MANY GENRES, ONE CRAFT: Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction Edited by Michael A.

Arnzen and Heidi Ruby Miller
To be published by Headline Books, Spring 2011.

***************** MANY GENRES, ONE CRAFT: Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction (coming from Headline Books in Spring, 2011) is an amazing anthology of instructional articles for fiction writers looking for advice on how to improve their writing and better navigate the mass market for genre novels. Here's what makes MANY GENRES unique:

This book is like a genre writer's workshop in a bottle! Every contributor to this book is a seasoned veteran in the industry or a hot new writer...and many are bestsellers who have won multiple literary awards for their potent and entertaining genre fiction. But more than that, these contributors know how to teach genre fiction. They are all trained teachers, visiting authors, or published alums from the MFA in Writing Popular Fiction program offered by Seton Hill University -- the only grad school dedicated to writing commercially-viable genre novels of quality. The book is a hefty volume, with over 130,000 words devoted to genre fiction writing.



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MANY GENRES, ONE CRAFT: Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction TABLE OF CONTENTS
Putting our Heads Together: An Introduction to Many Genres, One Craft by Michael A. Arnzen CRAFT STYLE AND PROCESS You Have To Start With Something, So It Might As Well Be Something Like This by Gary Braunbeck Don't Be a Bobble-Head, and Other Bits of Guidance by TimonsEsaias Dumping the Info Dump by Maria V. Snyder Powerman Writes Women's Fiction: On Writing What You Know by Matt Duvall Your Very First Editor by Lee Allen Howard Make Revising Work for You, Not Against You by Adrea Peters Perfect Disaster: Don't Let Perfectionism Squash Your Creativity by Anne Harris CHARACTER AND DIALOGUE M&Ms for Characters by Sharon Mignerey Tough Love: Make Your Protagonist Suffer by Randall Silvis SIDEBAR: Be an Archetype, Not a Stereotype by Heidi Ruby Miller Going Deeper: Point of View beyond the Basics by W.H. Horner SIDEBAR: A Helpful Tactic: The Template Text by TimonsEsaias

Empowering Female Characters by Barbara Miller PLOT AND STRUCTURE Demystifying What Editors Want by VenessaGiunta Give Your Reader Whiplash: Pacing in Fiction by K J Howe Pick Up the Pace by Tim Waggoner Deus Ex Machina Undergoing Repairs: Save Your Characters by Letting Them Save Themselves by Mike Mehalek Blurring the Line: How Reality Helps Build Better Fiction by Scott A. Johnson Put a Little Love in Your Plot: The Perks and Perils of Romantic Subplots by Ron Edison SIDEBAR: Prevention: Techniques to Control Romance by Ron Edison SETTING Setting as a Character: It's More than a Backdrop by Susan Crandall Painting Your Setting with Concrete Nouns by Jason Jack Miller SIDEBAR: Setting Limits: Working in Small Spaces by Jason Jack Miller Writing from Place across Cultures by Karen Williams Set in History by Mary Ann Mogus GENRE GENRE AND ORIGINALITY Genre Unleashed by Michael A. Arnzen No Such Thing as Original Sin by Thomas F. Monteleone I Write Genre Fiction But Want to Be a Real Writer Someday by John DeChancie Readers Resent Change by Tess Gerritsen ROMANCE AND WOMEN'S FICTION Write from the Heart by Crystal B. Bright Creating My Niche in Romantic Suspense by Dana Marton SIDEBAR: Heroes in Romance by Barbara Miller Talking about Dialogue by Natalie Duvall A Serious Look at the Funny Bone by Elaine Ervin SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY Building Science Fiction and Fantasy Worlds by Nancy Kress Description on the Edge: The Sublime in Science Fiction by Albert Wendland Cyberpunk Remastered: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Postmodernism by K. Ceres Wright SIDEBAR: The Brass Tacks of Steampunk by Christopher Paul Carey To Dream a Dragon by Rachael Pruitt Sex, Death, and Chocolate in the Middle Ages: Adding Realism to Your Fantasy by Russ Howe HORROR, MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE THRILLERS Ruining Everything: Tips for Plotting a Mystery by Victoria Thompson Talking the Talk in Crime (and Other) Fiction by David Shifren The Element of Surprise: Psyching-out Readers of Horror, Mystery and Suspense by Michael A. Arnzen SIDEBAR: Making Modern Monsters by Michael A. Arnzen Dark and Story Nights: Mood and Atmosphere in Horror by Mary SanGiovanni The Shifting Grail: A Quest for a Good Read by Heidi Ruby Miller To Thine Own Self Be True: Five Pieces of Advice for Potential Thriller Writers by David Morrell CHILDREN'S AND YOUNG ADULT FICTION Ten Ways to Lose Your YA Reader by Patrice Luneski Linking Past to Present by C. Coco DeYoung Keeping It Real: Mixing Truth and Fiction in YA by Jennifer Brisendine

SIDEBAR: And The Award Goes To by Teffanie Thompson White If You Write It, They Will See It: Picture Book Illustrations from the Writer's POV by Karen Lynn Williams ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES I Write Short Stories by Michael Bracken Magical Realism as Genre: Or, Waiter, There's an Angel in My Soup by Jason Jack Miller SIDEBAR: Essential Magical Realism by Jason Jack Miller The Manga Explosion by Sally Bosco SIDEBAR: From Far East to West by Sally Bosco A Primer for Writing Media Books by Steven Piziks THE WRITER'S LIFE LEARNING Lessons from the Vampire Slayer by Catherine Mulvany Pursuing the Graduate Degree by Chun Lee The Pot-Bellied Pig Method of Critiquing by Kaye Dacus Working the Workshop: How to Get the Most Out of Critique Groups (Even the Bad Ones) by Michael A. Arnzen WORKING Writing More by Susan Mallery Time Management: Creative Paths to Productivity by Lee McClain SIDEBAR: Nearly Finished by Nicole Peeler The Seven Habits that Got Me Published by Shelley Bates How to Get an Agent by Ginger Clark SIDEBAR: Persist! by Michael A. Arnzen eFabulous: Publishing in a Paperless World by Penny Dawn The Teaching Writer by Lawrence C. Connolly Where Do I Go from Here? Being Orphaned by Leslie Davis Guccione PROMOTING Getting Your Words Out: The Basics of Promoting Your Fiction by Rebecca Baker I'll Scratch Your Back and You Promote My Book by Heidi Ruby Miller SIDEBAR: Touring Virtually by Heidi Ruby Miller To Be Reviewed or Not to Be Reviewed by Lynn Salsi Successful Book Signings: The Personal Touch by David Corwell SIDEBAR: The Top Ten Excuses People Give by David Corwell Guerilla Marketing: The Reality of Selling Your Book by Patrick Picciarelli Networking at Conventions by Lucy A. Snyder RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Related How-To Books: A Bibliography References: In Print, Websites and Other Media

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