Statement of Work

Under the oversight of the Chief, Information and Personnel Security Division (SS/IPS), the
contractor shall provide personnel security and other investigator services as requested. The
contractor shall collect investigative data regarding individuals pursuant to standards and
provisions contained in Executive Orders 10450 and 12968 as amended, and the Peace Corps Act
(PL 87-293).
Knowledge Required
The contractor shall be thoroughly familiar with Executive Orders 10450 and 12968 as amended,
pertinent sections of the Peace Corps Act, the Freedom of Information Act, and the Privacy Act
of 1974.
Clearance Requirements
Contractor performing work under the Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) shall undergo a
Single Scope Background Investigation with periodic updates. A prior investigation conducted
by/for another Federal agency may be sufficient, depending upon the recency/adequacy of the
investigative coverage.
The contractor shall maintain a current valid driver’s license and a comprehensive automobile
insurance policy.
Duties and Responsibilities
The contractor shall:
Conduct personnel security investigations on applicants and employees of the Peace Corps in
accordance with the investigative control and call sheet issued with each case assigned. The
contractor shall obtain information about the subject's activities through personal and record
sources. After gathering information on subject's activities, an investigative report shall be
prepared reporting the information obtained and a verbal summary reported to the Chief,
Information and Personnel Security Division (SS/IPS).
Contractors may be assigned other investigative related projects such as:
- Special Investigations;
- Conducting security briefing;

- Reviewing completed personnel security investigations;
- Scheduling cases;
- Conducting security inspections;
- Work in special projects or studies; and
- Liaison services with other federal, state or local agencies.
No part of the work to be performed under this BPA may be subcontracted, and no obligation or
duty arising out of the BPA may be transferred, or reassigned, without the prior authorization of,
and upon terms acceptable to, the Contracting Officer.
Modification(s) of BPA
The resultant BPA will constitute the entire agreement between the parties. No amendment or
modification changing the scope or terms thereof shall have any force or effect, unless it is in
writing and authorized by the Contracting Officer.
Safeguarding Investigative Material
Contractor shall be required to provide secure storage capability for investigative material
subject to the approval of the Chief, Information and Personnel Security Division (SS/IPS).
Investigative materials and information is for restricted use by the contractor and matters
pertaining to the investigation may not be disclosed to unauthorized persons.
The contractor shall complete all investigations assigned by the required due date and upon
completion of investigation provide the Chief, Information and Personnel Security Division
(SS/IPS) with a verbal summary of the investigative results prior to preparing the written
investigative report. A typed investigative report of the comprehensive investigative findings
shall be prepared in form prescribed by the Chief, Information and Personnel Security Division
(SS/IPS). The contractor shall complete and forward in a timely fashion all required
administrative forms and completed reports of investigation.
Drug Free Workplace Certification
By acceptance of orders under this BPA and payment hereunder, I confirm my certification that I
will not engage in the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a
controlled substance in the performance of this contract.

The contractor shall provide to the Chief, Information and Personnel Security Division (SS/IPS)
professional investigative services and written reports in accordance with the statement of work,
as required. If estimated days of effort are to be exceeded, prior approval by the Chief,
Information and Personnel Security Division (SS/IPS) is required.
Reimbursable expenses shall be allowed for authorized travel, per diem (at rates established by
Federal Travel Regulations), and for other expenses incurred incident to assigned cases, as
specifically authorized and approved by the Chief, Information and Personnel Security Division
(SS/IPS) and financially limited by the Government.
Provide any special payment terms.

1. Vendors shall provide an hourly rate for the base period and all option periods.
2. Vendors must demonstrate how they meet qualification factors described below with their
quote. Mandatory Qualifications in order to qualify for a blanket purchase agreement, the
applicant must meet each mandatory qualification listed below. Failure to do so will result in a
disqualification from the contractor pool here at Peace Corps.
a) Ability to obtain and maintain a Top Secret security clearance
b) 10 years experience conducting investigations for the U. S. Government (as an employee or
c) Willingness to travel on an as needed basis to locations within the United States in the conduct
of investigations
d) Working knowledge of E.O. 10450, 12968, 12958, and the Privacy Act of 1974
e) Ability to deal effectively with individuals at all levels of Federal, state and local government,
and the private sector.
f) Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
Peace Corps retains the right to limit the number of Blanket Purchase Agreement awardees
based upon need.
The evaluation factors for award of a BPA are listed in descending order of importance. Vendors
must meet qualifications (go-no-go). The Rate proposed shall be no more than $48.00 per hour
based on experience and qualification listed above will determine the rate for the solicitation.

The term for this agreement shall be from the date of award through 10 January 2011. This
agreement also contains provisions for 4 one-year option period(s). The Government shall
review this agreement annually and, as necessary, make adjustments.
Base Period:
15 January 2011 through 14 January 2012
Hourly Rate: XXXXXXXX
Option Period 1: 15 January 2012 through 14 January 2013
Hourly Rate: XXXXXXXX
Option Period 2: 15 January 2013 through 14 January 2014
Hourly Rate: XXXXXXXX
Option Period 3: 15 January 2014 through 14 January 2015
Hourly Rate: XXXXXXXX
Option Period 4: 15 January 2015 through 14 January 2016
Hourly Rate: XXXXXXXX

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