: Today¶s students will become the next generation of AAPG full-time members and leaders. Therefore, it is imperative that students are given opportunities to grow as leaders and learn about the organization they will one day lead. By establishing a standing student vice chair position on the Student Chapter Committee (SCC), another such opportunity within the association will exist. With the intent to aid globalization of the Student Chapter Leadership Summit (SCLS), this new student vice chair will help operate, in tandem with non-student vice chair, a sub-committee tasked with creation of local SCLSs (L-SCLS). This document lays out the requirements for the second vice chair position. The purpose of the vice chair roles is to act as a liaison between the SCC and the SCLS subcommittee, fostering an open flow of communication. The selected student is responsible for providing the AAPG¶s student members a voice within the SCLS subcommittee. Additionally, the selected candidate will craft L-SCLS policies, and aid in their replacement¶s transition to the role when they rotate off the sub-committee. Student Vice Chair ±Role Requirements: An estimated 8 hours per month of meeting preparation and documentation Travel to L-SCLS Pilot (expenses paid) Stand-in as alternate for Chair or non-student Vice-Chair as needed Attend auxiliary events as appropriate, including, but not limited to, the SCLS, Young Professional¶s Board Meetings, or the Annual or International Convention and Exhibition (contingent upon available funding) Examples of Required Documentation Post Local Meeting Reports: Student vice chair will prepare a short report highlighting the meeting¶s outlook, action items, lessons learned, and issues specific to where and when the meeting was held. These reports are to be sent to the AAPG SCLS subcommittee chair, non-student vice chair, and SCC Secretary. L-SCLS Pre-Read Documents: Work with AAPG staff to provide input and assist with writing pre-read documentation for the L-SCLS.

SELECTION PROCESS Student will be selected by the SCC and SCLS sub-committee through a review process.

Student will submit a 1 page resume and addendum highlighting their involvement in AAPG and/or their student chapter experience. Student will submit a mock agenda for a Local SCLS Student will need one letter of recommendation (reference) from their AAPG faculty advisor, local industry representative, or AAPG Committee Chair.

Thank you for supporting your organization through service, and please do not hesitate to contact me with questions. Warm Regards,

Richard Ball SCC Chair Geologist, Chevron (Houston, TX) eds: Jessica Poteet SCC Secretary

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