“In this, the late afternoon of my life, I wonder: am I casting a longer shadow Or is my shadow casting a shorter me?

” Robert Brault

Circle of Shadows I am real, Echoes my shadow! You are the illusion! Quell the confusion! Life is just one big delusion! From the philosophical To the absurd Life is just one Big vicious circle! A circle is always complete! I am never complete, I just can't be finished As easily as the twist Of a pencil Circles end When ends are caught And wrought into a knot Not easy, for me to be caught I am all ends without knots I don't belong! When encircled, by my shadows I must disengage Instead of being sucked in the eddy Hanging on the precipice Of the abyss Shrouded by the shadows That spiral upwards from the nadir Hmm! “To Sleep, penchant to dream!” Sleep is bliss, It embraces only The morally rich! I am always half-awake Shadow boxing with the Demons of my dreams Is this a scream! Shyam