A TRIP DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE Alice, to whom or what have the officials in your State sworn allegiance

in order to enter office? The Constitution is a Charitable Trust. The 14th Amendment is Roman Ecclesiastical Law. Old English Common Law contains the Law of Mortmain, otherwise known as “The Dead Hand.” If a person died without a will, the Church would take his property. This is what happens here. The Government kills us on paper at birth. We become civilly dead. Government then creates the straw man via a birth certificate, a fiction to act for the straw man. Fictions cannot move. Since we are considered to be dead, the state takes and manages our property under the law of Mortmain. Mortmain is in the Law Merchant and it is in the UCC. This is for functioning in Commercial activity. Since the bankruptcy of 1933, we are all considered to be Merchants in Commerce and all crimes are Commercial. U.S. Law is Private International Merchant Law of Contract, leaving the people as Surety, bankrupt and Debtor. Freedom is not protected. MONEY IS THE BOTTOM LINE. Now you know we are dead men walking. The “person,” as we are defined in law, is just a ghost. Ghosts are not seen or heard. The legal definition of a state today is “ An Unincorporated Business Organization.” The people have been placed in the position of being a “merchant in commerce,” falling under law of contract and negotiable instruments . The states now function as “Business Trusts/Massachusetts Trusts," not organized under, or deriving any quality or benefit from, a statute. Eliot v. Freeman, 220 U.S. 178. P. 151. ] (U. B. O.) is a powerful entity by which individuals may combine their resources to operate a business for profit without the inherent liabilities of a partnership or the double taxation of corporations. What we produce is held in the business trust. All our assets are placed under the state and used by the state as collateral. Our taxes fund the operation of the state and are used as investment capitol and restore all financial loses. A U. B. O. is often called a “Common-law Trust/ Massachusetts Trust " but this phrase is not descriptive of any of the peculiar characteristics of such organizations. The basis for the terminology

a U.S. 458. Business Trust today is often called a "Massachusetts Trust" in legal circles. an Unorganized Business Organization or Association/Trust.S. common in Massachusetts consisting essentially of an arrangement whereby property is conveyed to trustees: in accordance with terms of the Trust. B. the Business Trust was created under Common-law right to contract to obtain legislatively constructed business organizations advantages but without having to gain "permission" to enter into a business activity and suffer under the burdens and restrictions that are placed on "statutorily constructed organizations". The business is to be held and managed for the benefit of persons who hold transferable certificates issued by the trustees showing the shares into which the beneficial interest in the property is divided. consists of some form of capital vested in trustees who manage the entity for the benefit profit. O. See the United States Constitution. 265 U. O. without "permission" of the State . Article 1 Sec. A U. Reduced to its bare essentials the U. Clause 1. [Hecht v.O.B. O. without our knowledge or consent] transfer the legal title in property to trustees. The U. Two of the most famous early business Trusts in England were Lloyds of London (1811) and the London Stock Exchange (1802). Malley."Common-law Trust" is that they are created under the common law of contracts and do not depend upon any statute for its existence. 144 (1924)] [446 U. So. As indicated by its name. B. method of transacting business in commercial enterprises originated in Massachusetts as a result of negative laws prohibiting the development of real estate without a special act of the legislature or in other words. The U. 10. As a result. 469] This U.S. adapts the ordinary trust to the new purpose of carrying on a business. . is an estate adapted to business or commercial activities. which had its beginnings in England in the 18th Century. [us. with power vested in the latter to manage and control the property and business and to pay the profits of the enterprise to the creators of the Trust[the government] or their successors. The Business Trust made its debut in Massachusetts in 1827. is created when one or more persons.S. Supreme Court defined the Massachusetts Trust as a form of business organization. B.

It’s a great deal for somebody. I reserved my common law rights and stated I was without the federal territories. Start neighborhood farms. with no standing in any court. we volunteer to obey. There’s just a bunch of uneducated Americans volunteering to function in a system they don’t even know exists or understand.” All the states are Unorganized Business Organizations. Do some research. someone else gets all the profits. The setting aside of our constitutions has allowed rampant criminal activity in government. Check your state CAFR. The United States government incorporated and became the Mother corporation. Someone else makes all the rules and regulations. I finally refused to live in the hole under the illusion of constitutional government that’s slowly fading and turning into what could end up being my worst nightmare. I volunteered out. Our states are no longer dejure constitutional states. There’s no government. We may as well be citizens of Wall Mart. Now is the time to organize. Congress no longer has the requirement to have public official bonds because they are not considered to be public officials representing citizens in a dejure nation. You can change things! You can organize and form a new government where you self govern. You can create your own money or barter system for exchange of labor. Start cottage industries in your community.This author believes this has occurred in this nation as a result of the Bankruptcy of 1933. The people were made salutatory 14th amendment “Persons.. We are merchants in commerce. I set my condition precedent as one of the people of the republic. with liberty by contract. We pay all the bills. It will tell you how many millions/billions your state earns in profit from your tax dollars. You are volunteering into the federal system of commerce and credit! You can refuse to comply! Silence is consent! When a well-packaged web of lies has been gradually sold to the masses over generations. the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic. Don’t take my word for it. Our Republic is gone. They represent the corporation and its investors and function for PROFIT. and the states became the Incs. .

.Notice: Electronic mail transmitted by author's condition precedent political rights of united States of America 1781 Compact and dejure 1849 California State unalienable rights as authored by man from Jehovah's word.

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