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ISBN: 0-9669588-4-5 TITLE: Journey Within: A Tale of Astral Travel AUTHOR: Ross, Robert WRITE UP: The author, Robert Ross, has stated the idea for Journey Within evolved from a close friend’s similar experience. A chance encounter on a European holiday; a short two weeks of bliss; then a rebirth of those same romantic highs some two decades later, realized once again by mere chance. Yes, Journey Within is a story of love recaptured, as two people find themselves together, again, on an exotic island, reliving a summer romance of near perfection that happened nineteen years earlier. The reunion is bittersweet, however. Their emotional highs and lows are revealed by the elusiveness of years lost, and the intrusion of the proverbial third party — another woman who, at times, seems an increasingly attractive fit to Mike, the main character, in his more familiar world. Choosing, ultimately, to walk away from the woman of his dreams, Mike becomes as devastated and dumbfounded by his actions as she. He realizes he must find meaning to his madness... reasons why, and thus is catapulted on a spiritual adventure, a succession of lives that prove to be only chapters in an long journey through the ages, one that will lead him hopefully to growth, discovery, insight, understanding. His journey is not an easy one; not a pure linear progression of enlightenment, because as the book contends, what the spirit can remember over millennia, the mind, within the confines of its various life forms, may not recall.

So the questions persist. Is Mike merely dreaming? Can his present angst have been rooted in some distant time, long ago? Is he just your everyday, garden-variety flake incapable of a lasting relationship? A case probably can be made for any of them.

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