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T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) was established in 1980 and its PGDM
programme was inaugurated in 1984. TAPMI is one of the few institutes to be ac-
credited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with five
stars and by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) of the All India Council for
Technical Education (AICTE) with an ‘A’ rating. It is currently in the process of ac-
quiring AACSB accreditation and consistently ranks among the premier Business
Schools in India.

In the twenty nine years of its existence, TAPMI has developed a reputation of
having one of the most rigorous management programmes in the country. The insti-
tution strives to foster in its students continuous learning, achievement-
orientation, creative interdependence and respect for diversity along with a holistic
concern for ethics, the environment and society.
A Atharva, the annual management festival of TAPMI, attracts the finest
talent from business schools as well as from the corporate world. It tests the

b skill, knowledge, acumen, strength and perseverance of participants with nu-

merous management games and a plethora of informal events that keep the

o campus abuzz for three rocking days and nights.

Atharva 2009-10 was a defining year for the decade old festival in more
ways than one. The festival achieved new heights by including international
participation from a reputed international college: Sheffield Hallam, UK. Last

t year also marked the beginning of ‘Pre-Atharva’, a host of games and events
planned and designed exclusively for TAPMI students.

The corporate associations for Atharva 2009-10 included well known

names like, TVS, HUL, Parle Agro, Nestle & Radio Mirchi 98.3

A FM. It witnessed participation of over 350 students from 75 B-schools includ-

ing 1 international school and gave away prizes worth over Rs. 6 lakhs. The

T figures stand testament to the scale and appeal of the phenomenon that is

“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them
-Andy Warhol

The world today is one devoid of balance and harmony. Corporate affairs and
actions are based on false premises and false goals leading to crippling disillusion-
ment. The consequences are pollution, environmental destruction and their social
counterparts, emotional turmoil, war and hatred.

Consciousness of the human mind evolves through dissatisfaction. Innate dis-

pleasure with the status quo induces man to search for alternatives. The business

world is slowly waking up to the implicit realization that mutual interdependence

and sustainable living are the way to achieve our common goals and find harmony.

At Atharva we applaud the courage to veer from the beaten path. We want to
contribute to the development of ideas and celebrate this new-found conscious-
ness. Atharva 2011 strives to seek Alternatives.

We thus invite the brightest of minds to work with us in our crusade for
change, to leave the easy comfort of passive behavior behind and to join us in our
effort to make a difference!
The sand in your toes, the wind in your hair, the
stately lighthouse in the background…the perfect place
to relax?? Think again!!

QUIZ Leave it to a B school to make being at the beach an

On intellectually stimulating experience!

The Held at Kaup beach, QOTB is a unique corporate quiz designed

Beach to enthuse quizzing aficionados across the country. The challenge

of the quiz is complemented by informal games for the audience
and a fireworks display, making this event the biggest crowd puller
of Atharva.

This is a business plan formulation
contest and the perfect opportunity for
wannabe entrepreneurs to interact
with industry experts and academia and
get expert feedback and evaluation for
their business ideas.

A great way to experience what

it’s like to work and function in the big

POLEMIC bad world of business!

The fighting ring is ready; the contestants wait at their corners…

only this time the boxing gear has been replaced by impeccable suits
and the physical punches by their verbal counterparts.

Welcome to the Big Fight or Polemic, the place to watch eminent

representatives of industry and academicians from diverse backgrounds
battle it out on stage in an exciting and thrilling corporate debate.

Tatva is the search for the new age team of business leaders. Spread over a span of 2

days, the contest will have different components with varying levels of rigour, each

testing the various attributes of leadership and management in every single


Tatva consists of the following rounds :

Global Investor : The next Warren Buffet in the making

Kiosk : The arena of retail marketing

Duvidha: A Case study

Mahasangram : The Mock Press

Outbound : Where mind and body work together.

The concepts of Kotler and Krajewski being applied for the betterment of the

society? ‘Sahayog’ gives the participant a chance to solve grass root level

problems. This is one of the rare events where the winning team would not only

take away the prize and accolades but at the same time give a solution that

would be implemented and executed by our coordinator for the target

Do you have the courage to
battle risk, uncertainty, dynamic

market environments and still
manage to garner maximum pay

E offs??

M Global Investor is an event

that explores the thrilling world of

E finance with six rigorous rounds of

OUTCRY simulated international trade sce-

Forget about the Sensex,

N narios.

Nifty or even the Dow Jones In-

dex….the TAPEX is here!
This game, a simulation of the
old open-outcry method of com- G
munication used on stock ex-
changes before electronic trading, A
requires traders to find potential
buyers/sellers according to their M
requirements, negotiate, decide
the price at which the trade is go-

ing to occur and go to the TAPEX
(TAPMI Stock Exchange) for the
transfer of assets.
Who said finance can’t be fun?
N Trapped in the dilemmas of

marketing, whether to penetrate or
not, how to enter into the target

segment or be the category killer,
all this will be answered in a very

E typical and innovative style of quiz-


M And like the name suggests

only the skilled and smart will get
out of this circle of death, victori-



The game presents you with a
challenging problem currently ex-

isting in a Mangalore based SME. It
requires the participant to visit and
SME as a team of two to understand
and analyze the reasons for the
problem. So if you think, you have
the strategic bent of mind and can
think analytical and out of the box,
an interesting challenges awaits
Nurturing academic talent through extensive research has always been one of
the prime objectives of TAPMI. Abhivyakti is one such step in our continuing search
for excellence and new paradigms. The event, which will be launched this year, will
serve as a platform for international students to present research papers on ground
breaking ideas. We plan to hold the event through video conferencing facilities for
the benefit of the international participants.

Xpressions represents the fun
aspect of Atharva, allowing par-
ticipants to loosen their ties, roll
up their sleeves and unwind

Xpressions,a ticketed show by a popular professional music band, wherein we

expect a turnout of about 2000 students from Manipal Group of institutions like
KMC, MIT, MIC as well as from 100 participating B-Schools from across the country.
Manipal is home to a student community of about 22,000 from diverse backgrounds
coming from all parts of India and the world.
Corporate Sponsors
Atharva is the perfect platform for the corporate world to interact with the

managers of tomorrow as it provides a niche audience for companies to make their

presence felt in the b-school community.

Atharva invites corporate houses to participate in a mutually beneficial asso-

ciation with the festival and the Institute. The various avenues for associating with

Atharva includes sponsorships liaisons and providing live cases and projects for vari-

ous events.


Convener: Shovan Kumar Kundu +91-9740 677228

Co-Convener: Niharika Reddy +91-9945 830208

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