I have not read this book by Davies, but have read and despaired at a previous work by him: 'TRUTH

UNDER ATTACK' on the basis of which I warn the reading public about the 'scholarship' and methodology employed by Davies. Davies' 1990 publication, 'Truth Under Attack,' [Evangelical Press] attacks every expression of Christianity that is not his. As a Mormon of many years standing I welcome scholarly interest in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Yet Eryl Davies' interest can not be regarded as scholarly in the slightest degree, since it is 100% pejorative and is with one exception a series of falsehoods that he lifted unacknowledged from other antiMormon publications. The tenor of his 334-page book is hypocritical and permeated with untruths. No Christian could produce such a work and no scholar would wish his name to be associated with it for fear that more rigorous and ethical colleagues and coreligionists might read it and hold him to account. I did not intend to devote much time or space to "Truth Under Attack" but Davies crams so much false and malignant information into his nine page attack on ‘Mormons’ that, like Topsy, it just 'growed.' If Dr Eryl Davies has the academic qualifications claimed, then this book was not written by him but by the enemy of all truth, Satan himself. The enormity of that charge is neither accidental nor is it mere posturing: no scholar - Christian or not - could have written this book unless he has complete and utter disregard for the truth and is too bone idle and callous to care whether his aischrolatreia is likely to affect anything other than his lust for pecuniary advantage. It would be unfortunate if Family World Books.com were to balk at publishing my honest and justified appraisal about an author whose work they sell unless they were able to show that I have misrepresented their author's work. There are standards that all concerned with education, moral improvement, and the nurture of the young ought to adhere to. I trust that you will keep your promises to act uprightly and ethically and encourage your writers to do the same.

Yours faithfully, Ronnie Bray

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