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The CD sent with this, contains the maintenance of absentees statement for Nov/Dec 2010
semester examinations, which can be loaded into your computer for the generation of branchwise
absentees statement.

1. What do you need to use the CD:

I. One PC, preferably P-IV or greater with 128 MB RAM and minimum 600 MB of free
space in disk.
II. One Laser printer or Ink Jet printer, connected to the PC.
III. Microsoft Windows XP or Higher.

Important Setting:

Set the monitor resolution to 1024 by 768 pixels.

2. Content of CD.

The CD contains the files and folder.

a) Setup.exe (Application file)

b) Absentees. cab is a cabinet file with a set of compressed installation files
c) Setup.lst
d) Support Directory

3. Installation.

Double click “Setup.exe” that is present in the CD. This will install the Absentees statement
software and the related database accessible by MS Access. The installation process will take 3 to 6
minutes depending on the computer. The software is now ready for use.

After the installation open the program from the usual Windows start as given below.

START → PROGRAMS → Absentees_Nov_Dec_2010 → Absentees_Nov_Dec_2010.

The screen as shown in Figure 1 (Login and Password) will be displayed with Login option.

FIGURE 1 Login - Password Screen

Login Screen:

In this screen enter your college code in the college code text box and the same college
code as password and click on login button.

4. Main Screen

The main screen display of menu items is shown as in Figure 2.

FIGURE 2: Main Screen

This contains two options namely,

1) UG – BE, B.Tech and B.Arch.

2) PG – MSc, MCA, ME, M.Tech, M.Arch, MBA, MBA(P.T) & BE(PT).

In any of these two option select either UG or PG. After selection of either PG or UG, then
click the Proceed button.

First Entry Screen.

First entry screen display has menu items such as Branch, Semester and Subject Name.
Select your Branch, Semester number and Subject Name. Here institution name with
college code and batch are displayed. After completion of menu selection then click
Proceed button. Otherwise click Cancel button. If you want to select any other branch or
subject click Cancel button for refreshing the screen.

FIGURE 3: First Entry Screen

Absentees Entry Form

This second entry screen is the Absentee’s Entry Form. Here Branch name, Subject
Name and Code and Semester number are displayed based on your previous form entry. Here it
displays two buttons, one is Add and another is Delete.

A text box is printed with label Enter the Registration Number, to enter the register number
of the absentees. By default, the first three digits (the college code) will appear on the text box.
The remaining 8 digits of the register number of the candidate who is absent for that particular
subject is to be entered. By pressing the enter key, you can save the register number and the next
number can be entered. You can continue the process until you complete all the entries.

FIGURE 4(i): Absentees Entry Form Screen

The entered register number along with the name of the candidate will be displayed in the
list box as shown in Figure 4(i). If you have made any wrong entry, then select the register number
from the list box and click the “Delete “ button.

A message “Are you sure you want to delete this record?.”, with “ Yes/No” option will
appear on the screen. Selection of option “Yes” will remove the record from the list and “No” will
retain the record in the list. This operation is shown in Figure 4(ii).

FIGURE 4(ii): Absentees Entry Form Screen

Print Preview Screen

This is the Print Preview Form. After completing the absentee’s entry, just click the Print
Preview Button in absentees entry form. This can be used to take the print out of both UG and
PG (you can see two separate print preview screen, 1 for UG and another one for PG) Absentees
Statement (Absentees Abstract) for all branches, branchwise.

Note: If you have miscellaneous entries after finishing all branch entries with printout, then you
need to close the current form. And open a program from the usual Windows start as

START → PROGRAMS → Absentees_Nov_Dec_2010 → Absentees_Nov_Dec_2010.

and need to take a printout again using Print Preview Button.

Figure 5: Print Preview Screen

Important Note:
After completion of absentees Entry for all branches, the same
“Absentees_Nov_Dec_2010” folder which is in local hard disk “C:\Program Files”
in a CD (two copies) along with a copy of an abstract of absentee statement and
send the same to
for further process within 2 days after the last examination.