FIFA Soccer 11™ Contestants and Participation  Contestants must be registered to participate in the tournament.

All contestants are reminded to bring along proof of identity to the tournament. Unregistered players will be barred from entry. Registered contestants may not send another player in their place. Attempting to do so constitutes cheating and the contestant’s slot in the tournament will be forfeited. In the event that a contestant is late or absent, his slot in the tournament will be forfeited. Substitute players will not be accepted.

Tournament Format    The “FIFA 11” tournament team selection is open to both International & Club. The “FIFA 11” tournament shall be played by knock-out system (best 2 out of 3 matches) OR Home & Away. Tournament brackets will be randomly generated just before the tournament commences. This ensures that all contestants are assigned random opponents for the first round of the tournament. Matches will be played using the “ONLINE MODE / MULTIPLAYER / LAN PLAY” game type. The winner of each match will advance to the next round, where they will compete against another player using the same format.

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Marshaling and Supervision    1 Lead Marshal will be assigned to preside over 4 matches, with 1 Chief Marshal supervising the entire tournament. 1 Game Marshal will be assigned to 2 matches. These Game Marshals will report directly to a Lead Marshal who will be in charge of the match. The Game Marshals, together with the Lead Marshal, will be responsible for enforcing rules and regulations, maintaining the schedule, and ensuring accurate recording and communication of match results to the Chief Marshal.

regardless of the players’ state of readiness. ONLINE MODE / MULTIPLAYER / LAN PLAY Fast Legendary 5 minutes Tele ON ON ON 5       . etc (hereafter referred to as a “Timeout”) during the match itself. team movement. contestants will go into Penalty Shootout immediately in the event of a draw at full time. In the event of a draw. The contestant will then be able to call for 2 Timeouts during the second half. Before the Quarter-Finals. regardless of the players’ state of readiness. The presiding Marshal will resume the match when time is up. Contestants get 1 opportunity per half to perform substitutions. The presiding Marshal will start the match when time is up. Contestants are only allowed to use listed formation available in the game and custom formations are strictly prohibited. Should a contestant decide not to call a Timeout during the first half. adjust formations. Custom tactics are strictly prohibited. The winner of the Penalty Shootout will proceed to the next round.Game Settings Game Type: Game Speed: Difficulty Level: Half Length: Camera: Injuries: Offside: Bookings: Subs on bench: Match Guidelines  Contestants get up to 1 minute to select their team. The contestant who has scored more goals at full time will be declared the winner. The player may take no more than 30 seconds to make these changes. etc before the match begins. This is to prevent contestants from using the Timeout to interfere with match proceedings. Contestants are to verbally announce their intention to call a Timeout to their opponent at least 3 seconds beforehand. he may carry it over to the second half. contestants will go into Extra Time and/or Penalty Shootout depending on which stage of the tournament they are currently in. adjust their starting lineup. The 30-second time limit still applies to each Timeout. formations (only default in-game formation is allowed).

If the subsequent match ends in a draw. From the Quarter-Finals onwards. players are entitled a minimum break of 5 minutes before the next match. Activities which constitute cheating are as follows: Intentionally causing the game to hang or crash Abuse of in-game bugs or glitches Misdirecting opponents or Marshals with false information Usage of any 3rd party software or hardware that affect the game in any way o Repeatedly pausing or otherwise stopping the game with no valid reason o Intentionally delaying/time wasting during in-game when leading in the scoreline is strictly prohibited o o o o  Any other scenarios not covered in the above will be subject to the judgment of the Lead Marshal. In all other cases.    Match Downtime In the event of any technical failure.   Cheating  Any attempts to cheat will be met with disqualification. the winner will be determined by Penalty Shootout. and if necessary. Contestants are strictly prohibited to perform “waste-time” tactics. the remaining time (rounded down to the closest minute) will be played. the match will be restarted only if said failure occurred within 1 minute from the beginning of the match. . The upcoming match may commence before the 5 minutes are up if all parties involved are agreeable. In such cases. all goals scored before the failure will be void and the match will restart with the score at 0-0. Should the draw still persist at the end of Extra Time. players will go into Extra Time in the event of a draw at full time. All ad-hoc decisions will be made in the spirit of fairness and will not be open to any form of negotiation. the Chief Marshal. goals scored from before and after the technical failure will be added up to determine the final score. In the event of any back-to-back matches.

    . In extreme cases. verbal abuse. All legitimate configuration changes must be made before the match begins.g. liquor. slamming of keyboards/controllers. contestants may be ejected from tournament premises. etc) or illegal substances (e. beer. groundless accusations. physical violence. Gambling activities (e.g. etc) will not be tolerated and can result in disqualification. Manhandling and ill-treatment of hardware (e. Anyone found to be involved in such activities will be ejected from tournament premises immediately. It is recommended that all contestants be present and accounted for at least 5-10 minutes before the start of their matches. etc) is strictly prohibited on tournament premises. requests for changes will not be entertained. contestants may be ejected from tournament premises. excessive shouting.   General Etiquette  All contestants are advised to be punctual. throwing headsets around.g. Once a match has begun. bookmaking. etc) towards fellow contestants and Marshals will not be tolerated and can result in disqualification. Contestants are reminded not to take such matters into their own hands under any circumstances. Unruly behavior (e. Always approach a Marshal if there are any important issues that require clarification. Consumption of alcoholic beverages (e. Anyone found to be involved in such activities will be ejected from tournament premises immediately.g. narcotics. In extreme cases. betting. Any attempt to modify system settings during a match may be interpreted as an attempt to cheat and can be grounds for disqualification. etc) are strictly prohibited on tournament premises. threats. with the exception of the control configuration.Hardware and Game Settings  Contestants may not attempt to change the game settings.g. taunting.


Settings Difficulty – Legendary Half Length – 5 minutes Game Speed – Fast Camera – Tele Injuries – On Offside – On Bookings – On Subs on bench – On .

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