of various faiths while in Karaganda. Ann Henny was selected as a summer intern with Lutheran Summer Music, the leading summer camp for Lutheran high school students.


photo: Hilliere Otto


Four Concordia University, Nebraska students showed work at the Imago Dei Gallery in Kansas City, Kan., in September. The students, seniors Megan Birnstein, Kimberly Francis and Lauren Onions, and junior Todd Meier are all from the Kansas City area. Donald Robson, chair of Concordia’s art department, was the curator for the exhibit. Robson feels providing such real world opportunities are essential for art students. “I had a one-person show at Imago Dei this summer. The director asked if I would be interested in curating a show for Concordia students. I jumped at the chance as it was a great opportunity for our students,” explained Robson. Onions had three paintings and two ceramic vessels in the show. “The surfaces of both vessels are textured and meant to engage the viewer in thinking about the pot as a whole as well as considering individual areas that they find beautiful,” she explains. The paintings also emphasize Onion’s philosophy about the engagement of the audience with her art. “Instead of just passively walking around artwork in a gallery space, I want my work to help all people to be able to think and talk about the specific work they are seeing or art in general on some level.” Showcasing his skills as both an abstract and realistic artist, Meier included three paintings in the exhibit. Francis exhibited representational and abstract prints and paintings. Birnstein’s oil and acrylic paintings explored the idea of perception, especially as she sees it in her family history. “Preparing for an exhibition and talking about their work at a public venue is invaluable for students in their development as artists,” says Robson.

Student showcase

Ceramic vessel by Lauren Onions

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Computer science students Jacob and Josiah Krings, Dustin Johns, Jeremy Jank, Daniel Klinge and Cory Prelerson participated in the annual Association for Computing Machinery North Central North America Regional contest sponsored by IBM and held at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Kara Howard was accepted into the nursing program at Valparaiso University. Katie Klein was recently in Uganda working with a deaf ministry there. She shared her experiences with the campus community on Nov. 17. Amber Konz created an eight-panel mural displayed on brick panels between Founders Hall and the Brommer Art Center. Konz used Isaiah 61:3 as the theme for the mural and its joyful images. Physical education student Mia Pauluhn and exercise science major Rachel Uden were honored as Nebraska Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (nahperd) Outstanding Majors of the Year. Chase Reihmann and Megan Heidemann performed a portion of Reihmann’s hymn adaptation “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling” on a broadcast of the Lutheran Hour. Brett Waite was first author on a poster, “Energetics of Calmodulin Binding to IQ-motifs in CFP-YFP Biosensors,” which he presented at the 24th Annual Gibb’s Conference on Biothermodynamics. The poster was the result of work done during a summer internship in the laboratory of Dr. Madeline A. Shea, University of Iowa. He was also one of the authors on a second poster presented by the laboratory. Art students Tiffany Frerichs, Hannah Woollen, Danielle Cornish, Adam Birt, Alyssa Belgum, Lacey Brozek, Lindsey Ellis, Valerie Schick, Katrina Schulteis were honored at the annual design competition held by Nebraska aiga. The University A Cappella Choir, directed by Dr. Kurt von Kampen, performed for the fourth time at the annual meeting of the Nebraska Music Educators Association conference held in November. Students in Dr. Vicki Boye’s and Dr. Jen Janousek’s health classes taught mini-lessons in nutrition, stress management and other topics for the Seward Middle School Wellness Day while Concordia’s student-athletes and coaches led camps in 12 sports at Plum Creek Park.

A Night at the Improv
Audiences beware, participation is mandatory when you spend a night at the Improv. Members of Concordia’s four-year-old improvisational comedy troupe, the IMPROVables, make up scenes on the spot in their performances, eight of which happen every year in Concordia’s Studio Theatre. A major part of the improv experience is audience participation. “In improv they really are part of the action,” said Marty Kois, one of the leaders of the group. “They give us inspiration to work from. We get ideas from them for every game.” This year’s directors, juniors Bryce Tellman, New Salem, N.D.; Kristin Easler, Fredericks, Va.; Phil Kober, Collinsville, Ill.; and Kois, Omaha, Neb.; all point to the inclusion of the audience as what makes improv special. “As opposed to just watching the show, you can participate in it,” said Tellmann. In addition to making suggestions, audience members are sometimes brought on stage to perform. “It is a really unique style of theater.”


Sophomore Tim Rehbein shares a secret with freshman Natalie Kesar. Both students are from Omaha.

photo: Matthew Wingert

Having successfully negotiated with the administration to lengthen dorm hours last year, student senate members decided to take on another major project by spearheading a campaign to update the Janzow Campus Center. “We wanted to continue the momentum from the dorm hours,” reports junior Rachel Brainard, senate vice-president. After assessing needs around campus, the senate members decided that their energy would be best spent working to update the widely-used common area on the top floor of the campus center. A true student-led movement, students voted to assess themselves a one-year fee to support the update. As a result, students now enjoy new computers, free printing, reupholstered furniture, freshly painted walls, a laptop bar and privacy wall, new televisions and a projector and screen. The art club will paint murals on the south walls of both the upper and lower levels of the campus center. More renovations will take place once senate evaluates how to best meet any additional student needs. According to Brainard, the administration also is looking to further update this space because of the high level of student interest.


to the Janzow Campus Center
photo: Matthew Wingert

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Students in the Psychology of Exceptionality class volunteered at the 2010 Capital City Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk put on by the Down Syndrome Association for Families of Nebraska. Students also volunteered at His Kids Camp at Camp Luther in Schuyler, Neb., for one weekend. While at camp, they were paired with an individual who has a disability and offered support, care and guidance to the campers. Dr. Vicki Boye’s School Health class helped perform health screenings at the Seward Middle School in October. Twenty-five students in the Adapted Physical Activity class are working with the Seward County Special Olympics athletes as they prepare for competition in track and field and other events. Professor Amanda Geidel’s Teaching Diverse Learners class volunteered at People’s City Mission in Lincoln, Neb., tutoring and running evening activity sessions with children who live at the home. Students in Dr. Joel Helmer’s Field Techniques and Geodata Collection class conducted a two day gps experience for Mrs. Sue Sylvester’s 6th grade class from St. John Elementary School, teaching them how gps works, how to find hidden geocaches on campus using gps receivers and how to download gps data into Google Earth.

. 21
concordia scene


Exchanging culture and sharing scholarship
Seven visitors from Nantong University in China, two professors and five students, spent 10 days on Concordia’s campus in October experiencing American life and learning about American educational practices. The Chinese visitors were part of a growing exchange program between Nantong University and Concordia. In March 2010, Dr. Daniel Thurber, dean of the college of arts and sciences, and then sophomores Erika MacGregor, Kalispell, Mont., and Hannah Kroonblawd, Eagan, Minn., visited Nantong University, located two hours north of Shanghai. Kroonblawd was surprised at the view the students she met had of America. “All of their information about America comes from movies,” said Kroonblawd. “I’ve been looking forward to this visit for a long time. I want them to experience what America is really like.” Concordia University visit organizers made sure to give their guests a taste of traditional American activities. “My favorite part was experiencing American traditional festivals like hay rides and hot dog roasts,” said bilingual education student Xiaowen Chen. The visitors also attended volleyball games and band concerts, ate dinner with professors and their families and went to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. “I got to help show them what family life in America is like,” said Kroonblawd. “Only one of them has a sibling. At the zoo they were surprised at how many fathers were interacting with their children.” The students and teachers also were able to experience a setting different from their home. The bustling city of Nantong is quite different from rural Nebraska, and Nantong does not experience autumn weather. While they did experience many cultural activities, the main reason the students came to Concordia was to see how American universities train their education students. The visitors attended education and psychology classes and spent an entire day observing at the schools in Seward. “The opportunity to go abroad to experience American culture and how students live and study here will open their eyes,” said Binbin Gu, an instructor at Nantong University’s School of Educational Science. “It will help them in their teaching to have an international view.”


22 concordia scene



(top) Xiaowen Chen serves the ball during a competition between sets at the volleyball game. (bottom) Rui holds the pumpkin she carved during the Chinese visitors’ first experience with Halloween.

photos: Tyler Beltz, Julie Johnston Hermann, Charlotte Kaeding

(top) Concordia hosted students and instructors from Nantong University: (back, l-r) Yujauan Wang, Xiaowen Chen, Professor Xian Mo, Professor Binbin Gu, Yumeng Ji, (front, l-r) Meng Jie Yu and Rui Zhu. (bottom left) Yumeng Ji poses with the statue of a rhinoceros while visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo. (bottom right) The visiting students enjoy the autumn decorations.


24 concordia scene


Cutting-edge capabilities

Student artists at Concordia now are able to expand their skill sets and become even more attractive to potential employers thanks to recent computer lab upgrades. “Our students are working on the most up-to-date hardware and software, giving them great experience and preparation,” explains Seth Boggs, art instructor and art computer lab manager.

The lab also includes new projectors and screens, so instructors can demonstrate techniques as students work along on their own machines. A new large format printer with a color management system ensures accurate color from scanner, to screen, to printer. New software enables students to create video and animation projects not possible prior to the upgrade.

“We feel extremely blessed to have this update and are excited to see where these new possibilities lead our students and their class work.” said Boggs.

.. .

photo: Dan Oetting

Concordia’s Champions
Althea Gibson, the first African American woman to win at Wimbledon once said, “In sports, you simply are not considered a champion until success becomes consistent. Winning once can be a fluke, but winning again and again proves you are the best.” Reflecting on its consistently solid performance, Concordia’s cross country program has earned the champion title. The program has enjoyed tremendous success at the conference and national levels while garnering the admiration of coaches in other programs. “Our women were quite young last year with five or six of our top 10 runners being freshman or sophomores,” noted Coach Einspahr. “As a group of runners, I thought we had some good potential to compete in the top 20 in the naia, but it was mostly just that—potential. They have now developed into a group that is fulfilling that potential and racing with some confidence.” striking over the years. Last year (2009) marked the 16th straight year the Concordia women finished in the top 20 at Nationals. With their 20th place finish at the 2010 naia National Cross Country Meet, the men have finished in the top 25 for 11 years in a row and in 13 of the past 15 years. What is the secret to success? “I’m really not sure,” joked Einspahr, who has been named conference or regional Coach-of-the-Year more than 25 times. “Certainly we would like to think that we work hard at recruiting and coaching. We have been fortunate to attract some clearly talented runners from Nebraska and around the country. Our program has also had good success developing runners who have never run cross country.” When talking with Einspahr, it becomes very clear that his desire to continue improving the program remains strong. “We have always had high expectations for our runners and our program,” said Einspahr. “Our training methods are based on common sense, practical experience as runners ourselves and sound physiological principles. As coaches we are still learning every year, so things get changed a little here and there to try to make the program better. I still call other coaches around the country every couple weeks, and we talk about training and workout ideas. It is an ongoing process of learning and trying to be better as coaches.”

“Concordia’s cross country teams are the benchmark programs for both the men and women’s teams nationally in the naia,” remarked Jonathan Zimmerman, head cross country coach at Biola University and 1981 graduate of Concordia. “Year in and year out they are finishing at the top in their conference and at national meets—as well as being loaded with top-notch scholar-athletes.” The Bulldogs show no signs of slowing down. This year has been yet another impressive year. The men were ranked eighth and the women 12th in the naia Preseason Coaches’ Poll. Among the gpac, Concordia was the only men’s team ranked in the top 25, and only Morningside College joined the Concordia women in the top 25.

26 athletics

Concordia’s cross country teams are the benchmark programs for both the men and women’s teams nationally in the naia.
“Our men certainly had a year to remember last year,” added Einspahr. “We lost a great deal of experience and talent with a number of our top runners who graduated last year. I thought our men could compete in the top 20 of the naia and for the top two spots in the gpac this year. Some of our freshmen have been a big surprise in how they have moved up to the longer distance in college. I have also been surprised at how well they have performed in big races this year.” The consistency of the Concordia cross country program has been




sports photos: Dan Oetting

Dana Schmidt, a junior from Grundy Center, Iowa, is a 2010 All-American following his performance at the naia National Cross Country Meet. It’s the second straight year Schmidt has earned the honor. Schmidt finished 26th overall at the meet with a time of 25:36. He was named gpac runner-of-theweek three times this season, never finishing lower than fifth in any meet. Schmidt is the 2010 gpac champion, the 2010 Hauff Mid-America Sports/gpac runner-of-the-year and a 2010 naia scholar-athlete. The All-American finish was a fitting end to yet another impressive season for Schmidt.

Fall Sports Wrap-Up
Women’s Soccer
The women’s soccer team finished 9-8-1 overall and 5-5-1 in conference play. In the first year for head coach Lisa White, the Bulldogs made the conference tournament, falling in the first round to eventual naia National Champion runner-up Hastings College. Jamie Sanchez, a junior transfer from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, led the way for the Bulldogs. Sanchez had a team-best 11 goals and was second with six assists, starting 17 games for the Bulldogs. She earned second team all-GPAC honors. Junior Kelly Ross, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and senior Hannah Denk, Independence, Mo., picked up honorable mention all-GPAC honors. Ross was tied for third on the team with six goals and played in all 18 games. She added two assists for a total of 14 points and also scored one game-winning goal. Denk led the team and the conference with 11 assists on the year and also scored one goal.


28 athletics


The Bulldogs were 3-7 in conference play in the 2010 football season with a 4-7 overall record. Concordia picked up wins over Peru State College, Nebraska Wesleyan, Briar Cliff University and Dordt College on the year. Individually, senior defensive back Preston Harris, Lincoln, Neb., was an all-gpac first team defense selection. Jerrod Fleming, Houston, Texas; and Ben Klein, Dallas, Texas; were all-gpac second team defense selections. Aaron Hanneman, Omaha, Neb.; Heath Broekemeier, Prairie Grove, Ark.; Kenny Zoeller, Spring, Texas; Charles Washington, Houston, Texas; Matt Ridge, Buckeye, Ariz.; Nate Sindt, Scottsbluff, Neb.; Jordan Brockman, Lincoln, Neb.; Kyle Hoffman, Phoenix, Ariz.; and Austin Freudenberg, Madison, Neb. ; all received honorable mention all-conference honors.



Men’s Soccer
The Bulldogs qualified for the gpac tournament, but unfortunately fell in the first round to eventual naia National Champion Hastings College. Overall the team had a 7-10-2 record and was 4-7 in the conference. Aaron Skipworth, Colorado Springs, Colo., Kurt O’Kelly, Littleton, Colo.; and Todd May, Brighton, England; earned conference honors for the Bulldogs. Skipworth earned all-gpac second team honors after leading the team with nine goals. He was second on the team with four assists. Skipworth also had two game-winning goals on the year. O’Kelly and May were honorable mention all-conference selections. O’Kelly, a junior defender, started 18 games for the Bulldogs in 2010. He had one game-winning goal and two assists. May appeared in 14 games with 12 starts. The sophomore midfielder was tied for third on the team with five goals. He also added two assists. May appeared in 14 games with 12 starts during the 2010 season. The sophomore midfielder from Brighton, England, was tied for third on the team with five goals. He also added two assists. His 12 total points was good for third on the team.


Concordia finished the 2010 volleyball season with a record of 11-21. The team struggled throughout conference play, finishing with a 1-15 record. Senior Chelsea Vaudt, Kalispell, Mont., led the team in most offensive categories. Vaudt totaled 292 kills and 113 blocks. She was a second team all-gpac selection. Sophomore Sloan Brandon, Carrollton, Texas; and junior Alexa Hopping, Sutherland, Neb.; were honorable mention all-conference selections for the Bulldogs. Brandon was second on the team with 229 kills, 325 digs and 42 ace serves. Hopping totaled a team-best 547 set assists in 2010. She added 162 digs in her first season with the Bulldogs.


photo: Ricky Gross

Hall of Fame Inductees
Concordia inducted four individuals and one team into its Athletic Hall of Fame at this year’s Homecoming, Alumni Reunion and Family Weekend. The inductees include Dr. Carl Everts, inducted as coach, Dennis Oetting, Jarrod Pimentel, Shelly Jo “Poppe” Luger and the 1970 wrestling team. Dr. Carl Everts, a 1953 alumnus, began a decades-long career of teaching and coaching at Concordia in 1969. In 1973 he became the athletic director and chair of the Division of Health and Physical Education. Everts served as coach for at least one year in baseball, soccer, men’s golf, women’s golf and women’s basketball. Everts coached the women’s basketball team for 11 seasons beginning in 1981-82. During his tenure, the Bulldogs won the Concordia Invitational Tournament seven times, visited the naia district playoffs six times and qualified for naia National Tournament for the first time in school history. He earned naia District 11 Coach-of-the-Year honors in 1982-83 and 1986-87. Dennis Oetting, class of 1966, was a three-sport athlete, participating in football, baseball and wrestling. Intent on becoming a Lutheran educator, Oetting had turned down a scholarship offer to play football for Bob Devaney’s Cornhuskers. The Huskers’ loss was Concordia’s gain as Oetting was named all-conference in football all four years and was an all-Lutheran selection in 1964 and 1965. During his 1964 wrestling season, Oetting was the conference champion. After earning his degree at Concordia, Oetting went on to a lifetime career as a teacher, spending most of his years in the teaching ministry at Hong Kong International School. Jarrod Pimentel, a 2003 graduate, earned all-conference honors for three years in baseball and two years in football. He was also Concordia’s 2001-02 Athlete-of-the-Year. He helped lead the Bulldog football team to a conference championship in 2001 and led two of his baseball teams to the playoffs. Pimentel earned his bachelor’s degree in business and physical education with a minor in accounting, and he also received his coaching endorsement while at Concordia. Shelly Jo “Poppe” Luger, a 1989 graduate, enjoyed an impressive career on the basketball court. She earned both Academic and Athletic All-American honors and was featured in USA Today for her efforts. Following graduation, she continued her education at Bryan School of Nursing and the University of Nebraska Medical School. In addition, Luger earned her master’s degree in adult health from Indiana State University. Currently, she is an assistant professor of nursing at Mount Marty College. The 1970 wrestling team captured the niac championship in 1969 and 1970, and placed second in the Tri-State Conference in 1970 with a 10-3 record. Seniors Tim Ebendick, George Vasilauskus and Bruce Grohn lead the way for the Bulldogs. Ebendick totaled 217 points in his four years at Concordia. He went 20-6 with 11 pins during his senior season and represented Concordia at nationals. He was also named top wrestler in the niac. Vasilauskus suffered a season-ending injury but still managed an 11-2 record with four pins in his senior year. Grohn picked up 18 wins in his senior year to go along with seven pins.


30 alumni news



You’re invited!


Special events for alumni and friends of Concordia University, Nebraska
January 28-29, 2011 – Concordia Invitational Tournament–men’s and women’s basketball hosted by Concordia University-Ann Arbor, Michigan Cheer on the Bulldog men’s and women’s teams as they take on our rivals. Join President Friedrich and fellow Bulldogs for a post-CIT celebration at Applebee’s: 2300 Green Road, connected to the Hampton Inn North, just 1 mile north of CU Ann Arbor’s campus. Find out more at March 24-26, 2011 – Lutheran Education Association Convocation–Duke Energy Center, Cincinnati, Ohio Plan to attend the Concordia Nebraska Alumni & Friends Post-Banquet Reception Friday evening at the Hilton. March 25-27, 2011 – Concordia Invitational Tournament–men’s and women’s tennis at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo. Check for details. May 5-8, 2011 – Golden reunion celebration for the Concordia Teachers College Class of 1961 Reunite with classmates during the weekend of graduation. Registration information will be sent in late February. Class contact: October 7-9, 2011 – Homecoming, Alumni Reunion & Family Weekend A fun-filled weekend is in store when you return to Seward to reconnect with classmates and meet the current Bulldogs. Class years ending in 1s and 6s will be honored. October 7-9, 2011 – Golden reunion celebration for Concordia High School Class of 1961 Celebrate your 50th during homecoming weekend.

. 31
alumni news


Alumni honored
The Concordia University, Nebraska Alumni Association honored seven individuals and two couples as part of its 2010 Homecoming, Alumni Reunion and Family Weekend. The awards are given each year to those who have made significant accomplishments in their professional lives, personal pursuits or service to the university, church or world.

Church Worker of the Year: Leland P. Jackson ’80

Leland Jackson has spent 30 years ministering to the children and youth of multiple congregations. He earned both a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a director of Christian education certificate at Concordia. He has served youth in Minnesota and in Kansas, and he continues to work with youth and college students.

(back l-r) Dr. Carl Langefeld, Leland Jackson, Spencer Peregoy (middle l-r) Gretchen Jameson, Corky Markin, Marian and Eugene Faszholz, Rhonda Peregoy (front l-r) Shirley Liesener, Marie Bader

Gretchen Jameson has used her skills in teaching and communication to serve in schools, national entities within The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and nonprofit organizations. This spring she founded her own public relations company, purePR.

Young Alumna of the Year: Gretchen M. Staude ’97 Jameson

from Florida State University, Tallahassee, in 1988, and his doctorate in biostatistics from the University of Michigan in 1999. He is currently the director of the Center on Public Health Genomics and the associate chair of the Department of Biostatistical Sciences, Division of Public Health Sciences.

Friend of Concordia Award: Benjamin F. “Corky” Markin ’58
After earning his Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Concordia in 1958, Benjamin Markin began his career teaching high school biology, science and physical education at the Concordia Collegiate Institute, Bronxville, N.Y. He earned his master’s degree in biology and ecology from Long Island University in 1964. Spanning 42 years, Markin has pursued his career in education in New York, Oregon and Washington.

Partners in Mission and Ministry: Spencer R. ’77 and Rhonda Apple ’78 Peregoy

32 alumni news

Spencer and Rhonda Apple Peregoy have been partners in life and in their careers in education for more than 30 years. Spencer graduated from Concordia in 1977 with a bachelor’s in education. He has been a classroom teacher, a coach, an athletic director and an administrator. Rhonda graduated from Concordia in 1978 with a degree in early childhood education. She presently cares for young students at St. John Lutheran Church in Ellisville, Mo.


Lifetime Service Award: Eugene R. ’58 and Marian E. Faszholz
Eugene and Marian Faszholz were honored for their service to their church, community and alma mater. After working for the St. Louis Cardinals and serving in the army, Eugene came to Concordia and earned his degree in education. Eugene retired after 37 years of teaching and coaching in California, Wisconsin and Seward. Marian earned her nursing degree in 1950 and worked in hospitals in California, Wisconsin and Nebraska for more than 32 years. She earned her bachelor’s in health science from St. Francis College, Joliet, Ill., in 1987.

Church Leadership in Outreach Award: Bruce M. Wall ’04

Bruce Wall earned a degree in electronic engineering in 1995 and then pursued a career in teaching at Concordia in 2004. He joined lcms World Mission in 2005, developed the current short-term mission program of the synod and facilitated hundreds of short-term mission experiences. Wall and his family currently are missionaries based from Panama City, Peru. He is serving partner churches and missionaries through strategic mission planning and developing new mission work for Peru, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.


Honorary Alumna Award: Marie T. Bader

Lay Worker of the Year Award: Dr. Carl D. Langefeld ’83

Marie Bader taught in Seward County for three years before marrying Alois Bader and joining him in his work on the farm. She has been active in her church and in her community. Bader continues to manage the family farm.

Dr. Carl Langefeld is a statistical geneticist whose research involves mapping complex human genetic traits in an effort, ultimately, to prevent and treat disease. Born and raised in Seward, he earned a bachelor’s at Concordia, a master’s in ecology and evolutionary biology from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1986, a master’s in applied statistics

Honorary Alumna Award: Shirley A. Liesener

Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in math from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, Liesener worked as a computer programs writer and a software analyst. From 1990–2007, she worked in the development office at Concordia. Liesener was named a 2007 Outstanding Woman in Business by Concordia’s Students in Free Enterprise (sife) group and the Concordia Foundation.

Blowing away Tornado Alley
Concordia alumnus Michael Frates ’08 has always had a love of severe weather, and his breakthrough research on tornadoes echoes just that. “As a child growing up in western Nebraska,” Frates muses, mixing boyhood wonder with science, “I was fortunate to witness severe weather on a regular basis. I spent many hours studying the atmospheric phenomenon happening around me, especially tornadoes and mesoscale storm systems. It wasn’t until I started graduate school that I had the opportunity to apply my passion for weather in a geographic context.” While working on his master’s degree at the University of Akron, Frates studied the distribution of tornadoes with tracks greater than 20 miles in geographic regions that encompass most of the central and eastern United States. feedback. I am currently making some enhancements to the original research and plan to present this at the 2011 aag conference in Seattle, Wash.,” said Frates. Frates’ research was also featured by msnbc, The Washington Post, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Discovery News, and Science News. Frates attributes much of his success to his time studying at Concordia and to Dr. John Kinworthy, professor emeritus. “Essentially, I owe everything to Concordia,” said Frates. “Dr. John Kinworthy first introduced me to gis and pushed me to apply for graduate school.” Frates, who now works at the Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) in Redlands, Calif., even wrote in a blog post on the Esri website about the importance of Dr. Kinworthy to his success. Frates cites Concordia as a whole, however, for how his life has been shaped. “Without Concordia, my life would be dramatically different. The professional faculty, helpful staff and dynamic students all contributed to the best four years of my life. I miss it every day.”

Photo(s) by Bob Kropff The University of Akron

“I began working on this research during the spring of 2009. Originally, it started as a project for an advanced course in Geographic Information Systems (gis) at The University of Akron, but I continued to refine the research after I completed the course,” said Frates. Contrary to widely held beliefs, Frates’ research shows that the most severe tornadoes (those classified as F3, F4 or F5) actually occur in a region referred to as “Dixie Alley” which spans across eastern Texas, parts of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee and into northeast Georgia. The part of the Midwest commonly known as “Tornado Alley” comes in second in the frequency of tornadoes according to the study. “I formally presented my findings at the Association of American Geographers [aag] conference in Washington D.C. in April of 2010 and received a wealth of positive


Robert Reuter ’31 celebrated his 100th birthday on October 25, 2010. Throughout his long career he has served as an educator, organist, conductor, composer and pipe organ consultant. He resides in Charlotte, N.C., with his wife, Juda. A celebration of works by Gerald Brommer ’48 took place at the Esther Wells Collection in Laguna Beach, Cal. in October. Robert Sylwester ’49, a faculty member from 1959-68, published his 10th book, A Child’s Brain: The Need for Nurture. It is a companion book to his 2007 The Adolescent Brain: Reaching for Autonomy. Sylwester is an emeritus professor of education at the University of Oregon. Dr. Mary Wiese ’54 Gundelach received the Seeds of Hope Award from Wheat Ridge Ministries. Concordia alumni (back, l-r) Jane Wellman ’64 Bunnett, Ellen Meyer ’62 Geisler, Norma Kreitzer ’62 Townsend, (front, l-r) Jan Ebert ’62 Stavnes, Marcella Pera ’62 Meyer, Polly Licht ’62 Peterson and Irene Jahnke ’62 Reeb had the opportunity to meet in June at the Seward home of Arlen CHS’55 CO’59 and Marcy Meyer before Marcy was called home. Dr. Rudy Zoch ’58, who has been retired since 1999, has made four trips to Kenya during the past two years to conduct vision clinics in connection with his church, Trinity Lutheran in Spring, Texas. During retirement he and his wife, Genie, have been traveling, enjoying their seven grandchildren and doing a lot of volunteer church work.

Pastor Charles and Susan Janssen ‘82 Whited welcomed home their two adopted children, Lovelie, 12, and Wisken, 8, from Haiti on January 18, 2010. Chuck, son Jonathan, and a team of 15 people from First Trinity, Tonawanda, N.Y., were in Haiti when the earthquake struck on January 12. Chuck was able to bring Wisken and Lovelie home after the quake. They were welcomed by older siblings, Sarah, Rebekah, Jonathan and Abigail. Rev. Jon Braunersreuther ’85 is working in the Houston area to help plant new congregations in connection with the Texas District of the lcms. Lisa Rabanal ’89 Seim celebrated her daughter Alena’s graduation from University of Hawaii at Hilo. Dr. Erin Ziegler ’94 Huebschman was named the 2010 Family Physician of the Year by the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians. She works at Grant Community Clinic in Lancaster, Wis. She will be recognized by the academy at its annual meeting February 3, 2011 in Milwaukee. David and Becky Livo ’95 Biesanz were married on June 19. They currently reside in Sterling, Colo. David works for Alpha Mail Carriers, and Becky teaches 5th grade reading and science for RE-1 Valley Schools. Other alumni pictured are Sarah Livo ‘95 Lindahl, Tim Lindahl ‘95, Leah Livo ‘06 Johnson, Paul Johnson ‘05, and Gil Livo ‘70.

Larry HS ’61 CO ’65 and Bonnie Moeller ’66 Noack recently retired from Wycliffe Bible Translators after 27 years of service at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas. Bonnie also retired as minister of music at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church in DeSoto, Texas, where she served for 24 years. They now live in Lincoln, Neb. Marty ’63 and Carol Oesterreich ’63 Duchow and Gary Gable CO’62 GR’70 and his wife, Kathy, celebrated their 45th wedding anniversaries together last summer by traveling to Germany to see the Passion Play. Following that tour, the four traveled to Florence, Italy, and to Gemund, Germany. In September Jerold ’70 and Karen Fredericks ’84 Markin began teaching English in Phu Tho, North Vietnam through the lcms mission board. Randal Gast ’79 was installed as head of school at Martin Luther High School in Maspeth, N.Y. He previously was vicepresident for administration at Concordia College, N.Y., and held teaching and administrative positions at Baltimore Lutheran School in Towson, Md., and at St. Paul’s College High School in Concordia, Mo. Wheat Ridge Ministries added Mark Schoepp CO’80 GR’90 to its staff as church relations representative. In this role, Mark will travel throughout the country to assist congregations that are starting new health and human care ministries, provide workshops related to whole-person health and help congregations expand the reach of their ministry. Dr. Ralph Steele ‘80 has opened Mediation Worlds, pllc, in Irving, Texas. It provides mediation services for legal disputes for individuals and companies.


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Brenda Glenn ’95 Erickson and husband Linn celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. They have two children, Charis, 6, and Ezra, 2. The Ericksons reside in Lincoln, Neb. Benita Pfeiffer ‘95 and Brent Moritz were married on June 27. Since graduating from Concordia Benita has spent most of her time teaching at international schools in Hong Kong, China and Seoul, South Korea. Brent and Benita recently moved to State College, Pa., where Brent is a professor at Penn State. Benita is taking some time off from teaching while she studies Chinese. Rev. Paul Philp ’95 has been appointed director of academic planning and assessment at Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis, Mo. David ’96 and Mandy Cook ’98 Bergt welcomed Caleb Donald on March 31. Caleb has a brother, Josh, 8, and a sister, Hannah, 5. David and Mandy teach at Martin Luther High School in Northrop, Minn. Scott ‘96 and Kristen Rossow ‘96 Browning welcomed their daughter, Samantha Kristine, on June 17. She joins Jacob, 11, Caroline, 4, and Natalie, 2. Scott is the principal of Immanuel Lutheran School in Memphis, Tenn., and Kristen teaches and is the chair of the social studies department at St. Benedict at Auburndale High School. Lieutenant Commander Michael Duensing ’96 was honored at a retirement ceremony on July 30. He has received the Meritorious Service

Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Joint Service Achievement Medal, Navy Achievement Medal and Air Force Achievement Medal. He and his wife, Kathy, have two children, Heather and Brandon. Sam ‘96 and Lois Wehling ‘96 Eatherton celebrated the birth of their daughter, Sarah Esther, on April 6. She was met at home by her older siblings, Hannah, 9, Rebekah, 9, Ruth, 6, and David, 4. The Eathertons live in Garland, Texas. Sam is the minister of music at Zion Lutheran Church and School in Dallas, and Lois is a homemaker. Jeff Huebschman ’96, professor and biology department chair, accepted the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Board of Regents’ teaching in excellence award on behalf of the department. Jolanta Apine ’96 Nadler, works as a private English instructor in Riga, Latvia. Troy ‘98 and Rachael Keilig, welcomed their first child, Audrey Jane, born February 3. The Keiligs make their home in Grand Island, Neb., where Troy is an architect with Cannon Moss Brygger Architects. Chad ’00 and Laura Walhaug ’02 Thies are proud to announce the birth of their first child, Oliver Knox Thies, on February 11. Chad is a human resources officer with Union Bank and Trust, Co. in Lincoln, Neb. and Laura is a senior business consultant with Talent Plus. Robert Gridley and Kathleen Mills CO ’01, GR ’10 Gridley were united in marriage on May 15. They make their home in Brown Deer, Wis. Kathleen serves as a director of Christian education for Peace Lutheran Church in New Berlin, Wis.

Shelley Vitosh ‘02 Eisele and her husband, Dietrich, welcomed Sophia Rose on July 19. The family resides in Odell, Neb. Amber Jackman ‘CO ’02 GR ’06 Jennings and husband, Jon, welcomed Isabella Rose on Oct. 9. She joins her sister, Katrina Elizabeth, who was born on November 9, 2008. After teaching third grade for three years at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School in Seward, Neb. Amber is now a stay-at-home mom. Jon is an actuary at Ameritas Life Insurance Co. The Jennings live in Lincoln. Jeff ‘03 and Airin Mesenbring ‘02 Matzke rejoice at the birth of Elizabeth Eloise on March 23. The Matzke family lives in the Minneapolis area, where Jeff is a city planner, and Airin is now a stay-at-home mom after having worked in market analysis for the Supervalu Corporation. Brett and Candi Brokaw ’02 Menze welcomed their second daughter, Emery June, on April 21. She has a big sister, Rylee. The family looks forward to moving into their house being constructed northwest of Staplehurst, Neb. Brian ’02 and Tina Arend ’03 Samek and Tylar welcomed Faith Morgan Samek to their family on September 1. The family resides in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Steve and Janelle Schoenleber ‘02 Thomas were blessed with a daughter, Dahlia Christine, on July 17. Steve and Janelle live in St. Peters, Mo., where Steve works for Express Scripts, Inc., and Janelle teaches second grade at Messiah Lutheran School in Weldon Spring. Jonathan and Laura Beune ‘03 Battaile celebrated the birth of their daughter, Kacie Jean, on June 10. The Battailes live in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. Jonathan is employed as a pilot for Commutair, a subsidiary of Continental, and Laura is a part-time K-8 music teacher at Royal Redeemer Lutheran School. Bethany Buchinger ’03 and Matt Helwig were married on June 12, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Vallonia, Ind. Bethany is a teacher at Immanuel Lutheran School in Seymour, Ind., and Matt is a human resource and payroll manager at Mitchell & Stark Construction Company. Jeremy and Rachel Plummer ‘03 Deutsch rejoice at the birth of Julianne Reese on March 5. She was welcomed home by big sister Ava. Jeremy completed his internal medicine residency in June and began a three-year fellowship in hematology and oncology at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Rachel is enjoying being a stay-at-home mom. Tanya Merezko ‘03 Griego and husband, Raul, celebrated the birth of their daughter Alaina Michelle on March 23. The family resides in Denver, Colo.

Jason and Kelley Fischer ‘03 Malady and brother Elijah, 3, welcomed Grace Elizabeth on January 9. The family resides in Hazelwood, Mo. Amy McClellan ’03 and Robert Edwards exchanged wedding vows on July 3. The Edwards make their home in Quincy, Ill. Alicia diZerega ’03 Montgomery graduated with her master’s in library science from the University of North Texas on May 14. She teaches middle school language arts in Coppell, Texas. Paul ‘03 and Crystal Griess ’03 Schmidt are pleased to announce the birth of Everett Gideon Schmidt on August 23. Everett was born at home in Saint Louis, Mo., and was welcomed by his three siblings, Ryker, 2, Aria, 6, and Jozlin, 4. Anna Witt ‘03 and Cale Boriack were united in marriage on July 11 at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Serbin, Texas. The couple call Dallas home. Anna is a doctoral student in science education at Texas A&M University. Cale is a project engineering technician for McCormick and Company in Irving, Texas. Matthew CO’04 GR’10 and Kayla Luehmann CO’05 GR’10 Marty are pleased to announce the birth of Micah Dean on May 3, 2010. The Martys reside in Saint Louis, Mo. David ‘04 and Melissa Graesser ’05 Pratt were blessed with a son, Josiah David, on March 11. He was welcomed home by big sister, Katelyn. The Pratts

reside in Sheboygan, Wis., where David teaches theology and computer classes at Sheboygan Lutheran High, and Melissa is a stay-at-home mom. Jeremy ‘04 and Censie Mumby ‘05 Sawyer celebrated the birth of their first child, Jude Robert, on June 25. Currently Jeremy is a caseworker in Arapahoe County, and Censie works at a treatment center in Denver as a database administrator. They reside in Thornton, Colo. Jose ‘05 and Liesl Barz ’06 Beaton welcomed their second child on July 4. Addison is excited to have a little sister, Davenie Kael. Marine captain Jose Beaton recently returned from deployment in Afghanistan. Stephen Paul Carretto ‘06 was called into the office of holy ministry on June 6 at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Wisner, Neb. Christopher Maronde ’06 received awards for best exegetical paper and best historical theology paper and the Shepherd’s Staff award for most pastoral heart among the graduating students at Fort Wayne Seminary. Chris and his wife, Bethany Stoops ’06 Maronde, will serve a dual parish in Kiron and Delote, Iowa, upon graduation. Chris was ordained in York, Neb. in June. Dr. Michelle Quinlan ’05 graduated in August from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with her doctorate in statistics, where she also earned her master’s in statistics. Quinlan is employed as a biostatistician with Novartis Oncology in Florham Park, N.J.


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Katherine Sharp ‘07 and Jeremey King were united in marriage on July 31, 2009 in Atlantic, Iowa. The couple now resides in Huntsville, Texas. Jason Adams ‘09 is currently doing his dce Internship at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Edmond, Okla. Amanda Knox ‘10 Adams is now the Mother’s Day Out Director at Messiah Lutheran Church in Oklahoma City. Alwin Borgmann ’09 was recently accepted into medical school at Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific located in Pomona, Cal.

In Memoriam
Gerhard Bode hs’32 co’49 Verna Stelzer hs’35 co’38 Hinck Marie Henricksen ’38 Seefeldt Wilma Kaehler ’40 Sattelmeier Milton Holtzen ‘44 Shirley Wegner hs’45 Scheer Elaine L. Eggers hs’48 co’55 Robert John Merz ‘51 Robert Rikkels hs’54 co’59 Albert Schmeling ‘54 Virginia Knodel ’55 Peiman Leroy Frey ‘57 Richard Herbert Gaede ‘59 Constance Schau co’59 gr’99 Ore Judy Barlau ’62 Glock Marcella Pera ’62 Meyer Carl Wolters ‘62 Robert Flesch co’65 gr’71 Ruth Corbit co’69 gr’88 Canning Douglas Grebasch ‘69 Paula Manz ’69 Nelson Helen Vavrina ‘69 Sandra Aronson ’72 Lawson Stephen Lutz ‘72 Mark Cloeter ‘76 Devie Merry ‘76 George Burright co’77 gr’89 Robert Schluckbier ‘83 William Grimm ‘85 Tracy Rheinheimer ’91 Nelson Savana Riley ‘12 Reginald Bauer, friend Rev. Dr. Erwin Kolb, emeritus faculty Arnold Luebbe, friend Rev. Dr. Eldor Meyer, former regent William Luebbe, former regent

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Concordia welcomes news of alumni accomplishments and other milestones in the lives of alumni. Alumni news needs to be submitted directly by the featured alumni rather than a third party. When submitting a death notice, please send a copy of the obituary, if possible, and include the names and class years of any survivors who attended Concordia, Nebraska. All submitted items may be edited. Send submissions to or, by post, to Concordia University, Nebraska, Alumni News, 800 North Columbia Avenue, Seward, Nebraska, 68434. Photos are welcome, whether printed or digital versions. Photos will not be returned. When possible, please send your photograph as a jpeg attachment along with your e-mail submission of news. A submitted digital photo should have a minimum of 1200 pixels on its longest side. We encourage photos with the alumni in the picture. Please note that sending an image does not guarantee its publication. Please submit items for the summer 2011 issue by May 1.

Correction Fred Limmel ’85 was incorrectly included on the In Memoriam list in the Summer 2010 Broadcaster. We are happy to tell you that Fred still is living, working and serving the Lord in Excelsior, Minn. We apologize profusely for the error.


Concordia says goodbye
Remembering Concordia’s sixth president, Rev. Dr. Ted Janzow

Concordia University, Nebraska, President Emeritus Walter Theophilus “Ted” Janzow passed away Aug. 21 at the age of 91 in Lincoln, Neb., after an illness. “Dr. Janzow’s leadership and heart for Lutheran Christian education were tremendous gifts to the church and to Concordia for decades,” said Rev. Dr. Brian Friedrich. “Ted served to bring others to Christ. He was a model servant leader. We grieve with his family at his passing and rejoice in the sure promise of eternal life that has been won for us all by Christ.” Janzow spent more than 20 years serving at Concordia, including as president from 1963-1977. He also held various roles from 1959-1962 and from 1977-1982, including professor of sociology and religion, chairman of the religion and social science departments and director of college relations. While at Concordia, he held numerous elected positions of leadership within Lutheran and public education, including president/chairman of the Nebraska Association of Church Colleges, the Nebraska Association of Colleges and Universities, the Nebraska Independent College Foundation, and the Council of Missouri Synod College and Seminary Presidents.

In 1984, he was installed as the founding president of Concordia Lutheran Seminary at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where he served until 1987. In addition to his service at Concordia, Nebraska and Concordia, Edmonton, Janzow served as pastor for 18 years in congregations in Minnesota, Illinois and Nebraska and also was the district president in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Southern Illinois District. A native of Ada, Minn., Janzow earned a master of divinity degree at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis (1944); a master of arts degree at Southern Illinois University (1957); a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1970); and an honorary doctor of divinity degree at Concordia Theological Seminary—Springfield, Ill. (1965). Janzow received seven different awards for excellent service in education, was editor of several journals and publications and authored several books, including Servant for Jesus’ Sake, an autobiography, and Smoke of the Spirit. He is survived by his four children: Dr. Fred Janzow hs ’63, ctc ’67, of Cape Girardeau, Mo.; Rev. Frank Janzow hs ’65, of Waukesha, Wis.; Kathleen Kapke hs ’68, of Lincoln, Neb.; and Dan Janzow of Lincoln, Neb.

Alumni Travel Program

June 7-15, 2011

2011 Alumni Phonathon
Current student callers look forward to talking with you and to taking your pledges during the upcoming phonathon beginning January 15. Pledges from the phonathon help fund student scholarships and Concordia’s annual operational fund. In addition to donating over the phone, alumni also can pledge online via credit card at

Alumni and friends of Concordia are invited to travel to Scotland for a unique, international golf program especially designed for Concordia alumni, families and friends. This trip will be amazing: arrival in Edinburgh, travel to St. Andrews, five days of golf on some of the most famous courses in the world, daily Scottish breakfasts, and excursions through the countryside, castles, cathedrals and the banks of Loch Lomond! Non-golfers will have sight-seeing options including a spa and wellness day, shopping and much more! For a detailed brochure, email or call 800-535-5494, ext. 7408. Registration deadline is Feb. 1, 2011.

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Annual Report & Honor Roll of Donors
The following list includes gifts from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 and does not include pledges.


Fellows of the Weller Society
Gifts of $10,000 or More
Anonymous (12) Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation Mr. Clayton Andrews ARAMARK Management Services Mrs. Alois Bader Rev. & Mrs. Edward Bertram Mr. & Mrs. David Burmeister Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Butterbrodt Cattle National Bank & Trust Company Concordia University Guild Mr. & Mrs. John Craemer Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Dassow Rupert Dunklau Foundation, Inc. Alice Eberhard Estate Mr. Norman Endorf Gilbert & Marie Finnigsmier Estate Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Brian Friedrich Mrs. Wilhelmina Giesman Imo Grant Graff Estate Grateful in Wyoming Mr. & Mrs. Ray Hacker Haldeman Homme, Inc. -Anderson Ladd Mr. & Mrs. William Hartmann Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Barry Holst Mr. & Mrs. C. G. Holthus Drs. Jeff & Erin Huebschman Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hughes Jones National Bank & Trust Company Lloyd and Doris Jungmann Estate Mrs. Paul Kaldahl Mr. & Mrs. William Kernen Kiewit Companies Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Knudten Benjamin Kouhns Estate Mrs. Phyllis Kroeger Mr. & Mrs. John Kuddes Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Lange Vera Lange Estate Thomas Latter Estate Ms. Shirley Liesener Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Luebbe LCMS Foundation Lutheran Community Foundation Ms. Kristi Matus Mr. & Mrs. Herman Meinders Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Meyer Mr. Wilfred Mueller Nebraska Humanities Council Nebraska Independent College Foundation Arthur amd Emma Parpart Estate Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Mr. & Mrs. Gary Pomerenke Drs. William & Judith Preuss

Mr. Richard Rathke Mr. & Mrs. Norman Riffel Dr. & Mrs. John Roehrs Mr. & Mrs. William Roehrs Gerald Ruroede Estate Mr. Elmer Schardt Frederick E. Schmid Charitable Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Schoening Erwin W. and Lorna D. Schuster Estate Seward Physical Therapy Service, P.C. Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Smith Mr. & Mrs. William Stock Mrs. Wayne Tanderup Mr. & Mrs. James Thom The LeRoy Thom, Jean Thom & T-L Foundation, Inc. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Thrivent Financial for Lutherans - Nebraska Region Mr. & Mrs. Del Toebben Wake Charitable Foundation Wheat Ridge Ministries Ms. Lily Wuerdeman Mr. & Mrs. Herman Zuber

Mr. & Mrs. Gerrod Lambrecht Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Lillich Lutheran Good Samaritan Society - Corona del Mar, CA Prof. & Mrs. Reinhold Marxhausen Mr. & Mrs. Charles McCourt Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Meyer Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Mrs. Elda O’Brien Dr. & Mrs. Fred Ohlde Mr. & Mrs. Henry Oppel Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Otten Pacific Hills Lutheran Church Foundation - Omaha, NE Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Probasco Mr. & Mrs. Don Rasmussen Mr. & Mrs. Scott Seevers Dr. Londa Borer-Skov & Mr. Luther Skov Thrivent Financial for Lutherans - Seward Chapter Union Pacific Corporation Elizabeth Usher Estate Wells Fargo & Company Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Williams Mr. Ward Wolfram

Associate’s Club

Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999
Anonymous (7) Andrews Van Lines, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Anschutz Mr. & Mrs. Henry Aschbrenner Mr. Ted Augustin Miss Viola Bahls Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bartels Mr. & Mrs. William Bartels Dr. & Mrs. Ernest Baughman Mr. Gilbert Becerra Ms. Jan Beck Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Beckendorf Mr. & Mrs. Roger Beckmann Mrs. Alice Beethe Mr. & Mrs. John Behrendt Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Beineke Mr. & Mrs. Milton Bek Mr. & Mrs. Willard Bellin Congressman & Mrs. Douglas Bereuter Mrs. Ardis Bergquist Mr. Clarence Berndt Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Berry Mr. & Mrs. Boyd Beune Ms. Concordia Beversdorf Mr. & Mrs. Ken Bickel Mrs. Karen Blank Mr. & Mrs. Werner Blank Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Blase Rev. Dr. & Mrs. David Block Mr. & Mrs. John Blomenberg Mr. Byron Bockelman Prof. & Mrs. James Bockelman Col. & Mrs. James Bode Rev. Melvin Boehlke Boeing Company Mr. & Mrs. Earl Bohlen Ms. Katherine Bolland Mr. & Mrs. Bret Bollmann Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Bracht Dr. & Mrs. Carl Brandhorst Dr. & Mrs. P. Stanley Brassie Ms. Pauline Braun Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Bremer Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Bridges Mr. & Mrs. Byron Brigham Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Brink Irma Broders Estate

Sower Association

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999
Anonymous (1) Abel Foundation Edward Amann Estate Mrs. Olga Baack Mr. & Mrs. Wes Baedke Mrs. R. C. Beethe Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Brott ConocoPhillips, Inc. Ms. Jaclyn Dittrich Dr. & Mrs. Paul Dumke Raymond G. Eggen Estate Dr. & Mrs. Carl Everts Mr. & Mrs. Carl Fabry Mr. & Mrs. Robert Friehe Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Gerler Jr. Wilma E. Gosch Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Donald Grant Mr. Scott Grau Growth Design Corporation Dr. Mary Gundelach Mr. & Mrs. David Hahs Mrs. Doris Hammer Ida Harnapp Estate Dr. & Mrs. Vern Harnapp Dr. & Mrs. James Holste Hughes Brothers, Inc. Edwin and Gertrude Hundt Estate Dr. & Mrs. Paul Kleine Mr. & Mrs. Richard Knuth Mrs. Loraine Kohlwey Mr. & Mrs. David Koshinski Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Kotil

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Brommer Rev. Dr. & Mrs. R. John Buuck Dr. Marcalee Carroll Dr. & Mrs. Charles Chance Ms. Rosalyn Chmelka Mr. & Mrs. M. R. Christensen Mr. & Mrs. Alan Christian Mrs. Marguerite Christman Dr. Doris Clatanoff & Mr. Duane Clatanoff Compass Group, USA Division Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Craig-Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Creedon Mr. & Mrs. Michael Daake Dell Direct Giving Campaign Mrs. Eldred Dierker Mr. & Mrs. John Dinkel Mr. Ronald Dittmar Rev. & Mrs. David Dobbertien Dr. & Mrs. Warren Doerfler Dow Corning Corporation Mrs. Jack Drews Mrs. Judy Duda Dr. & Mrs. Jack Duensing Dr. & Mrs. Charles Dull Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dunklau Eating Establishment Seward, Inc. Edward D. Jones Investment Company Mr. & Mrs. Gary Einem Dr. & Mrs. Kent Einspahr Mr. & Mrs. Glen Endorf Mrs. Nancy English Drs. Mike & Alice Epstein Mr. & Mrs. William Fecht Mrs. Eugene Ferg First Data Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fischer Mrs. Arlene Flagel Foundation of the Nebraska Society of CPA’s Fountain Of Life Lutheran - Sun City, AZ Mr. & Mrs. Donald Frank Mr. & Mrs. Quinton Furr Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gaede Mr. & Mrs. Ray Gard Dr. & Mrs. Leon Gebhardt Mr. Gerald Geiselman Mr. & Mrs. Dan Gengenbach Rev. & Mrs. Eugene Gierke Rev. & Mrs. Dan Gilbert Mr. & Mrs. J. Paul Glahn Mr. & Mrs. John Glanzer Dr. & Mrs. Eldon Gleichman Mrs. Eric Goeglein Dr. Eunice Goldgrabe Mr. & Mrs. Merle Golnick Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - Collinsville, IL Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grabbert Grace Lutheran Church - Platte Center, NE Mr. & Mrs. Delmer Gremel Mr. & Mrs. Donald Grohs Mrs. Merle Groth Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Gubanyi Rev. & Mrs. Ralph Guetersloh Ms. Cindy Guthals Mr. & Mrs. Dale Haake Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hackmann Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hahn Mr. & Mrs.Theodore Hall Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hannon Miss Elly Hardekopf Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harmon


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Ms. Sandy Harvey Mr. & Mrs. Michael Held Mr. & Mrs. Don Henning Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Henning Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Herl Dr. Robert Hermann & Mrs. Julie Johnston Hermann Rev. & Mrs. Robert Herring Mr. & Mrs. Dick Hershberger Mr. Vernon Herzberg Mr. & Mrs. Walton Herzberg Dr. Herman Hiesterman Rev. & Mrs. Joel Hiesterman Dr. Mary Hilgendorf & Mr. Duane Hilgendorf Dr. & Mrs. Vance Hinrichs Mrs. Carolyn Hoegemeyer Mr. Patrick Hofer Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hoger Mr. & Mrs. Verlin Holle Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Paul Holtorf Mr. Ken Huebner Mrs. Irene Huffman Mrs. Virginia Hughes IBM Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Larry Irmer Mr. & Mrs. Brian Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Jacob Mrs. Charlotte Jans Dr. Jean Jones & Mr. David Jones Mr. & Mrs. James Jordan Dr. & Mrs. Mark Joyce Mr. Lon Jungemann Mr. & Mrs. David Kaeding Mr. & Mrs. Eldor Kaiser Mr. & Mrs. Roger Kaiser Ms. Lillian Kautz Ms. Laura Kenow Mr. & Mrs. Pete Kenow Dr. Jane Kercher Mr. William Killion Kingery Construction Company Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kirchner Mr. & Mrs. Jared Kite Mr. & Mrs. Donald Klein Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Klein Mr. & Mrs. Mike Klintworth Mr. & Mrs. William Kloeber Mr. & Mrs. Robert Knuth Mr. & Mrs. Alan Koepke Mr. & Mrs. James Koepke Mr. & Mrs. Martin Kohlwey Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kolterman Helen Kouhns Trust Luella Kovac Estate Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Kraft Dorothy Kratzer Estate Mr. & Mrs. David Krenz Mr. & Mrs. Kermit Krieser Rev. & Mrs. Larry Krueger Ms. Olga Kuhlmann+ Mrs. Raymond Laabs Dr. Thomas Langevin Mr. & Mrs. Donald Langewisch Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Larson Paul & Sandy Lawin Lee Enterprises Mrs. Christine Lehl Rev. & Mrs. Richard Lewer Mr. & Mrs. Roger Lindner Mr. & Mrs. Alva Lohse Dr. & Mrs. Richard Luebbe Mr. Arnold Luedders Mr. & Mrs. Larry Luedders Ms. Katherine Luoma

Ruth Lutz Estate Mr. George Mack Dr. & Mrs. Martin Maehr Mr. & Mrs. James Magnuson Mr. Peter Magnuson Mr. Andrew Mannigel Mr. & Mrs. Mark Marquardt Dr. & Mrs. Todd Martin Drs. Paul & Janice Massmann Dr. & Mrs. Mark Meehl Miss Marjorie Meier Mr. & Mrs. John Meinders Mr. & Mrs. Steve Meinzen Memorial Health Care Systems Messiah Lutheran Church - Lincoln, NE Mr. & Mrs. Alan Meyer Dr. & Mrs. David Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Gene Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Henry Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Meyer Dr. & Mrs. Roger Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Meyer Dr. & Mrs. Stan Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Dale Miller Mr. & Mrs. James M. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Philip Miller Mr. & Mrs. Duane Miner Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Ray Mirly Mr. & Mrs. Paul Moeller Mr. & Mrs. John Moentmann Mr. & Mrs. Lucas Mohrman Mr. & Mrs. Tim Moll Dr. Russell Mosemann Mr. Douglas Murray & Ms. Joan Miller-Murray Mrs. Florence Natzke The Nebraska Arts Council Mr. Roger Neit Nelnet, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Neujahr Mr. Curtis Nierman Northwestern Mutual Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Stan Obermueller O’Dell Rentals, LLC Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Oetting Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Ohlmann Mr. & Mrs. Howard Olson Mr. & Mrs. Elton Oltjenbruns Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Orman Mr. & Mrs. Rex Owens Panama Coffee House Phil and Mary Pattison Family Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Paulsen Rev. & Mrs. J. Robert Paulson Mr. & Mrs. Walter Peters Mr. & Mrs. William Peters Mr. Norman Petersen Dr. & Mrs. Jerrald Pfabe Mrs. Arnold Pfeiffer Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Pfeiffer Mr. & Mrs. Russell Pflieger Mr. Ronald Pinkepank Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Plamann Helen Viola Pohl Estate Mrs. Merlin Pohl Mr. & Mrs. Ken Pohlman Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Pooker Rev. & Mrs. Norman Porath Principal Financial Group Foundation Mr. Gene Quade Mr. Stephen Ratz Mr. & Mrs. Elroy Reetz Mr. & Mrs. Twane Reker Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Rhode Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Richters

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Roberts Rev. & Mrs. Gerald Roggow Dr. & Mrs. Don Rohren Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rolfsmeier Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Rolfsmeier Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Ross Mr. Richard Rossing Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Royuk Mr. & Mrs. Steven Rozek Dr. & Mrs. Philip Rulon Runza, Inc. Saint Pauls Lutheran Church - St. Louis, MO Mrs. Dolores Sander Mr. & Mrs. Reed Sander Dr. & Mrs. Neil Sandfort Mr. & Mrs. William Sandman Rev. & Mrs. Robert Schaedel Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Schaff Hannah Schild Estate Mr. Stanley Schlueter Mr. Fred Schmidt Dr. & Mrs. Allan Schmidt Rev. & Mrs. James Schmidt Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Schmidt Mrs. Lorna Schmieding+ Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Schram Mr. & Mrs. Harold Schroeder Rev. & Mrs. Wayne Schroeder Mrs. Joyce Schultz Miss Janice Schulz Mr. & Mrs. James Schwalenberg Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Schwan Mr. & Mrs. Waldemar Seefeldt Mrs. Neal Sell Dr. & Mrs. Norman Sell Mr. Phillip Shelp Rev. & Mrs. Richard Skov Mr. Lawrence Smith Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Smothers Dr. & Mrs. Steven Sparenberg Mr. & Mrs. Frank Spiva Sprint Foundation Rev. & Mrs. John Stelling Rev. Harold Stelzer Mrs. Roland Stelzer Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Straub Mr. & Mrs. Wally Streuter Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Strieter Mrs. Lois Struve Students in Free Enterprise Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Stuewe Mr. & Mrs. Gale Suhr Dr. & Mrs. John Suhr Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Jack Swanson Dr. & Mrs. Donald Sylwester Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Tegtmeier Mr. & Mrs. Keith Templeton Mrs. Caroline Terrass Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Tewes Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Tewes Mr. & Mrs. Gary Thies Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Tieman Mr. & Mrs. Allen Timm Tri-Co Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Donald Troester Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Uffelman USA Northland Directories Dr. & Mrs. Van Vahle Dr. & Mrs. Darrell Van Luchene Vandeberg Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Mike Vincent Dr. & Mrs. Fredrick Voigtmann Wachovia Foundation Ms. Nancy Wachs Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Wacker

Concordia’s total student enrollment number for 2010-11 is the largest in its 116 year history. As of the official census date, a total of 2146 students were enrolled at the school, a jump of more than 300 from last year. Concordia has seen increases in each of the last four years. “We have a very dedicated faculty and staff,” said Rev. Dr. Brian Friedrich, president of Concordia. “They are committed to truly living our vision to grow and expand Concordia’s influence to diverse populations by fostering collaboration and adapting to our changing environment while remaining faithful to our mission. At the same time, we are committed to carefully managing our expenses in every area of the university, allowing us to offer students affordable, excellent, Lutheran Christian higher education.” Concordia’s enrollment news was good for both the Seward and the Lincoln campuses. Over 300 additional students enrolled in graduate programs housed at the Fallbrook facility, 761 from last year’s 460. The undergraduate total increased to 1385 from last year’s 1257. “We praise God for His continued blessings and for the outstanding students He continues to send to Concordia,” said Friedrich.


42 honor roll

Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Max Wake John Walz Estate Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Orville Walz Mrs. Lewis Webster Mrs. Natalie Wehrman Mr. & Mrs. K. Mark Weinrich Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Wenck Mrs. Gordon Wendling Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Wiegardt Mr. & Mrs. Ed Wiesehan Wild Chiropractic Center, P.C. Lt. Col. & Mrs. Theodore Wolfram III Mr. & Mrs. L. K. Wolter Mrs. Lucille Woodring Mr. & Mrs. Charles Woolery Rev. Wayne Woolery York Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Young Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Zabka Rev. & Mrs. Karl Ziegler Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ziegler Mrs. William Ziehr William Zimmerman Estate Robert & Dorothy Zink Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Zoch

Builder’s Club

Gifts of $500 to $999
Anonymous (6) Mr. Victor Alber Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Allerheiligen Mr. Alan Baldwin & Mrs. Janet Cheney-Baldwin Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Bangert Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bartholomew Mrs. Cynthia Beane Ms. Michelle Becerra Mr. Kevin Beck Dr. & Mrs. Floyd Behrens Mrs. Jacques Berger Allen C. Berndt Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Darwin Bettmann Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Blank Mr. & Mrs. William Blankenship Mr. & Mrs. Duane Blobaum

Mrs. Waldemar Bloch Rev. Richard Boche Mr. & Mrs. Joel Bockelman Ms. Ruth Boerger Dr. & Mrs. Charles Boettcher Mr. & Mrs. Dale Borchard Mrs. Armond Borchardt Dr. & Mrs. Ron Bork Dr. Vicki Boye Ms. Ruth Brammeier Miss Lillian Brandt Mr. & Mrs. Kurth Brashear Mr. Erich Bredehoeft & Ms. Pat Koeller-Bredehoeft Mrs. Virginia Bredehoft Rev. & Mrs. Arthur Brinkmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Darrin Brumbaugh Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Brunkhorst Mr. & Mrs. Brad Buerck Roland and Claire Bunge Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Burger Mr. & Mrs. Jay Cattle C-Tec, Inc. Chevron Corporation Christ Lutheran Foundation - Lincoln, NE Mr. & Mrs. Walter Classen Mr. & Mrs. Warren Clausing Rev. & Mrs. Martin Cloeter Concordia Publishing House Mr. & Mrs. Frank Condos Mr. & Mrs. Andy Contreras Mrs. Beverly Creed Mrs. Hilde Cross Bruce P. Cunningham Estate Rev. Garry Dassow Mrs. John Davis Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Delventhal Mr. & Mrs. Nick DeRose Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Paul Devantier Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Dittmar Mr. & Mrs. Larry Dittmer Drs. David & Grace Ann Dolak Rev. & Mrs. James Eggert Ms. Ann Eggold Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Eickmeier Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Einspahr Dr. & Mrs. Kregg Einspahr

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Ellis Mrs. Tedi Ellison Emanuel Lutheran Church - Millbank, SD Mr. & Mrs. Richard Engebrecht Mr. & Mrs. Marshall England Mr. & Mrs. David Erbach Mr. & Mrs. Len Ermold Mrs. Cornelius Esslinger Mr. & Mrs. William Evans Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Faszholz Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ferguson Erlene Fett Mr. & Mrs. Harry D. Fike Mr. & Mrs. Fred Fillman Mrs. Hubert Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Junior Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Forke Mr. & Mrs. Art Frese Mr. Garold Frickel Mr. & Mrs. Ewald H. Friedemann Mr. & Mrs. Aaron L. Gard Mr. William Gastler Mr. & Mrs. David Geisler Sr. Mrs. Edith Geisler Dr. & Mrs. John Gerber Mr. & Mrs. Paul Germeroth Dr. & Mrs. Paul Gierke Mr. & Mrs. Roger Glawatz Mr. & Mrs. Norman Glock Dr. Darryl Goehring Golgotha Lutheran Church - Wausa, NE Mr. & Mrs. John Gossin Mr. & Mrs. Fred Graft Mrs. Adelbert Grau Mr. & Mrs. Michael Greig Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Guenther H & S Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Dr. John & Janis Haggstrom Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hall Mr. & Mrs. Jon Hanschke Mr. James Hardt Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Harman Mrs. Erwin Harmening Rev. & Mrs. Elvin Harms Mrs. Richard Hartmann Mr. & Mrs. James Hartwig Mr. & Mrs. Ron Hayek Mr. & Mrs. Philip Heidemann Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Heider Dr. & Mrs. David Held Dr. Erich Helge Rev. & Mrs. David Helmer Dr. & Mrs. Joel Helmer Mr. & Mrs. DeWayne Hempelmann Mrs. Glo Hennig Mrs. Arthur Herpolsheimer Ms. Evelyn Herzberg Miss Amalia Hillmann Mrs. John Hingst Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Hinkle Ms. Priscilla Hinsch Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hoelz Dr. & Mrs. John Hoffman Mr. Steve Hoffschneider Dr. & Mrs. Robert Holtz Mr. DuWayne Holtzen Mr. & Mrs. Paul Holtzen Mr. & Mrs. Alan Holz Mr. Theodore Huebner Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Huebschman Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Huffman Huffman Engineering Inc. Ms. Amanda Husberg

Immanuel Lutheran Church - St. Charles, MO Mr. & Mrs. Paul Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Orville Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Jank Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Janzow Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Joeckel John Deere Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Johnson Ms. Marla Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jorgensen Mrs. Deborah Kadera Miss Charlotte Kaeding Miss Sarah Kaeding Mr. & Mrs. Mike Kahler Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kane Mr. & Mrs. Serle Kirchner Mr. Kevin Kisker Dr. & Mrs. Korrey Klein Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Knapp Mrs. Dale Knop Mr. & Mrs. Al Koschmann Kraft Foods Mr. & Mrs. James Krieser Mr. & Mrs. Walter Krone Mr. & Mrs. Paul Krueger Mr. Kermit Kuecker Mr. & Mrs. Ron Kuehn Mr. & Mrs. David Lange Rev. & Mrs. Donald Langhoff Dr. Priscilla Lawin Mr. & Mrs. Travis Lebo Mr. & Mrs. Terry Lee Mr. & Mrs. Ranney Leek Lee’s Refrigeration Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Limmer Dr. & Mrs. John Lott Mr. & Mrs. Howard Luehmann Mrs. Margaret Lukas Lutheran Foundation of Texas Mrs. Juanita Lutz Mr. & Mrs. Allan MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Gene Mackey Prof. & Mrs. James Mackie Mr. & Mrs. Matt Marty Rev. & Mrs. Ryan Matthias Mr. & Mrs. John McCullough Mr. & Mrs. John Meiller Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Melcher Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mettenbrink Ms. Michelle Metzger Mr. & Mrs. Alan Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Courtney Meyer Ms. Doris Meyer Dr. & Mrs. Jack Middendorf Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Miesner Minnesota Rural Electric Association Glenn Mooberry Estate Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mueller Mrs. Viola Mueller Dr. & Mrs. Willis Mundt Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Neben Dr. & Mrs. William Niebergall Dr. & Mrs. George Nielsen Miss Cathy Nightlinger Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Nikkila Mrs. Lucille Norem Ms. Arlene Norris Northrop Grumman Foundation Rev. & Mrs. Louis Nuechterlein Oberon Adornments Mr. & Mrs. Dick O’Dell Mr. & Mrs. Robert Oetting Mr. & Mrs. David Olson Mr. & Mrs. Art Ortlieb



Mr. & Mrs. Clemens Otten Our Savior Lutheran Church - Newton, IA Mr. & Mrs. Curt Parkhurst Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Perry Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pettit Rev. & Mrs. Robert Pierce Mr. & Mrs. Joel Pinnt Rev. & Mrs. Gary Pohl Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Pomerenke Mr. & Mrs. Mike Pomerenke Mr. William Post Miss Michelle Quinlan Dr. & Mrs. Merle Radke Redeemer Lutheran Church - Atwood, KS Mr. & Mrs. John Rehberg Dr. & Mrs. Edward Reinke Jr. Mrs. Vernon Retzlaff Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rikkels Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rinker Mr. Gerald Rinne Mr. Rodney Robison Mrs. Loretta Rodenburg Mrs. Ruby Rolfsmeier Mr. & Mrs. Philip Roth Mr. & Mrs. Lambert Runge Saint John Lutheran School - Seward, NE Mr. & Mrs. Robert Santel Ms. Margaret Schafer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schafer Mr. & Mrs. Gerhard Schamber Mr. Max Schamber Mr. & Mrs. Arlan Schellhorn Rev. & Mrs. Charles Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Dale Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Kirby Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Steven Schmidt Rev. & Mrs. Scott Schmieding Miss Ellen Schoenbeck Mr. & Mrs. Tom Scholz Mr. & Mrs. M. Daniel Schroeder Dr. & Mrs. W. Christopher Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. William Schwab Mr. Rex Schweers Mr. & Mrs. Gary Seevers Mr. & Mrs. Robert Senkbeil Seward County Treasurer Seward Vision Clinic Mr. & Mrs. Joel Shaffer Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Sheldon Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Siffring Mr. & Mrs. Ron Siffring Rev. & Mrs. Steven Sirek Dr. & Mrs. Elmer Smith Mr. & Mrs. Lucas Smith Jr. Mr. Jeffery Spreier Mr. & Mrs. Paul Staebler Miss Maxine Steil Mr. & Mrs. David Steinbacher Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stelling Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Stirtz Dr. Martin Stork Mrs. Margaret Swetnam Mr. & Mrs. Tim Taube Mr. David Teasley Mr. & Mrs. Larry Tewes Thrivent Financial for Lutherans - Lancaster County Chapter Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Tonjes Dr. & Mrs. Paul Trautman Mr. & Mrs. Todd Treiber Trinity Lutheran Church - Atchison, KS Trinity Lutheran Church - Ponca, NE Dr. & Mrs. Lowell Troester

Mrs. Marlene Troester Mrs. Gertrude Vahlkamp Victory Too LLC Mr. & Mrs. Steve Visser Mr. & Mrs. Chad Von Kampen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Von Seggern Mr. & Mrs. Steven Wachs Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wall Miss Kathryn Wall Rev. & Mrs. Randy Walquist Mr. J. Scot Walter & Mrs. Dianne Hobratschk Walter Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Walter Mr. & Mrs. Paul Walther Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Warneke Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Webster Jr. Mr. Jon Weerts Mrs. Helen Wegehaupt+ Mr. & Mrs. David Wegener Mrs. Evelyn Wellman Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. Thomas White Dr. Mira Wiegmann & Prof. Richard Wiegmann Mr. Leon Wiese Dr. & Mrs. Dudley Wiest Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wilcox Rev. & Mrs. Lloyd Willweber Ms. Carol Wilson Windstream Corporation Wisconsin Energy Foundation Rev. Dr. Melvin Witt Mr. & Mrs. Glen Wolken Mr. & Mrs. Clee Wolske Mr. & Mrs. John Wood Mr. & Mrs. Rick Wright Mr. & Mrs. Greg Wurst Mrs. Jo Young Ms. Dona Zrust Mr. Richard Zwemke

Leader’s Association
Gifts of $250 to $499
Anonymous (5) Ms. Susan Adam Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Adams AEGON Transamerica Foundation Ms. Doris Alberg Mrs. Irma Alpers Anheuser-Busch Company, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Kent Anschutz Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Arcement Dr. Lisa Ashby Dr. & Mrs. Ted Aufdemberge Mr. & Mrs. Larry Baack Mr. John Baden Mr. & Mrs. Luther Bajus Dr. Jennifer Baker & Mr. Paul Baker Mr. & Mrs. Robert Balzer Ms. Sandra Barber Mrs. Kathy Bartels Mr. & Mrs. V. F. Bartels Mr. Walter Bartels Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Battaile Mrs. Harold Bauer Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Becker Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Beckmann Mrs. Lois Behnke Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bentz Mr. & Mrs. Todd Bentz Drs. Marvin & Shirley Bergman Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bergt Mr. & Mrs. M. Andrew Berkbigler Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Berlin Loraine Betow Estate

Mr. & Mrs. Duane Beune Rev. & Mrs. Burnell Beyers Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bierman Dr. & Mrs. Alan Birtch Mr. & Mrs. Mark Biskupski Mr. & Mrs. Neil Bisping Mr. & Mrs. Gary Bittfield Mr. David Bode Rev. & Mrs. Gerhard H. Bode Dr. & Mrs. Paul Boerger Mr. John Boldt Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boldt Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Bolte Rev. & Mrs. Ted Bourret Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Brandt Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brandt Mr. Ralph Brauer Mr. & Mrs. William Braun Ms. Norma Brengman Mrs. Julie Brockman Ms. Kim Brockmann Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brod Dr. & Mrs. Paul Bruhn Mr. & Mrs. Byron Buhr Mrs. Helen Bunge Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Burger Mr. & Mrs. Robert Burnham Caciano Family Charitable & Educational Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Neal Castens Caterpillar Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Curt Cattau Mr. & Mrs. Rollin Cattau Mr. & Mrs. Mark Chapin Mr. & Mrs. Gary Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cheney Mr. & Mrs. Rick Chrisman Dr. & Mrs. Carl Christian Ms. Janet Cloeter Mr. & Mrs. Waldo Cloeter Mr. & Mrs. James Coe Mr. & Mrs. Roy Coffman Mr. & Mrs. Warren Consoer Dr. & Mrs. Gary Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Charles Costley Drs. Bruce & Stacy Creed Crete Glass Company Mrs. Marge Crosby Ms. Linda Currie Ms. Peggy Dankert Mr. Carl Dantzler Miss Cheryl Dart

Mr. & Mrs. E. Paul Dieckhoff Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dollase Down Under Pottery Mr. Roger Dubbe Mr. & Mrs. Larry Dyslin Mr. & Mrs. Louis Eberhard Rev. & Mrs. Roger Eden Mr. & Mrs. James Edwards Mr. & Mrs. William Eickemeyer Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Einspahr Mr. & Mrs. Paul Eisenbraun Emmanuel Lutheran Church - York, NE Ms. Gail Endorf Mr. & Mrs. Weldon Endorf Entergy Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Todd Epke Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Erickson Mr. & Mrs. Paul Esser Mr. & Mrs. Charles Falk Mr. & Mrs. Dave Faszholz Mr. & Mrs. DuWayne Federwitz Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fehlberg Mr. & Mrs. Stan Fehlhafer Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ferrin Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Fliege Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Floro Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Carl Franzen Mrs. Ervin Freudenburg Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Freudenburg Mr. & Mrs. David Frick Mr. & Mrs. Earl Frieden Mr. & Mrs. David Friedrich Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Friedrich Mr. & Mrs. Rick Fritz Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Fugitt Jr. Prof. Betty Galen Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gardner Mr. & Mrs. David Geidel Mr. & Mrs. Terry Gerdts Mr. & Mrs. John Gerety Jr. Giddings & Lewis Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Herman Glaess Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Glanzer Mr. & Mrs. Michael Goings Mr. & Mrs. Art Goldgrabe Mr. & Mrs. John Gordon Rev. & Mrs. Jeremy Gorline Mrs. Meurice Graff

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Income by Source Fiscal Year 2010 Other Income;
$850,085; 3% Investments; $4,918,316; 16% Federal/State Aid; $421,220; 1%

Tuition & Fees Endowment Support Gifts/Grants Federal/State Aid Investments Other Income

Gifts/Grants; $3,236,659; 11% Endowment Support; $1,727,579; 6% Tuition & Fees; $18,960,466; 63%

Concordia 16th in U.S. New’s “America’s Best Colleges” rankings
Concordia was one of 10 Midwest regional colleges and universities named to U.S. News & World Report’s 2011 “Great Schools, Great Prices” rankings, the only Nebraska school in the category to be included. The university also held steady at No. 16 in the overall “America’s Best Colleges” rankings in the Regional Colleges–Midwest category, remaining the highest ranked school in Nebraska in this category. “This is a terrific affirmation of what we stand for,” said Dr. Jenny Mueller-Roebke, provost of the university. “As an institution, we’ve always endeavored to be Christ-centered, to offer high quality education and to be affordable. That’s Concordia, and it’s great to see our efforts nationally recognized.” The “Great Schools, Great Prices” category recognizes the value of the overall education at those schools ranked above average academically and the net cost of attendance for a student who receives the average level of need-based aid. Based on the first-tier ranking and an overall score of 66, Concordia also compares well to schools in other categories and regions. Concordia Nebraska is the highest ranked school in the Concordia University System and places third among the members of the Great Plains Athletic Conference. “Many colleges and universities today are questioning whether their institutions can be both sincerely religious and academically superior. The answer is yes,” said Aaron Roberts, director of undergraduate recruitment at Concordia. “It’s nice to have the U.S.News rankings put an exclamation point on that. Our faculty and staff provide excellent academics and extensive extra-curriculars within a Christian community which equips students to succeed in the classroom and beyond.”
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gardner Mr. & Mrs. David Geidel Mr. & Mrs. Terry Gerdts Mr. & Mrs. John Gerety Jr. Giddings & Lewis Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Herman Glaess Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Glanzer Mr. & Mrs. Michael Goings Mr. & Mrs. Art Goldgrabe Mr. & Mrs. John Gordon Rev. & Mrs. Jeremy Gorline Mrs. Meurice Graff Mr. & Mrs. Allen Grohn Miss Jennifer Grundmeier Rev. & Mrs. Richard Gudgel Mr. Zachary Gunzelman Mr. & Mrs. Steven Haase Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hahn Miss Lucile Hahn Mr. & Mrs. Otto Haman Mr. & Mrs. Vic Hammer Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Hannemann Mr. John Harer Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Harmening Mr. Marvin Harmes Mr. & Mrs. Nolan Harms Dr. & Mrs. Alan Harre Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hart Mrs. Don Hartmann Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Heidorn Mr. & Mrs. Robert Heidtbrink Mr. Harold Heins Mr. & Mrs. Kent Heise Mr. & Mrs. Allan Hendrickson Hendrix, P.D.R., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Henny Rev. & Mrs. Nathan Henschen Mr. & Mrs. Michael Herring Dr. & Mrs. Guenther Herzog Mrs. Darryl Hilgendorf Mr. & Mrs. Don Hingst Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hinman Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hoerauf Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Hoffmann Mr. & Mrs. Glennis Holtmeier Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Holtorf Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Horn Mr. & Mrs. Tim Huebschman Mrs. Elaine Hughes Ms. Betty James Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Jeppesen Mrs. LaDonna Jesske Mr. Kenneth Johnsen Mr. & Mrs. Todd Jones Drs. John & Kristy Jurchen Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kalbfleisch Mr. & Mrs. Fredric Kamprath Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kamprath Mr. & Mrs. Ken Kasten Dr. Kristina Kaufmann & Mr. Kristopher Kaufmann Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Kerbel Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Charles Keseman Mrs. Marilyn Kirchner Mr. Friedrich Klaus Mr. Rodney Koch Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Koeller Kolterman Agency, Inc. Mrs. Donald Kolterman Mr. & Mrs. David Koopman Mr. & Mrs. Tim Kraayenbrink Dr. & Mrs. Michael Kramer Dr. & Mrs. Jay Krause Mr. Howard Krieser Mr. & Mrs. Emil Kriewaldt Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Krueger Rev. & Mrs. Robert Kuhlmann Mr. Dennis Kunkel Dr. & Mrs. Lyle Kurth Dr. Jonathan & June Laabs Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Lail Mr. & Mrs. Brad Landon Mr. John Laue Mr. & Mrs. Bill Lawrence Mr. Mickey Letofsky Mr. & Mrs. Steven Lewer Dr. & Mrs. Vern Liermann Mr. & Mrs. Milton Lisius Dr. & Mrs. George Locke Rev. & Mrs. Walter C. Loeber Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Lord Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Loseke LWML of St. John’s Lutheran Church - Topeka, KS Mr. & Mrs. Don Mac Mr. & Mrs. Albert Maier Ms. Janette Marcus Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Markin Mr. & Mrs. Gary Marschman Mr. & Mrs. Paul Martin Jr. Mr. Donley Matthias Mr. & Mrs. Ronald McClellan Mr. Preston McDaniels Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McMurtrie Mr. Brian McNally Mrs. Eileen Meehl Dr. & Mrs. Darrel Meinke Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation, Inc. Rev. & Mrs. Glenn Meyer Mr. Roland Meyer Mrs. Ruth Meyer Ms. Susan Meyer Mr. Victor Meyer Michael Forsberg Gallery Mr. & Mrs. John Michel Miss Dolores Mielke Ms. Joyce Mikow Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Millard Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Miller Rev. & Mrs. James Moll Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Moore Mr. & Mrs. Don Morner Mr. & Mrs. Scott Morris Mr. & Mrs. Brian Mueller Mr. Lloyd Mueller Rev. & Mrs. Thomas Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Merwin Nathan Nebraska Eastern Reading Council Mr. Lyle Nelson Mr. Paul Neukirch Mr. & Mrs. Laurel Niemann NIFCO Mechanical Systems, Inc. Mr. & Mrs.+ Frederic Nitschke Mr. John Nuechterlein Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell Nuss Mr. Robert Nuttelman Mr. Adam Oberheu Rev. & Mrs. Nolan Obermueller Mr. Duane Oelschlaeger & Mrs. Susan D. Rice Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Oetting Prof. & Mrs. Tim Ohlman Ms. Annette Oliver

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Olsen Mr. & Mrs. John Olson Mr. & Mrs. Dale Orlowski Mr. & Mrs. Tobin Ortstadt Mr. & Mrs. George Ott Our Redeemer LWML - North Platte, NE Mr. & Mrs. Mark Owens Mr. & Mrs. Harold Parde Mr. Arthur Paulus Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pautsch Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Pavel Peace Lutheran Church - Columbus, NE The Pentair Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Victor Peper Dr. & Mrs. Carroll Peter Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Peter Mr. Victor Peter Mr. & Mrs. Daryle Peters Mr. & Mrs. Terry Pfeifer Mrs. Benita Pfeiffer-Moritz Ms. Bernice Pfingsten Rev. & Mrs. Ronald Pfluger Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Phillips Pioneer Community Investment Mrs. Charles Plautz Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Ponivas Mrs. Harold Pooker Prairie Life Health Club Mrs. Ruth Pralle Ms. Eleanor Pratt Rev. & Mrs. Mark Press Mr. & Mrs. William Prigge Dr. & Mrs. Mark Puls Mr. & Mrs. Roland Quick Dr. Marjorie Raess Mr. & Mrs. Alan Ragoss Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rathert Mr. Zachary Rathje Mrs. Shirley Rauscher Raytheon Company Mr. & Mrs. Donald Reeb Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Reed Mr. & Mrs. George Regas Ms. Gertrude Rehfeld Mr. Jim Reindel & Ms. Beth Bernthal Miss Carol Reiners Mr. & Mrs. Peter Renn Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rich Mr. & Mrs. David Richterkessing Mr. Don Richters Richters, Inc. Mrs. Lawrence Ring Mr. & Mrs. John Rittenhouse Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rodenberg Dr. Jenny Mueller-Roebke & Mr. Stan Roebke Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Roggow Dr. & Mrs. Richard Rolfsmeier Miss Darla Rosendahl Rev. & Mrs. Jerome Rossow Mr. & Mrs. Donald Roth Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rottman Mr. & Mrs. W. Albert Rubke Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ruckle Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rudlaff Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rugenstein Mr. & Mrs. Noel Ruhter Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Ruschmeyer Saint Paul Lutheran Church - Orchard, NE Saint Paul Lutheran Church - Strasburg, IL Mr. & Mrs. James Sanft Mr. & Mrs. James Sauder


44 honor roll


Rev. & Mrs. Allen Schade Dr. & Mrs. Albert Scharen Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Scheid Ms. Carolyn Schipporeit Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Schipull Mr. & Mrs. Orlyn Schlie Mrs. Elizabeth Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Lee Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Glen Schmieding Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schnackenberg Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schnitker Rev. Thomas Schoech Mr. & Mrs. Donald Schroeder Mr. James Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Don Schultz Dr. Armin Schulz Mr. Richard Sebesta Mrs. Mark Seboldt Dr. & Mrs. John Seevers Dr. & Mrs. Brandon Seifert Seward County Independent Seward Jr. Women’s Club Mr. & Mrs. Ken Shaw Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Sieck Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Neil Skov Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Smith Mr. Devin Smith & Mrs. Michelle Schroeder Smith Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Sneller Ms. Rosalie Soodsma Mr. Paul Soulek Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Stadie Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Stearns Mr. & Mrs. Brent Stehlik Mr. & Mrs. Chad Stepanek Mr. & Mrs. Norman Stevens Dr. & Mrs. Richard Stevens Mr. & Mrs. Donald Strauch Mr. Ralph Streicher Mr. & Mrs. Martin Strohschein Dr. & Mrs. Robert Sylwester Rev. & Mrs. Melvin Symmank Lt. Col. & Mrs. Eric Teegerstrom Ms. S. Kay Thaden-DeBoer Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Thiel Mr. Don Thomas & Mrs. Michal-Linda Thomas Miss Ruth Thompson Mr. & Mrs. William Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Timmerman Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Trampe Trinity Lutheran Church - Lexington, NE Mr. Shane Tschetter Mr. & Mrs. Ken Tschopp Mr. Gerald Uhlig Mr. & Mrs. Michael Unger Mr. & Mrs. Tim Unick Mr. & Mrs. Roger Varner Verizon Foundation Mr. Ryan Voelker Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Voeltz Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Von Bargen Mr. & Mrs. LeMoyne Waak Mr. & Mrs. Earl Wagner Mrs. Mildred Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Walther Dr. & Mrs. John Walther Mr. & Mrs. Arlan Warneke Wayne’s Body Shop Weathercraft Company of Lincoln Mr. & Mrs. William Webb Mr. & Mrs. Perry Weber Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Weeder Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Wehling

Mrs. Russell Wenck Mr. & Mrs. Donald Werner Mr. Michael Werner The H. O. West Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Richard Whatley Mr. Kermit Wild Mr. Mark Wilke Dr. John Willhardt Windmill Pines Mr. & Mrs. Russell Wissing Mrs. Elaine Wolf Mr. & Mrs. Ted Wolfram IV Mr. & Mrs. Mark Wolters Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wutke Mr. & Mrs. James Yagow Mr. Albert Yanke Ms. Janice Yung Zion Lutheran Church - Dallas, TX Mr. Allen Zum Hofe Two Minute Club Gifts of $139 to $249 Anonymous (2) Mr. & Mrs. Reese Abbe Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Adam Albemarle Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Allen Mr. & Mrs. Ted Allwardt Ms. Martha Alspaugh Mr. & Mrs. Ira Andersen Rev. Darryl Anderson Mr. & Mrs. John Anderson Ms. Linda Anderson Mr. Terry Annable Mr. & Mrs. Larry Annis Mrs. Helen Aupperle Mr. & Mrs. Mark Baacke Miss Kory Bajus Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Balsters Mr. & Mrs. Bert Banholzer Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Bartels Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Barton Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bauer Mrs. George Becker Mr. & Mrs. Sean Beery Mr. & Mrs. Galen Benson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Benson Rev. & Mrs. David Bergquist Miss Carolyn Bergt Miss Rebecca Bernthal Dr. & Mrs. Richard Bimler Rev. & Mrs. Harold Block Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth Block Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Bluma Mrs. Joyce Blunk Mr. Benjamin Boche Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boetel Mr. & Mrs. David Bogardus Mrs. Sigmund Bohnet Mr. & Mrs. John Book Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Brandt Rev. & Mrs. Walter Brill Mrs. Marjorie Brockshus Mr. Ron Brown & Mrs. Molvina Carter Ms. Mindy Brunkhardt Mrs. Loralee Bruns Mr. & Mrs. Richard Burgdorf Mr. & Mrs. William Burger Ms. Kelly Burke Miss Diana Burnell Mr. & Mrs. William Busacker Rev. & Mrs. Mark Bussert Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Carlow Centennial Lutheran LWML - Superior, NE Mr. & Mrs. Paul Cheney

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Clark Mr. & Mrs. F. Paul Colba Ms. Jean Collier Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Conner The Cookie Company Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Cooksey Mr. & Mrs. Martin Cordes Rev. & Mrs. Samuel Cosby Mr. & Mrs. Jack Coslet Mr. & Mrs. Paul Coverston Mr. & Mrs. Danny Danielczyk Daniels Woodcarving Company, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Duane Davis Mr. & Mrs. Lavern Deke Rev. & Mrs. Robert Dibell Mr. & Mrs. Brent Dieckhoff Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dinesen Mrs. Joe Divis Dorcas Society - Denison, IA Ms. Pansy Drake Rev. & Mrs. Douglas Dubisar Mr. & Mrs. Matt Duchek Mr. & Mrs. James Duitsman Mrs. Dorothy Ebner Pastor & Mrs. David Ebs Mr. Dale Eckhoff Chris and Gail Effken Miss Viola Ehlers Mr. & Mrs. Dean Elbers Mr. & Mrs. David Endorf Mr. & Mrs. David E. Endorf Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Erickson Rev. & Mrs. Vernon Ermeling Mr. Lon Erwin Mr. Ernie Eulert ExxonMobil Foundation Mr. & Mrs. William Fader Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Felker Dr. & Mrs. Robert Fiala Mr. & Mrs. Mark Filter Mr. & Mrs. Karl Fink Mr. & Mrs. Mark Fittje Mr. & Mrs. Michael Flandermeyer Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Flory Jr. Mrs. Janice Foley Mrs. June Ford Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Fortmeyer Mrs. Alfred Freitag Ms. Lois Frerking Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Freudenburg Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Fritock Mrs. Rolland Fritz Mr. & Mrs. Edward Gallmeier Mr. Roger Gamble Mr. Kevin Garbers Mr. & Mrs. John Garske Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Gaunt Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gebhardt Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Gellerman Rev. & Mrs. John Gierke Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Giru Mr. & Mrs. Steve Glandorf Miss Stephanie Glanzer Rev. & Mrs. Nolan Gnewuch Mr. & Mrs. Harold Gohl Rev. & Mrs. Scott Goltl Dr. Elmer Gooding Mr. & Mrs. Peter Grass Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gruber Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Gudgel Mr. & Mrs. James Guebert Mr. & Mrs. Cory Guethling Mr. Ted Gunning & Mrs. Diane Helm-Gunning Miss Carol Haak Mr. & Mrs. Don Hahn

Mr. Mark Halldorson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hardt Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harp Ms. Patricia Harstad Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hartmann Rev. Dr. Bruce Hartung Rev. & Mrs. Don Haselhuhn Mr. & Mrs. William Hawke Mr. Marvin Heidenreich Dr. & Mrs. Mark Heidorn Mr. & Mrs. Burdette Heiman Mr. & Mrs. Iddo Heinicke Mr. & Mrs. Allen Heitschmidt Rev. & Mrs. Dwight Hellmers Mr. & Mrs. Ted Helmer Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hencye Mr. & Mrs. Neil Henry Mr. & Mrs. Hilton Henschen Mr. & Mrs. Michael Henson Mr. & Mrs. Keith Herman Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hermann Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hiam Mr. & Mrs. Howard Hight Mr. & Mrs. William Hilgendorf Mr. Paul Hillmann Mr. & Mrs. W. John Hoener Mr. & Mrs. Craig Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Terry Hoffmann Rev. & Mrs. Gary Hoffstetter Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hofman Mrs. Ronald Hofmann Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hofts Mr. & Mrs. David Hohbein Mr. & Mrs. R. Leroy Hohle Holiday Inn - Lincoln, NE Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Holle Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Hollman Mr. Herbert Holste Dr. & Mrs. LeeRoy Holtzen Mr. & Mrs. Donald Holz Dr. Michelle Reeb Homp & Mr. Gerald Homp Dr. & Mrs. Wallace Horton Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Houchin Miss Patricia Hruza Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hubner Mr. & Mrs. Clay Hudgins Mr. & Mrs. Richard Huebner Mr. Henry Iburg Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Ikerd Immanuel Lutheran Ladies Society - Bremen, KS Mr. & Mrs. K. Kirk Jamison Dr. & Mrs. Robert Jarrett Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Jensen Mr. Kyle Johnson Mr. & Mrs. David Jungmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kammerlohr Dr. & Mrs. William Karpenko II Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Kellner Mrs. Margaret Kelly Dr. & Mrs. Conrad Kercher Rev. & Mrs. Dale Kern Mr. & Mrs. Victor Kesse Jr. Kiewit Building Group, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Luther Klenke Rev. & Mrs. Herbert Kluck Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Kluge Mr. & Mrs. James Knoepfel Mrs. Bradley Knudsen Drs. Karl & Sara Koelling Ms. Virginia Kohtz Rev. & Mrs. Glenn Korb Mrs. Bernard Korbitz Miss Leah Kortmeyer

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Kraft Mrs. Lois Kramer Mr. & Mrs. Jon Krause Mr. & Mrs. Elmore Krenning Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Krueger Mr. & Mrs. Ron Krueger Mr. & Mrs. Michael Krywanski Mr. & Mrs. John Kuehn Rev. & Mrs. David Kuhnle Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Kukowski Mr. & Mrs. David Kumm Mr. Steve Kurek Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Kym Mrs. Phyllis Lammert Mr. Les Lance & Ms. Linda Birkes-Lance Mrs. Lucille Lange Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Larson Mr. & Mrs. Jason Leimbach Lincoln Lutheran School Association - Lincoln, NE Lincoln Orthopaedic Center Lindner Painting, Inc. Mrs. Marilyn Lindner-Bombeck Mr. & Mrs. Robert List Mr. & Mrs. Neil Lohmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Federico Lopez Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Luehmann Mr. & Mrs. Carl Lueker Ms. Sharen Lukow Lutheran Laymen’s League Zone 6 - Waco, NE Mr. & Mrs. Roger Lutz Dr. Katy Lux Rev. & Mrs. Edward Maas Maclellan Foundation Mrs. Delmar Maier Mr. Thomas Mangelsen Mrs. Melvin Marschel Prof. & Mrs. Edmund Martens Miss Michelle Martin Mr. & Mrs. Larry Matzen Miss Holly Matzke Ms. Marcel Maupin Mr. & Mrs. Romney Mawhorter Mr. & Mrs. David McCarty Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCarty Miss Amy McClellan Ms. Marguerite McCready Mr. & Mrs. Dan McGrew Mr. & Mrs. George Meier Mr. & Mrs. John Meier Mr. & Mrs. John E. Meier Mr. James Menendez Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Menzel Merle’s Greenhouses, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Karl Mertens Mr. Walter Metschke Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Metzner Mr. & Mrs. Richard Meyer Rev. & Mrs. Robert Meyer Mr. Melvin Middendorf Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Miller Mrs. Helen Miller Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Miller Mr. & Mrs. Keith Moje Daniel Moravec & Carol Teinert-Moravec Ms. Patricia Moss Dr. & Mrs. Russell Moulds Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Muehl Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Mueller Rev. & Mrs. Paul Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Murken Mr. & Mrs. Harold Myhre Mrs. Vilma Nathan

Nebraska Womens Amateur Golf Asssociation Mr. & Mrs. John D. Neill Mr. Louis Niedens & Linda Hoover Mr. & Mrs. Orville Nieman Mrs. Loretta Niemann Mr. & Mrs. Harold Niermann Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nieting Mrs. Kenneth Niles Mr. & Mrs. Gary Norton Mrs. E. Walt Nun Mrs. Adella Oberndorfer Miss Remkea Ockander Mrs. Marion Oellermann Mrs. Leonard Ohlde Mr. Melvin Olsen Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Olson Mr. & Mrs. R. Warren Opel Mrs. Ernest Oppliger Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Orlowski Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Osten Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Otten Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pauluhn Mr. & Mrs. Harold Peacock Ms. Susan Peck Ms. Sally Peltier Mrs. Janice E. Pena Mr. & Mrs. Roland Pera Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Peregoy Mr. Denis Peters Mrs. Karl Peters Prof. & Mrs. Robert Pflieger Mr. & Mrs. Max Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Leland Pitsch Miss Megan Pleak Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pohlman Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Polson Mr. & Mrs. Norman Pooker Mr. & Mrs. Norman Poppe Miss Anne-Marie Potane Mr. & Mrs. Gerhardt Pralle Mr. Reuben Pralle Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Prentice Mr. & Mrs. Eric Priebe Rev. & Mrs. Jonathan Priest Mr. & Mrs. John Prim Mr. & Mrs. Delmar Quade Mrs. Bonnie Quesnel Rev. & Mrs. George Rakos Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Rapp Ms. Suzanne Rasmussen Mr. Steve Rathje Rev. & Mrs. John Recks Rev. & Mrs. David Reed Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Reetz Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rehkop Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Reiner Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Marlin Reiners Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Reinertson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Reiser Dr. Kathleen Remmers & Mr. Virgil Remmers Mrs. Melissa Rock Mr. & Mrs. Derron Rolf Mr. & Mrs. James Rude Dr. & Mrs. Alan Runge Mr. & Mrs. Robert Runnels Saint James Lutheran Church - Lafayette, IN Saint John Lutheran Church - Alta, IA Mr. & Mrs. Paul Salchow Jr. Mrs. Sarah Salzberg Mr. & Mrs. Jay Schaefer Mr. & Mrs. John Schamber Mrs. Vera Schardt

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Schedler Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Scheer Ms. Lila Scheer Mr. & Mrs. Charles Scheuber Miss Mary Schinnerer Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Schkade Mr. & Mrs. Scott Schlapkohl Dr. & Mrs. Robert Schleef Mr. & Mrs. Jason Schleicher Mr. & Mrs. Paul Schleiger Mr. & Mrs. Albert Schlichting Mrs. Paul Schlichting Dr. & Mrs. Arnold Schmidt Rev. & Mrs. Eugene Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Grant Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Martin Schmidt Miss Rebecca Schnackenberg Mr. & Mrs. Josh Schnakenberg Mrs. Jeanette Schneckloth Mr. Richard Schneider & Mrs. Nickki Vahle-Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Schoenherr Mr. & Mrs. John Scholz Ms. Linda Schroeder Ms. Carolyn Schuette Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schultz Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Schulz Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Schulz Gerald and Bonnie Schulze Rev. & Mrs. Steven Schumacher Ms. Dorothy Schwertfeger Science Applications International Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Ryne Seaman Mr. & Mrs. Luke Seibel Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Selby Mr. & Mrs. Roger Shaw Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Richard Shouse Mr. & Mrs. Marwan Siagian Mrs. Lola Sievers Dr. Carolyn Sims Mr. & Mrs. Mike Sindt Mr. Joshua Sirek Sleep Inn & Suites Mrs. Hulda Smith Ms. Joy Smith Mr. & Mrs. Charles Snider Rev. & Mrs. Russell Sommerfeld Ms. Paula Spark Mr. David Sperling Sports Express, Inc. Mr. Robert Stach Mr. & Mrs. Tim Stauffer Mrs. Gordon Steffens Rev. Dr. Alan Steinbach Mr. & Mrs. Carl Steinbrueck Mr. & Mrs. Paul Steiner Mr. & Mrs. William Stephens Mr. & Mrs. Todd Stevens Mr. & Mrs. William Stevenson Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Stigge Mrs. Trudi Stigge Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Stoltenberg Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Storck Ms. Annetta Stork Mr. & Mrs. Bob Storm Rev. & Mrs. Kim Stover Rev. Dr. Norbert Streufert & Dr. Eunice Streufert Mr. & Mrs. Brian Strong Mr. & Mrs. John Stucky Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Suden Mr. & Mrs. John Sullivan Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bret Taylor

Ms. Lynette Tegtmeier Tenneco Automotive- Walker Division Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Terry Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tewes Mrs. Priscilla Thate Procter & Gamble Rev. & Mrs. Harry R. Theiss Mr. Gilbert Thiel & Mrs. Gladys Humage-Thiel Mrs. Allen Thorp Mrs. Lavern Tietz Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Tietz Mr. & Mrs. Stacy Timm Mr. & Mrs. Willard Timmerman Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tobey Town & Country Quilters Mr. & Mrs. Leander Tramp Mr. & Mrs. Larry Traub Mr. & Mrs. Gary Truwe Mr. & Mrs. Larry Uden Ms. Diane Uhlig Mr. & Mrs. Joel Van Ryn Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Van Velson Mr. & Mrs. George Vasilauskas Mr. & Mrs. Leland Vette Mrs. Myron Vogt Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Volkens Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Wachsmann Mr. & Mrs. Larry Wade Mr. Roger Waech Mr. & Mrs. Roger Walker Mr. Jeffrey Waltman Mr. Jeffrey Warneke Rev. & Mrs. Paul Warnier Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Wassman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Watson Mrs. Deborah Wedde Mr. & Mrs. Edward Weerts Mr. & Mrs. David Weinz Mr. & Mrs. Jared Weiss Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wellmann Mr. & Mrs. Michael Welter Ms. Elaine Wendt Mr. Edwin Wergin Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Werner Mrs. Kathryn Werth Mr. & Mrs. John Westrem Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Weyer Mr. & Mrs. Earl Wichmann Mr. & Mrs. James Widyn Mr. Jacob Wiegmann Mr. & Mrs. Steven Wilkinson Mr. Mike Willet Mr. & Mrs. Clare Wiltse II Mr. & Mrs. James Winckler Dr. & Mrs. Walter Winters Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Witt Rev. & Mrs. Henry Witte Rev. & Mrs. Richard Wolfram Mrs. Eldred Woltemath Mrs. Darla Rein Wolters Mr. & Mrs. John Wood Dr. & Mrs. Larry Wooster Mr. Charles Worm Mrs. Hugh Wright Mr. Duane Wuertz Zabka Funeral Home Rev. & Mrs. Bill Zastrow Mr. Allan Zeitz Dr. & Mrs. Woody Ziegler Zion Lutheran Church - Claflin, KS Zion Lutheran Church - Hubbell, NE Mr. & Mrs. Marlin Zobel Dr. & Mrs. Rudy Zoch Mr. Douglas Zuellner


46 honor roll


The following list includes gifts and pledges from The Nebraska Association of Congregations for Concordia for 2010.
Trinity - Amherst Trinity - Arapahoe Saint Paul - Arlington Immanuel - Atkinson Trinity - Auburn Saint Paul - Beatrice Saint John - Beemer Trinity - Blair First Trinity - Bloomfield Christ - Cairo Saint Paul - Cambridge Saint Paul - Central City Saint John - Chester Christ - Columbus Immanuel - Columbus Saint John - Columbus Saint John - Cordova Redeemer - David City Immanuel - Daykin Trinity - Decatur (Walthill) Saint Peter - Deshler Saint Peter - Elk Creek Lord of Life - Elkhorn Christ - Falls City Saint Paul - Falls City Trinity - Foster Grace - Franklin Good Shepherd - Fremont Trinity - Fremont Zion - Garland Holy Cross - Goehner Grace - Grand Island Peace - Grand Island Trinity - Grand Island Zion - Grant Saint Peter - Gresham Good Shepherd - Gretna Zion - Harbine (Jansen) Trinity - Hebron (Friedensau) Mount Calvary - Holdrege Saint Paul - Holstein Zion - Hubbell (Chester) Zion - Imperial Chirst - Juniata Zion - Juniata Holy Cross - Kearney Saint Paul - Kenesaw Immanuel - Laurel Beautiful Savior - La Vista Calvary - Lincoln Christ - Lincoln Faith - Lincoln Good Shepherd - Lincoln Holy Savior - Lincoln Immanuel - Lincoln Messiah - Lincoln Redeemer - Lincoln Trinity - Lincoln Immanuel - Louisville Saint John - Lyons Saint Paul - Malcolm Trinity - Martinsburg (Ponca) Immanuel - Merna Good Shepherd - Milford Saint Paul - Minden Grace - Neligh Christ - Norfolk Grace - Norfolk Saint Peter - North Bend Beautiful Savior - North Platte Our Redeemer - North Platte Our Savior - Odell Bethlehem - Omaha Divine Shepherd - Omaha King of Kings - Omaha Pacific Hills - Omaha Saint Mark - Omaha Christ - O’Neill Saint Paul - Orchard (Venus) Saint John - Ord Saint John - Palmer Zion - Pawnee City Saint John - Pierce Zion - Pierce Grace - Platte Center Bethlehem - Pleasant Dale Bethlehem - Ravenna Immanuel - Rising City Faith of our Fathers - Roca Calvary - Rosemont (Blue Hill) Saint Mark - Ruskin Christ - St. Paul Immanuel - Schuyler Trinity - Schuyler Zion - Scotia Saint John - Seward Zion - Shelton Hope - South Sioux City Centennial - Superior Saint John - Tecumseh Immanuel - Tilden Peace - Waco Our Redeemer - Wahoo Trinity - Walthill Saint Paul - Wauneta Golgotha - Wausa Peace - Waverly Grace - Wayne Saint John - Wilcox Saint Paul - Wisner Saint Peter - Wymore Emmanuel - York

Endowments Create a Lasting Legacy

Fred and Ann Strieter understand what a difference an endowment can make. The Strieter’s association with Concordia began in 1903 when Fred’s grandfather, J. A. Fred Strieter, joined the faculty. “This long history with the school is one reason that Ann and I support Concordia; we want the institution to grow and prosper, and that requires the financial contributions of its supporters.” Both of the Strieters also believe strongly in the impact of a Christian education. “I am convinced a small Christian school results in a better educational experience,” said Fred, adjunct professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering at Texas A&M University.

“The classes are small, the instructors are dedicated to teaching, and, most importantly, the instructors and administrators provide a Christian perspective on the educational experience.” The Strieters understand how important their endowment is to current students at Concordia. “Several years after my family established a scholarship fund in the name of our parents, Ann and I saw that the fund needed to grow to keep pace with the increasing costs of a college education. We now try to increase the endowment with yearly contributions.”

Perhaps you feel like the Strieters and would like to create your own legacy.

For information about establishing a named endowment or contributing to an existing endowment, please go to or contact the Development office: 800.535.5494 ext. 7408.

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NON-PROFIT US POSTAGE 800 North Columbia Avenue Seward, NE 68434 PERMIT 180



Catch a concert in your area as our music ensembles tour this spring:
February 2-7 March 2-13 March 30-April 4 Chamber Choir Tour: New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland University Symphonic Band Tour: Iowa, Indiana, Florida, Alabama and Missouri University A Cappella Choir Tour: Nebraska and Colorado Visit for concert times and locations.


Visit for the most recent schedule and ticket information. Home openers and major meets or tournaments are listed below for athletics.

January 2011
10 14-16 16 Begin Spring Term Sleet and Sun Forensics Invitational Opening reception for Biennial Faculty Exhibition, Marxhausen Gallery, Jesse Hall, 1-4 p.m. with artist talk at 2 p.m.; exhibit runs through February 18 Visit Day for prospective students: see to register Looking Beyond Speaker Series: Rev. Dr. Tilahun Mendedo, Weller Auditorium, 10 a.m. Wrestling vs. Hastings College Dual, 7 p.m. Concordia High School Speech Classic Indoor track & field hosts the Concordia Classic Men’s and women’s basketball at Concordia Invitational Tournament, Ann Arbor, Mich. Baseball vs. Peru State College, 1 p.m. Visit Day for prospective students: see to register 22-Mar. 1 Women’s basketball GPAC Conference Tournament 22-Mar. 1 Men’s basketball GPAC Conference Tournament 25-26 Tartuffe, Studio Theatre, Music Building, 7:30 p.m. 27 Tartuffe, Studio Theatre, Music Building, 2 p.m. 20 21 8-10 10 10–14 14 15 16 17 One Act Play Festival, Studio Theatre, Music Building, 7:30 p.m. University A Cappella Choir concert, St. John Lutheran Church, 3 p.m. Osten Observatory open house, 9-10:30 p.m. each evening Spring honor recital, Recital Hall, Music Building, 7:30 p.m. Visit Day for prospective students: see to register Track & Field hosts the Concordia Invite Opening reception for Annual Student Art Exhibition, Marxhausen Gallery, Jesse Hall, 1-4 p.m. with awards presentation at 2 p.m.; exhibit runs through May 3 Male Chorus and Women’s Chorale concert, St. Gregory the Great Seminary, 4 p.m. University Symphonic Band and UniversityCommunity Band concert, Weller auditorium, 7 p.m. Spring JazzFest with Nayanna Holley presented by Jones National Bank & Trust Co. Fine Art Series, Weller auditorium, 7:30 p.m. IMPROVables Performance, Studio Theatre, Music Building, 7:30 p.m.

17 17 19 22 28-29 28-29

3 3-5 3-5 7-11 9-15 9-15 16 18 25 29 Looking Beyond Speaker Series: Dennis Berens, Weller Auditorium, 10 a.m. Indoor Track & Field NAIA National Championships, Geneva, Ohio Wrestling NAIA National Wrestling Championships, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Spring Recess Women’s basketball NAIA National Championships, Sioux City, Iowa Men’s basketball NAIA National Championships, Lookout Point, Mo. Softball vs. Bellevue University, 5 p.m. IMPROVables performance, Studio Theatre, Music Building, 7:30 p.m. Visit Day for prospective students: see to register Way of the Cross devotional event, Weller Hall, 8 p.m.

17 26

4-5 5-6 9 11 12 13 17 18 18 A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Weller auditorium, 7 p.m. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Weller auditorium, 2 p.m. Women in Business luncheon, JCC Cattle Conference Room, 12 p.m. Women’s tennis vs. William Jewell College, 4:30 p.m. Indoor Track & Field hosts the Concordia Invite Chamber Choir concert, St. John Lutheran Church, 3 p.m. Recital of Women Composers, Recital Hall, Music Building, 7 p.m. Men’s tennis vs. William Jewell College, 5 p.m. University Symphonic Band and UniversityCommunity Band concert, Seward High School, 7 p.m. Indoor Track & Field GPAC Championships Lincoln, Neb. Wrestling NAIA North Regional Championships, Orange City, Iowa, 9 a.m. Opening reception for Art And Text: Images, Concepts, And Insights, Marxhausen Gallery, Jesse Hall, 1-4 p.m. with exhibition talk at 2 p.m. in Thom Leadership and Education Center auditorium; exhibit runs through April 1



1 5-7 6-7 6-7 6-8 6 7 9 13-14 17-21 27-29 Handbell concert, Music Building, 3 p.m. Softball GPAC Tournament, Sioux City, Iowa Track & Field GPAC Championships, Orange City, Iowa Men’s and women’s tennis GPAC Tournament, Fremont, Neb. Baseball GPAC Tournament, Mitchell, S.D. Baccalaureate Service, St. John Lutheran Church, 7:30 p.m. Commencement; Health, Human Performance and Athletic Center, 10 a.m. Begin Summer Term Track & Field hosts the Concordia Twilight Meet Men’s and women’s tennis NAIA National Tournament, Mobile, Ala. Track & Field NAIA National Championships, Marion, Ind.

1-3 3 One Act Play Festival, Studio Theatre, Music Building, 7:30 p.m. Opening reception for Bachelor of Fine Art Thesis Exhibition, Marxhausen Gallery, Jesse Hall, 1-4 p.m. with artist talk at 2 p.m.; exhibit runs through April 15 Looking Beyond Speaker Series: Dr. Byron Tweeten and Mark Glaess, Weller auditorium, 7 p.m. 5th Annual Academy for Excellence University Symphonic Band concert, Seward High School, 7 p.m.

19 19 20

4 8 8

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