JUMPOFFS 'Live Anywhere' Concept The Jumpoffs have discovered how to live anywhere in the universe.

This concept was developed by scientists after their home-world was riddled with toxins, and uninhabitable for a period of time. Any planet, any place, any town, any city, can be made liveable by the Jumpoffs. From constructing massive space colonies, to entire planets, to individual dimensions, the Jumpoffs can do it all. Jumpoff Spacecraft All spacecraft have shields, armor, tractor beams, shield bits, jump-drives, EMP-resistance, an antitechnologies. Searcher The Searcher is the iconic Jumpoff spacecraft. It's made for basic combat and criminal transport. It is also a carrier, and holds billions of strike craft. It's not effected by EMPs or most magics. It's primary weapons are two particle cannons that fire a mixture of super-heated plasma, and natural particles. It has many more anti-ship turrets that use concussion missiles automatic basic-shield-piercing munnitions. Dreadnought This ship is made for anti-ship warfare and the penetration of shields and armor. It has three verticallyinclined cannons that fire billions of missiles filled with pseudo-YN particles. It has at least a dozen secondary cannons that fire particle beams. From its vertical cannons, it can also launch space-effective ballistic missiles (SEBM). These missile have a naturally enormous blast radius. While the missiles are powerful enough to effect planets, and reach their target fairly quickly, reloading them takes some time. It is fairly slow, because of its armanents and purposes. However, its shields and durable armor can take whatever the enemy dishes out. Devastator This ship is a war boat-- to put it simply. Originally a prototype anti-planet weapon, it has been tested and is fully operational and mass-produced. The JDF has given it supercharged shields -to make up for its slow speed-, and an extensive loadout of weapons. All along the ship are gun ports that fire particle beams. It has dozens of missile turrets, as well. However, its primary weapon is the 'Stardust Cannon'. Using stardust energy, it fires a ray that cripples the integrity of less-significant planets and ships. The Stardust Cannon takes a while to charge, however-- so this weapon is usually a 'last resort' type of thing. Annihilator A ship capable of docking many other ships-- even as big as a titan. This craft is a cross between a ship, space station, and reinforcement outpost. It has turrets and gun ports of all kinds. It can implement incindiary, anti-armor, anti-shield, anti-personnel, and all other anti-weapons for ammunition. In addition to its powerful shields, it has secondary shields, and durable armors. It's primary weapons are the DualPurge Cannon-- named after the 'religous' era of the Jumpoffs. The cannon has two ports, both can fire YN-particles-- to 'heal', or psuedo-YN-particles-- to decay and destroy. The cannon(s) can also fire a pure high-focus particle beam that'll pierce shields and armor of even the highest tier, as well as, compromise the integrity of entire planets-- effectively crippling them to the point of little effort to finish them off, or to simply 'collapse'. Memento Maori Meaning 'The Memory of Judgement', this craft is a cross between a space-station, ship, artillery, and anit-planet weapon. Not only does it possess all of the primary and secondary weapons of the previous spacecraft(s), it also has their defenses. In addition, it has its own defense system(s). Point-defense-which is made to counter missiles and the like, YN-particle shield-- which absorbs enemy beam weapons, and high-focus energy shields-- made to defend against/counter all else. It's tetriary weapon is 'Justice'-a group of satellites that vary in size, and are capable of destroying more-significant worlds and titans. It's secondary weapon is 'The Judge'-- a cannon thousands of miles wide in diameter, made for antiplanetary/anti-ship warfare. It's primary weapon is the 'Cleansing Beam'-- made for warfare of all kinds. Once this touches a target, they're done. This invention was created during the 'religious' era of the Jumpoffs, when they thought mass-evil existed in their dimension. Because of its power, it's primary and secondary weapons take a long time to charge and fire, and the weapon itself can only be singular-meaning that only one can be used at a time. Shield Bits Shield Bits are both an offensive and a defensive invention. They fire high-focuses piercing lasers when in offensive mode, and absorb enemy fire in defensive mode. All Jumpoff spacecraft have S.B.s on them.

The Shield Bits are capable of blocking/absorbing/deflecting anything. As of current, there is no definite way to counter the S.B.s Military Tier Concept The Jumpoffs have developed the first ever truly 'adaptive' military. From the 'Tier of Nine Designs', the Jumpoffs can upgrade their military as they see fit, or adapt it, to suit their defense needs. Currently, the military is considered a defense force (Jumpoff Defense Force/JDF) -not as organized- because of the state of peace. The only 'branch' is the space armed force, which has army contingencies as well. Also, for high-risk or extra-dangerous military ensembles, the JSF (Jumpoff Special Forces) will be called and dispatched respectively. The Blessing A Jumpoff cartographer was charting the dimension when he somehow lost himself in his trails. He would soon reach the far corners of the Jumpoff dimension and come across the powerful energy that the entire race would soon refer to as 'The Blessing'. To be 'Blessed' is to have this power bond with your entire contingency-- mind, body, and soul. It cures you, it gives your more strength, new life. It develops in you an automatic immunity-- making you immune to even the most effective anti-tech. The true capabilities of this power is unknown, but being researched by the Jumpoffs. Altar Altar is the result of The Blessing evolving over time with natural Jumpoff evolution. It is an offensive power, only existent in select Jumpoffs. The true capabilities are unknown, but being investigated all the same. Decomposition & Reconstitution D&R is Altar Power that is made from decomposed matter, and reconstituted into existent, sentient matter (sometimes a weapon). Those who have/use this ability are 'Altar Users'. The Altar Power is the weapon/being/ability that is a result of the D&R process. In some instances, the Altar Power is the weaponization of a body part, creation of an object, or independent being. Usually, the independent beings formed by D&R are called 'Altars', while the weaponization of limbs or overt acquisition of abilities are called 'Altar Powers'. Judgement A weapon that is biomechanical. That is-- half living, half machine. It was created as an end-all means for wars or conflicts that require the most potent weapons and the most effective actions. It has autoimmunity, auto-adaptation, and auto-anti. This weapon is currently on "Hold Status" to prevent leakage. So far, this project is only known to the highest of military officials. It was created using Jumpoff DNA and blood, and The Blessing. Dimension Creation Concept The Jumpoffs can create alternate and unconventional dimensions to use for whatever they see fit.