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The Tote Cose


UPI, AP (2)
Was Terry Melcher (center) the inadvertent link between Sharon Tate (left) and had rebuffed Manson's songwriting efforts while Melcher was living in the house
hypnotic Charles Manson? One witness said Melcher, son of actress Doris Day, later occupied by Miss Tate. Manson allegedly put a curse on the house.

Compiled From Press Dispatches doned buildings, scrounging for a liv- Then, the next night, a wealthy mar- with time to pursue pleasure. And, police
T WAS almost nightfall. The dusk ing. ket owner and his wife, were stabbed and say, members of both sets experi-
I made the crags and cactus of,Goler
Wash in Death Valley even more eerie
Both groups were far from the ken of
most American families—stable, home-
oriented, with a night at the movies or a
slashed among similar bizarre trap-
pings. '
Again, no "good clues, For months, a
mented with drugs.
It is possible now to trace how the
paths of these two small groups met, and
when a handsome young California high- day at the lake as common pleasures. mystery. how the two units in some ways are
way patrolman shoved open the kitchen Then; l&st Week, police chief Edward typical of broader social groupings: the
door of the old mining cabin and stood THEN THE PATHS of the Tate and Davis'^aftnounced at a news conference a fast livers of the movie world and the so-
there, pistol in hand. ~ > Manson set*, crossed. Average fottc solution. The killers, he said, were called hippies who turn their backs on
There was a single candle- burning, in reacted with shock to headlines describ- hippie-type members of "the Manson conventional life styles.
the room. It was a few moments before ing . the ghastliest murders in movie family"—young people who called him First, the victims:
James Purcell could make out a dozen annals: "God" and "Satan," said he had them —SHARON TATE, 26, strikingly
hippies seated around a planked table The beautiful blonde Mius Tate, wife of under hypnotic spells, and who had beautiful,but, friends said, insecure, un-
starting on an evening meal of sugared the internationally acclaimed Polish-film adopted his occult brand of religion. sure, often lonely. She and Polanski were
Rice Puffs, caramel popcorn and candy director Roman Polanski, master of the known as members of the jet set's
bars, • macabre," was found.:slain in the ninth AT FIRST glance, the Tate and Man- ''beautifulpeople." Neighbors called
Purcell ordered them outside, hands in month ,01 pregnancy^!*1 a hillside man- son groups seem to have little in them "rich hippies."
the air, where other .Officers arrested sion -that looked like a slaughterhouse. common. At second, common ground Sharon was the daughter of an Army
them. Then he began looking .around the Dead gjeith her — amid noose, hoods and emerges. •' . , officer %hoimoved around frequently. At
three-room Barker ranch for more sus- eryprac scrawlings in blood — were four Members of both were young, often 6 -montHs,-" itf Dallas, Tex., she was
pects in what he thought' was a car-theft others. physically attractive, restless, some root- chosen Miss Tiny Tot. At 16 she was Miss
ring. • ' • ' ' , '• /.*-• Police said they fojunti no good clues. less, some with deep problems, most Richland of Washington. At an American
HE WENT into, the bathroom and iimiiimiiimmiiiiiiiimiiiiimiiiiiimimiimmiimiiii
beamed a flashlight arounft until his
attention was caught by what seemed to
be a dirty mop hanging out of a tiny
cupboard beneath the washstarid basin.
Purcell opened the, door and found in a
closet 36 by 10 by 20 inches a tiny man
with his knees buckled up against his
chest. A beard that covered his entire
face and a shoulder-length mane of dark
hair had given him away.
The man in the cupboard was Charles c
Miller Manson, 35.
For two years Manson allegedly had
led a changing band of restless young
men — and particularly young women ~
from San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury to
a handsome Pacific Coast pad* to an
abandoned western movie location and
finally to Goler Wash. The group was
known as "the Manson family."
In the end, some had turned against
the man they called "Jesus" and their
accusations were riot of car theft but of
mass, sadistic murders.
At the vortex is Manson. To look at
him now, shackled in chains and hand-
cuffs with a weak smile and a body so
frail that he seems childlike, you would
think he could not harm a cat—and in
fact one of the girls who still idolizes him
remembers she was first attracted when
she saw him gently stroking a kitten. UPI, AP (8)
ON THE ONE hand, there was the This is the house where the bodies
circle of actress Sharon Tate—the inter- of Miss Tate and four other victims
national movie jet set, monied, sophisti-
cated, and on the surface at least, were found by maid Winifred
glamorous. Chapman. Miss Tate and Joy Sebring
And on the other hand, there was the
circle of the bearded, magnetic Man- were fpund in front of couch (right).
son—a migrant tribe—mostly young
women—living out of a bus or in aban-
>««« 10 THE STARS AND STRIFES Thursday, December II,
r - ,.-*-


Sharon starred in
a series of i I iris.:Herfr
are scene*

"Valley: of ihe
(far ri^ht), arid "The :
Fearless. VrfrippTre Killers" J<\ £ A
with her husband,
Roman Polanski. * "***

high school in Italy she was cheerleader Army colonel. Wanting to give her olic priests. When his mother could not looked like an innocent altar boy, and
and homecoming queen. child a name, she married William keep up the payments at Gibault, Man- he was so ashamed of his mother."
She referred to herself among friends Manson shortly before her son was born son returned home, but quickly r a n Powers arranged for Manson to be
as "sexy little me." One of her first on Nov. 11,1934. away. His mother was frequently drunk, sent to Boys Town near Omaha, and
movie roles had her bathing nude in a The boy never knew the colonel or he said, and living with a succession the Indianapolis newspaper ran a big
tub. Her film career rejwSlje'd. its peak in Manson. His mother moved and the of men. "I didn't want to stay where story. "He won everybody over," the
the role of Jennifer iiii^'Valfey of the boy was sent to live with his grand- mother lived in sin," he told juvenile priest said. "The juvenile court judge
DoUs." •^f:^"., mother and a maternal aunt in West officials in Indianapolis. was completely taken with his personali-
With Polanski sher tray elc$ the world, Virginia. The aunt was a harsh dis- ty. He had an ability beyond his years
where movie work called. lie was at film ciplinarian, he recalled later, and pun- AT THE AGE of 14, he rented a to present himself; he was a beautiful
talks in London while, at-.tneit1 $200,000 ished him severely when he left his room and supported himself by deliv- kid for his age."
rented home in Los Angeles, she awaited yard to play with other children. ering messages for Western Union and Four days after Manson arrived in
their baby— and met death.. When Manson was 13, his uncle fell by petty theft. Boys Town in March 1949, he ran away
-JAY SEBRING, 35, handsome, slight ill with tuberculosis and the youngster The robbery of $9 from a grocery and stole a motor scooter, then a car.
men's hair stylist who demonstrated his rejoined his mother in Indianapolis. The store put him back in the hands of He was arrested while robbing a gro-
masculinity by becoming dn.e of Holly- woman did not want him and tried to the juvenile authorities. He did not want cery store in Peoria, 111., and sent
wood's top karate experts." Sebring, once get him placed in a foster home. He to go home, he said. Soon it was a back to Indianapolis. Officials there,
engaged to Miss Tate, was also a friend had previously lived in several, foster moot question; his mother left town af- puzzled and frustrated, sent him to re-
of Polanski's. homes, including one on a farm, and ter getting arrested for adultery. form school in Plainfield, Ind.
-VOITYCK FROKOWSKY, 37, a once told the juvenile authorities that About this time, young Manson came For the next five years, Manson was
polish emigre, tall, handsome and his dream in life was to become a under the attention of the Rev. George in and out of institutions. In 1954, he
physically powerful. At one time an farmer. Powers, a local priest. "This particular returned to West V i r g i n i a where
assistant on Polanski films, Frokowsky When the foster home could not be boy seemed very lonesome, just craving his grandmother and aunt lived, and
apparently had squandered inherited arranged, his mother sent Manson to the attention and affection,", recalled Fa- married Rosalie Jean Willis on Jan. 17,
wealth and had become a hanger-on in Gibault School in Terre Haute, Ind., a ther Powers, now an instructor at the 1955. Some reports indicate that they
the Tate-Polanski group. boarding school run by Roman Cath- New York Theological Seminary. "He (Continued on Page 1tf)
pretty heiress to a coffee fortune and
honor graduate from Radcliffe College,
she came to Los Angeles to do social
work but, police say, became a friend of
Frokowsky and a student of black
The Other Victims
-STEVEN PARENT, 18, a friend of
estate03 at tl?e
'•"• ^at^polanskJ
In Hollywood, the Polanskif led a busy
social life centered, due to Miss Tate's
pregnancy onln the home. The life style,
«n clotj)
walks of
g, was informal. People
We-ihcluding spme-
ty es
P met in odd
in at all hours. Polanski
naron n but
narcotics, K he eandcouple
his '»wife'•««>* ' used
did not.
lonala ?M t # &*• ^P^to cars,
Si thenngs ,Wfcvingat show business
prominent persons;' -"hoWwWng
. with
°NTRAST' ****** a»* Ms fol-
were near foe ^^end Of life's
history 0- clan
of a group tr uble
° >
o ! on the move.
•15, emerges as an extract
Abandoned as a boy,
foster parents: iflnd. In re-

when CSnctonatt AP (3)
ner by one of Other victims were Steven Parent (left), Sebring (center), and Abigail Polger and Voityck Frokowsky.
boyfriends; reportedly an
Thursday, December 11, 1969 THE STARS AND STRIPES Page 11

AH (31

Marii&ri's "family" Jived in this cluttered,

abandoned ranch in Death Valley. Lynn
AP ,5
Fromm and Sandra Pugh (bottom left)
Susan Atkins, already charged called hippiesrin commune "beautiful,
in another murder, told a peaceful people." Paul Watkins (left in
cellmate about the Tate
murders and described
The Ranch photo below) said "the whole thing was
held together by black magic." Brooks
slayings for grand jury. Poston (right, below) called Manson
"an insane genius."

(Continued from Page 11J

had a son, and, that by the time the
child was born, Manson was in jail in
California for transporting stolen vehi-
When he was released in September
1958, his wife had already divorced him.
He was arrested several times for theft,
forgery and probation violations. In
I960, he was arrested for violating the
white slave traffic act in Laredo, Tex.,
and, when he was returned to Los An-
geles, he was sentenced to 10 years in
jail for check forgery and probation vi-
PAROLED in 1067, he discovered the
hippie life and, friends said, a new gyp-
sy world opened for him. He went to San
Francisco's Haight-Ashbury hippie dis-
trict and collected a following, mostly
In prison he had learned to play the
guitar, found he could sing and began to
write songs. Now he called himself "a
roving minstrel" and "a walking musi-
Manson and a 19-year-old Wisconsin
girl moved into a hillside pad she de-
scribed as "a luxurious hobo castle" with
Arabian tapestries, goatskin rugs and a
yard of "dancing trees and smiling
clover." Manson's growing clan sang,
beat drums and played along with him.
By April 1968, they were bored with
Haight-Ashbury and Manson led a follow-
ing of about 15 people, mostly girls, in a Manson several times visited young shacks, He had not been there long when the green and white bus and drove to Go-
green and white school bus he had Melcher when he was living at the Bene- a man dressed in a loincloth and riding a ier Wash where Manson got permission
bought and converted into living dict Canyon home where the Tate mur- white horse rode up and drove him off from the owner of the Barker ranch,
quarters, down the Pacific Coast high- ders occurred. the premises. Mrs. Arlene Barker, to stay for a few
way to Los Angeles. Manson and his followers moved on, days. They remained for more than a
In Los Angeles, he struck up friend- this time to an isolated area in the Santa IT WAS WHILE the "family" was month. V
ship with a musician named Gary Hin- Susana mountains near Chatsworth on staying at the Spahn Ranch that the Tate One of the "family" at that time was
man. Hinman was killed a year later and the fringes of Los Angeles, a place murders occurred last Aug. 8-9. 10-year-old Paul Watkins who testified at
one of Manson's female followers is known as the Spahn Ranch. In the 1920s "Charley and his friends came to a preliminary hearing in Independence
charged with his murder, it had been the setting for the William S. spend the night," said the ranch owner, Calif., where Manson was ordered held
Manson began moving in a circle in Hart western movies. 80-year-old blind cowboy George Spahn, on charges of receiving stolen automo-
which he met Dennis Wilson, leader of "and never seemed to leave." biles pending action by Los Angeles au-
the famous pop group The Beach Boys, The facade of the main street of the
set, with its saloon and stable, still re- A girl now in custody alleged to police thorities in the Tate case.
and Wilson permitted Manson and his that Manson directed his followers to go
"family" to live for a time in his opulent mains, but nearby are trailers and to the home previously occupied by Mel- AFTER THE court hearing, Watkins
home on Sunset Boulevard in Pacific shacks and caves. The place is littered cher and eradicate the "pigs," not know- talked about how Manson operated.
Palisades until they had a disagreement with the upper portions of Volkswagens ing that Miss Tate had since rented the "He was always saying that ours was a
over payment for songs Manson had whose undercarriages have been re- estate. Five of the hippies are alleged to democratic setup and that everyone had
composed for the Beach Boys. moved for conversion into dune bug- have carried out the slayings — one man an equal voice but that he was the recep-
gies. and four girls, all dressed in black. tacle who was receiving instructions
IN SOME still unexplained manner, A wire service photographer visited The murders of supermarket chain from God," Watkins said. .
Manson blamed Terry Melcher, son of the ranch alone last week and said it was owner Leno Labianca and his wife fol> "No one moved unless Charlie knew
screen star Doris Day, for failure of bis a sinister place, still inhabited by hip- lowed the next day on Aug. 10. A few about it, You woke up in the mornmg at
song-writing career* pies who could be heard in the isolated weeks later the Manson group boarded the ranch and you didn't know whethei
Poge 14 THE STARS AND STRIPES Thursday, December 11, 1969

use The
i Eet out of bed or go outdoors
I imtll he told you what to do.
iift een us stories and there^Wduld ,
he would Implant. He was
about love and we_all
ie girls particularly p
who testified Against
the car theft hearing
tume I ever saw Charlieshe
in'io a room where Dennis (Wil-
sitting and went dye'r and
feet? Literally kisseU::Ais
foas an insane genius," P&ton at-
fe was insane but he was a ge-
Sehow he would keep planting
rith you and the next thing yqu
i were stealing a car and you
was the very thing you
lWatkins and Poston refused to
lether they had any suspicion of
Bslayings or anything beyond car

j KILLERS dressed in black for

erous foray, in an account giv-
,,j attorneys for Susan Denise At-
!l, In a separate case, she is
with murdering Malibu musi-
ry Hinman, with whom Manson
[to have lived for a time.
key Richard Caballero said Miss
[gave the grand jury "all the de-
iboutthe Tate killings. She went
at had nothing to do with the slay*
:was under Manson's "hypnotic
1 Caballero. Those indicted include: Manson (in
in a rose-colored velveteen chains above left), Charles Watson
puff sleeves and short skirt,
Atkins later described before the (inset), Linda Kasabian (left) and
geles County grand jury ±- in a Patricia Krenwinkel (above).
session — the roles she said
jlayed by each suspect during; the Also indicted but not
|ht murder orgy. , shown was Leslie Sankston.
Atkins — also known as $adie
said among other things that
reproved his followers for the
ness" of the Tate slaughter, at
(she said he was not present. \ ; Manson smiled at them when he
I said Manson accompanied six entered the courtroom and they beamed
suspects in the killings to the Los back.
pome of Leno and Rosemary La- "They (the police) have got a lot of
the next night to show them love (Manson) locked up in there," Miss
) do a clean job." Fromm said.
i Atkins said that Charles Watson But it was Miss Atkins who turned in-
" her to kill Miss Tate, but that former. There are many wild and un-
sed, and held the actress while substantiated rumors floating around
istabbedher. • the case and one is that she told police
on and five of his followers were everything because she learned the gang
Monday by the grand jury had a list of persons still to be killed.
murder of Sharon -Tafe, and While the membership of Manson's
ners last Aug. 9, and alsoindicted "family" shifted constantlyt it general-
i, murders the following night of ly consisted of about 12 girls and six
abianeas, wealthy grocery chain boys living an indolent life of easy
sex (several girls had babies that mem-
star witness against Manson and bers of the family delivered themselves),
'only was Miss Atkins, who was plentiful marijuana, but few hard drugs,
todicted by the grand jury. and such projects as converting the
nnon to Manson and Miss At- "Longhorn Saloon" on the movie set
indicted included Linda Lou- into communal sleeping quarters.
^20, who was arreited in What attracted people to Manson's
"•"e last week and waived family? He found lonely outcasts like
return to Los Angeles; himself and they gave each other the
19, who is in jail hi affection they had always sought and
' icia Krenwinkel, 21, seldom found. "That's all there is,
! in Mobile, Ala., and man," Manson often told friends. "If
» 24, now in custody in that the-others were stabbed and shot tion posts equipped with telescopes and you don't have someone to love you,
with methodical thoroughness. The next walkie talkies, police say, members of you don't have anything."
and Watson are both night, to prove also that they hadn t lost the tribe converted stolen Volkswagens Attorneys for several of the defen-
Manson is still in their nerve, clan members stabbed fa- into dune buggies — cut-down autos built dants in the Tate murders contend that
, Calif., on charges tally the Labiancas—then showered and for racing over sandy areas. Manson had a "hypnotic effect" on his
r eivin
93 a re2 5 a £uc.stolen Pr°P-
ult of snacked in their home. followers, but his friends tend to scoff
TWO OF THE "family" who have re- at the theory. "It's not hypnotism,"
-PH on am P° e raid on
ment last In both cases, the word "pig" was in-
At? e?ade October. scribed in blood. Back at the ranch, the mained faithful to Manson are Sandy said one, "it's making good love to the
of m / . d innocent to the attorneys said, one killer cracked: "We Good Pugh, 26, and Lynn Fromm, 21, girls."
or murdering musician Hinman. both girls from middle-class families "He gave off a lot of magic," said
Carcuso gflit five piggies." one of his girls, "|lye.ryone was al-
I oun
1 inTO
ount of th
" TateW, ' «ave
killings based, he After the Tate murders, police say, who left home and Joined the Manson
Manson moved his "family" to the Death group. Mrs. Pugh was at the Indepen- ways so happy around him." Another
Isaid„,M] 7T
r nterviewwi nher
fwas stabbed
> after
- Valley area. dence hearing with a 4-month-old baby in said: "He's got the look that he needs
J ; e her arms. to be mothered."
et me have my baby," and There, guarded by fortified observe
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