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What ,Why, and where were the Hebrews before Abram?

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Ezek. • • • 16:3 And say, Thus saith the Elohim YHWH unto Yerusalem; Thy birth and thy nativity is of the land of Canaan; thy father1 was an Amorite, and thy mother a Hittite.
Gen 26:5 because Aḇraham • obeyed My voice • and guarded My Charge: My commands, My laws, and My Torah.


Hebrew societies Akan, Kemet, Nubia, Zulu, Ebla,Yoruba etc.
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(BLACK). It was the capital of Upper Egypt. astronomy. also called NUBT (NUBIAN). all of Canaan fell to Habiru and only Salem was holding out. Akkadian Eridu. • ETHIOPIA THE WAS FIRST COUNTRY.. but "a garden in Eden. Nob (“prophecy”). • EBLA ." a river flowed into the garden (2:10). in the southern Mesopotamian plain. 30:14–16. a city of the tribe of Benjamin located northeast of Jerusalem. • Habaru……Emim. we enter the ever intriguing "Garden of Eden.. navigation. • 6000 B." It has to be grasped very clearly that the garden was simply a limited area within a larger area "Eden. within sight of the city (1 Sam.. 2:38. Abdu Heba had his name morphed by the Habirus into Jebus or Jebusites? • CAIN’S DECENDANTS would have that privilege the fallen angels gave them in prowess. in Gen.. (BLACK) HAWATHA = NEPHTHYS = 2nd female married Seth . • The first city and its city-garden created by YAH is Eden. math. in the beginning it contained nothing but Nubians. el-Khuds east of Eden after the fall.. sham) it was divided into four "heads. 21:1. man made demonic law." Adam and Eve in Eden were preceded by the Nubians / pre -Israelite descendants of the Iron Age I and II intermarriages with cuneiform-literate Canaanites(or cursed Nubians) • Nubians + AMORITES = pre -Israelite • NOD east of Eden where Cain started his kingdom Noe (“stirring up”). Jer." Very strictly. 46:25). A realization of this simple but much neglected fact opens the way to a proper understanding of the geography of Eden and its environment. an Egyptian city better known as Thebes (Ezek.Israelite descendants of the Iron Age I and II had intermarriages with cuneiform-literate Jebusites.C.attributes of Adam. The Garden of EDEN… Nubia… Edin/Edinu (Sumerian Eridug.. Jebusite scribes were trained in cuneiform and Pre . "to water the garden". HET. engineering..Israel intermarried with them. OLDEST KNOWN CITY TO MAN.• • SETH = (SETH). 22:19). Eridu "Then. and at that point ("there" in Hebrew. First True Followers (Nubians) Community or garden) . Cain’s descendants . it is not "the garden of Eden" at all. Thus." and two are not identical. Fertile Crest. etc. or of equal area. out of "greater Eden. We are told that the Jebusites lived in Salem and that Pre .

Today’s world religions characterize the original “anti-Creator” (Ha’Satan) way of life. also the Kingdom of Ta’ssti was started.C. Shemites (circa 3300-3100 B. afterwards of Flood all called Nubians(new beings) 4. Nod (“vagabond”). The city of Enoch (of NOD) was CAIN’S first. an unidentified land east of Eden to which Cain fled after the murder of Abel (Gen.000 B. • • • • • . 4:16) suppose it to be China. most corrupt and among the most horrific culture the middle east had ever known. Nobah (“prominent”).” Nimrod of the Hebrew Scriptures. or Nod. 8:11). It is not referred to elsewhere and may not be a place name. Eridu (ADAM) to work in his city-garden. He and his mother-wife Semiramis early began insinuating their false religion. Mexicans) not only “enslaved to the LIE. a town of Gad east of the Jordan (Judg. into and onto that great Sumerian civilization. Indians. However. Old Shem himself moved to and dwelt in Salem. harvest crops and present the produce to Enki (god) in his Temple. He is known in Scripture as Melchizedek.000 B. also caused a mass migration of Shem-ites out of the land of Sumeria. and King of Salem or Jerusalem.C. thru 2181 B.” but also in most cases more primitive mentally and spiritually than ever before. 5. especially those who refused the pagan religion imposed on the populace by him and his mother-wife Semiramis. 21:30). it may be another name for Nobah. The Canaanites were the "wealthiest". el-Khuds) myths (FROM CAIN AND HIS FATHER Satan). they have kept the chosen people (Israel = Blacks.” Cain means the "forger”. The "Child Sacrificers" would prey on the entire world and wanted to wrest their riches from them AND FINALLY DID. which means “city of peace. According to Mesopotamian. Many “Shemites” fled to various parts of the world. Historically. a city in Moab (Num. EGYPTIAN Ubaids… (Ivrim. Noe. bringing their advanced knowledge and skills with them. and warfare.• • • • • • knew that the best way to capture people’s minds was by “religion. Nophah (“fearful”).C.) or colonies of Habuba Kabira and Jebel Aruda where started pre-flood 3800 B.C When Nimrod began his kingdom and apostasy.C.

a “preacher of righteousness” who had gone to live where Jerusalem is today. conquered the Sumerian (Shem-ite) cities in Mesopotamia the first world empire. The Hebrew Scriptures contend that Noah’s Flood was worldwide.Hebrews). the most infamous AMORITE OF EBLA (PRE-HEBREW) .FOUNDED THE CITY OF ATHENS. • Chaldeans the Tribe of Ham led by Nimrod. which undoubtedly caused his own demise. for history recounts how he died. were extant in the ancient world [and still are today]. Also the building of Sun temples. would have been obedient to the Almighty and taught by Him. el-Khuds. – Zoser builds step pyrmids (Saqqara complex) 2630 – Khufu directs the building of the Great Pyrmids Dashur and Giza El `Elyon … Ebla. the use of text inscribed on tombs(King Unas) these earlier groups mixed from Seth and Cain’s side. and ran by Kemet (pre. to be continued by Cush. Noah’s son Cush (Nimrod’s father) started it. or rather it began with Nimrod and his wife is very consequential. had to chase him down and kill him (Nimrod). Two chief “religions. The false belief system designed by Satan and was started by Cain and then carried across the Flood by Noah’s son Ham. 3150 B. Nimrod’s wife-mother.C.• • • Nimrod brought with his empire this anti-Creator’s way of life. He (Nimrod) was killed on a Friday (13th) in Egypt. (Emim. This period gave birth to Egypt and both UPPER and LOWER lands were united. which was part of his empire at that time.(el-Khuds) The Code of Hammurabi. This season of “weeping” is to be our modern days “Lent” 3600 B. Shem. down through the Flood and afterward.” Nimrod’s and Shem’s. and Semiramis. Nimrod. Kulaba) 2500 BC Sumerians…. claimed he was resurrected the following Sunday and lives today in spirit form. The end of the Old Kingdom was when an Ethiopian leader (Narmer) who won the conquest of lower Egypt Menes. Semiramis (they were called Isis and Osiris in Egypt). As the women wept for Tammuz (Ezekiel 8:14) Tammuz being another name of Nimrod. the Sumerians were the first of the “empire” builders that passed through the lineage of Shem and Abraham Seth’s side.C. Perhaps it is Abram/Abraham who rejects the . • • • • • • • • • 2323 – Mentuhotep unfies Kemet • 2040 – Senwosret WHO IS NUBIAN establishes a colony in Greece….

14:18).” The Great God of Ur was "Sin"also known as Urfa Ubaids (Hebrew. Gen. Ur was an inseparable cult in Abram’s day. a pillar that came to be called “Absalom Monument” 2 Sam. (Rom 12:2) And do • • • . denying and challenging the Mesopotamian explanations regarding the origin of man and his purpose in life and how he came to serve gods in their city-gardens in the “edin” of Sumer? That is to say Abraham whose father once was a polytheist at Ur of the Chaldees who worshipped the many gods and goddesses of the edin later repudiated them and embraced only _one_ God. and afterwards belonged to Sihon.motifs originally associated with Inanna/Ishtar with. 14:17–18). • • • • • • Chaldea…UR (Urfa. 18:18). Yahweh-Elohim of the Garden in Eden. 14:5). This valley was the place where Absalom erected a monument to himself. although the city had probably been inhabited for centuries before that time. Zadocks …Hebrews…Abraham (blessed by Melchezidek the Priest of SALEM later called Yurusalem) Yurusalem was Urushalem and previously Salem. Numbers.e. A plain in Transjordan near the city of Kiriathaim of Moab (Gen. Abraham (blessed by Melchezidek the Priest of SALEM) Abraham was met by the king of Sodom and by Melchizedek after he defeated Chedorlaomer (Gen. Thus. 10 miles westward from Medeba. of which Melchizedek was king (Gen. was a natural abbreviation for what we call Jerusalem. a valley in Moab. king of Heshbon. or Zadoks) were a village-based society of farmers Kulaba SHAVEH [SHAY vuh] a valley near Jerusalem(plain of the double city) Salem.32:37 . Enkidu and Shamhat and The Emim were defeated on this same plain by Chedorlaomer. plain of the double city. 14:5. HARAN…. el-Khuds) Terah’s birthplace. i. Abraham a "The Person of Interest" at the top of the "List of "Divine appointment" (Who transformed from the (FALSE) Sumerian/Akkadian myths into the (TRUTH) renewing of his mind Garden of Eden and Noah's Flood account?). el-Khuds Zadoks (first Priesthood) Melchezidek (Shem) had gone to establish a sacred city . Yurusalem appears in the Bible as early as the time of Abraham.

(2) He lives in the right period of time for the transformation or recasting to be done. be clean. a man we remember best as Nimrod. 2Ch 20:17 ‘It is not for you to fight in this. Of course. so that you prove what is that good and well-pleasing and perfect desire of Elohim. Come out of her midst. As a notable. Abram and his brothers were sons of Terah. you who bear the vessels of . The family of Terah was a notable one. They were prominent people of their day. about primal man and his relationship with his Creator. The Egyptian religion was obsessed with the afterlife. for ‫ יהוה‬is with you. Abram was a businessman who promoted trade between the Babylonians and the Hittites. That Terah was a maker of idols.‫יהוה‬ 4)) His descendants keep alive through the millennia the notion he is the one who abandoned polytheism and returned to the revelation there is only one God Act 7:3 and said to him. He was wealthy enough in his day to purchase land in Canaan. Haran. into a land that I shall show you. Position yourselves.not be conformed to this world.” (3) He has "THE MOTIVE": He being portrayed as THE SON OF a polytheist who has a revelation that there is only One God and thus he repudiates the gods and goddesses he originally worshipped. touch not the unclean.’ (5) Abraham and his immediate progeny are portrayed as nomadic tent-dwelling shepherds of the steppe between Ur. Abram enjoyed wealth and probably visited the city of Babylon where stood the great Temple of Marduk. and come here. and you shall be ousted from your position. Marduk is thought to have been another name for the former ruler of the known world. suggests that he supported the religious belief system that existed in their day Egyptology. and images of worship. south of Babylon). also rendered Mugheir. but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. yet another god of the Chaldeans. and even defeat a coalition of kings. recorded in Hebrew records as “a maker of idols. Isa 52:11 Turn aside! Turn aside! Come out from there. but this afterlife was only for the pharaoh and his high-ranking officials. Isa 22:19 ‘And I shall drive you from your office. • • • .” The Hebrew text sets Abram’s birth at about 2000 BC. stand still and see the deliverance of ‫ יהוה‬with you. Damascus and Beersheba. ‘Come out of your land and from your relatives. and having lived at Ur he KNEW this lifestyle was against Yah. (1) He is at the right location: Ur (modern Tell al Muqayyar. command his own private army. DESPISED and MOCKED by Sumer and Akkad. O Yehuḏah and Yerushalayim!’ Do not be afraid nor fear. go out against them tomorrow.

(Book of Jasher) 12:29 And the king ordered Abram to be taken out from the fire.• • • • • • • • • • • Abram went with his family to Haran. and they were burned. Haran’. he and his progeny being known as “shepherd kings” Ham with the spirit of (Cain) jealous of his brother Shem with the spirit of (Abel. married their nieces. 1996 BCE Abraham was born. Of Ham’s four sons (Cush. Shem had gone to live in Salem. the Crown of Heaven and Earth. the flame of the fire spread over them. and the Beautiful Lord who shines in Heaven. for his heart was not perfect with the Elohim. Shem was the Scriptural Melchizedek. and twelve men of them died. the day houses of the moon god and his consort. and he was called the Exalted Lord. It was the same area that the patriarch Abram later migrated to Salem is Jerusalem. Another temple was called The House of Great Plenty. Lot and Iscah. and Isaac was 50 years old. On the terrace was the ziggurat. began to take over immediately post-Flood after its sudden reappearance. Seth. and left at the age of 75. . YHWH). with twin temples. 1896 Amhose reunifies Kemet. lived there for a time. “a whole quarter of the city of Ur was set apart for him. Sarai and Milcah.” Genesis 10:10 says. The spirits behind the construction of the Tower of Babel appears to have been Nannar. a moon god. Both Abram and his brother Nahor. respectively. Phut). and his servants approached to take him out and they could not. This was the secret ritual of a harem. of the moon god. (is the cause of his death) and those men who cast him into the fire. . Mizraim. an ancient man so old that he was thought to be without mother or father. and a daughter. (Book of Jasher) 12:26 And Haran died when they had cast him into the fire. Haran recorded children. which later came to be known as Jerusalem. Abraham gave a tenth of the spoils of war to him after the battle with the Kings (Genesis 14:14-16). 1846 BCE Shem died and that means he was 9 Generations removed and lived around Abraham for 150 years. Canaan. for the fire was round about and the flame ascending toward them from the furnace.up. Abraham had grown. both daughters of their third brother. Milcah and Sarai before he died a premature death. Haran it is not recorded either. Cush begat this Nimrod. and he was burned to ashes. the goddess NinGal. two sons. the “mighty hunter before (against) the Elohim. which means “city of peace.

a son of Ham. is credited with starting the building of Babel. the son of Noah. were scattered abroad on the face of the earth. Although the Hebrew Scriptures say that the beginning of his kingdom was Babylon. 2100 BC Yah promises Abraham many descendants AMHOSE REUNIFIES KEMET 2000 BC Yacob (Israel) is born 1910 BC Yoseph sold into slavery 1446 BC Exodus begins THUTMOSE.• • “And the beginning of his (Nimrod’s) kingdom was Babel. Cush. when their speech was confounded.not kings 1050 BC Saul becomes Israel's first king 1010 BC David becomes King of Israel . as he also is credited with starting the great apostasy FALSE RELIGION that Nimrod continued and it continues today as Christianity. • History of Israel Below is a partial chronology of important events in the history of Israel. Many of the ancient events are described in the Bible. and they therefore deserted both the city and the tower which they had commenced to build. made it the foundation and starting point of his greatness.(THE MOSES) RULES 1406 BC Israel begins establishing itself as a country 1400 BC Israel is ruled by judges . and Calneh. by establishing his power there. encompassing Babylonians. Chaldeans. our understanding is that the Babel builders.” Assyrians the word has wide latitude of meaning among the classic authors. Nimrod’s father. and Assyrians Babylon could not properly have existed as a city until Nimrod. and Accad. and Erech.

builds Temple QUEEN OF SHEBA (MAKEDA) 926 BC Israel becomes a divided kingdom 721 BC Assyrians conquer northern kingdom of Israel 612 BC Babylon conquers Nineveh (Assyrian Empire) 605 BC Babylon exerts influence over Yahudah 597 BC Babylon attacks Yahudah 586 BC Babylon destroys Yerusalem and Temple 586-573 BC Babylon king Nebuchadnezzar attacks Tyre 539 BC Cyrus the Great conquers Babylon 538 BC Cyrus releases Hebrews from Babylonian Captivity 536 BC Work begins to rebuild Temple 516 BC Second Temple is dedicated 333 BC Greeks begin rule over land of Israel 331 BC Alexander conquers Tyre (Phoenician Empire) 250 BC The Old Testament is translated WITH Greek myths 175 BC Greek ruler Antiochus Epiphanes torments the Hebrews 166-63 BC Hebrews (Maccabees) gain freedom during Hasmonean Period 63 BC Romans take over land of Israel and steal the truth from all.970 BC Solomon becomes king. About 5 BC Jesus myth (GREEK) begins in Bethlehem About 25 AD Jesus begins His “mythological” ministry About 28 AD Jesus is crucified myth takes root .

70 AD Romans destroy Jerusalem and Temple 135 AD Romans destroy and plow Jerusalem 1291 Tyre attacked and destroyed again Late 1800s Zionist Movement begins 1878 Jews begin returning to homeland 1896 "The Jewish State" is published. Former Slaves that are conscience know they are Israelites. Zionism grows 1897 Jews unite in effort to regain homeland Israel 1917 The British gain control of Palestine (Israel) 1933 . 2020 in the eye industry 2020 vision is perfect. 2012 the beginning of the end of ha’satans kingdom.Incarceration in European belief and value systems that promote Hebrew allegiance and subservience to European political and economics needs (Akbar.1944 6 million Jews killed by Nazis 1948 Jews declare independence of Israel 1948 Surrounding countries invade Israel 1949 Israel prevails in first Arab-Israeli war 1967 Six-Day War: Jews capture holy city of Jerusalem 1982 Hebrew becomes official language of Israel 2009 Hebrews Israelite knowledge is increased and the bones are coming back together. 1984). 2019 the 7 years of the book of Daniel are fullfilled. SHALOM Psychological Slavery . .

Pan-Hebrew nationalist approach to Hebrew development rooted in cultural and intellectual traditions and practices found in both classical and the present-day Hebrew World Community MAL’AKYAH AND MI’YAH .Re-Hebrew ization .

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