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Year of

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Name Purpose Results and Responsibilities


ry ec


Provide deposit insurance to banks
Created in response to the bank Regulate banks
Federal Deposit 1933
failures in the 1920s and 1930s Extended fed. oversight to all
Insurance Corporation
commercial banks
Power to license and regulate stock
SEC Regulatory agency created to regulate
U.S. Securities and 1934 stock market and prevent corporate
Allowed to take action against those
Exchange Commission abuses
who committed accounting fraud
Aids producers through loans,
CCC Formed to stabilize, support, and purchases, payments, etc.
Commodity Credit 1933
protect farm income and prices Authorizes sale of ag. commodities to
foreign markets
Consolidated WPA, PWA, Bureau of
Public Roads and US Housing Agency
FWA Administered public construction and
1939 into one body
Federal Works Agency public works relief functions
Established Public Buildings
Largest New Deal agency
WPA Formed to provide jobs for the
Carried out public works projects, i.e.
Works Progress 1935 construction
Administration Redistributed food, clothing, and
Authorized President to regulate Failure as a public plicy
NIRA industry and permit monopolies in Industry codes didn't work, economic
National Industrial 1933 attempt to stimulate economy, effects would not be felt for years
Recovery Act established national public works Lacked support from business
program community
Overall successful program that
stimulated American agriculture
AAA Created to reduce crop surplus to
By law, required to pay tenant farmers
Agricultural Adjustment 1933 effectively raise value of crops, let
a portion of money from letting land
Act fields lie fallow.
lie fallow, unable to enforce.

First large regional planning agency

TVA Formed to provide for flood control,
Designed to modernize region
Tennessee Valley 1933 electricity generation, and economic
Drew industries into region, providing
Authority development in the Tennessee Valley.
Main goal to alleve household
FERA Psychologically beneficial to
unemployment by creating new
Federal Emergency 1933 unemployed
unskilled jobs in local and state
Relief Administration Predecessor to WPA
CWA Established to create temporary jobs
Created construction jobs
Civil Works 1933 Built and improved roads, schools,
for millions of unemployed
Administration playgrounds...etc.
Relocated struggling urban and rural Worked with almost 200 communities
Resettlement 1935
families to planned communities on projects
Introduced first long-term fixed-rate
HOLC Made more than $3 billion in low-
Home Owners Loan 1933 interest loans and helped people sve
Introduced uniform system of real
Corporation homes from foreclosure
Insured mortgages,
estate reduced
Allowed for over 11 million families to
Federal Housing 1934 Expnded and extended HOLC policies
purchase homes
Favored purchasing new suburban
Successful in safeguarding workers'
rights in bargaining
NLRB Founded to enforce the Wagner Act
Supported workers' right to organize
National Labor Relations 1935 Supposed to give workers bargaining
Given power to order elections where
Board rights
workers could choose which union to
represent them
Provided benefits to retirees and
Attempt to limit dangers in modern
SSA American life, such as old age, poverty,
1935 Controversial when proposed
Social Security Act unemployment and burdens of single
Reinforced traditional views of family
Established federal government as
regulator of labor relations
Wagner Act Enacted to eliminate employer
Set up the NLRB
a.k.a National Labor 1935 interference with organization of
Prohibited employers from engaging in
Relations Act workers into unions
unfair labor practices or discriminting
against union members
Return to local self-government on
tribal basis
Restored mnagement of assets,
1934 Secured rights to Native Americans included provisions to create a sound
Reorganization Act economic foundation for reservations
Did not require tribes to adopt a
Authorized SEC to flatten corporate
Passed to facilitate regulation of
structre of utilities
electric utilities
Public Utility Prohibited sales of goods or services
1935 Keep utility holding companies
Holding Co. Act between Holding co. affiliates at profit,
engaged in regulated businesses from
preventing utilities from increasing
engaging in unregulated businesses