Change document creation TAW12 Coll.52 BC414 Context menu TAW12 Coll.52 BC410 Lists in dialog programming TAW12 Coll.

52 BC410 Program interface (GUI title, GUI status) TAW12 Coll.52 BC410 Screen (basics) TAW12 Coll.52 BC410 Screen elements for input/output TAW12 Coll.52 BC410 Screen elements for output (text fields, status icons, and group TAW12 Coll.52 BC410 Consistency by means of input check (foreign key dependency) TAW10 Coll.54 BC430 Subscreen and tabstrip control TAW12 Coll.52 BC410 Database tables TAW10 Coll.54 BC430 Table control TAW12 Coll.52 BC410 Dependency for ABAP Dictionary objects TAW10 Coll.54 BC430 Performance for table accesses TAW10 Coll.54 BC430 Complex LUW processing TAW12 Coll.52 BC414 Database updates with open SQL TAW12 Coll.52 BC414

Database Changes Dialog Programming

LUWs and client/server architecture TAW12 Coll.52 BC414 Number assignment TAW12 Coll.52 BC414 Organize database changes TAW12 Coll.52 BC414 SAP locking concept TAW12 Coll.52 BC414

Classes and objects [TAW10] [BC401] Events [TAW10] [BC401] Exception handling TAW10 Coll.54 BC401 Global classes and interfaces TAW10 Coll.54 BC401 Inheritance TAW10 Coll.54 BC401 Interfaces TAW10 Coll.54 BC401

ABAP Dictionary

Polymorphism (casting) TAW10 Coll.54 BC401 Shared objects TAW10 Coll.54 BC402 Ebooks BC401 - Full BC402 - Shared Object CONSTRUCTOR SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPLAY

Search helps TAW10 Coll.54 BC430 Views TAW10 Coll.54 BC430 Data retrieval (authorization check) TAW10 Coll.54 BC400 Data types and data objects (declaration) TAW10 Coll.54 BC400 Function groups and function modules TAW10 Coll.54 BC400 (only Coll 63) -> Alternative: BC402 Internal tables TAW10 Coll.54 BC400 Program calls and memory management TAW10 Coll.54 BC402 Subroutines TAW10 Coll.54 BC400 Data output in lists TAW10 Coll.54 BC405 Interactive lists TAW10 Coll.54 BC405 List creation with the ALV grid control: TAW10 Coll.54 BC405 Logical database TAW10 Coll.54 BC405 Selection screen TAW10 Coll.54 BC405 SAP systems (mySAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver) TAW10 Coll.54 SAPTEC Technical structure of an SAP Web Application Server TAW10 Coll.54 SAPTEC

ABAP Objects | 10-12% Links ABAP

000001 | What method of Class CL_GUI_ALV_GRID would be used to display the contents of an internal table | S


ABAP Workbench Basics
ABAP runtime TAW12 Coll.52 BC402 000002 | Which of the following answers characterize ABAP OO events | M

Events subscribe to classes Classes subscribe to events Start-of-selection is an OO event Methods subscribe to classes Classes trigger events Attributes and class methods can be redefined The signature of the method must remain the same Business Add-Ins TAW12 Coll.52 BC425 Business Transaction Events TAW12 Coll.52 BC425 000003 | Choose the item that is not characteristic of redefinition in the context of super/sub class inheritance | S Only instance methods can be redefined Constructor methods can't be redefined Attribute Object Interface Event Method

Advanced ABAP

Data types and data objects (usage) TAW12 Coll.52 BC402 Dynamic programming TAW12 Coll.52 BC402 Brain Check Open SQL (high-performance programming) TAW12 Coll.52 BC402

List Creation Techniques

SAP Technologies

Changes to the standard SAP system TAW12 Coll.52 BC425

Enhancements and Modifications

Enhancements to ABAP Dictionary elements TAW12 Coll.52 BC425 Enhancements via customer exits TAW12 Coll.52 BC425 Modifications TAW12 Coll.52 BC425 Personalization TAW12 Coll.52 BC425 000004 | What is the only component that is implemented in the implementation part of a class | S

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