( Duck and Cover


For primary 3rades~ and supplementa use In secondary.

by Ray J. "auar


uff clal Film: Federal Civil Dafens e

Admlnistr .10.n ..

ritten un~er supervision of TIO!l/!.L DUOl TION S.:OO~. T 10)1 of t.he Uni ted St, .t.ae ,


thin 1:1e see 1s not the titles II

n ani ated cart.oon of Bert~ the "Turtle, who "mIks a Long in an upr 19ht . position. Fo.l Lowi nr him, and also on

. tvlO feet, is a skunk (who sha11 be 'nameless). The skunk is suspending ,A li;hted fIrecracker over Bert's

head by means of c x: f'Lahpo l e , .ihe firecracker 1s close eno~~h to frl~ht-

.en the turtle D but not hur t him.

Closeup of bh e turtle, who do ean ~ t hear

the warn Lng , keeps r' ht on \vRll{ n::;

Suddenly, the flrec'·ac.r.er goe~'3

off, em~in5 brilliant flash' over the whole scene

Turtle flops down on his belly




MUSIC: Sui table to the mood, in rhythm with the steps of the ani~&ls.

. I

~ister Turtle ••• LOQd out!

NAR: Look out!

llAR: DC CK •••


,. Turtle pulls in head, feet and tail.

In one quick motion, they all d i s a ppe a:' 30Ul\F):vfuistle, amph.aa f z Lng the quiok

'into his shell.


",' .

wlthdre.wal of the mem e r s into the


NA This is Bei"t, the Turtle, friendS'.

Super tTI1'Poee f iret title over "Bert:



JlI[? S G ..... 1 .,.. ITlE: "0 IO;.,L

: F' D RATfON"



o uo:mn


• p •

!S J r C."

n. Dl C1'

Next we Bee 2 Oloseup Front vlew ~f ertp at 11 ~11 pU Sf lnto h B Bell.

T ro h the dar~ aperture in the ront

o Bert I 8Sr.~. two eyes

8h1n1n~ throu;h the darkness ins_de. s ve left to r ht and back

S 'V r

e 0 tn

vehement '1 no " •

e eyes shake "no" 8 in, this

t ne so v10lently the whole 9nimal

roc s.

els do1n~ Bo~ethln~ e en and everyone f _!. mus t learn to do •••

OCK 1!) COY I Ho •

mh t's what th s

1m 18 all: about.

o-fflc 0.1 r;lv11 efenae " 11m,

P_oduced b

Pro llct ona.

eYI Be~~ ••• oome on out· nd meat ell -se nioa oeople!



Oh" 1 ri"'ht. t'fa re 11 c nit bla.m you.
( to au lanoe) You see. :friends. rt 1s
n var'.!, vary oareful fello\>t. ifhen t a'
dange r , this 1s the way hG ~eepa fro"
be hurt~ ometimes, it even ves .- Dissolve to Llv6ection photo ""raphy D

fourth rade 01 saroom roane, with

ld-style desks. P pi1

Be listening

ntently to teacher, wbo i8 about to

h ve UDuolt and Cover" drill.

Oloseup 01' the teacbeJl a .he .Jives a sl n for tho alpss to -rop.

he 01 as coverB ~aces

, ..


Duol{ and cover \1111 keep !!& from


bein_; ba41y tll..Lrt, too, "if an ~ bomb

ever explodes Em XnB~X nearby.

Tbet I B '-J'by these ohlldrem;:x are praotic· lnE to duck and cove~~ aet' 11' e you ao n yOlll' c1

ne eks , ,iT'OP8 _Jey 0..11 nO.\I the abcra 'bomb .1s ve~~y

da.n,;eroU8 I>

~e must 3et ready for it,

under es·"s. [l'old on covered-up


35 t stoo- fa ta~ of


just as we hevs ~atten ready f~r many

other drn ora th t T6 aroun' us 1 th<

t. me~

on fire, wi h no rueeoroe demage

tn evidenoe. Fire is e dfln;el'. If someone 100 relesl 1t can burn whole bul1d~' D

au a man r~n in

fire alarm box.

stoc footage of rlreman in ~ction.

Pol oeman~ stoppin..J traffic 8 a a~ sswal eo chIldren can croee

But we aI'S rea y for 1'ires. va hay rm boxes to (JaIl for holp,

and a fine i'ire department to pat out the fire and kee) everybody ef.

utamobiles can be JaD6erous too.

they sometimes C~ use bad acol ante. t

Children oro.sa


11'a1e In on a eoroewnat !'uvli! land-

cape, lvi thot..l.t peo],lle

we are ready.. We have BRfet.)' rules that Cer drivex<s and people, l'lbD l18e ~lalk:1n.s mus t 0 beel" , !.3 0 no one\i'ill

be hurt ..

1I.'varY'l1here we, So~ t.here a.re danaers o'f 801]]9 kil.na, _d lIe mUB t be' ready rer them, to J:,'oep 'from beln; hur't.

0\ .... we mus t be ready r'otr the re t • nsH danger 0- the tOQ Domb.-

Flrst'lil you. he:ve to mow t'l~al:, an at.o'O bo'IDb 100 9 like g when it Bxpl,odes'., Jt 100 tt a 1': 1~e thl a::

A br l111ant f'l~ sh COve!'~ the 1 andl3oa~e _ It 1 a a bl;;;:aiD br1~htflaah.. a ,3l"eat

all ,but fadi.ns 1 t oue , :f_ '~Iil- w~ ,-

-&:K Af'ter the 'fla.sh. tnt-ow

the scene ou.t Of focus.

\ ~ISS to -mim.at.lon1! veY'y simplifted,

Wh1'Cf:1 ehol"~ an 1.'U'1Je.n section.

, ,


s1 "13 0 theareen. The' blast ennpa,


off trese., throws barrelBg crates and

illls.0e- 2.aneoua rtlcleathr ugh t.he a1r,. Several bUildinf5$ ~5et thai!' f'acadeEl

br1~ht.er th~ anyth1.ng. else'you have

ever aeen,.

If you "ifs,re not l'eady.. and did nat know: what to do. it oo~ld hurt YOIl In different '"itays;

rOo could ~QcJ' ~o\J, ""0rm. hard" 0:" liraw you alnst c;. tree or a WEIll. :t 1a sue I a b1S exploB ... on 1 t Q n SJlB.sh in » ..•• ~

'bull insl3" kno ck B l:nbDlll'de over , mJ.

. t1'('CUl - 'll!ndOWB allover town ..

be tan in, 1nd we s shed. But

no :re 11y rim 9attuotion.


TO 7RT, lyln~ p~one and p~ed

In. Debris sails harmlessly over hi's


BIB- 1" ldlve 0 tl n nhotl")'-r p 'I.. A J)be-!' :1:s r:q;rpl,1n3 lotion to a

Ll ·child's sunburns baok ,


ISS bact yo Bert. the bOmb's he~e


hart o r b S S'"\9 1 f bat


8 ... 0h ev-arythlns else.


" ani a .Ieli Ul') n ecene ,



fr ~~ t e - reo~_on of t e fIsh

c u ci • Gar'l;,


11 oVErred


u • n ust particles

ounce off h a

e ell.

DISS T~ fir t ~~ de

oh irs liin tE!b~es lnat.en.d 0'" des.:s.

rean~~r 16 t lz1n to the ohildren

abo t duo~ ~nd Qover, ~he is us1~ one boi ,J s ,mOl 191.

But f you duck end cover, 1 le e~t, YOll 'lOn 1,b 'be 'Q1ockl9d arot.md R or

hi t . Y sticka or, st.onee ,



t.om ;'0 b could burn you¥:. md~l~


t~.- n . tal"ri b:e EaLUl' 'TIn, ssp oi· 11..1 t _aces wpore

. our alot-t: as not, C.lV r YOll. But 1.f

you cover yout'SG~x bars skin. you caD

aap rom at· n -r b r·r1ed.

~hG atom· bomb blows 'ny pieces of dUB

Il BQiIl:ati~el3

.cus 11' t falls onto are skin.

ut 1

a Vel'

~ y. you c n aap th of ycur- B· In.

ols n

o yoa n I on't


:v !lhells t

or w' into, 1 ~e ~er~ the Tur Ie. 80

16 av tc cpve~ up n our

1 y..

aluln' •

~he u9 C ~ e~phaelzeo; 1n panto-

mi • the need to cover,



11 as 0210'· t B.l0:l1.n, . tha.t


tl-te ch 1·' h IS drZ)p ad. IJnder

table ~

_ e teBo er indio tas t . tpble to

the 0=88, ~h ch S offsoreen

0; attent on. Betty r ieee hal' l1end,

9 ~ nd up t.D 8'

quas ... l :no


, or cut to ta c ar ans.W8r!r ~.


t1-alroraTt poat.

d watiah1n

- sa T 61vl1 De ens rior\ 9;1"8,

Bt 11sten1ns pos,t.


,you ~ll ·own flat •••


very ti htly

n. oa cove~ the back of your

anri :10u.r fe.OEtp and \mer:ev'SX' our EU:1n. 1 uncovered


I there So e. t.a.bla at' bed nearby, you

du el1.. and covel' lllldst'nen th 1 t.

:In etty 80.l,001 ey J1
~ about ,5Elt,:t rn rea y lor the
atorn bom et+y 1n Rskl:n " her
tall 1'. en Buom
0 b a - to lode?" IDld her taaohel'

sxpla1nln~ that

w min , . nd \1 tbo:ut eny arnin,3.

, -Ie . n

t mo t of the tim

e .,1

warne before t e om'b explodes, so tne~e ~ll1 be time for us to at iDto

OJr homes, haomls o't"·some ot.her ,safe

los ..

.QJ1lII' 01 11 1sfens wot' ere, oUI' 01 s 1101'S wJ.ll do ever tb n they con

to warn us refOJ'ec enao,9' pla.nsB can 'bt1.Il


a. bomb bear EI •

t,,ro .rirIe. sevan and nrne , . You mtS t be pI ~y1n3 at "lome. w en ths'
on tl'!6 lawn of t.he r bOPle. wdn1n;, comes. TheR be sure to ·et
~ pf saId! rp talkin aver. a



lJLUR J?A.N to a Bdl'1oo~ plaY"l"ound. Ch.il-

pl-y n~.

They hear t 1'6 B.L ;nalf an~ at rt toward t e schoo bu1la1ng.

C' r Ir school ent r ae' eX' ) 11 wi tb

cb tL Ten etltel'in- in s businessl. e.


SJ: .L

pl5.Y n Th~y

, 7.

"hen the e

al c~ 's, we ~t e

to ,the nearest safe plaoe righ away_ You m15nt be pI yin in the sohool play....,round. titlen you haa..1" the wa.rnl~

chaol, and do praotioes,' in

the air 1"1"

1'1 Is.

Alwa B l'eme ber th "om bo b em
ode Finy t.J.me of tne daz or n~ !it
mat-ter wh 'd ' ...
no . you ar - o_n~. _ t.he 61r~n 1.

hsl.r hi a-echo 1-1nto the h ouae r._,)ht- a 8.j5,

parents have f1~e

safe 1 cs or y ~

a e

o hel" comas urFy~n" home"

b.ustJes t em into the bouse.

CJT 0 IfiL - Ii" 22 g on ' dO\l,iI1t_P','1n
at_reet. she I
S e if. rna a apparently
hears t e sl5Da1• ookin._5 bout-, ahe ,eas someone of"f'e t~a e, rune off in the;t,

d~eotl n.

CU~ 0 a poliaemB , dl~ec~ n the ~~l



s n in .he do 'X'W Y t "s,

Cut to

1·5 a V6 1 people fo'llo:r1 into the ah81'i:.~r entrElIloe.


to e ,

If you at'e no close:o home when you

• h at th \..tat'n_n, -0 to t.he C 0 e t

fr nd 'l3 01" ne1.

or's hUe.

4' you a.re not sur whet'e to 0» as- a:

own-up to help OU. But am bo a; 1nto a Ba! p sa befa e th aJrplOclSS ••



Yea, Lavery thln .; oas all r

t,,' we

will ~e8I'

warnin- berer tbe bomb .~



Xplod a

n 0 r anti - Boen live
ao .... lon) d f'~re t I 1
from pr lous
BUO ..m.
lI. e 3cen 1'1 sh a -.BUt so::ne t iDS S G • and thlil 10: very, very

por _~t •• :eo et~meB the bomb mi h~


rnen th firet. tb.1 1(0' wOIJ1d 1 ow
a t t :,rOul be t e f_an .. 7:
.L ·t eanQ D I..i he VeIl
au f:I. ~o to rue to look arouna 0.1"
w .' '. r e oene lashes,

en ylJl. Be tn.e r sb., "'UCK A -r.D OVER!

d r p a B h s r~ut~ •

_0 cbool cOt'rldor. '1ha!'19 110
sevent.h err i.e tb ra.e! 00 .3 1'a
sbo tlin- naIler ahl1 1'en ho I fl.,? 11
3e.lnst an maida bull:d 1') w 11,. . e!'e are

oms m:m1tora showln III t to


0·1 the·_lash

'Ihen, you at' e

w.llU.ri. Ilon3 n "'-he ohool Dorrldot.

ne 0

~oy rops f

n ~ th wa1 • COVe B

OU I 0"':

d ov

t.t h


Up •

1 I:,h:Ls·,. ay •

n .. the b '1/ ,0 ¥I .0 d neQ,~ . pliO,.. embsr ~o asp your :"ac
t.-Qote by . ms. ... r t y t. G bee a
anito!', Lry t.o r 1 a,WBY "rom oors
0 - TO S6'Q.DD, wr..o pO.1Iit 'to .
1 tl1.em, 01;' w1nd.o IS. en
a neM' tial{es _9 headp then indica os a.ff:l.rmatlve-


tl e B_ot rare the 0

r'boy has


IS to &p.IDe -rpu in school C1U'a-


;yraaks an flies til'o'U6t~ the air. it. won't out lQU",



;ht be 1n the ud1tor:1.um·, Or even

ee ho~ t? lUC~ nd cove~ ~~der e t -

te~la. Ona o· the mmnf O~e demons rat- ,eat n you lune , when the ~la6b comes

_hen ou cuo~ an. o~v r under the

~IQnlt P n~ n1me the childDen .Jon It e(1 t any of coo !"'ood t.hat ha.s
shoul . n ' t 0 • f'ny 0 the ood. .en af round1 t. co ~ ed clp.
diDe poison us to roo} he bomb ·t'lt
have f_ ........ en n it.
• ble"


Secon ~ pento 1me

~ t' e ..l1'OUP

ho t e t bI protect objects.

ine ~


• sde in on anI (8 .lk"'1' sisE,ar ::l-atty(6). kis$in_, their mothetl -ood_bye e tb,·ey set of f"or chi 01.

!othe:r ands Pa.'t.ty

otto CFlrtlY •

. t 1a




.~ " UT~. They

lon) ". fairly e m ~er-0'1 llze ux ot~rset. w1th S01l;l9 'fairl .. eub t nt


tbv t9x,v 'ron Ltit en.yth n:;:,
the 1:'00 t Crn't 1_
... 0 all .~Ol;lI1" ....
OJ. yo • e atom . IllbB means w:1121 haVe

, ta.U:e carer of'

to be ab~e, to 11111]0 ourselves. the ,WrlY

.;rown-up£ .to ..

he )0

·It ex. \lode

.Pall],. and atty

eoemoel' th



8 one 01. , on . a u jpf


a.t they

'at thy 81 a.ya try to rem !fiber

t to

Aa they pase a bull ll.:) front. the
bomb ""I shas .• I~med 'tely the two lUCK
cll1:iron drop to the 9' de allt. aealnst
the Bide of too- bul1din_;; (t.here ·s.r~ no bul:l.d1n~a.


au an

Ci,JT::'Q CJ 0 Paul: e .~S 00'9,,9-'" e

'"J C 0 his ec lTnth:1.

('J:S <.0;. hy book.

Sf' T of Pllt,ty. .ihe naa throwTl :t b,,};'

C02 iVer e 1e.;:>5.

on~ the

to a.

r eeease dao'l'wa lh tbE~ satTIe qil 1

cur ins! a, ~1"iay,., . .il h eo
st.l' 1S El! illnt ttl 1 _or art
do , ce- o. ata t
hat' ma. Sbe t.lI;:;ra no ., t~. lO.

o i tile atolD boltlb exploded ri ht


th 11 1'" m. ho

t ,.~ C 9

of themes} ves ..




and p t.ty I' ~ 00'11 ':l1;'e'ii har • r . lee'I: ':.h the ooa.t;;' shee.a 0 t'I' ng ..


I they had 'been noar hi

aul and

p tty 'ioUld have d c_" (

,c, over-ad

th:1'a w, Y. Illie this 31r~ 60 W 8 PQ.B-

in.... 'py., eav1 p orwr:ry s re a 00 1 c

-1.rl \1 11


, I

be safe J tao ... · 1ut !lobe should wear a

1m t • it ml.:;h t~ 13:9 e: ;'lh.o, 1:1' iXI1 arwPllx.~

from ~8t tin; .burped.



:DI $ ro 5th ~I'ade OOy Y'L11.n~ Ms bL;.e Cllor..o a !'E'le'ident1e.l etl'eet ,.t s.;te1.G1.1l!-11' p'l)e ·t.i~ ~jlntorD \~1_

, Here ,I e ony , gain, to his oub scout

satin.;. !t m:o.st be very coldwep.ther. \d tl"> all no e c.Lo "hes he t e we r-inS.

no mow on th~ ~O!' Und , au -r; tb G boy

But ... on

miD, the p uom bomb can be

w~~r ~. s~eepBk1n ao~t~ hat wit~ eRr

fl'pB and m ttane.

eX'Jl ed any time of the year" daytime or 046 t tlms. $ i~ ~e'd7 for it.

~he bomb ~l"sheB. Tony Jumps off the

bIke,p' etoers it a'W "II f'MIil h~moelf,

t~Gn d1 as into the ~~~ ar

)\tt..., boy, Tony. hat rl~.Elb meens act ftl,at.!

Oll of rony~ in the u,tfr~Qr'.

Tony no,(s tha ... ::bt even Q.'c!Jtb, can help you to 0 cover .I'·otl.ree.lf' up~ "i:#;xtxesex i~XRlD'-»~l!:.e~-Une ;r.!';t..;;: '~1f nU-.)!&r:L"'t Ux

:t' ... 191K n.-lk~~e~ xOWl;,;rs-MKFb-.at8Afli>R-x l\rld no tice tiO,\i he ka6,!?s fl'om nov Ing I or

D [913 to vc~untacl' a!) 'I.'1orker t.allln.$ T·ony H. is' 3011 ri :;h't to ~et up • -13.

from ;ett1n, up B:ndrunnln3 hOl'!le. If he

';at up,

dl .. l, and then "no t:her 'bomb expl.0ded,

he mig1'!t be l1urt by th,o.t one , 0 he

Just l'l!F.Ll ts... CV""'ln 'tInolJ _:sh 1 1:9 Vers cold

and unoom o!'tablo ..

e !lnC1,/S tnat'L¢!. n ~ ~ "a sa..fa to fet up,

rOWTl_:l,? ~"~J.'l come and help htm. t


p~ ... a Tony on t' e a} aultl r ro!" do1n_, th r"'~t1t ~hln • l'O:1Y smiles at h m,

m; ~ht have been

lon~ time bet'a;re

SO'lle n did co ae i buf i'e~X' it is beet o wait:m b eCife.

1 bUB

OW ho\ to .J~.- Y' oj covar in


"l1 vos 10

school bUB, or n J.on! other bue, atr. at

0)';11:' or But.omoblle.

he be b


DC?; AU cov ~R.

o:ssens ra uc Clown in the.ir seats, .Nooocly , its. or 1 0';' Up' t tn
cover n exposE! P l'te • t \foul h r our oy a, 1 y u rol ht
not be abl 110 or whl1o. ~nd
ev Y"j!i body m lfJ 11.£"0' to e1'. away trom t e
wtn'ows. . mily on pien!. • A: thar an '1

-aj' S, . h o~ dSYG. VeCa tl m t&me.. \1'1'3 mu t bel reo Ilj' 0

tom ~Qm


1 an. o~ p m~J


n the ~cu~d, ~ouna .

. -

to do . J"o 1s r 6tl t uh1Il!J 1 f u;h explodes.

th picnic .:1rQ- • F' the!' , in tl'\e'

aut 1.10 othal"


lhia ) roily _news' that ev~n

uh1n oloth,

pic ic B'tOV' •

Tho bom

lash ccc St.,


:5 un er jibs a' laol t ..

ean ci 117

white one, l'l lps save you

• 'from 'ett1n 1.tu'nad.

b. r, al _n on

o f Ca.

t the . 0 t 1, POl'''' t t' so' 1 yourself

bO f Ii la~' nd oove- uP.

, 01'1'


"in n';d 'O'il'ers h s he •

I, whe!'


olotl'1e ito no t. c.ovs: yo' .. '

r fill"" 14 ul"i in' a 0 ..._ - w er e lIve,. in the cl y
" u
truot.!) w.hioh pul e ElY e. , or itbe cou.n ry: - e, "11'.1 t re y _ll
~ .
10-y 1'" Id 00'1 ric.tas ""he ra'ite. Eli time for- th atom bomb. _ e



• ..

C the oy on J j o to r ra
B, 9 oi"'f the 1~ it1 u, tben
:lvo to th~ .... I'ound B...'1d OVers
up. di TO t' e oy on the r ~ e Jumps T, tIs t,J..e 1'_ ret hl,n~ to 9,0 .... duak and
, 11- tLYJ.dar a S 1 nile of- :l'een oove?·., The 1l15l:tt il1)por;t.a.nt tbl.cg to do,
h'"'y. d up
"'S Soene, 6.8 the 00
9 on it is at'
to o h • ISS TO ony t appro ohitJ his lome.


t be-ore be 30es lnto his hou D

e t ko 0 f his 1P.t n outer a1' ents. ony ta1;ee 0 r 11 11s 0 tal.d c ethEte,


dro s . 1 a on t '3 f'ront La m. Des tri-

.1u. t

C Be- any

R dust rom the bo

r ne ou can 0':' 9V n ·see _ t.

. .

sJ.de •.

rnb ~a til

to t.h

dust S 0

To 1-, t.

s st 0 r


Than CU" to sarles of

II 0 'hel"

cl~6Br':)om, shots:.

-T8 ~Q B~RT. e tnlks

to u"" enee.

"The rlash oco~rB. jart flops nto

is all

., -,

he flo~ ove? 0 .s



ro~tJ! mlch n h atl1y ... ""h whe ' the m auver i.e cdmplete ). This exposes the Civil , .... ~fonea e'eR ,

Ouomac. of

on t:

t 9, sheIl,.

Zoom BBal ",0, ;r111 aC1.":'een.


et . ha ,6 C3.JJ

t 6.11 p~, e ml.,3h l.'¢ d ti on 8 C me a.


. not.

nll ~et 11


omo ever a~. 10d13 neat' y. If you

do not mm'1 .1u -t ~ihBt to dOIJ at yoU!"
t ch:;:' ",'ben "hf.l "'1.JJD is ovall. ur
pa.,t'sn1ts cd te, cde.rs .t'l111 b.slj;l us s.
they thG . .13 _t
_1flay s .. 0 "'01,0 . e
any oro 'm,-" os d hen "' .. b im
;.L. ... ~ ~ e ~pl J e.. !.ben, .cu 1 eo on y ~ur


'"'1€meer mat to do ~ '"'lends.

No VI t 11 me, ri' t out loud.
you eup'!lose to do ;h ... lOU
We! )
A eo ~h