The first discussion rule aims at ensuring that any difference of opinion can be expressed without hindrance. Rob. It may seem odd. The premise concerned is then to be considered as a substandpoint. evaluation and production of oral and written argumentative discourse.7 FOURTH. auctor intellectualis of the influential pragma-dialectical approach to argumentation. AD: 1/30/10) jl The argumentum ad hominem is a violation of the first rule for critical discussion: "Parties must not prevent each other from advancing standpoints or casting doubt on standpoints.ncoic. As a consequence. but in order to promote the possibility that differences of opinion can be resolved. SECOND. The pragma-dialectical theory systematically combines normative insights from philosophical dialectics and dialogue logic with pragmatic insights from speech acttheory. REVOLUTION. Gricean theory. Argumentation Theory and Rhetoric at the University of Amsterdam.6 This implies that any potential obstacles to expressing standpoints or criticizing standpoints are to be cleared away. Sergeant and Member of the Civil Intelligence Organization and Defense Oversight Group. where the protagonist and the antagonist of a standpoint enter into a difference of opinion." This discussion rule is designed for the confrontation stage. and discourse analysis and is applied in the analysis. NYQUIST IS HELLA QUALIFIED SCOTT 4 (Robert. Therefore. AND PEACE. RUDDY IS A MEDIA FELLOW AT THE HOOVER INSTITUTE ON WAR. NO OFFENSE – THEY HAVE TO ANSWER OUR CARDS SUBSTANTIVELY – WE HAVE EVIDENCE STATING EVERYONE OF OUR AUTHORS IS QUALIFIED – IF THEY CAN NAME ONE OF THEM WHO ISN’T AND GIVE A REASON WHY.htm. director of the research program 'Argumentation in discourse' of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis and program director of the Research Master Program ‘Rhetoric. THIS IS A VOTING ISSUE – AD HOM ATTACKS VIOLATE THE NECESSARY PRE-REQUISITE TO ARGUMENTATION Van Eemeren and Grootendorst 1995 (Frans H. Argumentation Theory and Philosophy (RAP). Professor in the Department of Speech Communication. http://www. Fallacies: Classical and Contemporary Readings. the open confrontation between the parties needs to be stimulated. Naturally. neither party is allowed to prevent the other party from entering into an unimpeded confrontation by ruling him out as a serious discussion partner. WE’LL READ EVIDENCE IN THEIR DEFENSE.2AC – AT: AUTHOR INDICTS FIRST. in a critical discussion the parties have a principal right to advance any standpoint they wish and to challenge any standpoint they wish. OUR AUTHORS ARE QUALIFIED – NYQUIST IS A FORMER US GOVERNMENT DEFENSE ANALYST SPECIALIZING IN RUSSIAN POLICY AND HIS THEORIES ARE BASED ON GOLYTSIN WHO WAS THE HIGHEST LEVEL WARSAW PACT DEFECTOR IN HISTORY. LUNEV IS A DEFECTED SOVIET INTELLIGENCE AGENT INSTRUCTED TO CREATE ANTI-AMERICAN WAR PLANS. the rule also applies to a difference of opinion that arises when the argumentative support for a standpoint meets with doubt or other criticism. AD: 1/29/10) jl . And this is precisely what is attempted in the argumentum ad hominem. last mod jan 17.

Mr.S. Nyquist received his B. Nyquist’s radio interview I naively assumed that the Cold War was over and because I rely heavily upon the investigations that Mr. Since leaving the program Mr. Nyquist himself so that those reading this paper will perhaps agree that he is sufficiently qualified to be a reliable source: J. from the University of California at Irvine where he also attended graduate school. .A. Nyquist has published articles in Conservative Review. and The New American. Nyquist has conducted. Defense Intelligence Agency from 1988 until 1992 in the Soviet / Russian analysis group. Nyquist was contracted with the U.Since prior to hearing Mr. working in the Politics and Society Group. Nyquist has continued research in Soviet strategy. I consider it only proper that I present the biographical data that I have gathered about Mr. and is editor of The Final Phase newsletter (5). Cold War history. Nyquist was considered a reliable source by the Defense Intelligence Agency and I agree. Mr. and social theory.R.

html.conspiracycafe. AD: 1/30/10) jl Weldon said later the FBI discredited Lunev. Senior White House Correspondent. LUNEV IS CREDIBLE – THE U." A Dreamer at the Helm. Shultz attempted to undermine President Reagan’s tough stand against the spread of Communism into Latin America. http://www. saying that he exaggerated things. According to former Secretary of State Shultz.. “I don’t think anybody would accuse these four gentlemen of being dreamers. have never been questioned. http://www.S. Sam Nunn was swindled by the post-Soviet promises of Russian nuclear disarmament. “They’re hardheaded. He said Lunev's credentials as a ranking GRU spy assigned to the U. STILL PROTECTS HIM AND HIS QUALIFICATIONS HAVE NEVER BEEN CHALLENGED.” said Obama. a WorldNetDaily contributing editor and a renowned expert in geopolitics and international relations. Kissinger’s diplomacy opened China. gave away Southeast Asia to the he invited Henry Kissinger.2AC – AT: AUTHOR INDICTS FIFTH. Nyquist 9 (J. SIXTH. is the author of "Origins of the Fourth World Financial Sense. KISSINGER/SHULTZ/NUNN/PERRY ARE UNQUALIFIED – THEY EACH HAVE A HISTORY OF ADVOCATING POLICIES OF SURRENDER.S. Sam Nunn and William Perry to the White House. "FBI focusing on portable nuke threat. George Shultz.html. and provided a screen for Soviet nuclear superiority in the late 1970s.” Oh yes. but another federal agency that Weldon declined to identify protects Lunev in an undisclosed location in the U. And William Perry was the architect of containing North Korea’s nuclear program in the 1990s. the four “enthusiastically” support Obama’s new policy. of course. tough defenders of American interests and American security. AD: 1/30/10) jl After President Obama laid out his “vision” of a nuclear-free world last April. Horrock 1 (Nicholas. ." 12/20.financialsense.R.S.

and dutifully carried out by Communist subversives in the United States. 139 had been fulfilled as of 1993. military spending as a percent of GDP dropped from 6. "Are we giving up socialism?" Gorbachev replied.html. September 25.the final chapter of the Communist experiment. was imbued with profound revolutionary dialectics. "We live in a time when we are witnessing the end of an idea -..S.americanthinker. 2010. "Every part of our program of fully based on the principles of more socialism. JN) The Cold War is over and Communism is a non-issue for most entitlement spending went from 28 percent of federal outlays to nearly 40 percent. Recent events have aided this process. Then President George H." The consequences of this hasty disarmament have exposed America to attack and freed Russia to roam the world reclaiming the now "independent" Soviet republics. later acknowledged their true nature: "The decision to launch a new economic policy... the eventual face of these policies. which substantially widened the notions of socialism and the ways of building it.W."[8] Gorbachev has even been as blunt as calling perestroika a "continuation of the October Revolution. The "revolutionary dialectic" is a tactic that has been employed throughout Soviet history.1AR IMPACT EXTENTIONS NO ACCIDENTS—BOTH THE U. Bush declared. The word "glasnost" appears in Lenin's writings 46 times. "Perestroika is closely connected with socialism as a system. President Obama is even now continuing to play into Russia's hands by abandoning missile defense plans in Eastern Europe. Perestroika: New Thinking for Our Country and the World. AND HISTORICAL PROBLEMS DIDN’T RESULT IN ACCIDENTAL LAUNCH—THAT’S PERRY AND SCHLESINGER AND EXTEND NYQUIST—RUSSIAN RELATIONS WILL NEVER SUCCEED BECAUSE THE U. Accessed January 29. Prominent KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn has called it the "perestroika deception. American leaders were all too eager to pronounce the end of the Cold War.S. US military cuts have been so drastic that former Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger has said. "The simple reality today is that we cannot fight two MRC's [Major Regional Contingencies] more or less simultaneously."[3] According to KGB documents published by Golitsyn." culminating in a massive diversion of military spending to social programs.9 percent."[5] Translation: world conquest will proceed as planned.[4] Even former Soviet Premier Gorbachev. Gorbachev said outright. "perestroika" and "glasnost" were always intended from the beginning to serve as a media ploy to deceive the West into lowering its defenses to the point where Soviet goals could proceed unchallenged. DOESN’T UNDERSTAND THE STRUCTURE OF THE RUSSIAN REGIME—NEGOTIATIONS WILL ALWAYS FAIL WITH THE RUSSIANS RUSSIA HAS DUPED US—THE KGB IS IN CONTROL OF THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT AND IS USING THE COLLAPSE TO WEAKEN AND EXPLOIT THE US—THIS MEANS THAT THEY WON’T COOPERATE ON ANYTHING GRIFFING 2009 (John." The "perestroika deception" worked like a charm. Northrop Grumman’s Corporation’s lead executive with responsibility for the US Navy and marine Corps. From 1989-2004. with President Obama's aggressive drive toward Socialism fitting neatly into decades of Communist strategy. http://www. Communism is such a nonissue that Communist plans to undermine American society have proceeded for years virtually undetected and unhindered.2 percent to a scant 2. leaving our allies exposed to Russian aggression."[9] President Bush went on to spearhead a guns-tobutter policy resulting from this "peace dividend. American Thinker. ."[7] Answering those asking. Of Golitsyn's 194 predictions.. “The Perestroika Deception”.[6] In his book.. Over the same period. AND RUSSIA’S NUCLEAR FORCES ARE STABLE WITH MULTIPLE LAYERS OF CONTROL.[2] That long and patient strategy of deception was developed in the halls of the KGB.

№ 4. marked the end of the postCold War order in Europe. AD: 12/20/09) jl Schmitt’s definition of the sovereign as “he who decides on the state of exception” perfectly fits the almost metaphysical role of the figure of the president in Russia’s present political system. The Kremlin feels threatened by the policy of openness and interdependency in international relations promoted by the European Union. The clash is between the post-modern state embodied by the European Union and Putin’s regime of sovereign democracy. “Russia is very old Europe.” which happens to be the European Union’s “new neighborhood. it regards the European Union as a temporary phenomenon. thus threatening the liberal economic order that is at the center of the European project. experiment with no future. The conflict between Russia and the U. and the Kremlin’s domestic critics will be expelled from European capitals. The difference with the Cold War period is that the current ideological clash is not between democracy and dictatorship. Unlike the late Soviet elites who were bureaucratic. which is managing to balance openness to a new European order. risk-adverse and competent when it came to international relations and security policies. money. the new Russian elite are made up of the winners of the zero-sum game of the transition. nor does it emphasize sovereignty or the separation of domestic and foreign affairs. the clash between Russia and the West is ideological in its nature. not in the terms of representation. Russia as the "Other Europe" Russia in Global Affairs". has turned out to be very different. The reality. The post-modern system does not rely on a balance of power. Schmitt’s definition of democracy in terms of identity. as far as the nexus of power. an interesting can afford to analyze Russia in classical realist terms. are facing elites that are proud of their take-no-prisoner philosophies. The United States The European Union cannot. together with Moscow’s deliberate efforts to block the work of the OSCE. and Editor-inChief of the Bulgarian edition of Foreign Policy journal. with its vibrancy and intense feeling of unfair treatment by others. It embodies Russia’s ideological ambition to be “the other Europe” – an alternative to the European Union.” At the heart of the current crisis is not the clash between democracy and authoritarianism (history demonstrates that democratic and authoritarian states can easily cooperate). For the post-modern state. EU member states are tempted to fence-off certain sectors of their economies. Russia chose to build its statehood according to European practices and ideologies of the 19th century rather than the European ideas of the 21st century. threatens the Kremlin’s “sovereign democracy” project. constraints. Faced with the invasion of Russian state-minded companies. The contrasting nature of the political elites in Russia and Europe today is one more reason for concern over the future of the relationship.” Russia is a very old Europe. can be reduced to a 19th century trial of strength over resources and national pride. such as domestic energy markets. It is political incompatibility. It embodies nostalgia for the old European nation-state and nostalgia for a European order organized around the balance of power and non-interference in the domestic affairs of other states. Sofia.html. Mutual misperceptions and misunderstandings seem unavoidable. the European Union’s very existence is threatened by Russia’s insistence on the dominance of the sovereign state in European affairs.globalaffairs. Russia’s European strategy is based on the expectation that sovereign nation-states will determine Europe’s future. Russia’s weakness has created the illusion that Moscow subscribes to this system. but the clash between the post-modern state embodied by the EU and the traditional modern states embodied by Russia. The controversies that involve the Energy Charter and the Anglo-Russian test of nerves over the “Litvinenko murder case” are not rooted in differences of interests or Cold War nostalgia. Russia’s view of the European order is a mixture of nostalgia for the days of the “Concert of Europe” and envy for China. The Kremlin’s theorists of democracy could also see this as an advantage. the Second World War. “it could be reminiscent of Germany in the 1920s. and the Russian middle class will freely travel all over Europe. They are manifestations of the logic of sovereign democracy.” The elite who commanded European policy assumed that the end of the Cold War meant the emergence of The key elements of this post-modern European system include a highly developed system of mutual interference in each other’s domestic affairs and security based on openness and transparency. At the same time. The Kremlin has developed an ideological project that is not only attractive for many in post-Soviet Europe. in reality. Europe does not know how to deal with these people. “sovereignty In short. “was not just the Cold War or even. however. however. were the major instruments for integrating Russia into the post-modern system. based on intrusive inspections and active monitoring. Russia’s challenge to the European Union cannot be reduced to the issue of energy dependency and Moscow’s ambition to dominate its “near abroad. What is threatening in Russia’s concept of sovereign democracy is that. the concept of sovereign democracy does not mark Russia’s break with European tradition. . but a project that presents an existential challenge to the European Union. Meanwhile. What came to an end in Europe (but perhaps only in Europe) were the political systems of three centuries: the balance of power and the imperial urge. decision to withdraw from the Treaty on Conventional Forces. and crime is concerned. but self-imposed. October– December. with its emphases on human rights and openness. Russia’s the West with a rejection of Western interference in its domestic politics. who built their careers by practicing compromise and avoiding conflicts. Contrary to the assertions of Putin’s critics. Russia is opting for a world in which Kremlinfriendly oligarchs will own English soccer clubs. summarizing Europe’s new consensus. The legitimate monopoly of power that is the essence of statehood is thus subject to international. Russia’s insistence on balance of power as the foundation of the new European order threatens the very existence of the European Union.” wrote Carnegie analyst Dmitry Trenin. or Italy in the 1960s.eng. Russia’s sovereign democracy is a direct challenge to the European Union. THE RETURN OF IDEOLOGY “What came to an end in 1989. international companies will not be allowed to exploit Russian natural resources. The Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe and the OSCE. They are the expression of the different mindsets of the modern and post-modern state. In the way that the European Union. when it was trying to heal its traumas. director of the Center for Liberal Strategies.S. They made Russia resemble a modern state that has accepted the post-modern imperatives of openness and interdependency. The real source of the confrontation between Russia and the European Union today is not primarily rival interests or unshared values. European political elites.” wrote Robert Cooper. They are highly self-confident. The conflict between Russia and the European Union cannot. risk prone and immensely wealthy. The regime of sovereign democracy is absolutely incompatible with the post-modern hegemony. does not allow a meaningful distinction between democracy and dictatorship. In this sense.1AC – OBJECTIVE THREAT MODULE 1/7 CONTENTION 1 – THE KREMLIN IS ON THE OFFENSIVE RUSSIAN POLITICS HAS TAKEN A DISTINCT SCHMITTIAN TURN – RUSSIA IS IDEOLOGICALLY COMMITTED TO ENMITY WITH THE WEST Krastev 7 (Ivan. France in the

” For Russia. and that the opening up of the Russian state is just a matter of time. In Moscow’s view. Moscow feels encouraged by the resurgence of nationalism and sovereignism in some of the EU member states and expects the European Union to pass into history just as the Soviet Union did in the early 1990s. is convinced that Russia’s sovereign democracy is a pathetic attempt to cheat history. . The co-existence between European post-modernity and Russia’s sovereign democracy could become more difficult and dangerous than the co-existence between Soviet Communism and Western democracies. on its a seat at the table. We should all take note. Brussels. sovereignty is the right of the government to do what it wants on its territory and to execute its enemies in the center of London. the EU is just one more utopia whose time has expired.

He represents a new reptilian species.html. April 29. As Aristotle noted. In fact. only this time the man who strikes the tsarist pose is not a pockmarked thief from the Caucasus.e. food stores.” which signifies the beginning of the next world war. But dictators specialize in manufacturing popularity. “it is worth acknowledging that the demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century. The American newspapers write dismissively of Putin’s prospects. about Russia.. men do not obey popularity. Department 12 and Department 8 of the KGB were tasked with preparing “clandestine acts of biological sabotage against ‘potential strike targets’ on the enemy’s territory. In an interview with the California Literary Review.” Kouzminov explained. Kouzminov said: “[KGB Department 12 was charged with] planning and preparation for acts of biological terrorism and sabotage on the territory of target countries. There will always be teachers or bosses who boldly announce that they are “not engaged in a popularity contest.) I refer to a book titled Biological Espionage. again and again. It may be. There is a dangerous chemistry in that country. The charade might last for years. operating under deep cover). they are working for the KGB (SVR). His spirit is healthier. the work of Department 12 “has grown” since the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is not a liberal reformer and actor. “The formula ‘Day X’ in our documents meant the beginning of a large-scale war against the West. or a falling-down drunk like Yeltsin. the problem with this oligarchy.1AC – OBJECTIVE THREAT MODULE 2/7 RUSSIA DESIRES A RESURECTION OF THE SOVIET UNION—RUSSIA IS DRIVEN BY THE KGB AND CAPTIVATED BY MARXIST IDEOLOGY Nyquist 2005 (J. “Directorate S would continue to preserve the source’s belief that he or she is being controlled by people from [name your favorite Because of false flag recruitments. accessed January 29. located in the southernmost outwash of the South Pacific. People always give themselves away. sabotage and subversion. is falling. They obey from habit. vaccine repositories. more efficient. A new book has come out which outlines. globetrotting with an empty slogan. indirectly. the real history of the past fifty years has yet to be Human beings are what they are. Directorate S. A new democratic revolution is bound to sweep him away. pharmaceutical plants and the overall economy of the target country. the deepest secrets remain buried for a reason.” It is worth noting that Alexander Kouzminov has relocated to New Zealand. Putin is unlike previous Russian rulers. After all. And yet. According to Kouzminov. like Gorbachev. like Khrushchev.” Kouzminov explained. He talks as if Putin’s Russia would never contemplate such an attack. hope and fear. And sometimes they dispense with popularity altogether. Russian agents posing as Westerners.” http://www. “Eternal Recurrence.” which is very important in Russian espionage work. He is not driven by spite. Since the KGB has not disappeared. but in reality. (But before reading further you must understand that genuine change is rare. in fact. terrorist attacks. a KGB officer is Russia’s head of state.” These potential targets include military research labs.” After all. He is not Yuri Andropov. the remotest large island in the world. He is not a doddering old man. the dictatorship of one depends on the work of an oligarchy. since its files remain under lock and key. “Russian intelligence carries out recruitment in such a way that it cannot be found out that in reality he or she has agreed to work for Russian Intelligence. carrying them out in an event of war and/or a large-scale military conflict…. Putin is not a sly drunkard. We now learn that Moscow ordered the assassination of Pope John Paul II.financialsense. His popularity. JN) I have warned my readers. public drinking water.” Imagine the chain of logic that holds this monstrosity to the light of day. Putin said. Therefore. Russian President Vladimir Putin is not hindered by the meanness of Stalin. that a person thinks they are working with Islamic Fundamentalists or MOSSAD. Genetic engineering has brought forth new biological horrors. Only “rogue states” would do such a thing. “is a tsarist people. 2010. he is less subtle. more dangerous. Diversionary attacks are also part of Day X. like Brezhnev. but a spy from Leningrad. Kouzminov is – of all places on this earth – living in New Zealand! Kouzminov also mentions something called “false flag recruitment. and fundamental change is not the normal course. “The Russian people. therefore. Kouzminov doesn’t admit that Russia is still counting down to Day X.” mourned the passing of the German Empire as he decried the “November criminals. written by former KGB officer Alexander Kouzminov who worked for something called “Department 12. it rarely happens. In a recent televised speech. Analyst and commentator on Russia’s geopolitical security and economic posturing.” said Stalin. combat units. False flag recruitment is important for understanding extremist political movements.” Putin mourns the passing of the USSR as he decries the . And these are to be unleashed in the event of something called “Day X.” The formula appears again. weapon stockpiles. Hitler cause or country] … and not from the Moscow Centre.. revenge or envy.” This is the directorate that oversees Moscow’s “illegals” (i.R. The old agenda. These departments would also assassinate Western officials and “important persons” (where “important” is determined by the exigencies of war). Soviet military thinkers believe that such a war will involve the mass use of nuclear as well as biological weapons. becomes the new agenda when the new boss mourns the passing of the old Soviet Union. they say. stuck with failing kidneys. The oligarchy that stands behind Putin is Russia’s old KGB and Communist Party elite.

licking their chops.” Even the revelations of KGB retirees in New Zealand mask the layered levels of disinformation. The dictators will rejoice in private. After the signing of the Anglo-German Naval Agreement in 1938 Hitler was overheard telling his foreign minister: “Oh don’t take it so seriously. An >CONTINUED< . “have succeeded in concealing from the West that this so-called ‘political opposition’ of ‘dissidents’ has been created.’ The Bloc’s political and security potential have been fully developed in the interests of this strategy. The universe is made up of a finite number of particles. KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn wrote: “The West has failed to comprehend the deceptive. he added. Those who believe there is “peace in our time” will congratulate themselves. brought up and guided by the Bloc’s Communist Parties and security services during the long period of preparation for ‘perestroika. deception and misdirection coming out of Moscow.” The communists. and the brain of a simple-minded person is more finite still.“corrupt oligarchs” and capitalist profiteers. Those who cannot read danger in these details are either naïve or suffering from an ideological blockage. That piece of paper is of no further significance whatsoever.” Can we imagine that KGB Lieutenant Colonel Putin values “pieces of paper” any more than Hitler?In his outline of Russia’s long range deception strategy (see The Perestroika Deception). controlled nature of the new ‘democratic’ and ‘non-Communist’ structures which have been introduced in the USSR and Eastern Europe. The foolishness that preceded the last world war is already far advanced before the next. To understand chess one must study and play the game. What has happened before will happen again.

In 1984 Golitsyn predicted a future Russian military alliance with China. and two thirds sought advantage for themselves at the expense of the honest few. In the 1950s Americans learned of a secret communist apparatus on U. who predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union several years before it happened. http://www. America's reaction is studied by Russian specialists.but intentional. or sends its ballistic missile submarines to sea. Western policy-makers did not believe Golitsyn or Sejna's statements." explained Sejna.S. Golitsyn and Sejna -. however. Two thirds were corrupted. Golitsyn's 1984 book suggested that the end of the "final phase" would roughly correspond with the year 1999." To understand why the danger of nuclear war is increasing. If Golitsyn's allegations about a Soviet long-range deception are true. unprecedented in scope. In the 1960s and 1970s anti-communism was ridiculed by popular culture.S. WorldNetDaily contributing editor and a renowned expert in geopolitics and international relations.a standard opening move in a nuclear war. "New Lies for Old. "is its frequent failure to recognize the existence of any Soviet 'grand design' at all. Both of them said this plan involved a grand deception. In that context. and some still insist that Whittaker Chambers was a liar. We reserve a bad name for Senator Joseph McCarthy (whose demeanor left much to be desired). "Let us test the Americans. “Surprise Nuclear Missile Attack Part 2”. They learned of this through the testimony of American communists like Elizabeth Bentley and Whittaker Chambers. two thirds of the population cooperated with the secret police during the Stalin era by informing on their neighbors. this very fact leads us to a new Cold War. It might be argued. when Russia would turn the tables on America and emerge with renewed strength.. then. Americans have no experience to compare with this demoralizing sequence. Americans need to reconsider the importance of KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn. Accurate predictions need to be credited. made a similar claim in his 1982 book. Even then. Consider Golitsyn's overall description of the future: First. JN) We have to look at Russia with an eye to previous defector warnings about Kremlin strategy. a whole generation has grown up in ignorance of Whittaker Chambers and his Witness. an increase in war scares may not be entirely accidental -.worldnetdaily. friends and relatives. Jan the West disarms after Communism's "collapse". "One of the basic problems with the West. Whether America likes it or not. Gen. By some accounts. then Gorbachev and Yeltsin were never our friends." alleged that the coming Soviet collapse would be orchestrated by the KGB in order to disarm the West. refused to consider the possibility of a Soviet plan. Russia's generals feared that a harmless science rocket was part of an EMP precursor attack on their communications infrastructure -. and the good relations that existed at the time. A quick review of recent events shows the accuracy of this astonishing prediction. which momentarily triggered panic among the Russian generals. for example. every time Russia prepares its nuclear forces for launch. This plan hoped to advance the arms control process.. Given America's generosity toward Russia. soil." In 1967 Sejna learned of a plan to fake the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. Those rejecting this concept unwittingly serve Soviet efforts. the generals' had no reason to fear a NATO attack. mastery is given to the few. author of "Origins of the Fourth World War. A course of many years is required. a high ranking Czech defector." This case is interesting because of its psychological implications. . This alliance would be formed towards the end of the "final phase" of the long range strategy. accessed January 29. was definitely not such a "test. Our poverty of knowledge leaves us unable to grasp the twisted thinking of a man who bemoans the fate of the USSR. and alter the balance of power in Russia's favor. It is likewise difficult for Americans to understand the many subtle mechanisms of totalitarianism. Russia forms a military partnership with China while both countries increase their military power.asp?ARTICLE_ID=19774. encourage Western disarmament. The KGB president of Russia wants to reestablish the USSR. we need to remember what Golitsyn and Sejna said about the final moves envisioned by Soviet deception planners. "We Will Bury You.1AC – OBJECTIVE THREAT MODULE 3/7 >CONTINUED< apprenticeship of one month or one year is not sufficient. 2010.". Secretary of State Henry Kissinger." It should be noted that the Norwegian rocket launch of January 1995. Is there a weakness in U. early warning systems? Can these systems be bypassed or fooled? How quickly can America get her submarines to sea and her bombers into the air? One can almost hear Russia's top generals saying. In other words. In fact. AND RUSSIA IS PARANOID—THEY ARE MOVING TOWARDS THE FINAL PHASE OF THEIR GRAND STRATEGY AND THEIR INTENTIONS ARE TO DESTROY THE WEST NYQUIST 1999 (JR. But now. Now it is totally forgotten and we have no context – as a people – for understanding KGB Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Putin. no one is more paranoid of being robbed than . run by murderers. that their momentary panic suggests a bad conscience. Golitsyn's 1984 book.two significant defectors from the Communist bloc -both described a long range Soviet plan. We do not understand the power of secret organizations unencumbered by checks and balances.

PDD-60 is still secret. "Barack Obama has demanded the Pentagon conduct a radical review of US nuclear weapons doctrine to prepare the way for deep cuts in the country's arsenal. This is not deterrence. According to Craig Cerniello of Arms Control Today (Nov/Dec 1997 issue)." Certainly. JN) The UK Guardian reported that. Why would US leaders do this? It is designed to drive Americans into a New World Order that has military power over member nations--something no amount of public manipulation in past decades has been able to do. military leaders and the American people. September 25. Those vital communications links will assuredly not survive a massive first strike. And nobody is more frightened of a surprise nuclear attack than those who are plotting one themselves. strategic doctrine came on the heels of President Clinton's demand to the joint chiefs in early 1996 that they prepare to unilaterally reduce America's nuclear warhead deployment to 2. you induce them to make sure they hit us with everything necessary to make sure we cannot respond after a first strike. Almost everyone bought into AND IS A SURRENDER TO RUSSIA—THIS CAUSES RUSSIAN AGGRESSION AND WAR—THAT’S ILLARIONOV. it is probable given what we know that the President would simply not issue the orders to launch until a first strike had landed. Political Scientist.armscontrol. This is suicide. "the administration viewed the 1981 guidelines as an anachronism of the Cold War. For one. A frustrated Marine General is said to have exclaimed. or a very carefully planned agenda to make the US vulnerable. Editor in Chief for the World Affairs Brief. PDD-60 also removes all alternate submarine launch codes so that our subs cannot fire without direct communications with the President.> http://www. NEGOTIATIONS WITH RUSSIA FAIL—COOPERATION IS ALWAYS ON THEIR TERMS. but a few public statements issued in late 1997 by Clinton disarmament advisor Robert Bell and Craig Cerniello of Arms Control Today (who was part of the drafting and review process) [<[http://www. "Retaliate with WHAT?" He knew. General John Shalikashvili. given the fact that it has been six years since the collapse of the Soviet Union. U. military was still operating on a former Presidential Directive of 1981 to prepare to 'win a protracted nuclear war. Even if they did. . responded that he couldn't comply since the U. this PDD directed our country to absorb a first strike and retaliate later. The notion that the United States still had to be prepared to fight and win a protracted nuclear war today seemed out of touch with ] indicated that the Presidential Decision Directive instructed US missile commanders "not to depend on launch-on-warning" (a tactic of launching all fixed silo missiles at the enemy before opponents first strike missiles landed and destroyed ours). article accessed from http://www." This is exactly the same thing President Bill Clinton ordered in 1996 that led to the secret issuance of PDD-60 completely changing the Reagan era nuclear doctrine designed to win a nuclear war with Russia. The most savvy of the non-establishment Soviet watchers can point to a host of evidence indicating that the so-called collapse was engineered to disarm the West and garner billions in direct aid to Russia while inducing the West to take over the economic burden of the former satellite states that Russia could no longer support.a thief.' A winning strategy couldn't be implemented without the full contingent of current nuclear strategic warheads. ANY SIGNAL OF WEAKNESS WILL SPARK A RUSSIAN FIRST STRIKE—THEY ARE WATCHING OUR EVERY MOVE AND PREPARING AN ATTACK SKOUSEN 2009 (Joel.500 in eager anticipation of the ratification of START II disarmament treaty (which has yet to be ratified by the Russian Duma). it is the driving argument that is trumpeted constantly before Congress. The impetus to change U.armscontrol.S. This is all too similar to the Clinton era of nuclear doctrine change. the Guardian can reveal. accessed on January 28. When our leaders come out of their bunkers they will declare the "Russians and Chinese deceived us" and now (that our military forces are mostly destroyed) we have no choice but to enter into a military alliance with the UN to save us. Indeed. as did other commanders of our Trident nuclear submarines that Clinton had unilaterally agreed to keep half of all our SLBM submarines in port at any one time "to assure our Russian friends that we are not a threat. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. “Canceled European Missile Defense Signals New Disarmament Race to War”.S. the apparent collapse of the Soviet Union is the linchpin in every argument pointing towards the relaxation of western vigilance and accelerated disarmament--and still is. a World Affairs Brief.rense. --in essence.000-2. even most conservatives who should have been more suspicious.S." When you telegraph a subtle message to the Russians that we are going to absorb a first strike.

If they were the real heads of these feared organs of state power. military in one huge decapitating nuclear strike. chemical and nuclear weapons systems in secret. While Russia feigns weakness in the private economic sector its underground military industrial complex is humming along at full speed.S. made to look like an uprising of anti-communists (which it was not). AND A DECREASED NUCLEAR DETERRENT ALLOWS THEM TO ATTACK—THAT RESULTS IN NUCLEAR WAR AND EXTINCTION.S. all aimed at taking down the U. But the most ominous evidence is found in defectors from Russia who tell the same story: The whole fall of Communism was planned years in advance to gain Western financial and military assistance.S. BECAUSE ALLIES ARE UNSURE OF RUSSIAN NUCLEAR CAPABILITIES. Nicolae Ceausescu said he got the same orders to step down. This is what makes the new disarmament moves by the Obama administration so worrisome. FORCING THEM TO TRY TO COMPETE WITH RUSSIA AND CHINA’S ARSENALS—THIS CAUSES CASCADING PROLIF. who were they fleeing from? Then there is the statement of Eric Honeker. all the while snookering the West into treating Russia as a new ally. CUTS TO THE U. . FORCES PANICK ALLIES. former head of the German DDR who stated before his death that he was instructed by Moscow to step down and allow the student protests in Leipzig to go forward without Stazi interference. but refused. Virtually all significant opposition political parties are controlled by forces loyal to Putin. DECREASING OUR ABILITY TO DELIVER CONVENTIONAL WARHEADS KILLING CONVENTIONAL CAPABILITIES—THIS TURNS HEG BY DESTROYING OUR MILITARY FORCES WITHOUT HARMING RUSSIA—THAT’S BOLTON THE DETERRENCE TURN—MOSCO HAS ALREADY DECREASED THEIR FORCES —CUTTING OURS WOULD CUT THE CREDIBILITY OF OUR DETERRENT FORCES AND WOULD PANICK ALLIES—THAT’S HUESSY—OUR SCHNEIDER EVIDENCE SAYS THAT NATIONS ALLIED AGAINST THE U. The whole charade of Russian oligarches in pretended opposition to the super-patriot Vladimir Putin is part of this sophisticated game. the heads of the KGB.there was the phony Gorbachev 'coup' that failed and was so patently contrived and parroted by the western media that they had to be covering for this keystone cop affair. Then. GRU. A DECLINE IN THE U. He had to be forcibly removed by another phony coup.S. Romania's dictator. ARE MODERNIZING THEIR FORCES. ARSENAL AS A CREDIBLE DETERRENT ALLOWS RUSSIA TO INVADE FORMER WARSAW STATES—THAT’S SCHNEIDER—THIS RISKS THE ONLY SCENARIO FOR GLOBAL NUCLEAR ESCALATION AND EXTINCTION—THAT’S ROZOFF. and Defense Ministries supposedly had to flee into hiding. CURRENT START NEGOTIATIONS CUT DELIVERY SYSTEMS. deploying top of the line new biological. AND MISCALCULATION AND THE SHEER NUMBER OF ARSENALS WOULD CAUSE NUCLEAR WAR—THAT’S MAGINNIS AND FEITH AND SHULSKY.

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