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TEPCO Feels Quot;relieved Quot; - Tritium Contamination On The Increase

TEPCO Feels Quot;relieved Quot; - Tritium Contamination On The Increase

The plant currently sees an increase of contaminated water by 170 tons a day, Tepco says. Releasing tritium-tainted water into
the sea in a .... Tepco admitted last year that the water in its tanks still contained contaminants beside tritium. Currently, more
than 1m tonnes of contaminated .... Learn more about contaminated water treatment here. ... Removal Facility (ALPS)
eventually removes most of the radioactive materials except tritium. ... such as an increase in radiation dose on the premises or
contaminated water leaking from .... Please click here to see the presentation materials from TEPCO Holdings. ... ※1 The rate
of increase of ALPS etc. treated water will slow in conjunction with the ... of radionuclides contained in contaminated water
with the exception of tritium.. Technical failures increase risk of contaminated Fukushima water ... technology that could
remove radioactive tritium was motivated by ... Greenpeace offices are calling on the government and TEPCO to ... I am
obviously not a scientist, but am concerned none the less, and feel that all options should be ... 3d0d72f8f5

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TEPCO feels quot;relieved quot; - Tritium contamination on the increase

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