Sidat Hyder helps International Industries Limited improve efficiency with Oracle E-Business Suite Applications

“With Sidat Hyder’s extensive project management experience and their ability to understand our business processes with a special focus towards re-engineering them, we were able to easily implement Oracle E-Business Suite Applications with an integrated approach replacing conventional and disparate legacy applications”. XYZ CFO, ABC Corporation

International Industries Limited Karachi, Pakistan

Industry: Steel Manufacturing

Annual Revenue:

Employees: 1400 to 1500 Oracle Products & Services: Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Financials Oracle Purchasing Oracle Order Management Oracle Inventory Oracle Process Manufacturing Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Oracle Human Resources Oracle Payroll Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Financials Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Supply Chain Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Procurement

IIL is in the business of producing and marketing of GI Pipe, Steel Tubes and Pipes, API Line Pipe & Polyethylene Line Pipes throughout the world. With over 40 years of Steel Pipe Manufacturing experience, IIL currently employs over 1400 people and has a manufacturing capacity of 300,000 tons of small diameter steel pipes, which are sold in over 30 countries across 6 continents. This makes IIL a truly global company. In 2008, International Industries Limited (IIL) initiated a campaign to upgrade its systems and find ways to use technology as strategic business tool. Aligning business strategy with technology solutions would not be only help IIL improve efficiency and reduce costs, but equip the company with the ability to determine and capitalize on emerging opportunities. IIL implemented a range of Oracle E-Business Suite applications as the foundation of its new integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in 2009. A year of extensive preparation was rewarded when the company experiences dramatic efficiency improvements after going LIVE with the Oracle systems in 2009.

integrated business management platform Improved efficiency by reengineering business processes according to best practice Increased productivity by streamlining workflows and automating manual tasks freeing staff to focus on higher value work Enabled month-end reports to be delivered in one day compared to 5-8 days in the past Enhanced information accuracy by establishing a single point of data entry and providing online access to company facts and figures Replace ageing accounting system with a more advanced platform to increase visibility into payables and receivables Automate procure-to-pay and order-to-cash process and improve supply chain management Implement a system to track requisitions and approvals and ensure a transparent audit trail • •   • Reduce costs and ensure compliance with company policies. compared with five to eight days in the past Lowered system maintenance costs by 40% by replacing disparate applications with an integrated platform Gained a flexible and scalable system that can be easily modified to support the changing requirements of a rapidly growing business Improved corporate governance by creating a transparent audit trail to track the lifecycle of transactions • • • • Faysal Bank Limited . Order Management.Key Benefits: . Inventory.  Solutions  • Engaged Oracle Certified Partner Sidat Hyder’s services to implement Oracle Financials.Business Challenges •  Gained enterprise-wide view of operations by replacing disparate systems with a single. HRMS and payroll system based on Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Completed month-end reports in one day. Purchasing.

the procurement was items and services were handled manually. duplication of procurement of items without looking in the warehouse if the items are procurement already. Business Challenges • No visibility of procurement of items and services which was performed separately for Information Technology department and General Services Department Automate procure-to-pay process and improve supply chain management. Single corporate general ledger maintained in Oracle GL. Faysal Bank Limited currently is the 12th largest bank in Pakistan. if any service is required if FBL has an service contract available for that service.000 employees with a network of over 135 branches in 38 cities. 1984. prior purchase price of items or services procured. for bulk purchase if FBL can keep track of the payments and items for up coming branches. Consumer and Corporate Banking activities. no proper keeping of payments which were either paid or advances given to the vendor. Before considering for ERP.Faysal Bank Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on October 3. Before implementing Oracle apps. 175 billion. 1994. As the bank grew with the growing demand of customers and spreading of branches across the country. Faysal Bank’s asset base as of 30 th June. now their entire bank has been transformed onto a single GL that is Oracle GL. manual approvals from management.C. Faysal Bank Limited is engaged in Commercial. System based tracking of procurement of items or services and system based intimation to the requester at what stage the procurement is at. FBL management felt the need of an ERP system for their growing needs of procurements of items and services for their head offices. pulls the data into Oracle GL application.S. Faysal Bank Limited successfully acquired Pakistan operation of Royal Bank of Scotland holding of United Kingdom. hence reducing the procurement turnaround time. by assets. Recently. 2010 was over Rs. • • • • Implement a system to track requisitions and approvals and ensure a transparent audit trail . FBL were using multiple GL mainly core banking solutions GL. regional offices and branches. With this acquisition the visibility and the market share of Faysal Bank Limited in the banking industry will be increased. manual tracking of inventory of items in different locations across the country. as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance. about 3. After implementing Oracle GL. All the transactions which are performed in core banking solution are pushed into Oracle GL at day end. Automatic system based financial approvals. The majority share holding of Faysal Bank is held by Ithmaar Bank B. there were no standardization of procurement of items and services. All the entries of the entire day from core banking applications.

With proper audit trail and time stamping timely invoices are paid to the vendors. .• • Eliminating the duplication of payments to vendor.

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